Usagi's family is killed and she ends up staying with the Higurashi family, but weird things keep happening, this strange guy with silver hair and golden eyes kidnaps her and demands she give him the Shikon no Tama. But what is it?

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Chapter 20 – Chased Down

Light dappled lazily across a porcelain face, illuminating small splashes of blood marring the otherwise perfect complexion of the sleeping man. He lay back against a tree with a large, fluffy boa wrapped loosely around his white haori. Long silver strands floated lightly in the breeze as bees buzzed around in the flowers growing haphazardly across the forest floor. A pair of large, brown eyes watched the sleeping man cautiously with a small bouquet of flowers clutched in a tiny fist.

The little girl was only about five years old and had been an orphan for some time. The other children would tease her because she had refused to speak ever since her parents had died the previous year. The people that ran the orphanage took her to specialists but she hadn't responded to them either. All she wanted was her mommy and daddy to come home, then she would tell them how much she loved them and missed them. She had been a good girl in the hopes that it would bring them back sooner, but they were still gone.

The mysterious stranger had appeared in a ball of light a few days prior, right before all of the scary monsters had shown up and the whole village was forced to hide behind something called a 'barrier' at the Shrine. She had snuck out, though. She felt separate from the other people of the town since she was left alone. They tolerated most of the other orphans, feeling sorry for them, but they believed there was something off with her and would chase or 'shoo' her away if she even glanced at anyone.

She had been on one of these little adventures when she'd seen the ball of light flying across the sky. She had followed it into the forest and discovered the strange man lying on the forest floor. She could tell he was injured and was cautious about moving closer. She had been bringing him food that she managed to smuggle out or forage on her own. He had been awake before and his golden gaze was intriguing to the child. She was also curious as to why his eyes had turned blood red the first time she had approached with her little offering.

This time in edition to the small bouquet of flowers, she had managed to sneak out some bandages and some antiseptic to wash the wounds with. She had also managed to sneak out some small amount of an organic ointment that the Houshi had made after the appearance of the monsters.

The young girl sat patiently concealed by the bushes as she waited for the regal-looking man to awaken. Something in her gut told her not to approach while he slumbered so she remained in her hiding place. As if in response to her thoughts, a pair of golden eyes opened and scanned the surrounding area. They stopped right on the girl's hiding place so, with a small smile on her lips, she picked up the small basket beside her and left the shelter of her hiding place.

She walked forward slowly and some distance away, got down on her knees and placed the basket of medical supplies and the small bouquet of flowers on the ground.

"I do not need you assistance, ningen." A deep, monotonous voice spoke as a pair of cold, golden eyes fell on the figure of a small human child who sat up from a respectful bow seated. His eyes widened very slightly when she looked up with a bright smile, revealing a missing front tooth and several bruises on her face.

Sesshoumaru had seen the strange human child several times in the past few days as he healed from the injuries the hanyou had inflicted upon him. He had told the child he did not need her help but she still returned every day with some sort of offering. He noticed, though, the the bruises and missing tooth must have occurred since she had come the previous day.

He looked away from the human, showing that he was unconcerned about her presence, but also that he was uninterested in her offering. It seemed ningen did not understand the subtleties to youkai dominance and territory or the girl would not have returned after the first day. He would give her nothing else that she was persistent and unafraid, but ningen didn't interest him in the slightest.

- l - l - l -

The little girl skipped through the forest, carefully picking her way back to the small Shrine in her town with a wide grin on her face. No one as perfect as the injured man could be evil, at least that's what she believed as she took a small game trail that headed down to the river.

She knew the forest very well having spent most of her time outside of school in the forest to escape the cruelty of the other children. She had decided she would catch some fish with a bandana the way her father had taught her when she was much younger. She had never been very good while he was alive, but that was one of the skills she had focused on after he was gone. Her father had been very conscious of the planet and had been very much into the outdoors and had tried to instill in her the ability to live off the land in case some great emergency came about where there was no grocery store or electricity. He had been very correct to teach her these skills because the electric lights had gone out days ago and there was too much fear among the people to really venture too far outside of the barrier.

