Usagi's family is killed and she ends up staying with the Higurashi family, but weird things keep happening, this strange guy with silver hair and golden eyes kidnaps her and demands she give him the Shikon no Tama. But what is it?

Rating: M Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Inuyasha Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Inuyasha Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 10/15/2011 Published: 06/14/2003 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 21 Status: Incomplete
  • Word Count: 6048

Chapter 9 – Sleeping Memories

"Sesshoumaru-sama, where exactly are we going?" Jyaken asked as he broke the long silence. They had been walking for a day and a half already, but they weren't really headed anywhere as far as Jyaken knew. After Naraku had come to inform them of Master-sama's disappointment, Sesshoumaru had left with his only companion.

~"Sesshoumaru-sama," A voice broke through the complete silence of the room. There was no light, no sound, only the smell of mold and the damp air against the skin. Sesshoumaru sat on the floor with his arms crossed over his chest and no emotion on his face. "Master-sama is most disappointed in you. You have not been even attempting to complete your mission."

"I owe that human nothing." Sesshoumaru said calmly with his eyes still closed. Jyaken sat across the room from him, sound asleep on the damp floor.

"She is the reason you have been re-awakened. You owe her your allegiance." Naraku said as his eyes narrowed on the dog demon before him. Even without any light in the room, Naraku could see Sesshoumaru leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I serve no one, especially a human." Sesshoumaru said as he rose to his feet slowly. "Jyaken." He walked over to the green youkai and kicked him awake. "We're leaving now."

"Where are you going?" Naraku demanded as he glared at the dog demon.

"That is my business. Step out of the way, hanyou, or I shall end your life right now." Sesshoumaru said coldly. Jyaken stood by Sesshoumaru's side and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"As you wish, Sesshoumaru-sama. If you interfere with our plans, you shall die." Naraku said as a smirk spread across his face. Sesshoumaru didn't answer; he merely walked past the half-demon Naraku without so much as a side-ways glance.

"Wait for me, Sesshoumaru-sama!" Jyaken called as he ran after the taller youkai who he served.~

Jyaken received no answer from Sesshoumaru as they continued to walk. They were in a forest north of Tokyo at this point and they didn't seem to be headed in any particular direction. That was the way it looked to Jyaken though. They were following a river northward and thankfully they hadn't come across any large towns or cities. While leaving Tokyo, they had received quite a few stares and it was all Jyaken could do that he didn't try to kill the humans gawking at his Sesshoumaru-sama.

"If you can use this, you can remain by my side." Sesshoumaru said as he reached his hand into the waterfall the stood beneath. He pulled a staff out from behind the falls and tossed it to his green companion. It was taller than the youkai and made of wood with a man's head on one side and a woman's on the other.

"The staff of heads?" Jyaken said, amazed that it had fallen into his hands.

"If you, I'll end your life." Sesshoumaru added as an afterthought as his eyes narrowed on the green youkai. Jyaken's eyes widened and he immediately started to bow and thank Sesshoumaru.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, I will not fail you! I will use this for whatever will you wish, doomo arigato gozaimasu!" Jyaken said as he continued to bow.

"Hmmm... then use it to find my father's grave." Sesshoumaru said calmly.

"Your father's grave?" Jyaken questioned as he scratched his head. "Hai! I will find your father's grave for you, Sesshoumaru-sama!" Jyaken said as a new resolve crossed his face and he began to bow before the dog youkai.


"I can't believe he's still unconscious." Kagome whined to herself as she flipped through the channels lazily. It had been nearly six hours and Inuyasha was still unconscious tied to his chair. They wanted him to wake up so they could question him. They had added to Souta's already numerous ropes and strings so he couldn't break loose once he woke up.

"He must have hit his head hard. Ne Souta?" Shippo said as he glanced over at his new friend. Souta smiled shyly and nodded his head.

"Do you think he'll have any brain damage?" Miroku asked as he poked the hanyou in the head.

"I don't know... Souta-kun, what exactly did he hit his head on?" Sango asked as she looked at the black-haired boy thoughtfully.

"I think he just hit it on the floor. He might have hit it on the banister as well, though." Souta said with a smug smile. "I didn't mean to hurt him though!" Souta quickly corrected himself as a blush broke out across his cheeks.

