Usagi's family is killed and she ends up staying with the Higurashi family, but weird things keep happening, this strange guy with silver hair and golden eyes kidnaps her and demands she give him the Shikon no Tama. But what is it?

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Chapter 2 – Missions...

Inuyasha and Kouga were bowed in front of their leader, each one covered in various cuts and bruises. Their leader had been none to pleased to hear of the two youkais' antics and also that they had let the Shikon no Tama go. In punishment for this, the shrouded figure had give them a beating that they were not likely to forget for a very long time.

"Sesshoumaru." Their leader said to a figure that was hidden in the shadows behind Inuyasha and Kouga. The silver-haired man stepped into the dim light and bowed at the waist. "You are responsible for getting the Shikon no Tama. I know you will not show the weaknesses that these two have shown."

"Hai, master." Sesshoumaru said as he bowed at the waist once more. His long fluffy tail flicked slightly as he turned and headed in the opposite direction. At his side hung two swords, one was a powerful weapon that only he was able to control, the other was, in Sesshoumaru's opinion, worthless. He was joined by a short youkai with green skin and a staff by the name of Jaken as he headed into the shadows. Inuyasha growled at the older dog demon. Sesshoumaru was the obvious favorite of their leader and Inuyasha was jealous. He had always been inferior to Sesshoumaru and it pissed him off to no end. This was his mission and now that the Shikon no Tama had been found, Inuyasha was angry and ready to kill something.

"Inuyasha, your new mission is to bring me that healing girl." Their leader said plainly.

"Healing girl?" Inuyasha questioned. How their leader knew that blond human had healing powers was beyond him. Had he sent out other spies besides Kouga to follow him?

"That blond human you kidnapped. Bring her to me, that's your mission." Their leader said, he then turned toward Kouga. "Your mission is to kill the priest and that youkai exterminator. Kill the human with the Shikon no Tama while you're at it." Kouga nodded and rose from his spot on the ground.

"Hai, consider it done." Kouga said as he bowed and walked in the same direction Sesshoumaru had headed. Inuyasha followed suit. He rose from the ground and bowed to their master before he headed in the same direction with a deep scowl on his face.

"Bring the girl directly to me, Inuyasha." The deep voice echoed as he walked away from the figure.


Usagi sat next to Kagome with the two new-comers across from them. The girl introduced herself as Sango and explained that she was a youkai exterminator. Miroku seemed to have met her before, he grabbed her butt a few times and recieved a harsh slap across the face. For a priest, he sure was a pervert. Usagi had managed to find her way home from the rooftop the youkai had dropped her off on. It took her a little while because she didn't have money for the bus so she had to walk. It took her over an hour to get home that night. It was about noon the next day the four of them sat around the table to discuss the events of the previous day.

Kagome fingered the jewel that hung around her neck gingerly. Those things wanted this small jewel so bad, but why? Sango knew very little of the jewel and Miroku knew even less. All they knew was that they couldn't let the wrong people get their hands on it. If that happened, chaos would descend on the world and no one would get out unscathed. The wound on her side hurt a little but as long as she didn't bend, it was fine. Sango had bandaged it for her and had put some sort of special ointment on it, which helped to relieve the pain a great deal. She still had no idea how that small jewel had gotten inside of her body. It just didn't make sense, how did the doctors miss it when she had her apendix [A.N. sorry if I spelled that wrong, I don't have spell check on this computer .] out? She sighed and tucked the round jewel inside of her shirt. It probably wasn't the best idea to have it out where people could see it so plainly.

"I heard of a Miko named Kaede-sama that might be able to tell us about the jewel." Sango explained as she took a sip of her lemonaide.

"Kaede-sama?" Usagi questioned as she looked at the dark-haired girl.

"Hai, she should be at a shrine not too far from here. If we take the bus we can be there in like ten or fifteen minutes." Sango said to the blond girl.