They had all heard people screaming as something attacked them, l
picking them off from the small, armed groups and dragging them to their deaths in the canopy of the forest. They had a small radio that they would turn on several times a day to see if the military was on their way. Food was running low and tempers were running high, which was another reason she had decided to slip out unnoticed.

She tied the two corners of the bandana together to form a sort of sling in between. Holding the bandana with two hands, one on either side, she waded in and dipped the fabric into the water, immersing it completely and then remaining still so the water could settle. She waited patiently for a fish to swim into her little trap and smiled broadly when a medium sized fish did just that. In one move, she pulled the bandana from the water, scooping the fish up with it. After she managed to free the fish, she tossed it on the bank far enough away so it couldn't flop back into the water. She reset herself and in and hour, she had five medium-sized fish lying up on the bank in a row.

The little girl collected her fish into another small wicker basket and trotted off through the woods back toward the 'perfect' stranger. As she traipsed through the darkening forest, she was oblivious to the silent footsteps padding around her. She was unaware of the dark shadows that darted along beside her hidden by underbrush, not the dark figures that trailed behind keeping low to the ground. She was only around halfway to the mysterious stranger when four large, brown, fury shapes darted out of the weeds in front of her, snarling viciously.

She couldn't hold back the terrified squeak that left her lips as she fell backward onto her butt, the basket falling to the side and spilling on the ground. She crawled backward on the ground, her brown eyes wide and filled with fear as the brown wolves began to slowly close in on her.

In a panic, the girl rose to her feet and began running in the opposite direction away from the snarling beasts, her heart in her throat as fear gripped her very soul. She felt teeth sink into her shoulder and she stumbled to the ground, feeling pain rip through her body as tears steamed down her dirty cheeks. She felt reality slipping as a hazy feeling set in, the intense pain from teeth and claws dimming as her grip on consciousness began to slip. This was it... she knew she would finally see mommy and daddy again, but couldn't help but feel regret that the stranger in the woods would no longer have anyone to take care of him. She saw a pair of golden eyes fill her mind as darkness closed in and she felt weightlessness take her.

- l - l - l -

"Ah mou!" Kagome whined as she held up her green school uniform skirt. It had only been two days since they had set out from Tokyo and they had already managed to collect three shards from unruly youkai who had been using the power to terrorize or murder humans.

Soon after they'd left the large barrier surrounding Tokyo, Miroku had hot-wired an SUV with four-wheel drive so they had covered quite a bit of road in a short amount of time. They had decided to head north first on a whim, well... more on the word of a certain wolf youkai Prince..

Apparently, Kouga had sent most of his clan back to the area in the north that was once their territory, though he admitted that he hadn't forbidden the wolves from attacking humans unless they were attacked first. They had been following rumors from the villages they passed of wolves ransacking towns and dragging people and livestock off with them into the forests. Kouga had a mission to put an end to his Clan's pillaging and the rest of the group decided north was as good of a direction as any and set out with him and his counterparts, the four-legged wolves either trailed behind or rode on the luggage racks on top of the SUV.

Kouga and his friends were intrigued by the vehicle, asking endless questions about what 'magic' made it work the way it did. Kouga insisted he'd be able to keep pace with it and even took the opportunity to prove it when he grew too annoying for Kagome to deal with anymore.

When he wasn't pestering her with endless questions, he was trying to get her to accept him as her mate. Her MATE? Kagome couldn't think of that word without blushing a brilliant red! She was, after all, barely sixteen and had just started High School! There was no way she was ready for that type of a responsibility yet! She found the wolf attractive and caring, if a bit old fashioned with his thoughts that a woman was supposed to take care of the pups and feed her mate with no thoughts

of bettering herself unless it was in some domestic sense. She had plans, though! Plans that involved education, college, and an amazing career. There was no way she was ready to settle down and start 'birthing pups' as Kouga referred to it.

