Usagi's family is killed and she ends up staying with the Higurashi family, but weird things keep happening, this strange guy with silver hair and golden eyes kidnaps her and demands she give him the Shikon no Tama. But what is it?

Rating: M Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Inuyasha Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Inuyasha Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 10/15/2011 Published: 06/14/2003 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 21 Status: Incomplete
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Chapter 7 – Sweet Embrace

"K… Kagome?" Usagi questioned as her eyes fell on the woman's pale face. She looked so much like her it wasn't even funny. The only difference was that the woman before Usagi looked pale and slightly older than Kagome.

"So you have met my reincarnation, huh?" The woman said as she stared back at Usagi with no emotion whatsoever on her face. Usagi shuddered under the look the woman gave her. She felt a really bad vibe emanating from this woman… one of pure hatred.

"Reincarnation?" Usagi questioned as the youkai that had been holding her arms released her and flew toward the woman. The woman reached out one hand and one of them stopped above her hand and she started to pet the white youkai.

"Hai, I was once the keeper of the Shikon no Tama," She said slowly as her eyes turned back to Usagi. "My name is Kikyo."

"Kikyo?" Usagi questioned as she looked at the woman. From the little bit of light that filtered in through the open curtains of the bed, Usagi was able to see that the woman was dressed as a miko, a shrine priestess. Usagi got up her courage and stood up facing the dark-haired woman. Naraku took one step closer to his master in order to protect her from whatever the human girl was about to do. "What are you planning to do? Why was I brought here!?" Kikyo laughed quietly to herself before her eyes narrowed evilly on Usagi.

"You are the reason I am the way I am now," Kikyo said coldly as she glared at the blond. "A dead soul inside of a fake body, who has to live off the souls of the dead to stay alive."

"Then those youkai?" Usagi questioned as she motioned to the white youkai that were gliding around the room gracefully.

"Shinidamachuu," She said slowly as she put up her hand for another to land like someone would reach a hand up for a bird to take perch. "They bring the souls of dead women to me to preserve my life."

"You live off the souls of others? That's awful! How could you do something so horrid!?" Usagi cried out as she brought her hands to either side of her face and shook her head slightly. Kikyo smirked slightly at the blonde's reaction.

"I see that even in a reincarnation, her personality was retained." Kikyo said slowly as she tried to stand. She wavered on her feet, but the Shinidamachuu wrapped themselves around her legs and upper body to balance her weight.

"Nande? What are you talking about?" Usagi asked slowly as she took a hesitant step backward. Usagi seemed to be able to feel a dark aura around the dead miko. Kikyo approached slowly, the sheer effort of standing seemed to be taking a toll on her.

"You, or rather you in a past life, are the one that did this to me," Kikyo said as her voice dripped with venom. "The Shikon no Tama will be mine again and I will make everyone suffer as I have suffered."

"But why? Why would you want to make everyone suffer? Do you think you're the only one that has ever had to suffer?" Usagi demanded as anger began to grow within her. "Everyone has had to suffer in some way, quite feeling sorry for yourself!" Kikyo's eyes narrowed in anger and the Shinidamachuu flew toward Usagi and wrapped themselves tightly around her. Usagi fought against the youkai that pinned her arms to her sides and struggled to hold back her cry of pain as they tightened around her.

"You know nothing of suffering," Kikyo said slowly. Her eyes locked on Usagi's for a moment more before she turned toward Naraku. "Bring Akago." Naraku nodded and walked away from Kikyo toward the pit to the left. When he arrived at the edge, a purplish-pink barrier formed around him and lifted him off the ground.

Inuyasha watched with little interest as the scene unfolded in front of him. He winced slightly at the human girl's cry of pain, but he connected that with his sensitive hearing. He felt nothing as he watched Kikyo torture her. His eyes were trained instead on the dead miko. The one who had sealed them all that time ago. Now here they were, slaves to her. Her soul was incomplete, corrupt. The only part that remained was hatred because she died full of bitterness and hatred. That part of her soul clung to the bones even after her body was burned with the Shikon no Tama so she now stood before them in a body made of grave dirt and her bones and ash. Kikyo had never met her reincarnation, but that one piece of her soul had clung to life even as she was laid to rest. Or it might have only been a residual effect of taking the Shikon no Tama within herself.

