Usagi's family is killed and she ends up staying with the Higurashi family, but weird things keep happening, this strange guy with silver hair and golden eyes kidnaps her and demands she give him the Shikon no Tama. But what is it?

Rating: M Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Inuyasha Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Inuyasha Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 10/15/2011 Published: 06/14/2003 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 21 Status: Incomplete
  • Word Count: 5409

Chapter 3 – Osuwari!

The elderly miko held the arrow tightly against the bowstring and drew it back as far as it would go, her arm steady and aimed directly at Sesshoumaru. Miroku and Sango stepped up behind the miko and prepared to rush in and save Usagi and Kagome when they were given the opportunity. The four Sailor Senshi stood back a few steps, it seemed that the strange people before them knew what was happening around them. Of course fighting monsters was nothing new for the girls, they just didn't know the strengths of their enemies. They had no clue what they were after and while they had been fighting, their attacks didn't have much effect on the monster.

"I do not fear you, human." Sesshoumaru said calmly as he walked toward the arrow that was stuck in a telephone pole with the Shikon no Tama dangling from it on it's intricate chain. He reached out a hand to grasp the treasure and blue and pink light shot from the arrow and he was forced to withdraw his hand. He turned around and glared deeply at the miko who still held her bow ready to let loose the arrow. He could not touch the arrow because it seemed that the priestess placed a barrier around the jewel, therefore he would never be able to touch it.

"Leave now, youkai, or I will finish you off." The older woman said as she stared out of her one good eye. She was dressed in old-fashioned robes with a white top and red pants that floated around her legs. She had a quiver of arrows slung over her shoulder and there was a patch over her eye. Sesshoumaru frowned deeply and leapt into the air, he stretched his arm upward and a youkai with two heads came down and he managed to grasp the saddle-horn strapped to its back. Sitting on the saddle was a small youkai with green skin and a staff that appeared to have a shrunken head on the top of some grotesque monkey. [A.N. that's what it looks like... a shrunken monkey's head *wrinkles nose*]

"How about you?" The priestess asked as she turned and narrowed her arrow on Inuyasha who growled low in his throat and stood in front of Usagi. Usagi sat on the ground, her cheek flamed red where the dog demon had struck her moments before.

"Keh! I'm not afraid of an old hag like you." Inuyasha said while he crossed his arms over his chest and turned his face away. The miko's eyes narrowed and she released the arrow. It spiraled through the air and caught Inuyasha in the shoulder. He flew backward and hit a tree planted near the sidewalk. His eyes were wide in shock and he reached up his hand to grasp his shoulder, which was throbbing pain all throughout his body. As his hand grasped the arrow, pink sparks shot through his hand and he withdrew it from the arrow. "You old witch!!! What the hell did you do?!?! Let me go!!" He roared as blood seeped through his red top and began to drip down his arm that lay limp at his side.

"I warned you, youkai." The priestess said simply as she walked toward the Shikon no Tama. She easily pulled the arrow from the pole and called for Kagome to go to her. Kagome approached the old woman and put out her hand for the jewel.

"Are you Kaede?" Kagome asked when the miko dropped the jewel into her hand. Kaede nodded her head in response and motioned for them to follow her. Inuyasha was left pinned to the tree while he shouted curses and growled after them.

"Hai, you four, follow me." She said as she motioned to Kagome, Usagi, Sango, and Miroku. "The rest of you go about your business. I thank you for protecting the jewel, but we can manage from here."

"Demo-" Sailor Mars started but was cut off when Kaede raised her hand to silence her.

"I said to go about your business, this does not concern you." Kaede said calmly as she walked down the street with the four people. No one said anything as they walked to the end of the road and turned the corner. On top of a large hill stood the shrine they had been headed toward before the attack. They walked up the long flight of stairs and by the time they reached the top, both Usagi and Kagome felt they were going to fall over and faint from exhaustion. Why did they always put shrines at the top of hills? "This way." She said as she turned to the left and they followed her into a side entrance. They took their shoes off at the door and followed Kaede into a small interior room. She said behind a table. "Would anyone like some tea?"