Kagome scrubbed the green fabric of her skirt fervently against itself in the stream they had stopped nearby. They had found it easier to prepare for attack if they weren't in a building or structure of some kind. It was just too easy for the weaker youkai to get close to a house or building without them realizing it until the last moment. That was how her clothes had been horribly stained with sticky, green youkai blood.

A small, weak youkai had managed to sneak into the room the women were sleeping in by disguising his scent and suppressing his aura to nearly nothing. Kagome's shriek of fear is what alerted everyone to the intrusion when she woke up feeling a slimy hand down the front of her shirt reaching for the small bottle of shards that hung there. Kouga had burst into the room just as the thing darted for the window and slashed it in half directly above her uniform which had been hung up to dry after a hasty wash in a bucket of soapy water. Most of the houses and buildings had no electricity so they were forced to do everything the old fashioned way. As grateful as Kagome was to Kouga for stopping the shard theft, she couldn't help but be annoyed that he chose THAT spot to slice the little green spawn open!

"Mou... mama is going to be upset." Kagome whined as she tossed the ruined uniform onto the ground next to her. "She just replaced our uniforms a few days ago." Kagome had chosen to wear it rather than traditional priestess clothes because it was much easier to move in and much less likely to get snagged on her bow if she happened to panic.

Thankfully, her grandfather had found a smaller bow for her to take on her trip than the traditional bow as well. the traditional bow she had been learning on was nearly as tall as she was so was therefore more difficult to prepare to use at a moments notice. It also didn't require as much strength to draw so it was a bit easier on her physically. The downside was that it didn't have the same range as the longer bow, but if she was with Kouga, he could easily get her within range and protect her from attack long enough to get the job done.

"Do you have anything else to wear, Kagome-chan?" Sango asked as she tried her face off on a small hand towel before handing it to Kagome to dry her hands. Kagome was still wearing her tank top and matching PJ pants from the previous night.

"Yeah, but it's gotten so warm!" Kagome whined as she stood and headed for her large yellow backpack on the ground. She rummaged through and pulled out a long-sleeved turtleneck and a black pleated skirt. She had a pair of jeans as well since the weather had been cool when they'd left and even though they'd been going north, it had been getting warmer rather than cooler.

"Are you too ready to move yet?" Kouga's voice called in their direction as a miniature tornado approached them, tossing dust into the air and stinging both women's eyes.

"Damn i wish we still had that subjugation spell that Usagi-chan found." Kagome muttered as she rubbed her stinging eyes.

"Gomen, koibito!" Kouga exclaimed as he turned worried electric-blue eyes to look at Kagome's face. "Let me help." He said as he gently pulled her hands away from her face. He reached into the pelt at his waist and pulled out a soft piece of fabric and preceded to gently dab at her eyes, drying the tearing from the irritation.

Kagome blinked up at him silently, noticing the genuine look of concern in his eyes as he gently dabbed the dust from her cheeks. His brow was furrowed and he seemed completely absorbed in the task at hand. Kagome could keep the warmth from her cheeks as she looked up into his handsome features. His strong jaw, straight nose and amazingly blue eyes that seemed to pull her in. It made her forget that he wasn't human and that he had been seriously getting on her nerves. She felt a calloused finger run softly along her bottom lip and her eyes started to close. She rose onto her toes as a warm hand cupped her cheek and an arm encircled her waist, pulling her into a broad chest.

His lips were soft against hers and she sank into the gentle kiss, loving the feeling that she was falling that filled her stomach. If Kouga didn't have an arm around her waist, Kagome's knees would surely have buckled and she would have hit the ground. She felt his tongue trail over her lips and timidly opened her mouth, darting her tongue out shyly to meet his. He took her shy action as consent and responded back with his own tongue, running it along hers as he delved gently into her mouth.

The hand on her cheek moved to her back as he pulled her tight to his body, growling low in his throat as Kagome's hands clasped behind his head as she rose to her tiptoes. A shiver ran through Kagome as his rough tongue ran over hers and she felt herself drowning in the tall wolf youkai pressed against her. After several moments, they broke apart, both needing something called oxygen that they were lacking. Kouga pulled her to his chest and nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck, causing goose bumps to erupt on her skin from his warm breath on her exposed throat.