"Let's go then." Usagi said with a smile. They might be able to get Kaede-sama to take the jewel so they would be out of danger. The sooner they got rid of that jewel, the better. Usagi stood up and grabbed Kagome's hand. "The sooner we get there, the better." She said with her normal smile. Her seemingly perky personality had returned after the immediate danger had passed and she was safely with her friends.

Sango and Miroku followed the two younger girls to the bus stop and a sweatdrop appeared on both of their foreheads. It was rather odd to see a priest dressed in such an old fashioned way carrying a golden staff and a woman dressed in a kimono with a large boomerang strapped to her back. The people on the streets and the stopped bus gave them strange looks and moved back to let them pass.

"Hurry up!" Usagi cried as she grabbed Miroku's and Sango's hand. She didn't seem to notice all of the stares the people gave them as they climbed on the bus. Sango smiled at the perky girl, it was good to have someone to brighten the dim outlook the four of them had before them. Usagi sat next to Sango and talked a mile a minute as the bus pulled away from the curb. Miroku and Sango just listened to the two giggling girls that talked about homework and tests and of course, about boys. "Ne Sango-chan." Usagi said, getting the other girl's attention.

"Hai?" She questioned as she realized she was now going to be pulled into the conversation.

"Did you hear about that new band yet? The Three Lights?" She questioned as she smiled at the dark-haired girl. "Isn't Seiya-kun the hottest? Kagome-chan says that Taiki is cuter, but it's definitely Seiya." A sweatdrop appeared on Sango's forehead and then a blush broke out across her face.

"Actually, I prefer Yaten, he's much more mature than the other two." Sango said a-matter-of-factly. Both Usagi and Kagome burst into giggles at her confession.

"It's perfect then! One for each of us!" Usagi giggled excitedly. The three of them were so deep into their conversation they didn't notice the three people that came on the bus at the next stop. They sat a few seats in front of Usagi and Kagome, each one took his own seat. They were all three dressed in black with dark glasses over their eyes. The tallest of the three had a small bag on the seat next to him and he was busy reading from a book in his hands. The one with the long black ponytail sat with his hands behind his head and one leg crossed lazily over the other. As soon as he sat down, he flipped a pair of headphones up over his ears that hung around his neck. The guy with the blondish-white hair sat with his arms crossed over his chest and an annoyed look on his face. Stupid Seiya and his antics. He thought grumpily as he grunted quietly.

"Why are we riding the bus again, Seiya-kun?" Taiki asked in an annoyed tone. He was tired of how Seiya always thought he was the boss and he and Yaten were just supposed to follow suit and do what Seiya did. What annoyed him more was the fact that is was burning hot, the windows didn't open, and there were a bunch of girls a few seats back giggling about something or other. He didn't care what the girls talked about, he was getting a headache since he was forced to listen to them. He just hoped that there were no people on the bus who recognized them. It was bound to happen though, since everyone in Tokyo talked about the newest idol hit the "Three Lights". Their pictures were plastered all over the building and television and their song was constantly played on the radio.

"We haven't taken the bus since we made it big so why not? I'm tired of being driven around by people I don't even know." Seiya said with a shrug of his shoulders. Taiki frowned and thought of his nice air-conditioned car with the spoiler on the back and the dice that hung around the rearview mirror and of course the tinted windows so they would avoid prying eyes.

"Ne, Kagome, did you hear that?" Sango whispered to Kagome who sat in front of her.

"Nande?" Kagome questioned as she leaned back to whisper to Sango. "Hear what?"

"Look at those guys up there, don't they look familiar?" Sango asked as she pointed to the three guys who had gotten on at the last stop.

"Eh? I've never met them." Usagi said as she shrugged her shoulders and clutched her notebook, which, incidentally, had a picture of Seiya and the Three Lights on it. Sango and Kagome both looked at Usagi and a sweatdrop appeared on their foreheads.

"Are you sure you know who the Three Lights are, Usagi-chan?" Kagome asked with a sweatdrop.

"Huh? Of course I know who they are, who wouldn't know them?" Usagi asked as she clutched her notebook to her chest.