"Hai!" Usagi cried as she put her hand in the air and a large smile spread across her face. She didn't even notice Kagome next to her shaking her head.

"Usagi-chan, we're not in school. You don't need to raise your hand..." She mumbled. Usagi blushed slightly and took the cup Kaede offered her.

"I bet you want to know about the Shikon no Tama, am I correct?" Kaede asked as Kagome and Usagi began to stuff their faces with the cakes and sweets Kaede had set in front of them.

"Hai." Miroku said as he looked away from the two girls and faced Kaede who took a sip from the small cup in her hand. "We were on our way here when we were attacked by those demons." Kaede nodded her head with her eyes closed as she took another sip from her tea.

"It is as I feared, the youkai have been reawakened because power of the Shikon no Tama has been reawakened. It has been five hundred years since youkai walked the planet." Kaede said simply as she set her empty cup on the saucer. "Legends say that a priestess used the power of the Shikon no Tama five hundred years ago along with her blood to banish the youkai to eternal sleep when they became too powerful. It is unknown what happened to the powerful miko, but legends say that she was consumed with the power of the jewel and it destroyed her."

"So you mean she's dead?" Usagi asked as she chewed with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Not quite. She became consumed by the jewel and became a force to be reckoned with. She became stronger and more deadly than the demons of that time. She destroyed families, towns, and the country side." Kaede said with a frown.

"So this miko took on the characteristics of a demon?" Miroku asked as he looked at Kaede. The elderly miko nodded and turned her attention to her cup, which she refilled from the kettle sitting next to it.

"Of course, these are only legends. No one knows what really happened or how she was defeated." Kaede said simply as she stirred a spoonful of sugar into her tea.

"If that miko went insane from the jewel, are we supposed to destroy it?" Kagome asked, her full attention on the miko. The jewel hung around her neck on a chain. "I'm not a miko, what am I supposed to do with it? Please take it!" Kagome asked as she slipped the chain off and held it out to Kaede.

"I cannot take that." Kaede said as she set her cup back on its saucer and shook her head. "It burst from you, that means it is yours to protect until it has been purified." Kaede said simply.

"But I can't protect it. You saw today, that demon nearly killed me! If it weren't for Usagi-chan, I'd be dead!" Kagome cried as she thrust her hand out toward Kaede again. Kaede frowned and pushed Kagome's hand back toward her.

"If it came from inside you, then you have more than enough power to protect and purify it!" Kaede snapped. "Otherwise, it would have been entrusted to someone else!"

"I'm only a high schooler though!" Kagome nearly shouted in panic. "I can't protect it!"

"Calm down, Kagome-chan." Usagi said as she placed a hand on Kagome's shoulder. Kagome jumped at the touch but quickly regained her composure. "I'm sure Miroku-sama and Sango-chan will help you protect it. And of course I'll help you." Usagi said as she smiled at her best friend. Kagome managed a weak smile in return but couldn't help feeling overwhelmed.

"Of course we'll stay with you." Sango said as she placed a hand on Kagome's other shoulder. Kagome smiled at Sango and felt her heart start to beat again. She wasn't alone, her friends would stick with her so it would be an easier burden to bear.

"I almost forgot!" Usagi nearly shouted as she stood suddenly. "What about that dog guy?! He was trying to kill me again, I know it!!" Usagi cried as she looked frantically around the room.

"I pinned him to that tree with a spiritual arrow, it won't hold him for too long, though. I need to think of a more permanent fix." Kaede said as she stood and walked over to a bookshelf. "I've been searching through these books for a spell that will keep the demons at bay but I haven't had any luck yet."

"Demo! He's going to come after me again!" Usagi cried as she put her hands over her face. That guy was scary... especially his eyes... they were so full of hatred.

"There has to be something in one of these books. If I had some help, it would be faster to find a way to keep them at bay." Kaede said as she pulled a book from the shelf and flipped it open.

"Ah! We'll help Kaede-sama!" Usagi cried as she jumped up and rushed over to the bookshelf. It was only one shelf so it couldn't take too terribly long to find a spell, could it?


