Usagi's family is killed and she ends up staying with the Higurashi family, but weird things keep happening, this strange guy with silver hair and golden eyes kidnaps her and demands she give him the Shikon no Tama. But what is it?

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Chapter 17 – Visions of the Past

Everyone had gone inside the shrine to eat lunch and had been inside nearly a half an hour before Usagi and Inuyasha entered hand in hand. Both of them were blushing and avoiding eye contact.

"Feeling better, Usagi-chan?" Kagome asked with a smile. Usagi nodded her head with a small smile and immediately looked down at her feet, blushing to the roots of her hair.

"Much better." She mumbled as she reluctantly let go of Inuyasha's hand and took a seat on the floor next to Kagome. Inuyasha followed behind her and sat between Usagi and Miroku. He sat partially facing Miroku with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes closed. Miroku nudged Inuyasha in the ribs and gave him a smirk and a wink. This prompted a soft 'keh' from the silver-haired hanyou.

Neither Inuyasha nor Usagi spoke much as they ate even though everyone around them was conversing softly.

"Come on, Kagome-chan." Kouga said as he flashed a smile at the raven-haired girl. Usagi noted how Kagome's shoulders stiffened as she pointedly put her back to him. A smile touched Usagi's lips as she noticed her friend's flushed cheeks. "How long are you going to ignore me?" He asked as his smile fell off and he looked down at his plate dejectedly, moving the few remaining noodles around his plate with a set of chopsticks.

"Did I hear an insensitive, sexist man say something?" Kagome said as a blank expression settled on her face while she picked up her tea cup and took a sip. His face fell further if that was possible, his two friends sat next to him nudging each other in the ribs.

"Gomen..." Kouga mumbled completely out of character. He looked truly miserable. Kagome turned around to look at him sternly, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Good." She said seriously. "Just as long as you don't decide the way things are on your own anymore, you're forgiven." Kagome said, fighting the smile that tugged at her lips when she saw hope fill his eyes.

Usagi smiled at the look on her friend's face. She had a pretty good idea of what had happened between her and Kouga that afternoon. It brought back the memory of her moment with Inuyasha. She never would have guessed that the guy had tried to kill her a few days before would be kissing her on the roof. She felt her face heat up again at the memory and turned back to her food. She wasn't very hungry, though, which seemed to surprise Kagome. Usagi was mostly just moving food around on her plate. When she looked at Inuyasha out of the corner of her eye, he was blatantly ignoring the suggestive smirk on Miroku's face and eating his own food. She noticed his eyebrow twitch every now and then in annoyance.

"Once the moon has risen, we're going to place the holy barrier around the city." Rei's grandfather said conversationally as he took a sip from his tea. Silence immediately fell around the table as its occupants waited for further instructions. When he didn't elaborate, Miroku picked up to explain the details to those who hadn't been present in the instructional phase.

"Everyone with spiritual power will be positioned on the outskirts of the city evenly." Miroku started, becoming completely serious without any prodding. "I have some ofuda with the same charm written on them. I'll show you how to infuse your power into the charm and the one leading the circle will be able to draw your powers into the holy object that will create the barrier. Once it has enough energy, it will be self-sustaining and we'll only have to recharge it every few months."

"So who's the central focus?" Rei asked, watching the monk intently. She seemed rather confident that she would be the one selected.

"Well, it's really a tossup between two people for who is the strongest among us." Miroku started again as he raised his tea to his lips and took a sip. "I think the focus person should either be Kagome or Usagi."

"What?" Rei cried in dumbfounded shock as she slapped her hands down on the table. "Those two don't know ANYTHING about being a miko! How could either of them possibly be able to create a holy barrier this large?"

"The creation of the barrier is actually rather easy." Miroku said simply as he turned his calm look to the fiery priestess across the table. "If you don't have someone extraordinarily powerful, the barrier will collapse in mere days or even minutes."

"I suppose we'll have to test them to decide who is the stronger miko is." Kaede said simply as she smiled at the two girls.

Kagome gripped Usagi's hand under the table with a reassuring squeeze and a soft smile. They didn't care who got to do it as long as their friends and family would be safe from youkai attack. Then they would probably reinstate classes, which neither girl was particularly looking forward to.

"Now the barrier won't destroy the youkai already in the city unless they happen to be directly under the barrier when it falls. So Kouga, Inuyasha and their friends will have to remain in the center of the city." Kaede explained with a stern look. The expected arguments came moments later.

"Keh! I'm not letting her out of my sight until we have all of the Shikon shards!" Inuyasha growled as he stood and pointed at the blond next to him.