Kagome's eyes pop open and she shoves away from the firm chest, her eyes swiveling around everywhere at once. She completely misses the hurt that fills Kouga's eyes as she turns her gaze to the quickly darkening sky. High above, Kagome could distinctly see a glowing pink spec hidden by the clouds.

"There's a jewel shard headed this way!" Kagome shouts loudly as she points up into the sky above them. "Wait, TWO of them!"

Kouga looks up in the direction her finger is pointing and manages to grab her around the waist and jump to the side as a pair of razor sharp talons slice into the soil Kagome had been standing on moments before. Kouga cried out in pain as a claw pierces his left leg mid-calf.

"Kouga-kun!" Kagome cries as she spins in his arms to face him. She notes his grimace of pain and her eyebrows knit in worry.

"Don't worry, this wound is nothing." He tries to reassure her, but she remained unconvinced.

"Hiraikotsu!" Sango's voice rang out as an abnormally large boomerang went flying into the air into pursuit of the strange-look youkai. It had the form of a large bird with an over-large mouth full of razor sharp teeth, and sitting atop it's head was two humanoid figures that jutted out by the waist.

The strange bird managed to dodge Sango's boomerang as it put on a burst of speed and flew straight up through the clouds once again.

"Damnit!" Kouga growled as he watched the bird disappear into the cloud cover. "I hate birds of paradise!" He growled low in his throat as he stood up, scenting the air to find it's next impending attack. His leg bled profusely bit he completely ignored the pain as he stood protectively in front of Kagome watching every direction at once.

"You know what that thing is?" Kagome cried as she stood on shaking legs. Her bow was up at the camp and she wasn't about to leave Kouga's protection to make a run for it across open ground. Even with him being injured, she was less exposed sticking near him.

"These damn things are always trying to overtake our territory! I've never come across one with that strong of youki, though!" Kouga explained with a grimace as he put pressure on his injured leg.

"Kagome-sama!" Miroku's voice called from up above, drawing the eyes of the wolf youkai and untrained miko.

"Miroku-sama!" Kagome called as a smile graced her lips. Flying above them and coming closer was Miroku on the back of Kirara holding his staff in one hand and Kagome's bow and arrows slung on his shoulder.

As Miroku released the weapon for Kouga to catch, a horribly shrill shriek rent the air, causing everyone to cover their ears to block out the horrid sound. Kagome screamed in fear as she felt claws digging into her arms and before she knew what was happening, her feet weren't on the ground and she felt an immense amount of wind in her face.

"Kagome!" Kouga cried as he saw a bird of paradise grasp Kagome by her upper arms and take off into the air. He jumped up to grab her ankle but felt the bite of claws in his shoulder as another youkai slashed at him. That's when he noticed the air was full of the monsters all trying to attack their small party. The humans and wolves were fighting for their lives, tearing through the massive birds like tissue.

"Kouga, grab on!" Miroku yelled as he dipped down low enough for the injured wolf to jump onto the fire cat to go after the captured Kagome.

"Let me go!" Kagome squawked as she wiggled her arms in the iron grip of the clawed feet holding her. She shrieked in shear terror as the youkai released her and she began plummeting hundreds of feet down toward the rocky ground.

When she was around ten feet from the ground, she felt a hand close around her wrist and began swinging her arms in a panic with her eyes squeezed tightly shut in terror. There was a surprised grunt and then a low growl as her fist connected with something smooth and warm.

"Itai!" A low voice growled and Kagome opened her eyes to see a large red mark planted on Kouga's cheek that her fist had just connected with.

"Eh?" Kagome squeaked as she stared wide-eyed at the annoyed looking wolf demon. She was sitting 'side-saddle' on Kirara with Kouga's hands on her hips holding her in place. "Gomen!" She cried as a flush filled her cheeks and she ran her fingers lightly over the tender area in a soothing way.