Usagi flopped onto the ground laying on her back. It had been hours since they'd been started their search through book after book. Most of the books were old and moth-eaten and you could barely read the text on the pages because they were so old and faded. They had managed to get through the whole bookshelf in a few hours, but Kaede had escorted them down to a hidden cellar below the shrine.

She walked into the interior rooms of the shrine to a broken candle bracket on a wall. She pulled down gently on the holder and a small hole in the wall opened. It was pitch dark so they couldn't see more than two feet into the passageway. From what they could tell, it led downward. Kaede reached into her robes and pulled out a candle and a lighter and quickly lit the candle. She motioned for them to follow her into the passageway. They headed downward into the gloom until they reached flat ground.

Kaede took a few steps forward and pulled what looked like a torch off the wall and lit it with the candle in her hand. She walked around the room and lit more torches and put them back into their brackets. The dim light flooded the room and illuminated shelf after shelf of books. It looked like no one had been down there in years by the amount of dust and cobwebs that covered the place. It was like a whole library was hidden beneath the shrine, it was going to be impossible to find a charm to hold the youkai off. At least, that's the way Usagi felt...

"This is a secret library of this shrine. The priests and priestesses of this shrine have guarded this for centuries. The books contain information on any creature imaginable. Werewolves, vampires, witches, you name it, it's here. We just have to find a charm to hold off the youkai until the jewel is purified. Once that happens, they will have no need for it and we may be able to find a way to banish them for all eternity." Kaede explained as she pulled a book with a green cover and flopped it onto the dusty table, which sent up clouds of dust and caused everyone to start to cough.

After several hours of searching, the five people felt discouraged. They hadn't found so much as a sleeping spell for youkai. They must have searched about a tenth of the library by now but they were no closer to solving their problem. They were tired, hungry, and ready to give up. All of their eyes were puffy from the dust that covered every inch of the room and coughed often as more poured into their lungs.

"Any luck yet?" Usagi asked as she sat up and faced Miroku. He frowned as he flipped through the pages in the old book with a dark brown cover. The title of the book was written in gold print, but Usagi was unable to make out the words because the cover was frayed and tattered. Miroku sighed and stood up to return the book the to shelf nearest him.

Usagi frowned and stood up. She picked up one of the lit candles and wandered through the shelves to the one farthest from her. She ran her fingers over the books as she made her way toward the back room. She would glance down at the titles of the books once in a while. The Art of Tea Making, Charms for Common Household Pests. The titles that she was able to make out didn't seem to be important in any way. It even looked as if there were a few cookbooks of some sort. By the looks of some of them, it seemed that some of the books were for witches in training instead of priestesses. She reached the back corner and reached up to light the torch. She tried to pull it out of its holder, but it was stuck. She set the candle down on the floor and used both hands to pull on the torch. It was probably stuck in the holder from being left there for so many years. As she pulled, the torch tipped toward her and hung upside down on the wall.

"Oops..." Usagi said quietly as she tried to fix the torch back upright. She stopped when she heard a rumbling noise behind her. She stood completely still as she turned around. A small passageway had opened up behind her. She gulped nervously and picked up the candles. I should probably get the others... She silently mused as she took a few hesitant steps toward the darkened passageway. She glanced back toward her companions, who seemed so far away. She hadn't realized how incredibly big this place really was. Her curiosity won out, though, and she headed through the passageway. She found herself standing in a dark passageway but she was unable to see where it led. She was just about to turn around and head back to get the others when she heard that same rumbling noise behind her. She spun around just in time to see the lights from the opposite side of the library disappear.


Inuyasha was pissed... that was an understatement really. He was beyond pissed. He was ready to kill, he didn't care who it was, but hoped it was that miko who had shot him earlier. He stalked through the streets and ignored the stares he received from the humans. When a little kid pointed to his ears and reeled away from him, Inuyasha reached down and plucked the baseball hat from the boy's head and placed it on his own. The kid was close to tears when Inuyasha lowered himself in front of him and bared his teeth in a devilish smirk.