"I'm sure it didn't do any permanent damage. He's a tough guy." Miroku said as he poked Inuyasha in the head again.

"Maybe we should hit him again for picking on Souta." Kagome said calmly as she flipped to a different channel. "Mou this is so boring. There isn't even anything to watch on television."

"Dinner's ready." Souta and Kagome's mom called from the kitchen.

"Hai!" Kagome called as she bounced up from the couch and took off toward the kitchen with Souta and Shippo right on her tail.

"Well, we might as well take a break." Miroku said as he and Sango followed the other two into the opposite room.

"So Kagome, who's that boy tied to the chair in there?" Kagome's mom asked as the girl sat down at the table across from her grandfather.

"Eh? Ah, well that's Inuyasha. It's kind of a long story though." Kagome said as she blushed slightly and a sweatdrop appeared on her forehead.

"There is plenty of time to tell it to me then." Her mother said as she put different platters and dishes on the table in front of the guests.

"Hai, mama." Kagome said with a sweatdrop on her forehead. She wasn't sure if her mother would actually believe her, but there was no way to fool her mother. Besides, it was easier to tell the truth than it was to make up some silly lie.


Usagi groaned slightly and tried to sit up. Her body ached. The pain seemed concentrated around her shoulder so she abandoned her wish to sit up and fell back against the pillow. She didn't know what had happened or how she had ended up back at home in her bed. The last she knew she had been holding that weird baby and he was feeling around inside of her chest for something. But there was also that vision she had had... someone wearing red had saved her or so she thought.

"Was that... Inuyasha?" She asked herself as she forced herself to sit up. Her shoulder throbbed painfully and she winced as she clutched the injury. She lifted her hand up and saw that her shoulder was bound tightly with bandages. "I wonder who did this..." She said to herself quietly as she brought her feet over the edge of the bed and stood shakily. She noticed that she was wearing a furry cloak-like thing that was covered in blood. She quickly shimmied out of the bloodstained cloth and walked to her closet and pulled out a simple kimono. She draped it around her shoulders and tied it around her waist loosely.

"Usagi-chan, are you awake yet?" A soft voice called from the other side. It was accompanied by a soft knock before the door swung inward.

"Souta-kun?" Usagi questioned as her eyes focused on the boy. She took a few slow steps toward him and glanced down to see a tray in his arms.

"You shouldn't be out of bed, Usagi." Souta said as he set the tray down on her desk and took her hand. He led her back over to the bed and pushed her lightly so she would sit down.

"I'm fine, Souta-kun. Where's Kagome? What about Sango and Miroku?" She asked as she tried to stand up once again.

"No you're not fine. You were bleeding really bad, you should lie back down." Souta argued as he refused to let her stand. He stood in front of her with a frown on his face. "Mama asked me to bring you up some dinner." He walked over to her desk and picked up the tray again and took it over to Usagi.

"Arigato, Souta-kun." Usagi said with a smile as he placed the tray in her lap. She reached over and turned on the lamp that sat on her nightstand and brought her feet back up onto the bed. Souta reached behind her back and set the pillows up so she could lean against the headrest. Usagi reached for the chopsticks with her right hand and stopped when a stabbing pain spread through her arm from her shoulder.

"Daijoubu, Usagi-chan?" Souta asked as concern instantly filled his face. "You shouldn't move that arm. Here, I'll help you." He said as he picked up her chopsticks and began to help Usagi eat the rice his mother had sent up with him.

"You're so sweet, Souta-kun." Usagi said with a smile as she accepted his help with the chopsticks. It seemed like whenever she moved her arm just slightly, it sent another jarring pain shudder up her entire arm so it would have been nearly impossible for her to eat with her right hand. She didn't notice him blush as she complimented him but nodded his head to acknowledge that he had heard her.


~"Wake up, Inuyasha..." A soft voice purred into his ear. Inuyasha could feel someone's warm breath on his ear and it sent a chill down his spine. "It is time to awaken, my love." The voice continued this time a little more insistent and harsh. He felt a small groan come to the surface and rolled over onto his side. 'I wish that voice would let me sleep...' He thought inwardly as he pulled the blankets up to his chin. "I said wake up, Inuyasha!" The feminine voice snapped and then Inuyasha felt cold all over.