"Well I've never heard of these "Three Lights"." Miroku said as a vein popped out in his forehead. He sat next to Sango and looked very jealous that the three girls swooned over celebrities that they would never have a chance to meet. It was ridiculous to have a crush on someone so up there, it's not like the celebrity would every return to feelings. Especially for three girls that acted extremely immature for their ages.

"That's because you're a perverted priest." Sango commented dryly. The other two nodded their heads in unison while they said 'Umm hmm, umm hmm' together. Miroku frowned and a sweatdrop appeared on his forehead. He would never win against three girls, they outnumbered him. Don't make any sudden movements... He thought to himself as he sat there with his arms crossed over his chest. Miroku sighed and his head drooped forward. How had gotten stuck with two immature girls and one that slaps him around?

"That has to be them, Sango-chan." Kagome said as a giggle erupted from her. "There's Taiki, look!" Kagome exclaimed as she pointed to the shortest of the three guys. "I thought he'd be taller in person, though."

"Hai, and his hair isn't a shiny as it is on television either." Usagi said as she peered over at the man.

"I thought he was thinner too." Sango said as she frowned at the idol who sat a few seats up.

Taiki heard this and a vein popped out in his forehead. He stood up and glared at Seiya while he growled in annoyment. Those girls had gone too far! They sat there and talked about him like he wasn't even there. His hair was shiny! He's not THAT short! And her most certainly isn't chubby!!

"Seiya!" He growled as he took a step across the bus and flipped the headphones off of the taller man's head. "We're getting off of this bus right now!"

"Huh? Doushite?" Seiya asked as he looked at a very angry Taiki. Maybe anger wasn't the right word, Taiki was fuming...

"It's stuffy, it's cramped, and those girls over there are getting on my nerves." Taiki said so only Seiya could hear. Seiya looked in the direction Taiki had indicated and flashed the three girls his award-winning smile.

"Ah come on, they're fans. We can't afford to lose any fans, Taiki-kun." Seiya said absently as he waved one hand. Taiki frowned and went back to sit next to Yaten who seemed completely uninterested in the events around him. Seiya stood up and walked toward the three girls. He stopped at the seat in front of Kagome and Usagi and flashed the smile again.

"Is this seat taken?" He questioned as he hold onto the seat for support and held his headphones in his other hand. Not one of the girls were able to speak and merely shook their heads in unison. Seiya lazily dropped down in the seat and leaned back against the window. He pushed his bangs back and closed his eyes briefly. He smiled when he saw the love-struck looks on all three of the girls' faces. Usagi was the first to regain her composure enough to talk to the hunky guy who sat in front of them.

"Are you really Seiya from the Three Lights?" Usagi questioned as she looked intently at the guy who had plopped into the seat ahead of them. A sweatdrop appeared on the guy's head as well as Kagome, Sango, and Miroku.

"Usagi-chan, if you're not sure, don't act like you know him..." Kagome mumbled as she bopped Usagi on the head. Usagi whined at the contact from her best friend's hand.

"Oi, be nice to me Kagome-chan." Usagi whined as tears welled up in her eyes. "Ne, can we stop and get some sweets?"

Seiya just watched the group of girls with a grin on his face. This blond girl was interesting. She seemed to clueless and innoncent. He couldn't help but think she was cute, especially the way she pouted at her friend's comment. They were an odd group, though. Two of them were dressed in the same school uniform and seemed to know each other very well, but the other two were a little out of place. One was dressed as a monk or priest but his garb was very old-fashioned and the girl next to him was dressed in an old-fashioned kimono and had something that looked like a giant boomerang. The girls had all but forgot about him when there was a loud explosion and the bus began to skid on water. The bus lurched forward as the tires squealed against the pavement. Instinctively, Seiya grabbed the two girls closest to him by the arms and dove over the seat. He forced them down and protected them with his body. [A.N. Of course Miroku did the same for Sango, but not without a few grabs/gropes along the way ~.^] The bus finally stopped and Seiya halfway sat up to see if the girls were all right. Both of them stared at him wide-eyed and said nothing.