"I'm not gonna let my woman risk her life without me there to protect her!" Kouga yelled as he stood next to Kagome and growled at the old woman.

"So all you care about is the shards?" Usagi asked as angry tears filled her eyes. "Fine then." She paused for a moment and Inuyasha visibly tensed, waiting for the dreaded word. He glanced back at her and his shoulders relaxed as his normal smirk settled back into place. "Osuwari."

"Gck!" Inuyasha's shout of surprised was muffled as he ate floor.

"Baka!" Usagi cried as she jumped up from the table and immediately headed for the door. "I'll be out here when you're ready to do the test." She called back as she slid the door closed behind her.

"You are a baka." Miroku murmured as he took another sip of his tea.

- l - l - l -

Usagi was hurt and fuming as she walked out into the shrine grounds. Inuyasha had been so sweet and understanding only a half an hour before, she had no clue what had prompted him to start acting like an arrogant jerk again.

"Stupid Inuyasha!" Usagi growled as she kicked a stone and watched as it flew over the top step of the Hikawa Shrine.

"Itai!" A male voice cried a moment later and Usagi squeaked in surprise. She hadn't even considered someone might have been coming up the stairs when she'd sent the stone flying.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" Usagi cried as she ran to the edge of the stairs and peered down at who she'd managed to bean with the stone. "Seiya?" She questioned in surprise when she saw the tall, dark-haired pop star.

"Odango?" Seiya looked as surprised to see Usagi as she was to see him. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to visit the priest of the shrine with friends." Usagi explained as she ran down a few stairs to meet him. "I didn't even think before I kicked that stone." She admitted sheepishly.

"Such a klutz, Odango." He said as he ruffled her hair.

"Oi!" She cried as she ducked away from his hand and began fixing her bangs. "Mou... now they're sticking up everywhere." She grumbled to herself.

"So, do you have any clue why the demons seem to avoid this place?" Seiya asked nonchalantly as he sat down on the step. Usagi noticed a small gash on his forehead and pulled a small handkerchief from her pocket that had a pink bunny holding its fingers in a 'V'. She sat down beside him and wetted the cloth with her mouth before she gently dabbed at the blood.

"There's a pure barrier around this place." Usagi explained as she gently dabbed the blood away. "Just like the one around the Higurashi Shrine. No youkai can pass through without being purified." Usagi explained. She was able to see the actual barrier because she had spiritual power but Kaede had explained those lacking spiritual powers would see nothing out of the ordinary.

"How do you know all of this?" Seiya asked as he caught Usagi's hand and stared her in the eye intently.

"Kaede-sama told us all about it." Usagi said simply as she reached into a small pouch that hung from her belt. She had begun carrying it just a few days prior and had filled it with a few minor medical supplies and a needle and thread. Though she hoped no one would need to be sewed up since she wasn't very good with a needle. She took out a band aid and a small alcohol pad and dabbed at the small scratch to make sure it didn't get infected.

"So, you know a lot about this stuff." Seiya said as he leaned back with his elbows on the step above them.

"Not really. Kaede-sama has only been teaching us for a few days." Usagi admitted truthfully as a sweatdop appeared on her forehead.

"Well, I think you'd look cute in a miko outfit." Seiya said with a wink. Usagi's face promptly began to grow red in embarrassment.

"Y... you think so?" She asked shyly. She may not have known he was a famous pop star when she'd met him, but she suddenly became aware of it at that moment.

"Usagi-chan?" She heard Kagome's voice calling from the courtyard above.

"You should probably come up to the shrine where you'll be safe until after the moon rises." Usagi explained as she put the band aid in place and rose to her feet. "Most of the neighbors out by Higurashi Shrine are doing the same." She explained as she climbed the steps to meet her friends.

- l - l - l -

"Are you sure about this?" Usagi asked as Kagome tied the blindfold around her eyes.

"This is what Kaede said the best way to test our strength." Kagome explained with uncertainty apparent in her tone. "We're supposed to use spiritual power to sense the target."

"Hai hai..." Usagi said nervously as Kagome placed the bow in the blonde's hands. Usagi pulled an arrow out and clumsily nocked it. She pulled the bowstring taut with her wrist behind her ear and paused. She pictured the bulls-eye as she had seen it moments before with her mind's eye. She was uncertain as she adjusted her aim but suddenly as she moved, there was a spot that somehow felt 'warm'. That's the only way she could describe it, warm and safe. She zeroed in on that feeling and loosed the arrow, hearing the dull thunk as it hit the target.

"No way! That was just a lucky shot!" She heard Rei cry from behind her as she gingerly peeked out from under the blindfold. To her shock, the arrow had buried itself dead-center in the bulls-eye.