He leaned his cheek into her hand, enjoying the feel of her soft skin against his face. Her face was flushed with embarrassment and her eyes were

filled with concern.

"No time. Here." He said as he shoved her bow and arrow into her hands. Kagome snapped back instantly and slung the arrows onto her back before grabbing one and knocking it. Miroku was flinging sutras around and cutting through any of the birds who came too close. She could see Hiraikotsu cutting through the air, taking off whole wings and cutting into bodies before it descended into the forest and out of sight.

"What are you waiting for?" Kouga cried as he managed to punch one in the head that was coming in to take Kagome's head off in one bite.

"H-hai!" Kagome cried as she pulled the string back to her cheek and aimed at one of the flying beasts. "Please hit!" She cried as she loosed the arrow. To her immense surprise, a pink light surrounded the arrow and tore through the bird next to the one she had been aiming for and burned a enormous hole through the center of the creature.

"Nice shot!" Kouga shouted proudly as he saw her cheeks turn pink.

More confident now, Kagome knocked and loosed arrows as fast as she could, surprised that every arrow seemed to hit a target, though not always the one she was aiming for. In surprisingly little time after that, the skies were suddenly clear of the flying creatures and Kirara was touching down back at the camp. While Sango, Miroku, and Kagome were unharmed, the same couldn't be said of the wolves. Kouga's leg wound had stopped bleeding already, but it was still clearly a very deep wound that would not likely heal over night. Hakkaku and Ginta had no major wounds, but each had an assortment of cuts and scratches from the surprise attack.

"Did you get the big one, Sango-chan?" Kagome asked as she jumped off the fire cat and headed toward her friend.

"No, I only saw that first attack." Sango explained as she wiped the remains of youkai blood from her weapon and secured it to her back.

"I don't sense the shards any more. I think it went north." Kagome said as she looked at the sky.

"Their nest is north." Kouga explained slowly and solemnly. "They're stronger than before. I need to go to the den and check on my pack."

- l - l - l -

Usagi sighed wearily as she flopped down on her bed and pulled a pillow over her face. It had been a very annoying day to say the least. Not only had classes resumed, but Inuyasha had followed her to school and popped up every time that she was somewhat alone to bug her about the stupid jewel shards she wore in a small vial around her neck.

Before the rest of the group had left the barrier, they had decided that they would bring all of the shards to Usagi when they found them because they would be more protected by the strong barrier surrounding the city. It also seemed that something about Usagi purified the shards more thoroughly. The few shards that were left behind were a sparkling white color rather than the rosy pink they had been in Kagome's possession. Usagi had a feeling it had more to do with her strange 'heritage' that she had found out about rather than her miko powers.

Not only had Inuyasha been pestering her all day, but Luna had been in her ear as well. Especially when Usagi decided she was going to skip their little 'study' session after school to get a little privacy. She felt trapped with everyone badgering her on all sides and just wanted to go for a walk on her own.

Usagi doubted she'd be able to sneak passed Inuyasha's nose so she decided to barricade herself in her room for a while. The window was closed and locked so a certain puppy dog couldn't sneak in and the door was shut and locked to keep a certain feline out. Souta had given her a small bag of treats when she'd come home and wished her luck on her homework, which she was grateful for. A little bit of sugar and caffeine would definitely be comforting after such a frustrating day.

They hadn't heard from Kagome or the rest of the group just yet and Usagi couldn't help but feel anxious. With the power out in much of the country, finding a place to charge a cellphone or finding a working payphone was going to be tricky. She knew it was much too soon for them to be coming back yet, but she couldn't help but miss her best friend. They were more like sisters than friends and Kagome had been one of the few stable comforts Usagi had had since her family had been killed.

A frustrated sigh escaped her lips as she turned annoyed cerulean eyes toward the tap on her window. Sitting on the roof was a annoyed looking hanyou with long silver hair tapping one claw against the glass. She slowly stood up from her bed and took her time going to open the window.