"Stay here!" He instructed as he headed for the door of the bus. His two companions were already headed out the door when he joined them.

"Daijoubu ka?" Miroku asked as he helped Sango to sit up. She nodded her head and stood up, ready to fight whatever had caused the accident. "Come on, we have work to do." Miroku said as he grabbed Sango's boomerang and led her out the door of the bus. Usagi and Kagome followed close behind.


Sesshoumaru had always hated when he was forced to obey someone. At this point, he had no choice, though. His master was much too strong at this point for him to have any kind of a chance. Although he was stronger than Inuyasha and Kouga, he was still a long way below their master. That's why all the youkai listened to him, they feared for their lives. Soon, though, very soon Sesshoumaru would break through. Once he had the Shikon no Tama for his own, he would be strong enough to take over. Sesshoumaru frowned deeply at the weak youkai he was forced to keep with him for the time being. The only thing this one had going for him was his size. He was bigger than some of the houses in Tokyo, he could fit a person in his mouth and have them able to sit without having their head touch the roof of his mouth. Though, of course, he was slow and very dumb. Then again, most of the serpent youkai were pretty much alike, big and dumb. Sesshoumaru hated when he was forced to work with weaklings, that Inuyasha was no different than this dumb creature. With one swipe of his claws, Sesshoumaru would be able to slice them both to ribbons if given the opportunity.

Ever since Sesshoumaru could remember he and Inuyasha had been at odds with each other. They weren't really rivals at all, though. They just hated each other with a passion. Inuyasha was disgusting... for a dog youkai he was a disgrace. He was so incredibly weak it made Sesshoumaru sick to his stomach. Their master still had some plans for the younger youkai so he was unable to kill Inuyasha at that time. Though Sesshoumaru knew it wouldn't be much of a fight, he looked forward to tearing Inuyasha's arms off watching the blood pour out and cover the ground. He frowned at the though of Inuyasha and glanced down at the green guy by his side. Jaken was a strange story. Sesshoumaru didn't even remember how he had become his assistant. It seemed like such a long time ago... Hell, it was a long time ago, a few hundred years by all accounts. They had been forced to stay dormant that whole time so his memory was slightly blurred. He remembered that Jaken had come along with him at his own choice, though why, Sesshoumaru wasn't really sure. Why would anyone follow and practically worship such a heartless killer? Oh well, he was a good companion though he was weak. It gave Sesshoumaru someone to walk with on journeys and someone that would break the silence that always surrounded him. Although he didn't talk much, Sesshoumaru didn't like the constant silence, that's why he was so angry now. He had been kept buried for hundreds of years half-awake and in complete silence. He couldn't take the silence, that's why he didn't kill Jaken.

"Sesshoumaru-sama, we're approaching the Shikon no Tama." Jaken explained as he stopped and looked up at the top of the sewer tunnel. Sesshoumaru hated the sewers... he had been forced to trudge through the slime in the sewers instead of being on the surface. It disgusted him to be so weak and so much of a coward. Just a little bit longer... He assured himself as he paused and turned to the serpent youkai. He merely pointed up and the serpent crashed through the top of the tunnel. On the way up the serpent hit the water line so water shot out of the ground in great torrents and made a grand entrance for such a lowly youkai.


The four people reached the scene of the explosion to find a huge serpent-like youkai what spewed poison onto the streets.

"Kuso." Sango mumbled as she put the mask over her face. "Get to higher ground everyone!" Sango shouted to all of the people who ran away and coughed from the poison. "That goes for you guys too!" Sango shouted as she turned to Usagi, Kagome, and Miroku. Miroku frowned and grabbed at the prayer beads wrapped around his hand.