"I agree, that has to be a fluke." Usagi said as she pulled the blindfold off and let the bow hang at her side.

"Tell me child, did you feel anything when you fired that arrow?" Kaede asked warmly as she smiled at Usagi.

"Well... there was one spot that felt... warm... so that's where I aimed." Usagi explained slowly, hoping she didn't sound completely stupid. Usagi was surprised at the smile and hug the elderly woman gave her then.

"It was no fluke, child." She declared proudly. "Ye trusted in yourself and your power led you to the target." Kaede explained looking like Usagi had achieved something very incredible. "Now Kagome-sama. It be your turn."

Kagome visibly had to calm herself by taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. Kagome took the bow from Usagi and allowed her blond friend to tie a blindfold on her before she took Usagi's place in front of the bulls-eye. Kagome took a deep breath as she nocked her arrow much more smoothly than Usagi had. She took a deep breath a leveled it on the area of the target, searching for anything to indicate she was aiming true like Usagi had.

She felt something burning deep in her chest... it flickered... then it flared back up and Kagome released the arrow as the fire began to sputter and diminish. She heard the familiar thunk of the arrow striking the bulls-eye before she carefully lifted the blindfold and pulled it off. Her arrow stood out next to Usagi's just a few inches outside of the bulls-eye. Kagome felt slightly disappointed when she saw Usagi's shot was closer but immediately ignored it since she didn't necessarily want the responsibility of leading something she had only heard about in pieces from her goofy, old grandfather.

"So it's settled then. Usagi-sama will lead in the barrier creation." Miroku declared.

- l - l - l -

It had been hours since they had planned out what they were going to do and it was finally time to execute. They had been drilling the ceremony into Usagi all day and making sure she could pronounce the words properly all day. She was extremely nervous, butterflies the size of bats were fluttering in her stomach. She was dressed in the traditional red and white of a miko and held the ornate, golden antique carefully so she wouldn't drop it in a klutz-attack.

Inuyasha had insisted on staying with her in the center of the city. He said he didn't care if he was purified again, he wasn't about to leave her up there alone until she gave him the few shards they had collected. Usagi had a feeling he wasn't being completely honest. He'd been acting funny since she'd sat him earlier, almost as if he were sulking. She put him out of her mind, she was supposed to be clearing her head and focusing her spiritual power.

Everyone else was supposed to be in position in about fifteen minutes along the outskirts of the city. A few wolves had gone with each person to protect them if need be since the barrier wouldn't harm the wolves. Kouga had sent most of his tribe save himself, Gina, and Hokusai into the northern mountains. The three wolves had returned to the Higurashi Shrine to further protect them from any ill effects of the barrier creation.

Usagi double-checked to make sure everything was ready for the ceremony. Sitting on a stand before her was a rather ancient-looking book pinned open to the ritual with clips to make sure the wind didn't flip the pages mid-sentence. Check! Next she made sure all five charms were in place surrounding her and lined up with each of her friends who were lending their spiritual powers to the ritual. Check! Dagger for the offering... Usagi cringed at this one but knew it was necessary and checked to make sure the ornate, silver dagger was still snug at her waist. Check! All was ready, now just to wait for the allotted time to ring. She was on top of a building in the middle of the city and could clearly see the waning moon. If was just barely passed full as it waned toward the new moon. She just had to wait for it to reach its peak in the sky.

Usagi and Inuyasha didn't speak as the tension seemed to intensify with each passing moment. Usagi jumped and cried out in surprise when the alarm on her phone went off, indicating the ritual would start in another five minutes. She stepped up to the makeshift podium and glanced down at the page. She held the golden ornament of power over her head and began chanting the incantation written in the book.

After reading several lines, Usagi drew the silver dagger from her belt and also held it above her head. The antique floated above her hands a few inches as the five seals began to glow around her. Lines of white light connected the seals and shot up above her into the golden object that seemed to be emanating power from its very core. The pillars of light shot out from five points on the edge of the city and arched up to meet the object above Usagi's hands.

"With the healing blood of this sacrifice, I beg for protection from evil!" Usagi yelled out into the night sky as she drew the dagger sharply across her palm. She reached up and grabbed the object with her bloody palm, the dagger hanging loosely at her side as she tried to hide her wince of pain. Her full concentration was on the sky above her, but she could feel something being funneled through her and into the glowing object that held her feet several inches off the ground. That's when something she didn't anticipate happened...

A beam of light shot down directly from the moon and bathed her in pale light. It was really bright in the center as the light built in intensity until Usagi was forced to squeeze her eyes shut.