"What do you want?!" He snapped as he turned to face the source of the voice. That intrusive voice that had woken him up from his long slumber. He didn't want to be awake if she was no longer around... 'Who is she?' The thought suddenly hit him... 'Who was it that I lost? I can't remember her anymore...' A panicked look crossed his face as he raked his memories for the one that he had tried to protect.

"I am here, Inuyasha." A soothing voice said close to his ear. Inuyasha jerked his head to the side and saw two pools of endless brown. Somehow it seemed that those eyes weren't quite right.

"That's right... you are the one I protected..." He said quietly as he stared at the familiar face of the black-haired woman. She appeared to be very weak, but he knew her face well. Something inside of him was squirming... it wasn't right, this woman had an aura that could freeze a person to death if they remained in her presence for too long... It was completely unlike that person...

"That's right Inuyasha," The woman said with a smile as she took Inuyasha's face into her hands. "I am the one you protected. I'm the woman you loved." She said as she smiled sweetly into his face. Her hands were cold as she held his face, but he felt himself drawn to her... The inches between them lessened and he felt her soft lips brush across his. He gently wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his lap. Her body felt frail in his arms as he deepened the kiss. He felt her respond with as much hunger as he felt inside of him. 'I wanted her once... I wanted her to be mine forever...' He thought vaguely as he slowly pulled away from the kiss. 'But this isn't right...' He pushed her away slightly and turned his face away from her hypnotic gaze.

"This - is - wrong..." He said slowly as he held his head in his hands. Pain was splitting through his head as he held it between his hands. There was something he had to remember... something awful that had happened a long time ago... 'Why can't I remember?!?' His inner voice demanded as the pain grew much stronger.

"Inuyasha... I love you..." A soft voice echoed in his ear. He closed his eyes as the pain spread to his hands and slowly down his arms.

"Come... back..." He whispered as he tried to find the source of the voice. His surroundings faded and he found himself sitting on a cold, stone ground gripping his pounding head between his hands. "I need to remember!" He shouted as a growl tore from his throat.~

"Come back!" A yell tore from Inuyasha's mouth and startled all the occupants of the room. The priest and the taijiya jumped to their feet and grabbed their weapons at the yell that broke the relative quiet of the room. It was just after dinner and everyone was sitting in the living room in front of the fireplace. Kagome had been surprised her mother had taken the story seriously and hadn't been too upset by it. Kagome's grandfather knew a little about the Shikon no Tama but not much more than they had known, he did sell little Shikon no Tama key chains at the shrine to the people that came to visit. And of course he tried to tell everyone the history of the jewel, even if he didn't know much of it himself.

~Inuyasha fought against an invisible force. He couldn't move his arms... they were pinned to his sides for some odd reason. It felt like his arms were chained to his sides with thorns... Something kept biting into the flesh of his arms. His head continued to pound but it seemed to take position toward the front of his head in his forehead and the very top of his head.

The voice was gone, but a low murmur filled his ears now. He couldn't hear what the voices were saying, but they seemed to be getting louder. He wanted to hear that sweet voice again... the voice from the girl he wanted to protect... He couldn't remember the way she looked, but he could sense her aura nearby. He knew it well, as well as that scent... lilies and tears... He had always made her cry, if not for one reason, then for another...

"Don't cry..." He whispered as he heard gentle sobs.~

"Eh? Did he just say 'don't cry'?" Kagome questioned as she approached the half-conscious Inuyasha. "I think he hit his head harder than any of us thought he did."

"I think you're right, Kagome-chan." Sango said as a sweatdrop slid down her cheek.

"Oi, wake up." Miroku said as he poked Inuyasha's forehead. There was a low growl from the half-demon and his eyes slowly opened to reveal grayish-blue eyes from under the lids.

"What the hell hit me...?" He asked as he groaned slightly. He tried to bring his hand to his head but realized that he was unable to move his arms. "Nani...?" He questioned as he blinked a few times. Slowly... his eyes came into focus and he looked up to see about six or seven pairs of eyes staring down at him. "Eh?"

"You're Inuyasha, correct?" The one who looked like a priest asked as he held up a staff in a defensive position. "What is your business here?"