"Get behind me everyone!" Miroku shouted as he prepared to release the air void and suck in the youkai. Sango saw what he meant to do and ran behind him just as he pulled the prayer beads off of his hand and released the air void. "Kazaana!!" As soon as the black hole was released the wind picked up and the air-born poison was sucked into his hand. The serpent came closer from the force of the wind and just as he was about to be sucked in, a green whip snapped his hand and Miroku was forced to close the air void. Miroku fell backward and gripped his hand, which seared with pain. Sango dropped to his side to see if he was all right when a voice spoke.

"Give me the Shikon no Tama." An emotionless voice demanded as a man with silver hair and golden eyes landed on the ground in front of the small group. He was dressed in a loose fitting kimono-like outfit with armor over his chest and a big fluffy tail over one shoulder. Sango's eyes narrowed on the silver-haired man as she gripped the boomerang on her back.

"Hiraikotsu!" She shouted as she threw the boomerang at the man with her full strength. The man merely cracked his whip and the boomerang fell to the ground in half. Sango gasped in shock. That boomerang was made of bone and he had cut it in half like it was made out of butter.

"Leave them alone!" Usagi shouted as she stood in front of Sango and Miroku with her arms out to the side. Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed on the blond human that stood in front of him. If there was one thing he hated, it was a human who tried to be brave. He could smell her fear as she stood in front of her friends. He didn't understand this human loyalty thing. The only one you need to worry about is yourself, if you worry about others, it's a weakness. That's why Sesshoumaru had no real friends, because he didn't know how to trust.

"What are you going to do, human?" Sesshoumaru questioned without any emotion on his face. Usagi didn't answer, she stood her ground with a determined look on her face. "Are you going to die for them?"

"If it comes to that, yes." Usagi said simply as she glared at the silver-haired man. He looked strangely familiar to her... almost like the other youkai who had kidnapped her the previous day. Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed on the girl and he turned toward the serpent youkai.

"Kill her." He instructed the youkai. The youkai seemed all too please to comply with that order. He had a taste for human flesh and now he would have it fresh and still wriggling. That was the best way to eat humans, when they were still alive because they wiggled all the way down. At least, that was the opinion of this particular youkai.

The serpent growled in anticipation as it wrapped it's tail around her waist and pinned her arms to her side. Usagi squirmed and wiggled as she tried to free at least one arm. Once she did that, Usagi wasn't sure what she was going to do, but she knew she'd think of something. The youkai brought Usagi toward its mouth and prepared to bite down into her. Usagi continued to squirm and managed to free one arm just as the teeth closed around her. Usagi found herself in pitch dark while she sat on something that was wet and sticky. She felt her stomach do flip-flops at the smell of the cavernous mouth. It smelled like a mixture of blood and rotten flesh. She felt her stomach heave when she saw the old bones that were stuck between the monster's teeth. When she saw this, she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her screams echoed down the youkai's throat into his stomach and all the way out of his nostrils and ears so everyone in the vicinity was able to hear her. She frantically began to pound on the youkai's teeth with her fists and was shocked when the huge mouth opened and the tail of the youkai wrapped around her waist again.

"Don't do that!" The youkai bellowed in anger as he felt the contents of his stomach slosh around. Usagi struggled against the youkai but was unable to free herself from his iron grip.

"Let me go!" She cried as she struggled against the strong grip of the youkai. She twisted this way and that to no avail and watched in horror as she was brought back up toward the mouth of the youkai.

"Mars Flame SNIPER!" A clear voice cut through the air as an arrow of fire shot at the youkai. Usagi felt her body start to fall and cried out in fear as the ground loomed closer. At the last possible second, a flash of light caught her eye and then she flew through the air. She looked at the person who held her and saw a woman with a long black ponytail wearing a skimpy outfit made out of, was that leather?

"Stop right there, youma! We won't let you continue to destroy the city!" The same clear voice rang out as another arrow struck the youkai. He cried out in pain as the arrow went into his eye and he was blinded.

"Daijoubu ka?" The woman who held Usagi questioned as she landed on the ground several feet on the opposite side of the youkai.