"Want it back, kid?" He asked as he pointed to the hat. The kid shook his head with tears in his eyes. "Good." He said and stood back up. He stalked down the street further and stopped every now and then to sniff the ground while he searched for the blond girl's scent. It was really hard to miss her smell, all he had to do was follow the scent of lavender and tea leaves. She smells good... He thought absently as he found her scent on the ground, then recognized the thought that went through his head and narrowed his eyes. "Stupid human girl..." He muttered to himself as he pushed the alien thought from his head. He hadn't really thought that, he knew it. She was a human, the weaker species, they were destined for destruction. If not by the demons, then by themselves. They were a species that would eventually die out because of weapons of their own making. They were inferior...

He continued down the street in this fashion. He'd stop to sniff the ground or the air once in a while and glare at the people who gave him funny looks. It's not the way he would like to spend his afternoon, but this was a mission he had to complete because of his previous failures. It didn't even occur to him that he shouldn't walk down the sidewalk in sight of humans. They didn't want to blow their cover just yet. Though those Sailor Senshi who seemed so popular were already on to them. It didn't matter, they would be easy to deal with. They were out numbered several thousand to one. If they couldn't beat them any way else, the sheer numbers would overwhelm them. Then there was that priestess and her little group of followers. They might prove to be a little more troublesome. After all, it was a priestess who had sealed them originally. The old woman's arrow had packed a powerful punch. It had taken Inuyasha several hours to wiggle off the end of it. He hadn't been able to pull it out, so he wiggled his way slowly up the shaft and pulled the arrow the rest of the way through until he was free. It had been quite painful, but it would heal quickly. That was one plus side to being a demon, in a few days it would be gone. There wouldn't even be a scar to remember the wound by.

Inuyasha stopped and glanced to his left. There was a long flight of stairs and her scent headed right up them. They didn't even try to hide their scent from him. That amused him greatly. Either they prepared a trap for him at the top of the stairs or they were extremely dumb. Probably the latter... Inuyasha thought as a smirk broke out across his face. This was going to be too easy. As long as he didn't encounter that stupid priestess again, he'd have that little human girl. She was no match for him, just another weak human. Why am I supposed to kidnap someone so weak? He mused absent-mindedly. It doesn't matter... that's our boss's business. He reminded himself. He didn't want to think about what would happen if he thought too much about it. The ones who ask too many questions never last very long. The ones that had their own mind were all lying ten feet under... maybe deeper. That is... if there was anything left of them to bury. Inuyasha shuddered slightly as he jumped up the steps, he skipped several steps in between each leap.

"I'll get you blondie..." He said with a smirk on his face.


Usagi pushed against the wall that had closed behind her with all her weight against it. It didn't even budge... She tried to yell for the others, but all it did was echo around her, she received no reply from any of them. She turned around and leaned against the wall while she let out the breath she didn't realize she had been holding.

"All right, calm down Usagi. This will be just fine. Once they notice you're gone, they'll go looking for you." Usagi said to herself as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I might as well see what's down here. Someone went to alot of trouble to hide something, it seems." She mused to herself as she picked held up the candle and headed down the hallway. At the end of the hallway was a set of stairs that led down. How deep does this place go? Usagi questioned herself as she set off down the narrow stairs. She could hear dripping water somewhere off in the distance as she made her way down the steep stairs. They were slick and Usagi nearly fell three times on her way down. She was getting ready to turn around when her foot hit solid ground.

"Finally..." She breathed as she walked deeper into the secret room. She held up the candle to light the room, but it didn't do much good. In order to see anything, she'd need a torch. She felt her way along the wall as she tried to find a torch. Her hand brushed over something wet and slimy and she pulled her hand back. She turned the candle toward the wall to see what it was and drew in a deep breath to prepare for the ear-splitting scream that followed. Leaning against the wall was a skeleton... it's sunken eyes stared back at her from the empty sockets and a few clumps of hair still clung to the scalp. She abruptly dropped the candle and covered her face. Unfortunately for her, the candle went out and rolled across the floor away from her. She shuddered in the darkness, her mind still trying to process what she had just seen, "I'm not afraid of ghosts... I'm not afraid of ghosts..." She whispered under her breath to try and calm her nerves before she began her search for the candle. At least in the pitch darkness, Usagi didn't have to look into the face of that skeleton again.