Inuyasha blinked up at the group of people assembled around him and then it dawned on him why he couldn't move his arms... and why his head felt like someone had hit him with a sledgehammer. 'It was that brat!!' His inner voice screamed at him. 'Damn it!! I'm in the enemy's stronghold!! They can kill me at any time!!'

"What are you doing here!! Answer me, hanyou!!" Miroku nearly yelled as he pushed the end of the staff under Inuyasha's chin. The half-demon growled low in his throat but couldn't retaliate against the priest in his current state.

"It's none of your damn business!" Inuyasha growled as he ignored the throbbing pain in his head. "What are you waiting for?!? Kill me demon exterminator!!" He demanded as he turned his hard gaze onto Sango. She held a stout sword in front of herself protectively. She didn't trust that this hanyou couldn't break the binds. After all, she didn't come across many half-demons so she didn't know their strength.

"We want answers! What is your business here!" Sango demanded as she tightened her grip on the sword.

"Keh!" Inuyasha said as he tore his gaze from the people in front of him and stuck his nose in the air.

"You must be hungry, Inuyasha-san." A warm voice said from behind the two interrogators.

"Mama..." Kagome said as a sweatdrop slid down the back of the heads of all of the room's occupants. Leave it to Kagome's mother to offer the 'bad guy' something to eat.

"Why don't you untie this young man," Kagome's mom said as she walked toward the front of the group.

"Don't mama!" Kagome started as she stepped forward and grabbed her mother's hand. "He tried to kill Usagi-chan! We can't trust him!"

"Oh stop it, Kagome. It's very rude to tie someone to a chair and not even offer them something to eat." Her mother said sternly as she pulled her hand from Kagome's. "Now then, are you hungry young man?"

"Eh... uh... a little, I guess." Inuyasha said uncertainly. What strange people these were indeed... Here they thought he had come to kill the blond human and steal the Shikon no Tama and they were offering to feed him.

"All right, I just have to warm it back up. I'll be back in a few minutes." Kagome's mom said as she smiled down at the dark-haired boy. She turned around and headed back toward the kitchen.

"Your mother is something else, Kagome-chan." Miroku said as he scratched his face in an embarrassed manner.

"She's a good person, though." Kagome said with a smile and a sweatdrop.

"Now, let's get back to business. What exactly are you doing here?" Miroku asked seriously as he turned back to face Inuyasha.

"Heh... I was just repaying a debt. Then that little brat shoved me down the stairs." Inuyasha growled as his eyes narrowed.

"Repaying a debt?" Kagome questioned as she took a step closer. "You mean because Usagi-chan healed you the other day?" Inuyasha didn't answer but frowned deeply and Kagome knew that was the case.

"So that would mean you saved her from that Kagura lady then!" Shippo piped up as he jumped into Kagome's arms.

"That stupid detachment is no match for me." Inuyasha said confidently.

"And to think that my little brother knocked this guy out cold for over six hours and he's only a human child." Kagome said dryly. Inuyasha growled low in his throat at this comment but didn't retaliate. His head hurt too much at that moment.

"Why should we believe that?" Miroku demanded as his eyes narrowed slightly.

"It's the truth, Miroku-sama." A soft voice said from the hallway. All eyes turned to see a figure walking slowly toward them.

"Usagi-chan, you should be in bed!" Souta piped up as he bound down the hallway after her. Usagi was wearing a simple purple kimono and had her arm tied in a sling. They could see the bandage come up under the collar just slightly in the dim light. "If it weren't for Inuyasha, I would have bled to death before anyone came home." Usagi said as she walked slowly into the room. Her skin was much paler that normal and she had dark rings under her eyes. "And not only that, they would have the Shikon no Tama by now." She said as she reached around her neck and pulled out the necklace that she still wore.

"Eh? The Shikon no Tama!" Kagome nearly cried as she saw her adopted sister pull the necklace out from under her shirt. "How did you get this, Usagi-chan?" She asked as she looked up at the blond girl.

"That weird baby... Akago was his name... tried to use me to bring them the Shikon no Tama..." Usagi said slowly as she came into the room and sat down on the edge of the couch. She glanced over at Inuyasha and a small smile crossed her lips. "Arigato, Inuyasha-kun. I guess this means we're even, ne?"

"Heh, I'd say so..." He muttered more to himself than anyone else.