"Usagi-chan!" Sango shouted as she ran toward the blond girl. She was stopped short as the serpent youkai turned his attention to her and Miroku. "Kuso..."

"H... hai." She said as she looked at the weird woman. She looked like one of the Sailor Senshi but her appearance was so weird, even for a Senshi her outfit was way too skimpy. Usagi's thought snapped back to reality as she heard a loud shriek that sounded suspiciously like Kagome. "Kagome-chan!" Usagi shouted as she turned in the direction of the scream. What she saw made her whole body go numb. The man with the silver hair held her around the throat and his hand seemed to radiate with a green light. Even from her spot, Usagi could see that the green light seemed to eat away at Kagome's skin, hence the cry of pain.

"Give the Shikon no Tama to me, human." His low voice demanded as he lifted Kagome a few inches off the ground. Kagome opened one eye to look down at the man as she held his arm with both hands. Not only did his hand cut off her air but the touch of his skin against hers burned. It felt like her skin was going to melt off.

"I don't have it." Kagome choked out as she felt her head begin to spin. The pain was too much for her, she felt ready to pass out.

"Don't lie to me, human." He growled as he fumbled for the chain around her neck.

"Oak Evolution!" A cry rang out and leaves suddenly flew at Sesshoumaru. He growled and leapt into the air, eaily able to avoid the attack. He landed several feet away while he still held Kagome by the throat.

"Release her!" The same voice cried out as Sailor Jupiter charged at Sesshoumaru. He growled deep in his throat, these stupid humans pissed him off greatly. They seemed to think they were a match for him, he'd show them. He released Kagome and the green glow spread out into a long line. He cracked this green string like a whip and managed to wrap it around Jupiter's ankle. With one quick yank, she lie on the ground and held her face with her hands. Usagi saw Kagome on the ground and her heart sank. Her best friend didn't move... she just lay there with her arms at either side of her and her hair spread out around her face.

"Kagome-chan!" Usagi shouted as she ran toward her best friend. She stumbled and nearly fell but continued to run. She was aware that the woman followed her, but she didn't care, Kagome needed help and Usagi was the person that would be able to give it.

"Star Serious Laser!" Sailor Starfighter cried as she sent the attack at the large monster that had been ready to dive in on the blond girl. Kuso... Starfighter thought to herself as she held her ground against the monster. I really hate babysitting... The rest of the Sailor Senshi had arrived on the scene and fought the monster at once. No matter what they threw at it, it didn't seem to be enough to defeat the monster.

"Kagome-chan!" Usagi shouted as she ran past the silver-haired man and to her best friend's side. She picked up Kagome's hand as hot tears stung her cheeks. Kagome's neck was swollen and red and looked like the skin had been melted cleanly off. Usagi swallowed the lump in her throat and her eyes narrowed. She didn't care how many people saw her heal Kagome, Usagi wasn't about to lose anyone else precious to her. She placed on hand on Kagome's forehead and the other hovered a few inches above her chest. Usagi closed her eyes and a soft white light was emitted from her body. Several of the Senshi looked in her direction with obvious shock written on their faces. The wounds on Kagome's neck slowly closed as the wounds began to heal. After a moment more of concentration, Usagi was able to completely close the wounds but fell forward on her hands while she tried to drag in breath after breath of air. Her strength was exhausted and she felt ready to collapse. Kagome's eyes fluttered open to see Usagi above her out of breath. She sat up and immediately took her friend's hand in worry.

"Daijoubu ka?" Kagome asked as she searched Usagi's face for an answer. Usagi smiled weakly and then fell forward against Kagome unconscious. Kagome shook Usagi gently as she tried to wake her up. "Usagi-chan? Are you all right? What's wrong?" Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes on the two girls that sat on the ground in front of him. One held the Shikon no Tama and the other had some weird power that he'd never seen before. He decided he'd have to ignore his orders and kill both of them. He didn't need that human with the blond hair interfering in his matters.