"I'm trying to study, Inuyasha." Usagi said with a frown at the tall hanyou.

"Keh! Looked to me like you were just being lazy." Inuyasha said as he climbed gracefully through the window.

"If you're just going to bug me about giving you the jewel shards, don't bother because I won't." Usagi said as she collapsed face first onto her bed and buried her face in her pillow. He didn't answer so Usagi smiled into her pillow, that was exactly what he had been planning. His silence told her that her assumption was right.

Usagi felt a soft thump against the bed and glanced over to see Inuyasha leaning against it with his legs crossed and his sword against his chest, arms crossed. His golden stare looked blankly forward at the wall, looking bored... or maybe tired? Usagi hadn't really seen the golden-eyed young man sleep.

"Do you want to lie down and take a nap, Inuyasha?" Usagi asked with a warm smile as she moved over on the bed and pat the comforter beside her lightly. His gaze flickered over to her and Usagi, indeed, saw fatigue within.

"Keh. This is how I sleep, woman." He said grumpily, but there was no bite to his words.

"Well, maybe I should sleep down here too, then." Usagi said as she rose with a hint of pink in her cheeks and sat beside him. She lay her head and closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth that radiated off of him.

Inuyasha felt beat rush to his face as the petite blond leaned up against him and lay her head on his shoulder. He was dumbfounded and his mouth dropped open slightly as he dropped his eyes shyly to look at her. He noticed her eyes were closed and there was a ghost of a smile on her plump pink lips. The very lips that he wanted to capture with his once again. Their softness against his was ingrained in his head as he focused solely on them.

Her scent swirled around him in the confined space and he had to force down a subtle longing that he felt building inside him. Her scent was intoxicating and he couldn't help from placing his nose in her hair and taking a deep whiff of her sweet scent. She smelled of lilies and tea leaves and a deeper scent that was all her own buried beneath the assorted soap and delectable sprays she used. He had come to associate the scent of lilies with her. A beautiful, pure white lily seemed to describe her well in his mind fogged by fatigue and desire.

He thought back to the strange visions the woman had shone them before and felt an even greater urge to do something... to make all others know she belonged to him! He could see a small scar at her throat and felt a deep resonating anger grip his insides. That mark was NOT his, but it SHOULD have been!

Without thought, Inuyasha reached down and gently grasped Usagi's wrists. He ignored the startled look in her eyes as he pushed her to the floor and pinned her hands over her head. Before she could make a sound of protest, he crashed his mouth down onto hers. She didn't respond right away as she lay tensed beneath him, eyes wide with surprise. Inuyasha gently pried her lips apart and dipped into her mouth with his tongue boldly. He ran his tongue over hers, savoring in her taste as a shudder ran through his body. He reveled in the feel of his body pressed against hers, aware of the two soft mounds pressed up against his chest.

To say Usagi was surprised by Inuyasha's sudden movement was an understatement. She was just relaxing and enjoying his presence and had started to drift off. What surprised her more than his sudden move was his strange appearance. Instead of his normal golden eyes, they were rimmed with a dull red color. His fangs seemed to have elongated and were hanging over his lips and there were jagged purple lines stretched across his cheeks.

His kiss was fierce and passionate and Usagi couldn't help but sink into it. His tongue tangled with hers and she felt a burning sensation start between her legs where a hard bulge was pressing against her. Her hands tangled in his hair as she felt his hands begin the roam over her body. He'd released her wrists and ran his hands across her hips and upward across her flat stomach. She couldn't help a shudder and a gasp as his hands moved over her covered breasts gently.

"Inuyasha..." She panted as she broke the kiss. When he dove in to continue the passionate kiss, Usagi turned her head and his lips instead fell on her exposed throat. She gasped again as goose bumps appeared on her skin from his touch. His hands were gently kneading her breasts and she felt him pressing his hips against her in a rhythmic motion. "Please... you have to... stop..." She pleaded as she tried to distance herself from the electric sensations he was causing her.