"Untie him, Miroku-sama. He is no threat here." Usagi said as a small smile touched her lips.

"But, Usagi-sama-" He argued as he turned toward the blond girl.

"Please, Miroku-sama. He won't do us any harm here." Usagi said as she slid farther onto the couch and leaned back into the soft pillows.

"Hai." He said with a nod as he turned back to Inuyasha. His eyes narrowed on the half-demon as he began the task of untying the numerous ropes and strings that held him tightly to his chair. "If you so much as attempt to hurt Usagi-sama, you'll answer to me." He said in a low voice as he glared at the dark-haired boy. Inuyasha said nothing but continued to stare up at Miroku with a deep glare in his eyes. 'I have to get out of here...' Inuyasha thought to himself as his eyes turned from Miroku toward the different exits.


"Would you like some more rice, Inuyasha-san?" Kagome's mother asked politely as the dark-haired boy sat cross-legged at the coffee table with various bowls and dishes in front of him. He looked at the woman with an odd expression.

"What is with you people?!" He demanded angrily. "I'm the bad guy here! Don't you get it?!?" Kagome's mother giggled lightly and refilled Inuyasha's bowl with rice.

"You don't seem bad to me, Inuyasha-san." Kagome's mother said with a smile. "You haven't done anything to threaten my family."

"Why don't we try to become friends, Inuyasha-kun?" Usagi asked as she shifted in her position on the couch. Kagome sat next to her with Shippo in her lap and Kirara was curled up in Usagi's lap. Souta sat next to his mother and was glaring fixedly at Inuyasha. He hadn't forgotten about their previous encounter or about the bruise that was forming on his stomach. Miroku and Sango sat across the room with their weapons ready in case things took a turn for the worse. Neither one of them had said much since the untying of Inuyasha. It was obvious that they didn't trust him, but Usagi had a feeling he wasn't as mean or tough as he acted. She had a feeling it was just a façade so he wouldn't get close to anyone.

"Keh! I don't need any friends!" Inuyasha said with a scowl as he refused to make eye contact with Usagi.

"Everyone needs friends, Inuyasha-kun." Usagi said as she smiled at him. Inuyasha turned to glare at her but it faded as his eyes fell on her. She looked nothing like the girl he had met a few days prior. All the strength he had seen in her face seemed to have faded along with the color of her skin. Her eyes still had that warm glow to them, though. He caught himself staring and diverted his eyes instantly. "Besides, you saved me back there. You can't really go back, can you?" Inuyasha didn't answer. He refused to meet her gaze and just frowned as he glared at the far wall.

"How about we continue this discussion in the morning, everyone." Kagome's mom said as she rose to her feet. "It's getting really late, I think it's about time that everyone turned in for the night. Inuyasha, if you would like to stay tonight, you can sleep on the couch. I'll bring you down some pillows and blankets in a minute."

"Eh?" Inuyasha looked at the smiling human woman in shock. She was even offering him a place to stay for the night? How strange...

"Souta, its time for bed." Kagome's mom said as she tried to hustle the younger boy upstairs.

"You aren't seriously going to trust him are you mom?!" Souta demanded as a panicked look crossed his face. "After everything he's done?!"

"Everyone deserves a second chance, Souta." Kagome's mom said as she began to push him toward the doorway. "Besides, he's not a bad kid, just a little misguided."

"Mama, he's a demon!" Souta cried as she pushed him toward the stairs.

"That's the self-fulfilling prophecy. If someone says that you're a demon, you will start to act that way. Just like if you are called a angel, you will start to act that like." Kagome's mother said as she continued to push the boy along. "Now that is enough fighting, it's way past your bed time. Go brush your teeth, young man."

"Hai, mama..." Souta said dejectedly as he continued up the stairs to the bathroom.

"Go on minna, I'm going to stay down here for a few minutes." Usagi said as she leaned her head back against the couch.

"Are you sure you'll be all right alone with him?" Sango asked as she stood and walked toward the couch. She glared down at Inuyasha as she passed.

"I'll be fine, Sango-chan." Usagi said with a weak giggle. "Besides, he didn't kill me any of the times before even if he threatened it."

"That's right, he didn't!" Kagome said as she broke the relative quiet of the room. "Maybe he's not so bad after all!"