Inuyasha stood up from his position on the ground and approached the glowing circle. He hadn't been told anything about the beam of light shooting down from the moon. He felt electric shocks of spiritual power spidering across his body as he approached the glowing dome that encased Usagi. He dimly made out the glowing pink ribbons surround her body and formed that strange white gown she had worn before.

He shielded his eyes against the glare and growled low in his throat as he pushed off from the ground and jumped into the air to grab the blond girl. He yelled in anger and pain as he forced himself through the forming barrier. His eyes grew dim as the pain of having his youki being purified tried to drag him into unconsciousness, but he forced himself through. He felt a desperate need to get to the blond girl. Something assuredly had gone wrong; as he drew closer he could hear her screaming in pain. Something told him if he could just reach her, she'd come through this just fine. When he felt his hand close on her wrist, the blinding light exploded into oblivion and he knew no more.

- l - l - l -

Inuyasha opened his eyes and painfully looked around. He was really getting sick of having his youki purified all the damn time! It always made him feel weak and wobbly until it returned. The worst part was after it returned; his muscles would feel like rubber and it would take all night to recover.

"Stupid human..." He muttered as he forced himself to his knees. When he finally rose to his feet, he took his first look around. He was no longer on top of the roof... hell; he was no longer in that human city at all! Where he was, though, Inuyasha could only guess. As far as he could see, all that met his vision was ruins of some ancient civilization. There were smashed pillars and toppled arches all laying in heaps on the ground. They were all made from the same pristine, white stone that seemed to sparkle in the dim light.

He sniffed the air and caught the sweet scent of the blond human off to his right. The sweet smell of her blood stirred something deep in his chest that he couldn't describe. He would almost say he was excited to scent her blood, or maybe enticed was a better word? He couldn't decipher the strange sensation.

He tracked her scent to a short distance away and found her unconscious on a clear patch of ground. It appeared to have been some sort of huge gazebo at one point but all of the encircling pillars had long since been toppled. What perplexed Inuyasha the most was the lack of any plants or wildlife of any kind. A place like this should be entombed in creeping vines and weeds should have long-since sprung from the cracks. The deathly silence had him on edge as he ears constantly twitched to try and catch any sound besides Usagi's soft breathing and his heartbeat pounding in his chest.

He gently scooped up the blond girl and awkwardly positioned her on his back so he held her by her knees and her arms hung over his shoulders. Her face was buried in his hair as he slowly picked his way through the debris, looking for any clue as to where 'here' was.

"Inuyasha..." A faint, silvery voice crooned close to his ear. His head snapped around, searching for the origin of the voice. No one... There was not another living creature in sight and the voice, while beautiful, had been too mature to have been Usagi mumbling in her sleep. "Inuyasha... such a bea... ful... skyyy..." The voice whispered just barely loud enough for him to hear, though it was broke as if it had come to him on the wind. Only... there was no wind in this place... it was like another alien world that had died centuries ago.

Inuyasha growled low in his throat at the invisible phantom that seemed to be following him and glanced at the starry sky. He found it odd he could see the stars but it wasn't dark out at all. His mouth dropped open in shock as he took in the scene before him. Instead of seeing the moon hang in the sky above him, Inuyasha saw a glorious blue ball above him. He could see white wisps across dark brown and green patches and instantly knew he was looking at his home. There was no other explanation except that they were somehow ON the moon.

"Very good, Inuyasha." The mature, female voice said clearly from right behind him. He spun around, releasing one of Usagi's legs and preparing a clawed hand for enemy attack.

"Be at peace, Inuyasha." The woman said with a tinkling giggle. She looked like Usagi only older. There were slight differences, though. Instead of the ocean-deep, cerulean blue eyes, hers were lavender bordering on gray that looked timeless. She wore her hair in the same ridiculous style but it was silver and lay in piles on the ground. She even wore a similar gown that hugged her form and also fell in folds on the debris-strewn ground. The same upturned, golden crescent moon graced her brow as Usagi.

"Who are you?" Inuyasha asked as he gave the woman a suspicious look without relaxing his alert stance. She laughed another musical laugh while she shook her head. There was a sad smile gracing her lips as she faced the nervous hanyou.

"Please be at ease. I am called Serenity-sama, Queen of the long ago Moon Kingdom." The woman explained while trying to soothe the hanyou's unease. "Selenity-hime there is my daughter." The woman explained sadly.

"What the hell are you talking about, lady?" Inuyasha demanded as his eyes narrowed on the woman. He had learned earlier that day that Usagi's mother had been killed. Not to mention this female had called her by a different name and 'princess' no less! Then again, those sailor chicks had called her princess too...