"I have been buried in the ground for five hundred years in the dark," Kikyo said as she glared deeply at the blond. "I had what was rightfully mine stolen and I was left to die. She said she was laying me to rest, heh." She paused as she bitter smile crossed her lips. "I did not rest. I was waiting until the day the Shikon no Tama was brought back into this world. Fifteen years ago, he woke up. The one who longs for me, Naraku. He made me this body and cast the spell to awaken me. He is my most trusted servant."

"You can't blame what happened to you on me," Usagi said as she pulled lightly against the youkai. She could barely breathe with them wrapped around her so tightly. "I'm not the one that did this to you."

"Since the one who did this is now dead, I will have to take my revenge on the next best thing. Her reincarnation." Kikyo said coldly as she drew a silver knife from her sleeve. Usagi saw the blade glint dimly in the light and tried to pull herself back into the bodies of the youkai. Of course that didn't work, though. They were much too strong.

"Are you going to kill me?" Usagi asked as her eyes widened in surprise and fear. Kikyo smirked evilly and held the blade up. She drove it as hard as she could into Usagi's shoulder until the only thing that stuck out was the hilt of the knife. Usagi's scream echoed loudly and shrilly throughout the cavern and slowly died down into loud sobs of pain as blood poured out around the knife. Kikyo made no move to pull the knife out; she just stared calmly as the sobbing girl in front of her. She waved her hands and the youkai released Usagi, letting her fall to the ground.

Usagi bit back her tears and rose up onto her hands and knees. Gingerly, she touched the knife that was buried in her shoulder and pulled it out slowly. She felt more tears trickle down her face as pain licked out from the knife wound that went all the way through her shoulder. Tendrils of pain went down her arm to her fingertips and up into her shoulder and neck. She put her hand over the wound to try and slow the blood as she sat up on her legs to look at Kikyo. Kikyo stood above her with no emotion on her face whatsoever. The Shinidamachuu were still supporting her as she looked down at the blond covered in crimson.

Inuyasha couldn't help but wince at this new development. He clenched his fists together as he watched the sobbing girl while the scent of her blood filled the room. The demons in the pits were going wild from the sickeningly sweet smell of her blood. It seemed to be intoxicating them and driving them mad. That's why Inuyasha hadn't been asked to leave, he stayed to keep the weaker youkai in line by protecting their master. Even above the metallic scent of her blood, he caught the scent of lilies and salt from her tears.

"In answer to your question, not yet." Kikyo said slowly as she glared darkly at the crying girl. Usagi closed her eyes tightly and willed herself with all she could to stop the tears. "I can still use you."

"You a demon." Usagi growled through clenched teeth.

"She is no demon, human," A deep voice said as Naraku returned. He carried in his arms a bundle wrapped in soft white fur. "Your weak kind uses that term a lot, don't they." Usagi shakily climbed to her feet as a determined look slowly crossed her face. She still clutched the knife tightly in her left hand. Blood dripped from the end of the blade as she brought it up in a defensive position. "Oh? You're going to try to kill me, are you?" Naraku said as a smirk spread across his face. Before Usagi could even move he was standing right in front of her gripping her wrist painfully tight.

"Itai…" Usagi mumbled as her hand began to fall asleep from the circulation being cut off. She reluctantly dropped the knife and he shoved her to the ground while he still held the bundle firmly in his arms. 'Kuso…' Usagi thought as a stab of pain ran up her arm from the sudden jarring movement.

"Akago," He said to the bundle in his arms. The bundle moved slightly and Usagi saw the hand of a baby sticking out of the fur. "Grasp this girl's soul."

"Hai, Naraku." A voice answered as Naraku extended the bundle toward the bleeding girl. Usagi gasped is slight shock and reeled back from the baby's grasping motions as he reached toward her face. He had purple eyes and silver-white hair. He looked human enough, but Usagi got the feeling from him that he was not human at all. Not only that, he looked to be about six months old and he was talking as clear as day. Usagi reeled back but was stopped as the Shinidamachuu wrapped around her shoulders and caused another cry to escape from her mouth. She reluctantly took the baby into her arms, wincing at the weight that had been forced into her arms.

'What's happening…?' Usagi wondered to herself as she felt tiny tendrils of something probing at her heart. They were like cold fingers in an unwanted place and she had to force herself not to drop the baby to the ground. It would do no good to release the child; she would only be injured further by that crazy miko.