He didn't answer as his tongue moved up her throat and she felt his warm breath on her ear. She gasped out loud as she felt his teeth nibbling on the shell of her ear. She couldn't resist the urge to reach up to his head and gently rub the soft, furry appendages on the top of his head. A low growl followed by a pleased whimper as they ground their hips together in desire. Inuyasha didn't seem to hear Usagi asking him to stop as he stealthily reached his hands up her shirt and ran his hands along her bare stomach.

"Inuyasha!" She gasped

as she felt his clawed hands slip up her sides and to her bra-covered mounds. She felt a tightening behind her naval as she ground her center against him. She wanted him to stop before they went too far, but he didn't seem to hear her. The things his hands and mouth were doing to her made her want to let him continue, but her mind screamed to put an end to it.

"Please-we can't..." She gasped as his lips covered her mouth once more as a flick of his claw sliced her bra off from under her shirt.

"Usagi!" A muffled voice cried from outside the door. It was followed moments later by frantic knocking and the sound of the doorknob trying to be turned.

Usagi put her hands against Inuyasha's chest and tried to push him off of her. He was a solid mass of muscles and didn't budge an inch. She turned her head to the side to break the passion filled kiss, but instead felt his lips and tongue attack her exposed throat. His hand kept their movements as Usagi squirmed below him, trying to get out from under him.

"Stop, Inuyasha!" She said breathlessly as she tried to cease his movements. She heard a low, warning growl escape as she struggled to free herself and cried out at a sharp nip at her throat. When she met his eyes again, a spasm of fear gripped her chest. His eyes had gone from gold with red rims to fully blood red with narrowed blue slits. She couldn't help the gasp as she saw his strange appearance.

Without thought, Usagi managed to roll to the side and jump to her feet. She took a few steps backward as he advanced, a low growl in the back of his throat. She kept backing up slowly, not sure what to do and her shoulders met with the wall. He advanced on her, still growling as his hands caged her against the wall and his lips descended on hers once again. She broke the rough, passion filled kiss and his lips nibbled at her ear again.

"Inuyasha, what's wrong with your face?" She asked quietly as his hands moved back to her hips and started to slide up under her shirt.

"You... mine..." His voice was harsh as he continued his perusal of her body.

"That's enough, Inuyasha." Usagi said sternly as she pushed his face away from her throat. He snarled roughly and nipped her wrist in reprimand before his body pinned her against the wall. "Stop, Inuyasha!" She snapped.

Inuyasha didn't seem to hear her as he left red marks on his throat and his hands continued their roaming. She resisted feebly as his fingers tweaked her sensitive nipples and spasms of pleasure ran through her body. The knocking on the door was persistent but Usagi knew it was locked, she had done it purposely to keep out Inuyasha.

"Gomen..." She whispered as she shoved him roughly back. Before he could growl in protest, she uttered one word. "Osuwari." Inuyasha crashed loudly to the floor and Usagi ran to the door, flinging it open to see a frantic-looking Souta.

"You and Inuyasha need to hurry!" Souta cried, not noticing the flushed cheeks or marks on Usagi's neck. "They just said on the radio that there's a youkai not far from here! It's attacking people!"

"Inuyasha!" Usagi cried as she turned around to see the silver-haired hanyou groggily climbing to his feet. "We have to go help!" Inuyasha had a confused look on his face as the blond pulled him to his feet. He had no clue what had happened after Usagi had leaned against him and he'd been surrounded by her delicious aroma. He noted one thing, though. His scent clung to her skin and be saw lots of red marks covering her neck. There was also a very sweet scent in the air that originated from the blond girl. 'What the HELL did i do?' His mind screamed at him as the blond woman dragged him out of the room and down the stairs.

Usagi pulled him down the stairs and out the front door when he finally snapped out of the strange stupor he seemed to be in. He could smell the scent of blood in the air from multiple humans and hurriedly bent down for her to climb on.

"We have to hurry!" Inuyasha said loud enough to be heard over the rush of wind as they flew through the air, Usagi on his back with her bow and arrow. "I smell blood!"


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