"I will tell the whole story as soon as I awaken my daughter." Serenity said as she approached Inuyasha. He immediately dropped into an attack stance at the approach of the woman, who didn't see the threat because she kept walking. Inuyasha lashed out, swiping his claws through the flesh of her throat and fell forward as his claws met nothing. They had gone right THROUGH her! That's impossible, though! Another tinkling laugh as she ran her hand through Usagi's bangs. The girl immediately stirred and picked her face up with a deep yawn.

"I am merely a shadow walking this plain. Your claws cannot hurt me, Inuyasha." She explained at his apparent shock. "My body died long ago. I must tell you both a very long story."

Usagi yawned and stretched her arms over her head. Her mind was fuzzy and she couldn't seem to recall where she was or how she got there. She noted vaguely that she was laying against something soft and warm that smelled really good and buried her face deeper into something that felt like silk against her face.

"Oi... are you paying attention, human?" Inuyasha's irritatingly dry voice broke into Usagi's hazy musings.

"Wha? Inu... yasha?" She questioned as she picked her head up off of his back. Her face had been pressed into the silky strands of his silver hair as he held her piggyback against him. "Gomen!" She cried as she pushed away and found her feet, though not without stumbling and nearly face-planting into the rubble-littered ground.

"Where are we?" She asked as she surveyed her surroundings. She took in the ruins and the strangely starred sky. She even took in the strange woman that looked eerily familiar bit got the shock of the lifetime when she looked into the sky for the comfort of the moon and instead saw a glowing blue orb floating in the moon's place. "Eh? Is that the earth?" She demanded in shock as she turned her attention to the silver-haired woman before her. The woman laughed a silvery laugh and Usagi simply raised an eyebrow. She didn't know how her question was funny.

"You don't know how good it is to see you, my daughter." Queen Serenity said with a watery smile. Usagi gave the tall woman a confused look and clung to Inuyasha's arm tightly. "You look so much like Selenity-hime."

"Look if you're going to start telling me I'm some princess, you can save your words." Usagi said skeptically as she eyed the regal woman. This was answered with another musical laugh.

"Oh Selenity, you are just the same." Queen Serenity said with another sad smile. "You never did act much like how a princess should act. You always questioned everyone and dressed yourself even when you had servants to do that for you."

"I'm sorry ma'am." Usagi said slowly, the women somehow seemed familiar but it made Usagi uncomfortable that she was calling her 'daughter'. "I really don't know you."

"I know you do not remember, Selenity." She said with a smile. "That is the way I wanted it. When you and your Senshi were killed, I used my power to ensure that you would be reborn in the future during a peaceful era so you could live a happy, normal life." Usagi gave her a confused look, not knowing whether to believe her story or not.

"That doesn't make much sense..." Usagi said slowly. The tall woman reached out two fingers and pressed them to Usagi's forehead. Inuyasha growled low in his throat and tried to end the contact only to have his hand go right through her arm. After a moment, the marks in the two females' foreheads began to glow and pulse in unison. Sensing this large pulse of energy, Tetsusaiga resonated with them, pulsing in time with the bright flashes of light. One flash was particularly bright and blanked his vision, causing him to see only white.

- l - l - l -

When Inuyasha opened his eyes, he found himself lying on a soft bed under smooth, silk sheets. He rose and noticed his shirt was off and glanced around the spacious, ornate room to find his robe of the firerat hanging in a white wardrobe. He glanced around the room in vain, trying to catch the scent of the blond woman who so often filled his mind these days. He caught a faint whiff of her scent and headed out onto the balcony.

Looking down off the balcony, Inuyasha saw the blond girl, clad in an elegant white dress leaning over a pool of crystal clear water where she dragged her fingers serenely through the water. He could see flashes of color as the light glinted off fish scales and her musical laughter filled his ears. The building and structures in the courtyard sparked a memory but he couldn't quite place it.

Inuyasha rose from the balcony and jumped off into the grass below, ignoring the fact that he was several stories up. His bare feet touched the grass and he walked toward the blond. His breath hitched in his throat as she looked up at him with a wide, carefree grin. Her eyes sparkled happily and the sadness he always saw in their depths was gone.

"There you are, Inuyasha!" She said happily as she rose from the ground, wiping her wet hand on the elegant gown. There were grass stains on the long skirt and a few dirt smudges on her arms and clothes, but she didn't seem to care. In fact, she seemed completely carefree and genuinely happy! "I thought you were going to sleep all day!"

"Usagi..." He breathes as the beautiful young woman danced up to him and laid her head against his chest. He felt his arms encircle her tiny waist as she wrapped her arms around him.