"Where is the darkness…" Akago mumbled to himself as he groped around inside the girl's soul.

"Is there a problem, Akago?" Naraku asked as his eyes narrowed on the baby.

"Iie… I've found it…" He mumbled as his grip tightened on her shirt. 'She loathes herself for letting her family die…' He thought to himself as he dug deeper into her soul. "They're not coming for you." He said in response to Usagi's silent plea for her friends to come for her. "Hate them, they will not save you." Usagi's eyes closed halfway and a glazed look came across them. She no longer felt the throbbed pain in her shoulder; she felt nothing at all. She was in the palm of the infant's hand and there was nothing she could do about it.


Kagome woke up the next morning bright and early. She could hear her mom busying herself around the kitchen downstairs. Sango and Shippo were no where to be seen, but Kirara was curled up on the pillow next to Kagome's head. She reached over to scratch the sleeping neko lovingly behind the ear. Kirara purred in response to her touch.

"We need to get up now, Kirara." Kagome said as she sat up and scooped up the sleepy kitty in her arms. She didn't bother to change out of her pajamas and walked down the stairs, yawning loudly and stretching with one arm while the other held Kirara. She walked into the kitchen to see Sango, Miroku, Souta, Shippo, grandpa, and Kagome's mother sitting around the table.

"So, you're finally awake, Kagome," Her mother said as she smiled in Kagome's direction. Kagome forced a smile back and glanced at Shippo. Her mother didn't even seem fazed by the fact there was a demon sitting at the table. "Would you like some breakfast as well?" Kagome nodded in response and plopped down in the chair next to Sango, who was busy eating her breakfast.

"Why isn't mom freaked out about Shippo-chan?" Kagome whispered to Sango.

"Eh?" Sango asked as she looked at Shippo with his little fluffy tail. "Once she found out he's an orphan, she started to treat him like she had another child."

"Honto?" Kagome questioned, as she looked slightly surprised. She hadn't expected her mom to take the existence of demons so easily. Then again, Shippo didn't exactly look threatening. She had also taken in Usagi when the monster the Senshi hadn't been able to hold off killed her family. It was her maternal instincts to take care of a child in need. Kagome smiled at her mom. 'You're the best mom.' She thought to herself as she busied herself with clearing the plate that sat on the table in front of her.

"I'm finished." Shippo announced as he stood up on the pile of phonebooks he had been sitting on and pat his stomach.

"Me too," Souta said as he stood up and pushed his chair in. "Do you want to go play video games? I just got the new Zelda game!"

"Vedio games?" Shippo questioned as he looked at the human boy strangely.

"I'll show you." Souta said as he went running toward the stairs. Shippo shrugged and followed the boy up the stairs to his room.

"Grandpa, do you have a bow and some miko arrows?" Kagome asked as she chewed on her food thoughtfully. Her grandfather's face lit up with a smile and tears began to stream down his face.

"You've finally decided to start your training as a priestess. I'm so proud Kagome-chan!" Her grandfather said as he raised his arm and covered his eyes.

"Eh?" Kagome said as her eye twitched and her mouth dropped open. "Jiichan, I didn't say that…" Kagome said with a sweatdrop. Her grandfather put his arm back to his eyes as the tears streamed down his face.

"Where have we gone wrong with this child?" He questioned himself as he complained.

"How about you go get that bow and arrows for Kagome, dad." Kagome's mother said as she put a comforting hand on his shoulder. He stood up and headed out the back door to the shrine grounds.

"So why do you want a bow, Kagome? I didn't know you were interested in archery." Kagome's mother said as she poured more orange juice into Kagome's cup.

"Huh?" Kagome said as she took another bite. "No reason really, I just thought it would be fun." Her mother smiled and nodded in understanding.

"What time is Usagi-chan coming back from Ayumi-chan's house?" Kagome's mother asked as she busied herself with cleaning up the dishes.

"I'm not sure, she said that it may not be until this evening or even tomorrow. They're working on a project." Kagome lied as she scratched the back of her head and blushed slightly.

"All right, as long as she doesn't miss school on Monday." Kagome's mom said with a smile. [A.N. Does anyone know Kagome's mom's name? I'm getting tired of saying Kagome's mom .].