"Shine." Sesshoumaru said as he cracked his whip and approached the two human girls.

"Usagi-chan!" Sango cried as she ran toward Usagi and Kagome.

"Sango! Matte! We have to deal with this threat first or else many people will die!" Miroku called as he grabbed her wrist. He couldn't let her go fight that human-like youkai without her hiraikotsu. "Let me use the kazaana!" He said as he pulled the woman behind him. She looked startled as he stood in front of her like he was a shield. "You! Women, get out of the way! Whatever you do, stay behind me!" Miroku shouted as he prepared to release the air void.

"Huh?" Sailor Mercury questioned as she looked up from her computer. She had scanned the monster to find a weakness but the results had not been helpful. "Minna! This priest has a plan!" She called after she ran a quick scan of him. Something weird had come back on her computer that had to deal with the man's right hand.

"Hai!" The all cried in unison and the four women jumped out of the way.

"Kazaana!" Miroku shouted as he unleashed the air void. The wind picked up and seemed to pool into the black hole in the center of Miroku's hand. Everything that entered the void would never be seen again, and that included the serpent youkai that was currently half-way into the hole.

Sesshoumaru grabbed Kagome by the arm and pulled her to her feet. She fought him as hard as she could, but he was much stronger. He reached around her neck and grabbed the intricate chain that hung there and yanked it painfully off her neck. She winced and rubbed the back of her neck where the clasp had dug into her skin. Sesshoumaru held the chain up and smirked slightly at the small pink jewel that hung on it. Then he threw Kagome to the ground and cracked his whip with his free hand.

"It's time to die, humans." He said in a harsh tone as he turned toward Usagi and Kagome. Usagi groaned quietly and opened her eyes just in time to see a silver blur run in front of her.

"What the hell are you doing?!?" Inuyasha demanded as he stood in front of the two human girls. "You're interfering in my mission!" Inuyasha growled as he glared at the older dog demon.

"Your mission?" He questioned as he raised one eyebrow.

"Your mission was to bring the Shikon no Tama, that's it! You're not supposed to kill anyone, we can't afford to give knowledged of our existance yet!" Inuyasha growled out as he stood in front of the women. Usagi rubbed her head slightly and looked at the back of the boy who had tried to kill her the day before. It was strange... was he actually protecting them? Sesshoumaru glared darkly at Inuyasha.

"Our boss gave me complete authority over this operation, you don't have the authority to order me around." Sesshoumaru said coldly as he eyed Inuyasha.

"I'm supposed to bring the blond human to our boss. Kill the other one if you like, I don't care but I'm going to complete my mission." Inuyasha growled out coldly as he glared intently at Sesshoumaru.

"Oi! Why won't you just leave me alone you stupid jerk!" Usagi yelled at the silver-haired boy with dog ears.

"Shuttup human!" He yelled back at her but didn't turn in her direction. Usagi frowned and stood up, she wavered slightly but managed to catch her balance. She stalked straight up to Inuyasha and slapped him harshly across the face.

"Onaru!" She growled out as her eyes narrowed into daggers at him. She was rarely angry like this, but she felt about ready to snap. Who does he think he is?!? She thought angrily as she glared at Inuyasha. He acts like I'm a tool or something! Like I'm not even a real person! Inuyasha growled audibly and slapped her right back. She fell to the side and hit the pavement hard. She hadn't expected him to actually hit her back. Sesshoumaru frowned and held up his prize to catch the light. His eyes widened in shock as an arrow flew by and took the jewel with it.

"Nande?!?" He demanded as he turned in the direction of the arrow. His eyes narrowed on an old woman dressed like a miko, a young priest, a youkai exterminator, and four human women in mini-skirts.

"You will not get the Shikon no Tama, demon. Be gone!" The elderly miko said with authority as she fitted another arrow onto the string of her bow and aimed it directly at Sesshoumaru.


Kazaana = Air void (spelling from a fansub, I finally remembered the word ^^;)

Miko = priestess


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