"I'm so glad you could come!" Serenity said happily when she picked her head up several moments later. "I'm of marrying age now, Inuyasha. Well as soon as we have my birthday party tonight." Inuyasha felt his face heat at her pronouncement and suddenly felt nervous. He wasn't sure what to say to that. This Usagi had the same personality but she seemed somehow closer to him. When she had been in his arms, she had felt so perfect and had melded into him beautifully.

"Come on, Inuyasha! Mother wants to eat lunch with you so she can get to know you!" Usagi said as she took his hand and ran toward the massive palace across the lush, green courtyard.

The area around him seemed to melt and smear like a watercolor painting that had been dropped in a bucket of water. The colors swirled around and eventually sharpened into another room. They were obviously inside the palace, sitting at a small round table big enough for the three of them.

"So, Inuyasha." Queen Serenity said as she set her cup down with a twinkle in her eyes. "How long has my willful child been sneaking to the earth to see you?"

"For as long as I can remember." He said as he set down his chopsticks. Inuyasha didn't know what that answer meant, but he knew it was accurate.

"Well then..." Queen Serenity said; her eyes suddenly stern and Inuyasha felt a flutter of nervousness in his stomach. He knew this woman was meeting him like this to make a big decision, he just didn't know that she was deciding on. "Now if I approve this request, will you be able to provide protection for my daughter."

"Yes." Inuyasha answered without thought, his eyes set in determination. "I have always put her life before mine and as a hanyou; I'm stronger than a human." This seemed to please the elegant Queen because she positively beamed down at the silver-haired hanyou.

"Very well, Inuyasha." She said and Inuyasha heard an excited squeal from the blond beside him as she griped his arm gently and pressed her body against his. "You have my approval to marry my only daughter." Inuyasha felt joy explode inside him as she gave him her consent. "Your engagement will be announced tonight at your birthday party." Serenity said with a congratulatory smile. The scene around them seemed to fade and blur again. The colors swirled and reset and Usagi found herself sitting at a vanity in her room, her hair hanging loose and a brush in her hand. The door behind her flew open with a crash and a raven-haired man with ice blue eyes stormed into the room. He was dresses in a blue and red outfit that was fit for a king and had a sword hanging at his side.

"What's this I hear about an engagement, Selenity-hime?" He demanded angrily as he snatched the brush from her hand and smashed it into the mirror, drawing a startled scream from her mouth as shards of glass rained down into her lap. She jumped up in surprise and one of the shards grazed her arm as she stood abruptly, leaving a long gash on her forearm.

"What is the meaning of this, Endymion?" She demanded as she cradled her bleeding arm. Endymion advanced on her, grabbing her wrist roughly and pulling her against his chest tightly. He leaned down and kissed her roughly, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She screamed and struggled as his tongue ran against hers while he dominated her mouth. Outraged tears formed in her eyes as she bit down roughly on his bottom lip.

"How dare you!" Endymion yelled as he drew back his hand and back-handed her, sending her crashing to the floor. "We have been all but promised for each other since the day you were born! I won't let some little 'hanyou' steal what's rightfully mine!" He grabbed Usagi by the shoulders and flung her on the bed. He jumped on top of her and straddled her hips while he pinned her arms above her head.

"Stop Endymion!" Selenity cried as tears feel freely down her cheeks. "You've always been a big brother to me! I don't love you that way!" She cried desperately as she saw him tugging at his sword belt, tossing it aside.

"Shut up. When I'm done, you'll remember your place at my side. No creature who has not a drop of Lunarian blood will put a finger on you." He said in a low, dangerous voice. His breathing grew labored as he finally managed to undo his pants and shove them down his thighs. He released Selenity's hands long enough to tear the skirt of her underdress away, revealing white, lacy panties.

"No! Stop!" She cried as she fought to push him off of her partially exposed body. The raw desire in his eyes terrified her as she fought to be released. A flicker of anger filled his blue eyes and he slapped her harshly, sending her reeling into a dizzy spell.

She silently cried as she tried to remain conscious but was aware enough to know he had ripped her remaining clothing away and was running his hands over her unwilling body. She sobbed harder when she felt his mouth close on one of her exposed breasts and she weakly pushed against him. His manhood pressed against her entrance and she sobbed all the harder as she felt him trying to penetrate her innocent body. Having pushed away some of the dizziness, she resumed the fight, not allowing him to enter her as he desired.

"Stop Endymion!" She shrieked again as she continued to fight. "Inuyasha! Inuyasha, help!"