"I'm done, mama," Kagome said as she took her plate to the sink. "I'm going to go get a shower." She called as she bounded up the stairs toward the bathroom.


Kagome, Miroku, and Sango were sitting in the middle of Kagome's room trying to form an attack plan. They knew the direction Usagi was in because they had sensed her spiritual power the previous day, but they didn't know exactly where the den was.

"Hmm…." Kagome said as she thought to herself. "Ah! I know! Shippo-chan must know where they took her!"

"Huh?" Sango asked as she looked over at the younger girl strangely.

"Seriously! When Kouga kidnapped me, he saved me from him. Shippo has to know where their lair is!" Kagome said confidently.

"Demo… can we really trust a kitsune?" Miroku asked calmly with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Of course you can trust me." A young voice piped up. All eyes turned in the direction of Kagome's bed and saw a pink stuffed rabbit walking toward them. In a puff of pink smoke, the stuffed rabbit turned into a young kitsune and landed in Kagome's arms.

"I don't know. Sneaking into a girl's room, disguising yourself as a stuffed animal," Kagome said as she looked away from the kitsune. "I don't know if your trust-worthy material with those crimes against you." Shippo's mouth widened as he tried to retaliate, but he couldn't seem to find the words.

"That is…" Shippo said but was broken off as Kagome spoke again.

"Demo… you are awfully cute." Kagome said as she gathered the kitsune in her arms and hugged him tightly. He laughed and tried to push away, but she persisted and ended up tickling him half to death.

"Ehem?" The clearing of a voice broke in and the two looked in Miroku's direction. "Now, as we were saying. We will enter and head directly toward Usagi's power. Shippo, how close do you think you can get us?"

"It depends on where they have her," Shippo said as he sat in Kagome's lap with his arms crossed over his chest. "If they took her to the master, any entrance is fine because it's the very center. But if she is elsewhere, different entrances are better."

"All right, you will be our guide when we get there," Miroku said and turned to Sango. "You take the back and I'll take the front. Kagome-sama, you are to ride on Kirara between us and shoot any demons that get through. You're with her, Shippo," He then turned to Kirara. "If something happens to either Sango or I, get out of there with Kagome." Kirara half-growled, half-purred in response. "Kagome, we're going to leave the Shikon no Tama here. We can't risk taking it inside their stronghold. The wards will be able to hold out any demon that comes here so don't worry about them getting it. I'll set up some extra wards around the jewel and your room in case they break through."

"Hai… what about… my family?" Kagome asked, as she looked worried. If they came while they were gone, her family would be in danger as well.

"Don't worry, we're not leaving until your mother and grandfather go to Souta's field day." Miroku said with a small smile. Kagome nodded her head in understanding and grabbed the bow that lay at her side.

"There's one problem," Kagome started and a sweatdrop appeared on the back of her head. She held up the bow. "I don't know how to shoot a bow, yet." A sweatdrop appeared on their foreheads as her simple statement dashed their careful plan.


"Are you sure this is how you do it?" Kagome asked as she pulled the arrow back on the bowstring. They had set up a target so Kagome could practice and at least learn to hold the bow properly before they went into battle. She wanted to help save her friend from them so she would do all she could to learn.

"Hai, now aim at the target and release." Miroku said as he reached one hand slowly down toward her rear.

"If you touch me, this arrow will be pointed at your head. And I don't think I'll miss at this close range." Kagome nearly hissed through her teeth as she concentrated with all her might. Miroku put both hands up where Kagome could see them as a sheepish look crossed his face and a sweatdrop slid down his cheek.

"Hai, hai, Kagome-sama." Miroku said as he took a step back. Kagome released the arrow and it went flying toward the target. Just when Kagome thought it would hit the target, it dropped from the air and stuck out of the ground in front of the target.

"Eh…" A choked sound came out of Kagome's mouth as the arrow missed and her mouth hung open. "I'm never going to get this." Kagome whined as she went to retrieve her arrow.

"Kagome-chan, Miroku-sama, we're leaving for Souta's field day. We'll be back late tonight, don't make a mess." Kagome's mom called as the three of them headed toward the car.

"Hai! Have fun!" Kagome called as she waved one-handed to her family. At least with her grandfather gone, he wouldn't breathe down her neck like he had been doing the whole time she was practicing. He was very critical and would stop her if she were a millimeter off of anything. Eventually, she had told him to leave and Miroku had taken his place.