She bumped into a table and stopped abruptly to run her hands across it. She stooped down and ran her hands across the dry floor but all she could feel was dust and dirt at this point. She moved to her right and ran her hands across the floor as she inched her way forward. She was about to give up on finding the candle again when he hand ran over something smooth and slightly warm. She picked it up and began searching her pockets for the matches Kaede had given to her earlier that day, "Yatta!" she said to herself as she found the matches and quickly lit one. She put the flame to the top of the candle and re-lit it. The room was again bathed in the pale light from the candle as she walked back toward the table.

She walked over to the table quickly and began to lift dusty papers and books in the hopes of finding something useful in all of the garbage. Usagi started to get frustrated so she shoved all of the paper off the desk and onto the floor. Lying hidden under the papers was a book whose a cover so faded Usagi couldn't read it. She flipped open a few pages and found that the words were faded as well, and the words were written in a sloppy handwriting that was hard to decipher anyway.

"Why did this have to be so hard?" She whined to herself as she flipped open the page to something about a 'Sit' command, at least that's what Usagi thought it was. It was marked with these weird beads with fangs that Usagi had noticed lying on the table amid all of the dust and grime. She began to read the words under her breath because they were actually legible compared to the rest of the book. It seemed many people had written the book and this person was better with a pen than the other one.

"Are you ready to die?" A voice whispered into her ear. Usagi went rigid and tightened her grip on the book while she looked straightforward at the wall in front of her. Unbeknownst to her, though, the beads had begun to glow a dim purple.

"I… iie…" She murmured as she looked straight and her eyes began to fill with tears. The tears broke out into full-blown sobs a few moments later as she slammed the book shut, stood up, and whirled around to face Inuyasha. The candle light from the table illuminated his glowing golden eyes as Usagi backed up right against the table.

"If you come quietly, I won't have to hurt you." Inuyasha said menacingly as he flashed his fangs at her and flexed the muscles in his hand.

"Just leave me alone, baka!" Usagi shouted as her fear turned to anger. "Don't you have anything better to do than picking on me?!?" He was taken aback by her sudden anger and took a reluctant step back. When had she gotten so brave? Every other time he'd approached her, she'd cowered away and started to cry. Oh well, he was halfway there, she was still crying. "Baka dog!!" Usagi shouted in anger and the strange glowing beads flew from their place in the book to around Inuyasha's neck.

"What the hell is this, human?!" Inuyasha demanded as the beads settled into a necklace one-by-one. Usagi was a little startled when he took a few steps back and started to tug at the beads that hung around his neck. While he was distracted with that, Usagi flipped the book open again to look at the writing. She didn't notice him abandon his attempt to free himself from the beads as he advanced on her again. She read the page in front of her, but the corner was burned so she couldn't make out what she was supposed to do after she had spoken the 'spell'. "Come on, baka!" He growled as he grabbed her wrist and turned her arm over painfully. She dropped the book and squeezed her eyes shut as he wrapped his other arm around her waist and pulled her tightly to his body.

"Itai! That hurts! Let me go!!" She shrieked at the top of her lungs. She felt her feet leave the ground as Inuyasha turned and headed back toward the passageway. Her wrist was still twisted at an odd angle, so her eyes were still shut.

"Shuttup, human." Inuyasha growled into her ear. He released her wrist and put his hand over her mouth tightly. So tightly, in fact, that Usagi had to breathe in through her nose and was having trouble doing so. She was halfway over his back with her arms pinned to her sides and his hand covering her mouth. She couldn't believe how incredibly strong he was. She couldn't even wiggle her face enough to bite his hand, which she was trying desperately to do.

She could see the lights from the other side of the underground library from the torches of her friends. She could faintly hear their voices and heard her name spoken by a male voice.

"Kuso…" Inuyasha muttered under his breath as he appeared to listen while they walked past. "They already miss you… they'll be onto me right away, then…" He murmured quietly to himself. Usagi wiggled even more determinedly as she saw the shadow of Miroku headed in her direction. Miroku-sama!! Her mind screamed as his shadow came closer and closer. She heard Inuyasha curse again and hide behind a bookshelf.