As if saying his name had been a summons, the silver-haired hanyou burst into the room through the open balcony and buried his fist in the face of the man assaulting HIS mate. Endymion flew backward and his head slammed against the wall, knocking him unconscious from the impact. Inuyasha immediately turned back to the woman he loved and gathered her into his arms, holding her against his chest as he stroked his hair.

"I'm sorry I took so long." Inuyasha whispered into the sobbing girl's ear as he stroked her hair soothingly. "I came when I smelled your blood but there was some barrier on the door that kept us out."

"Thank you, Inuyasha!" She sobbed as she clung to his shirt and allowed him to comfort her.

"Fire soul!" A voice sounded through the door as whatever barrier had been there was destroyed and fire destroyed the beautiful door. Four girls rushed inside followed by Queen Serenity to survey the scene. The colors melted and smeared and swirled around revealing a new place, a new day.

Inuyasha found himself standing in front of a large crowd of people, it must have been everyone in the whole Moon Kingdom gathered around and held back by ropes. There were four women in identical, different colored gowns standing to one side and young men dressed in elegant, European style outfits mirroring them across a long, white rug. Inuyasha noted Queen Serenity sat in an elegant chair behind the girls as she watched. When Inuyasha looked down, he wasn't wearing his traditional robe of the fire rat, but he instead wore an elegant kimono in the traditional Japanese style they wore for weddings. He swore inwardly as a blush stained his cheeks. What shocked him the most was the fact that his older brother, Sesshoumaru stood behind him wearing a regal kimono of his own and looking every bit the Great Lord of the West and strongest of the remaining daiyoukai of earth.

The faint music suddenly changed and those seated in white chairs rose and turned to look down the long carpet away from Inuyasha in anticipation. Inuyasha swallowed the lump in his throat as a beautiful Usagi appeared at the end of the carpet and people applauded and cried as she slowly made her way down the aisle holding a beautiful arrangement of white moon lilies with various accents of baby's breath and bell-shaped lily of the valley from earth.

Inuyasha's breath caught in his throat as his eyes took in the form of the woman before him. She wore an elegant, white dress that flared out at the waist and trailed after her as she made her way toward him. Her hair was done in the usual style, the traditional style of the White Moon Family, except there were more lilies weaved into it on either side, which held a translucent veil over her beautiful face. Inuyasha's heart pounded in his chest as she approached and he instinctually lifted her veil to see her beautiful face, flushed with happiness as tears threatened to spill. Inuyasha knew... this was their wedding...

The colors swirled again and Inuyasha found himself in an unfamiliar bedroom with a king-sized, canopy bed in the center. He was bare as the day he was born and held in his arms an equally as bare Usagi. They were both panting and sweat-soaked, bangs plastered against foreheads and legs interlocked under the covers. A light blush still remained on Usagi's cheeks as Inuyasha leaned down and claimed her lips with his own in a gentle, passionate kiss. He drew the tiny woman tighter to his chest and ran his clawed hands over her bare back and worked his way across her sides and down her hips.

He felt a low moan escape her as her body shuddered at his touch, goose bumps bursting out of her silky smooth skin. He let his low, aroused growl mingle with the vibrations of her moan as he ground his hips against hers.

The colors seeped together again and swirled around them and Usagi disappeared from his arms. He found himself standing outside in the courtyard in front of the Moon Palace where the bodies of four women were strewn in broken heaps, blood soaking much of their gowns. He was standing in a fighting stance and glanced back to see a hugely pregnant Usagi on her knees behind him with tears streaming down her cheeks. Before them was a woman in a royal violet gown with a glaze-eyed Endymion kissing the back of her hand. Standing in front of the pair protectively were the four men who had stood across from Usagi's friends at their wedding.

"Kill the little princess and her tainted brat." The regal woman with long, red hair commanded as she looked down at Endymion. His eyes seemed glazed as he looked up at the woman with a fawning expression on his face.

"Hai, Beryl-sama." He responded as he rose to his feet and took his place between the four men, all of whom had steel bared in their hands.

"It's time for you to leave this world, unclean bastard child of a hanyou." Endymion said coldly as he lunged at the silver-haired young man with his sword drawn.

Inuyasha dodged the attack and a moment later felt a sharp pain in his side as the bared blade of one of Endymion's Generals bit into his flesh. The shirt of his fire rat robe was draped over the shoulder of his pregnant mate behind him. Inuyasha twisted and dodged as the five men came at him simultaneously from all sides. He struck out with his claws but was unable to dodge every attack and was soon covered in cuts and scratches, some of them quite severe. His blood ran cold as a familiar scent caught his nose and he turned to see Usagi standing right behind him with her arms outstretched. A low growl escapes his throat as he saw blood spreading from around a gleaming sword that protruded from her chest. A small trickle of blood slid from the corner of her mouth as tears streamed down her cheeks in an unending river of salty fluid.