"Keep practicing, Kagome. That one almost hit," Shippo said as he sat on the ground with Sango eating an ice cream cone. "This ise scream is really good." Shippo said as a small glob dripped onto the ground. Sango laughed gently and ruffled the kitsune's hair. She had to admit the little squirt had grown on her.

"Minna, we're going to have to leave soon. Take a few more practice shots, Kagome-sama, and then we'll have to leave. We want to be back before you family comes home from the field day." Miroku said as he took a step away from Kagome.

"Hai, Miroku-sama." Kagome said as she fitted the arrow onto the string and pulled it back. She concentrated on the target in front of her and pulled the string back as far as she could. When she released the arrow, it went flying toward the target and hit the third ring out from the center. "Yatta!" Kagome cried as she saw the arrow strike the target. "Did you guys see that?! I actually hit it!" Kagome cried in excitement as Miroku went to retrieve the arrow.

"Good job, Kagome-chan." Sango said with a smile as she clapped her hands. Kirara mewed quietly in congratulations to Kagome.

"A few more shots and then we have to leave." Miroku said as he walked over to the tree and sat down beside Sango.

"What do you think, Houshi-sama?" Sango asked as he slumped forward with his arms propped on his knees.

"I think this is suicide…" He said quietly with his eyes closed. "Kagome-sama isn't ready for this…"

"She won't be wavered, Houshi-sama. Besides, we can't leave Usagi-chan with those monsters. There's no telling what they'll do to her," Sango said as she put a hand on Miroku's arm. "Don't worry, we'll be fine. This is something we have to do." Miroku looked over at her and a slight smile crossed his lips.

"You're right, Sango," Miroku said as he took her hands. "I lost faith for a moment there. Since you have returned my faith to me, will you do me another favor?" He asked as a serious look crossed his face. Sango's face turned red at how close he was to her, but she let him continue with a 'What's the favor?'. "Will you bear my child?"

CRACK!! The sound of Sango's hand on Miroku's face echoed throughout the shrine, which sent the birds in nearby trees flying off.

"Minna, it's time to leave!" Kagome said as she interrupted the odd couple. Kirara transformed in a flurry of fire and a great beast stood in her place. She walked over to Kagome and nudged her leg, implying that she was to ride.

"You're right, Kagome-chan. Let's go." Sango said as she climbed onto the cat behind Kagome. Shippo jumped into Kagome's arms and Miroku was left to walk (or run) along behind the group.

"We're off to save Usagi-chan!" Kagome called as Kirara kicked off into the air and they were on their way.


Usagi was walking slowly down the sidewalk holding the white bundle close to her chest in her arms. A woman named Kagura had draped a long white, fur cloak around her shoulders and pulled a strange mask up over her face that looked strangely like a baboon. [A.N. Think about Naraku's trademark baboon skin when you first see him. That's what this is ~.^].

"Go left right here," The bundle in her arms said quietly. The woman named Kagura had been forced by Naraku to accompany them, but she didn't seem too thrilled about babysitting. Usagi turned left as the baby had instructed and the shrine came into view on the top of a steep hill. Usagi walked toward the stairs and the baby halted her in front of them. "Hmm… Kagura, it appears you will have to wait outside."

"Hmm?" Kagura said as she glanced up at the shrine amidst the trees. She opened her fan and lightly began to fan her face with it."Why is that?"

"There is a barrier around this shrine. It's a strong one. You won't be able to pass through without being purified." Akago said calmly as his violet eyes looked up toward the top of the stairs.

"Fine, I'll wait for you here. Don't take all day." Kagura said as she walked to the side and stood to one side of the staircase. She held her fan up to somewhat hide her face from the humans on the street.

Usagi began to ascend the stairs toward the shrine at the top. She was still deep in a trance while the baby held onto her soul and gave her orders. 'No one will come for me…' She thought miserably. 'It's my fault they died… I could have saved them…' Akago grinned slightly to himself. This girl had been very easy to take control over. 'But…' Akago's eyes widened in surprised as he heard the 'But' that broke her thoughts. Her feet continued to move up the stairs as she headed toward the shrine.