"Nani!? I'm a demon, you idiot!" Inuyasha growled at the dark-haired girl. "If I had my claws I'd kill you for that!"

"Inuyasha..." A soft voice said. He turned slightly to look at the injured blonde. "Osuwari." Inuyasha's eyes widened as the beads around his neck began to glow and he crashed to the ground with a painful yelp. His head was pounding more than ever after the impact and he didn't move an inch.

"Eh? How did you do that, Usagi-san?" Shippo asked as he looked over at the blonde girl.

"Huh? Oh, those beads around his neck. You're so kawaii!" Usagi said quietly as she plucked the kitsune from Kagome's arms. She cuddled him lightly as she pet his hair and fluffy tail.

"Usagi-chan," Kagome started as a sweatdrop appeared on her forehead. "I think you need to let Shippo-chan go now. He's turning blue."

"Eh? Ah! Gomen, Shippo-chan." Usagi said as she blushed slightly and released the young kitsune. Kagome took the kit from her arms and headed toward the stairs.

"Let's get ready for bed, Shippo-chan. You can sleep with me again if you want." Kagome said as she headed up the stairs.

"I guess we can leave the two of you alone. If you need our help for anything, Usagi-chan, feel free to yell." Sango said as she cast one more glare in Inuyasha's direction. She grabbed Miroku's sleeve and began dragging him down the hallway toward the stairs.

"What do you want, wench?" Inuyasha growled as he crossed his arms over his chest and turned his back to Usagi.

"I told you already not to call me wench! My name is Usagi! U-sa-gi!! And I wanted to know the reason you saved me." Usagi said as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"I already told you, I owed you. Can I go now?" Inuyasha demanded as he refused to turn back to her.

"You risked your life to protect me from that woman. I know it wasn't just because you owed me." Usagi said slowly as she tried to recall what had happened earlier that day. She had a vague idea of what had happened, but parts of it were just so hazy. Once that baby had grasped onto her, her memories were blurred to the point where she wasn't sure if it had been a few hours or a few weeks that she had been under his control.

"Keh!" Inuyasha answered as he stuck his face in the air. He didn't know this girl any explanations for why he had saved her. He didn't owe her anything anymore. He only wished his head would quite throbbing.

"Is something wrong, Inuyasha-kun?" Usagi asked as she rose from the couch and walked toward him. She knelt in front of him and pushed his bangs off his forehead with her left hand. He jumped at her touch and tried to pull away from him. "Stop fussing, Inuyasha-kun. You have a big bump on your head. Do you want me to get you some tylenol?"

"Tilenal?" He questioned as he raised an eyebrow.

"Aa, it will help with your headache." Usagi said as she stood up and walked toward the kitchen. She stopped and looked back at where he sat on the floor. "Well come on, it's in the kitchen." Inuyasha reluctantly followed Usagi into the kitchen. He sat down on the chair as she walked over to one of the cabinets. She opened the door and stood on tiptoe trying to reach a basket on the top shelf. "Why does she keep it on the top shelf?" Usagi complained as she stretched to reach the basket.

"Baka, you're too short." Inuyasha said with a frown as he walked over to the cupboard and reached up the grab the basket easily. Usagi frowned and tears filled her eyes.

"I'm not an idiot." She whined as the tears slid down her cheeks. "Why are you so mean?" She asked as more tears slid down her cheeks.

"Eh? Are you crying?!" Inuyasha asked as a sweatdrop appeared on his forehead. "Stop crying, onna!" He nearly yelled as loud sobs came from Usagi. "What a baby..." Inuyasha muttered as he put his hands over his ears. This only made her volume increase as crocodile tears slid down her cheeks.


"The staff of heads was pointing to the west, Sesshoumaru-sama." Jyaken asked as he waddled along behind the silver-haired dog demon. Sesshoumaru said nothing as he walked ahead of the green youkai. He knew his father's grave was still around, but he wasn't sure exactly where it was. It had been over 500 years since the taiyoukai had died so the grave markers probably weren't as visible as they would have been at one time.

Sesshoumaru frowned slightly as he saw a group of people headed for him. From their scent they were definitely human. They were carrying weapons unlike any he had seen before and a strange scent clung to their clothes. It was a tangy smell that irritated his sensitive sense of smell.