"Inu... yasha..." She whispered as Endymion yanked the sword viciously from her back. Her knees gave way and Inuyasha caught her before she hit the ground, falling to his knees with her in his arms. He felt tears stinging his eyes as the scent of her blood permeated the air. Too much blood... He tried to stem the flow but no matter what he did, it continued to flow, soaking into his white shirt and dripping down the fabric.

"Usagi... chan..." He whimpered as he held her unresponsive body against his chest and let the tears flow. A deep rage erupted from his chest and ran outward. He laid her motionless body on the ground and slowly stood, his outward appearance had changed. His eyes were blood red while the irises had turned electric blue. His claws had lengthened and curved down into deadly points. His teeth had also grown in length and sharpened to deadly points while jagged, purple marks streaked across his cheeks. A low growl rumbled in his chest as a rage he had never felt filled his entire being. He lashes out with claws, catching two of the charging Generals with a quick swipe. One fell to his knees holding his throat as blood spurt out from behind his hands, while the other gripped his stomach trying to hold his insides in.

Inuyasha's attention shifted and he made quick work of the other two Generals, severing limbs and hitting arteries. They were no match for his speed, agility, and cruelty. His focus shifted to Endymion, who still held his sword dripping Usagi's blood onto the shiny, white tiles. An animalistic howl erupted from Inuyasha's throat as he lunged at the murderer of his mate and unborn child. His first chance for true happiness stolen away by a jealous man who couldn't stand that a commoner with no Lunarian blood would someday rule alongside Selenity as King of the Moon Kingdom. None of that mattered to Inuyasha, though. His family had been ruthlessly stolen away.

Endymion put up a much stronger fight than his Generals and soon added to Inuyasha's wounds tenfold, several of them would be fatal with the passing minutes. He didn't go unscathed, though. Inuyasha gave him just as many wounds in his grief-stricken rage and Endymion was soon on his knees panting as blood flowed freely from countless wounds on his body. Inuyasha took the opportunity as his vision clouded to strike one last time. He struck with no mercy and sent his whole clawed hand through Endymion's chest and out his back. The earth Prince's eyes were glazed with death before he hit the ground.

The immense rage that had driven Inuyasha into a frenzy disappeared as Endymion's blood pooled around his body. Inuyasha rose shakily to his feet and walked over to Usagi's body, picking her up and cradling her in his arms. His eyes slid shut as he placed his lips against her cold ones and he fell to the side, his life's blood spilling out at as death took him as well. Serenity watched the carnage in horror as Inuyasha slumped to the ground dead holding the body of her daughter and grandchild as tears streamed down her face.

"This is the only way..." She murmured as she fixed a glittering, silver jewel to the top of a pink wand with a golden crescent moon topping it. "I will take your places and give you a chance to live peacefully." She whispered to the two battered felines beside her. Beryl was in a rage at the death of the earth Prince as she clung to his bloody form. She screamed her rage into the sky but Serenity took no note of it.

"You will all be reborn into a time where you will be at peace and happy." Serenity said as she raised the wand above her head. A blinding silver light lit the area and when it faded, Serenity slumped against a pillar, dead. Above her floated bubbles containing a multitude of people that moved slowly upward, including Beryl and Endymion. Two bubbles stuck close together and headed toward earth while all the rest disappeared, not to be seen for a thousand years. The wand spun around a few times and disappeared in a puff of silver light and pink smoke.

The colors melted one more time and Usagi and Inuyasha found themselves lying among the ruins in each other's arms. They roused slowly, the visions of memories still vivid in their minds. They both sat up and looked at each other with red cheeks before quickly looking away.

"You see, Selenity." Serenity said with a sad smile at her reborn daughter. "You are my daughter and Princess of the Moon Kingdom." Usagi let out a long breath and shakily climbed to her feet, followed shortly by Inuyasha.

"I fear my time grows short, daughter." Serenity said sadly as she placed a gentle kiss on Usagi's forehead. "The barrier around the city will be maintained by the planetary power of the moon until you see fit to remove it." Serenity explained as she pressed a finger against the crescent moon on Usagi's forehead once more. In a flash of light, Usagi and Inuyasha disappeared and reappeared unconscious on the roof of the building. The antique channeling the energy to maintain the barrier floated high above the tallest building and a glowing dome arched down from it, forming a bubble of light above the entirety of the city of Tokyo.



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