'My hold on her is slipping…' Akago thought as he closed his eyes and gripped even harder to her soul. Her eyes closed and then glazed over again, as her train of thought was broken. He only had to get the Shikon no Tama… then Master-sama would kill her and make the world a haven for demons and not the pathetic, weak humans.

Usagi reached the top of the stairs and headed for the house. 'Get the Shikon no Tama.' He silently urged her through the connection between them. 'Bring it to me!' Usagi walked to the door of the house and pushed it inward not bothering to close it behind her. She ascended the stairs and opened Kagome's door. Sitting on Kagome desk in the middle of a pillow was the Shikon on Tama. Surrounding the jewel were wards to keep a demon from taking the jewel.

"Take the jewel," Akago urged as his grip tightened on the fur of the cloak she wore. Usagi reached her hand out and touched the smooth jewelwith her right hand before she picked it up and held it in her palm. "Don't be a fool, hide it," Usagi complied as she slipped the chain over her head and let it hang against her chest. "Go back down to Kagura." Akago said to the blond girl. She turned around and headed back toward the stairs of the house.

She slowly made her way out of the house; her pace slowed as she reached the edge of the shrine's grounds. Her movements became sluggish as if she were trying to break away from his control. 'I… can't… let them… down…' A thought broke into Usagi's mind as she put her foot on the top step of the long stairway to the street.

"They aren't going to save you." Akago purred against her as his eyes narrowed and he grasped her soul as tightly as he could hold. He knew he would regret it later, he just had to make it to Kagura. Usagi slowly sunk back under his control and took a step forward and began to make her way down the steps slowly. His control was slipping once again and she managed to find her voice.

"You… " She said quietly with a great amount of effort. "You're wrong…" Her breathing was labored as she struggled against the cold tendrils in her heart. "They went looking for me." Usagi continued as her strength began to return. After the first word, it seemed to snowball and she was suddenly able to speak. The pain in her shoulder began to thud dully as her feelings began to return. Her vision was still slightly cloudy, but she managed to take a step backward onto the step above. "They would never leave me with the likes of you, you monster."

"Kagura!" Akago called out, as his grip on the girl was broken completely. She took a few more steps up and was about to pass through the barrier when a gust of wind blew her forward. She was about to fall when a strong pair of arms caught her. She was aware that the baby had fallen from her arms, but she really didn't care. All she saw was red as darkness encircled her and she leaned into the sweet-smelling soft material.


Inuyasha frowned to himself as the blond girl walked mutely toward him with the baby in her arms. Naraku had draped a gaudy, white fur around her shoulders not caring that her blood was slowly turning it crimson. 'Kuso…' He thought as he followed her with his eyes. 'She's not going to make it with that wound.' He glared at the baby as Akago passed by with the blond. 'Those goddamn detachments… they are the most worthless-' His thought was cut off by Naraku's voice.

"Kagura, you will join them on this mission. Do not fail. Bring the Shikon no Tama or you shall suffer the price." Naraku said as he raised his hand. His hand was glowing red as he held it up in the air. Kagura's eyes narrowed on Naraku but she nodded.

"Hai, Naraku-sama." Kagura said bitterly as she bowed slightly and turned to follow the human and Akago.

"Naraku," Kikyo said as she got the attention of the strong youkai. "Please inform Sesshoumaru that if he is to fail me one more time, he will be eliminated."

"Hai, Kikyo-sama." Naraku said as he bowed slightly and began to walk toward the door at the opposite side of the room. He stopped for a moment and glared deeply at Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, come to me." Kikyo's voice said weakly as she lay back down in her bed.

"Hai, Kikyo-sama." He said as he walked forward. He changed a glance back at the girl before he approached Kikyo. 'Keh!' He thought as the blond kept walking without turning back.

"Inuyasha, you have done well," Kikyo said as he approached her and kneeled beside the bed. "I will reward you for you are the first who has not failed me." She said as she put a hand on his cheek and drew him up so he was face to face with her. She leaned forward and pressed her lips lightly against his. He felt her arms wrap around his shoulders, but there was no warmth in her embrace. His eyes slowly began to close as he returned the kiss gently. Of all the rewards, this was not what he had expected. Everyone knew that Naraku was in love with Kikyo and it was punishable by death if any of the youkai touched her. Kikyo pulled away and looked at Inuyasha with her dark brown eyes. They weren't the eyes that Inuyasha remembered… they were much darker… They were so full of hate, even for him. Inuyasha stood and bowed slightly.