Usagi found her legs her free and thrust her knee as hard as she could into his stomach. She heard air rusting out of his lungs and his grip slackened slightly. It was enough for her, though.

"Help me!!" She shrieked into the quiet of the room and then everything was moving.

"I'll kill you, baka!!" Inuyasha yelled as he flung her over his shoulder and took off. She heard pounding footsteps and saw Miroku, Sango, Kaede, and Kagome running after them.

"Minna! Help me!" Usagi shouted as she found valiantly against Inuyasha. He was too strong for her, though.

"Hang on, Usagi-sama!" Miroku shouted as they ran after the demon. They were up the stairs and headed for the outside.

"What was that spell about?" Usagi asked herself as bright sunlight hit them when they burst outside. She heard Sango shout 'hiraikotsu' and a boomerang went whizzing past. That's when she remembered the name of the spell. "Oh yeah! It was 'Oswari'!!" Usagi shouted in revelation. Usagi screamed in fear as she felt her support give way, then she was laying on the ground on top of Inuyasha.

"Nani?!" Kaede said as she stepped out into the light. "What did you do, child?" Kaede asked as she looked at Inuyasha, who was quickly regaining his composure and shoved Usagi off of him roughly. Inuyasha reached to his neck and resumed his frantic wish to pull it off. When it got up by his chin, it would glow magenta and remain on him.

"All I did was say 'oswari'." Usagi said to herself in slight surprise. She heard a loud thud behind her and turned to see Inuyasha on the ground again.

"You've done it, child!" Kaede said as she approached the blonde girl. "You have found a way to keep the youkai in check!"

"Honto ne?" Usagi questioned as a smile broke out across her face. She turned to face a scowling Inuyasha with a smirk on her face. "You'd better tell your 'master' that you have no power against us now, baka."

"Keh! As if I'm afraid of your stupid word." Inuyasha said as he stood and crossed his arms over his chest with his eyes closed and his face turned to the side.

"Inuyasha, oswari!" Usagi said and he fell to the ground again. She laughed to herself and plopped onto the ground next to him. "Ne, why do you let someone tell you what to do?" Usagi questioned to the sprawled out Inuyasha. She heard a growl emanate from his throat and thought it best to take a step back. Miroku and Sango had closed in around Inuyasha and held their weapons ready to strike the now powerless demon if things should go wrong.

"What business is it of yours?" Inuyasha demanded as he forced himself up again and jumped into the air. He landed in a nearby tree and turned away from her before he jumped again and disappeared into the horizon.

"Daijoubu, Usagi-chan?!" Kagome called as she approached her best friend. Usagi turned to her and a smile broke out across her face.

"Hai, daijoubu." Usagi answered and yawned. "Can we take a break now?"


It had been a few hours and the sun had now set when they had come back upstairs from the hidden room. A look of disappointment covered the faces of the five people, though. In Inuyasha's scramble to kidnap Usagi, he had inadvertently knocked over the candle and of all the luck, it had landed on the book with the spell. Now they had no weapon against the youkai.

"It's not fair." Usagi whined as she flopped down backward onto Kaede's couch. "And after all that work to!"

"Don't worry, Usagi-sama, we'll find something." Miroku said as he smiled down at the blonde girl.

"Ne, Usagi-chan, we should probably go home now." Kagome said as she stood up from the chair. "Mom will be mad if we're too late. We've already missed dinner, but maybe there will be some leftovers in the fridge."

"I hope so, I'm really hungry." Usagi said as she sat up and faced the girl. "Your mom is such a god cook." She said with a smile. Usagi stood up and stood next to her friend. "So, what are we waiting for?"

"Well, you girls certainly can't go alone." Miroku said as he slung an arm around each of the girls' shoulders. "What kind of a man would I be if I let the mothers' of my children walk around late at night alone?" A vein popped out in the foreheads of three girls and there was the distinct sound of a hand hitting flesh.


Itai = Ouch

Oswari = Sit

Honto ne? = Really?


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