Usagi's family is killed and she ends up staying with the Higurashi family, but weird things keep happening, this strange guy with silver hair and golden eyes kidnaps her and demands she give him the Shikon no Tama. But what is it?

Rating: M Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Inuyasha Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Inuyasha Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 10/15/2011 Published: 06/14/2003 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 21 Status: Incomplete
  • Word Count: 1408


Usagi was walking down the street on her way home from school. It was a typical day except that the sky was gray and threatening rain. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened during that particular day. She arrived to class by the skin of her teeth, but then again, Usagi was always late to class to begin with. She fell asleep in first period like every day and woke up just in time to rush outside for lunch. That was her favorite part of the day, lunch. She had scarfed down her lunch in 5 seconds flat and spent the rest of the time trying to talk her friends out of different parts of their lunches. They knew Usagi's appetite and brought extra so she was spoiled that day. Some days they wouldn't have time to pack extra, but when they had time, Usagi would have a treat. Usagi was spoiled by everyone around her. She had a way of bringing a smile to the faces of everyone around her.

"Usagi-chan! Matte!" A voice called from behind. Usagi turned to see a girl with black hair running toward her clutching her school bag in one hand and an umbrella in the other. Usagi smiled and waved as Kagome ran toward her. Kagome's heel caught in the sidewalk and fell head-over-heels and landed right at Usagi's feet.

"Daijoubu ka?" Usagi asked as she bent over and offered Kagome a hand. Kagome took the offered hand with tears in her eyes. Her knees were both skinned up and pain shot up both legs. "Don't worry Kagome-chan, I'll take care of it." Usagi said as she placed a hand over one knee. She closed her eyes and her hand began to glow slightly. After a second, the wounds disappeared as did the pain.

"Arigato, Usagi-chan." Kagome said as she helped her friend to her feet. Kagome was the only person that knew about Usagi's ability and all the better. If anyone else found out Usagi was able to heal people, she'd be in alot of trouble. Kagome felt bad for Usagi, though. Usagi's parents and brother had been killed a few years before by one of those monsters that the Sailor Senshi were always fighting, but Usagi hadn't been able to save them then. She hadn't arrived in time to save their lives and had blamed herself since that day. Since that happened, Usagi had come to stay with them at the Higurashi shrine. "Let's hurry home and beat the rain, ne?"

"Hai!" Usagi said as the two started to run down the sidewalk to beat the rain home.


A shrouded figure took a step out into the faint light that trickled down through the cracks in the rock. There were many creatures, all of different types assembled down below the figure in a deep valley. On the edge of the cliff stood four humanoid forms all lowered to one knee. The figure took another few steps forward and raised one hand to silence the low murmur that filled the cave. All movement stopped as the apparent leader began to speak in a low throaty voice.

"You have been assembled, my friends, to take back what is yours." The voice started as the sharp nails glinted red in the dull light. "To take back the surface of this earth from the humans that exiled us all those years ago. We will make them pay for forcing us into eternal slumber to lay in the dirt for all these centuries."

The creatures below began to growl and yell in anger as the memories of being buried deep beneath the earth for all those centuries, half away and unable to move. All had gone through the same thing. They had known they were alive and longed to move, but their bodies didn't belong to them. Some seal held them at bay and forced them to remain dormant beneath the surface. They had waited for far too long, now they were pissed. They wanted to spill blood and kill the pathetic humans that had held them for so long.

"We will kill any human we come across and eat their flesh!" The voice rang out against the growls and hisses of anger. "We will take back this world and the glory of the youkai! The time is almost right, we must find the holder first. The holder of the Shikon no Tama!"

"I will complete this mission, my master." A man's voice said as one of the four that stood before the leader stepped forward and rose to his full height. The figure looked him over for a moment and then smirked before nodded approval. "Doomo arigato." With that, the silver-haired man turned and leapt into the air, headed for the exit to the surface.

"Do not let any human live that you come in contact with." The shrouded figure stated simply as the silver-haired man departed. He paused for a moment and nodded his understanding.

"Kouga..." The figure said as the silver-haired man exited.

"Hai?" One of the kneeling men said as he looked up at his leader.

"You will supervise and report back any odd behavior. Make sure he does not fail." The figure said with a slight frown. "The jewel is the only thing that can stop our success. With it, we will triumph much faster, though. If he fails... kill him and bring the tama to me." Kouga stood and bowed slightly before he nodded and headed after the man.


Ten minutes later, two soaking wet girls arrived at the shrine with a broken umbrella and dripping bags. They had been running along the sidewalk, with the umbrella open of course, and the wind had caught the umbrella and pulled both girls into a rather large puddle. The rain started shortly after that and soaked everything that hadn't been soaked by the puddle.

"We might as well not have an umbrella at all." Kagome whined as she rung out her hair over the sink and tossed the umbrella in the trash at the same time. Usagi sat by the door with one shoe on and she poured the water out of the other on the front step. She quickly dumped the other and closed the front door. No use letting the rest of the house get soaked.

"I'm going to go and get a shower, all right Kagome-chan?" Usagi asked as she headed up the stairs.

"Hai, but I'm after you!" She called after the blond girl.

"Hai!" Usagi called down the stairs.

Usagi closed the door of the bathroom and quickly undressed herself. She tossed her wet school uniform into a pile in the corner of the room. She turned on the hot water and poured some bubbles into the water. She went back to the sink and looked up in the mirror. She released her hair from the simple ponytail and let it trail down to her shoulders. After her family was killed, Usagi decided she needed a change. She cut her hair and started to wear it up in a ponytail so she wouldn't remember what had happened. In the weeks after her family's deaths, whenever Usagi looked in a mirror, she couldn't stand the sight. She didn't like the person that looked out at her. The girl that hadn't made it in time to save the people she cared about most. Instead she was at the mall with her friends when she should have been with her family. Although there had been no way for Usagi to know her family would be attacked, Usagi still blamed herself. She could have saved them with her healing powers if she had gone with them to the park.

Usagi turned back around to the tub that was half-full and climbed in to warm up. She was chilled to the bone from the rain and figured the bath would warm her faster than anything else would. She began to relax and leaned back against the back of the tub. She sighed in content and glanced toward the window above the tub. She gasped as she saw a set of golden eyes looking through the window at her... She did something that any teenaged girl would do in that situation... she screamed...


Matte = Wait

Daijoubu ka? = How are you? Are you all right?

Arigato = Thank You

Hai = Yes

Shikon no Tama = Jewel of the Four Souls (fansub translation and spelling)


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