"There are the monsters! Kill them!" One of the humans shouted and waved his hand forward. The humans lined up in front of Sesshoumaru and knelt down with their weapons pointed at him and Jyaken. "On my mark!" The man called as he brought his hands above his head.

"Hmm?" Sesshoumaru mused as he raised on eyebrow. 'Stupid humans. So eager to die.' Sesshoumaru thought to himself as he closed his eyes and a small frown touched his lips. He really didn't feel like stinking of human blood, but if that was the way they wanted to play it, he was game.

"Fire!" The human shouted as he brought his arms down. Loud bursts of noise, smoke, and fire flew from the ends of the weapons the humans were wielding. Sesshoumaru opened his eyes and narrowed them at the humans before leaping into the air to avoid the small pellets of metal that flew toward him. He landed a few feet away nimbly and just looked at the men with no expression on his face.

"If you want to die so soon, I will comply." Sesshoumaru said calmly as his right hand began to glow. From the end of his hand a green whip appeared that he cracked in warning.

"What is he?" One of the men cried as he fell back onto his butt, his gun fell to the side.

"He's some sort of monster!" The man next to him said in fear.

"Hold your ground, men!" The obvious leader of the group commanded as he turned to face the approaching silver-haired man. Before the leader could move out of the way, a blurred figure appeared before him and grabbed him around the neck. He choked and sputtered as he felt the burning sensation around his neck. "F... fire!" He choked out as he felt the bones in his neck begin to snap. The few that still held onto their guns complied and shot another round at the demon.

"You think these toys can hurt Sesshoumaru?" Sesshoumaru asked as a smirked played across his lips. He held the human up as a shield and the bullets struck his back, making his blood spray across Sesshoumaru's face. The demon frowned deeply as he tossed the mangled body to the side in disgust. "Shi ne!" He shouted as he charged the armed men with his whip and claws. The humans fell to the ground dead before any of them even had a chance to move from their spots.

"Ah, Sesshoumaru-sama! That was amazing, you're so strong!" Jyaken said as he came up behind the dog demon. He stopped moving when Sesshoumaru turned his way and he saw that his eyes were blood red. "What's wrong, Sesshoumaru-sama?!" Jyaken asked as he took a step backward. He had never seen his master so angry after being approached by a few worthless humans. That's when he noticed the small tear in Sesshoumaru's haori and the red liquid that was seeping through the white material. "You were injured by a human?!" Jyaken sounded outraged at this strange turn of events.

"Are you ready to die as well, Jyaken?" Sesshoumaru said as he turned toward the small youkai and narrowed his eyes in anger. His eyes had returned to normal, but it didn't seem that his anger had lessened in the least. "What strange weapons this age has..." Sesshoumaru said as he examined one of the fallen guns. He growled low in his throat and flung the weapon to the ground, then turned to examine the wound. It would undoubtedly heal before the day was through, but it was the principle that a human had made him bleed. They were just worthless humans, after all. Even more worthless than hanyous... Like a certain brother of his. He hadn't remembered this when he had first woken up. That must have been a side effect of being sealed into eternal sleep, memories had a way of being altered. It also may have been because of that human miko who thought she could rule over the youkai. What an ego that woman had.

"Sesshoumaru-sama..." Jyaken trailed off as he saw the silently fuming Sesshoumaru. He didn't want to interrupt the Lord of the West, especially when he was in this type of a mood. A few minutes later, though, Jyaken glanced up to see that Sesshoumaru was walking across the field full of fallen human soldiers. "Matte nasai!!" Jyaken called as he ran after his master. 'All right! I'll find that grave for Sesshoumaru-sama and then he'll thank me most graciously!!' Jyaken thought as he ran after the tall demon.

Sesshoumaru's mind was set as he continued on his journey to find his father's grave. He was already strong, but he wanted more power. He had the strength of his father, now he wanted the treasure that would complete his strength. 'The Fang... I want the Fang...' Sesshoumaru thought to himself as he padded through the field in the direction the Staff of Heads had pointed that day. The pain in his arm had faded to a dull ache and would soon heal. Once he had the fang, not even Naraku and Kikyo would be able to stop him. He would kill them as soon as he had finished with his little brother for daring that they could control his power. Now that he had regained his memories, he would kill them... and Inuyasha...


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