"Arigato, Kikyo-sama. I will return to my room now." Inuyasha said as he turned from her and headed down the hallway toward the exit. He heard the heavy doors close behind him and headed in the direction of his room. At the last turn, instead of going right, he turned left and headed for the nearest exit. He would be able to pick up Kagura's scent easily once he left the caverns. It wasn't as if she could hide it from him, his sense of smell was only rivaled by the other dog demon, Sesshoumaru. The only thing that was easier for him to pick up was the scent of the girl… blood and lilies…

Inuyasha followed the scent of her blood toward the city. He stopped every now and then to relocate the scent as he crossed streets and passed humans on the street.

"Look mama, look at his ears!" A little boy pointed as Inuyasha passed.

"Don't point, it's impolite." The child's mother demanded as she grabbed his hand and put it down.

"Ah, and Otaku! I don't know what manga you're character is from, but you should come on in and buy some manga. We have anything you could want." A woman said from the doorway of a bookstore said as Inuyasha passed. Inuyasha growled at her and she jumped back in surprise.

"Worthless humans…" He growled in the back of his throat as he passed them on the streets. Their scents were filling his nose and making him want to gag. He could smell food cooking from restaurants and he could hear children yelling as they played keep away with a small boy.

He only stopped grumbling when he saw them ahead of him. The human and Kagura… They were standing in front of that shrine the girl lived in. He stayed hidden around the corner in wait. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, but he owed that girl. She had healed him before when he had been beaten so he wasn't about to let her die. He could tell she had lost a lot of blood just by the scent in the air. The front and back of the white cloak was soaked all the way through and it seemed to be spreading downward through the cloth. 'Baka onna… why did you help me before?' He wondered angrily as he fisted his hands at his sides. He felt a sudden urge to punch the wall as hard as he could, but he managed to suppress it within himself. He didn't need to draw their attention to him just yet.

Kagura walked away from the cloaked figure of Usagi and began to head up the stairs with Akago in her arms. He sighed as he waited for them to come back out. He was growing impatient as the minutes ticked by. Still, Kagura seemed unaware of his presence. That was best for him, they didn't need to know that he was here. He crossed his arms over his chest and tapped his fingers restlessly on his arm. 'Hurry up!' He thought to himself as the time ticked slowly by. Finally, after what felt like hours, the girl emerged from the barrier with the hood down. Her eyes were dark midnight blue and stared ahead unblinking… unseeing… 'That bastard… I hate those damn detachments… They're not even real youkai!' He prepared himself to take a leap. He had decided he would grab her when she was halfway down the stairs.

He watched her every move and was slightly surprised to see that she stopped near the top of the steps. 'Nani? Is she? Breaking his hold?' He silently wondered as he stared at the scene in front of him. He had never known a mere human that could break away from Akago once he had grasped their soul. Kagura stood at the bottom of the steps with the fan in her hands. She gently fanned herself as she glared up at the child that was struggling to keep his hold on the human. 'I've seen enough of this.' Inuyasha thought to himself as he saw the human slowly backing up the steps to the barrier. At the same moment, Kagura drew back her fan and sent an attack at the unsuspecting girl.

"Fujin no Mai!" She said in a low voice as she sent the attack toward the top of the steps. Inuyasha chose that moment and leapt up the stairs as well. He beat the attack and pulled the girl against his chest, but he attack hit him full in the back. He winced slightly, but luckily for him he was a demon and he had the fire-rat fur haori on, which took the brunt of the attack. Any human would have been sliced to pieces. He glanced down at the woman in his arms and saw that she was completely unconscious in his arms. "Traitor!!" Kagura shouted as she drew back her fan once again. "Fujin no Mai!"

"Keh! Do you think you can hit me with the same weak attack again, Kagura?" Inuyasha asked confidently as he dodged the attack easily. Akago had seemed to float down into her arms and she glanced down at the baby with uncertainty. He had never failed in a mission before.

"Shi ne, Inuyasha!" Kagura yelled as she tried her attack for a third time. Inuyasha had expected this and dodged to the other side as the blades of wind cut deep gashes into the steps and surrounding vegetation. What Inuyasha hadn't expected was the second gust of wind that pushed him backward… straight toward the pure barrier…


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