Usagi's family is killed and she ends up staying with the Higurashi family, but weird things keep happening, this strange guy with silver hair and golden eyes kidnaps her and demands she give him the Shikon no Tama. But what is it?

Rating: M Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Inuyasha Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Inuyasha Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 10/15/2011 Published: 06/14/2003 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 21 Status: Incomplete
  • Word Count: 6446

Chapter 15 – Alliances

"Star Seed?" Usagi questioned as she looked at the small, strangely-clad girl. "What's a Star Seed? And how did you get through the barrier, youkai?" She drew another arrow and knocked it to her bow, preparing for an attack. Kagome was right beside her and knocked her own arrow.

"Youkai? Iie." Iron Mouse said with a small smile. "It took me a few days to track you down, so enough talk, give it to me!" She called as she held her hands up in front of her face. Two glowing, golden balls shot from the bracelets and looped around Usagi and Kagome, on going either way.

"Nani?" Kagome cried as she tried to follow them with her eyes. She couldn't keep up with their speed and neither girl were able to move or hit them with their hama no ya arrows. Kaede had gone into the house several minutes before to have a cup of tea with grandpa so her steady aim was unavailable to them.

Usagi grabbed Kagome and pushed her to the ground when the projectiles closed in on them and covered her friend with her own body.

"Sankou Tetsuou!" A voice cried out as Inuyasha jumped off the roof and brought his claws down toward the strange-looking, curly-tailed girl in a skimpy outfit. Iron Mouse jumped back at the last second, a few floating strands of hair floating to the ground in the place she had just been standing.

"Scary..." She said quietly from several paces back with widened eyes. Usagi and Kagome slowly rose to their feet, both clutching their bows with arrows still knocked.

"She's not a youkai." Inuyasha said as he positioned himself in between Iron Mouse and the two mikos-in-training. He slowing drew the Tetsusaiga from his side, transforming it as it was drawn out. He leveled it in front of him, pointing the tip at Sailor Iron Mouse.

"Mou, these people don't get it, do they..." Iron Mouse said to herself as a sweatdrop slid down her cheek. "Just get out of the way, I have a job to do." She raised her wrists again and shot out the glowing orbs that circled the whole group. Inuyasha waited for the orbs to come closer so he could deflect them with the blade.

"Nani?" Inuyasha said as the orbs shot straight up in the air. Inuyasha jumped up after them and prepared to send them flying out of the barrier. It turned out to be a diversion, though as Iron Mouse raised her wrists once more.

"Look out!" Kagome cried as she pushed her friend out of the way. The glowing orbs missed Usagi but hit Kagome from behind. Kagome shrieked in pain as golden light surrounded her and penetrated her very bones. When the light settled, there was a beautiful flower on her forehead with a delicate pink gemstone floating above it.

"Yatta! What a pretty Star Seed!" Iron Mouse said as she watched. In front of her eyes, the gemstone started to turn black and lose it's shine. "Awhh! Mou, another weak one! I was so sure I'd finally found a real Star Seed."

"Kagome-chan!" Usagi cried as she ran to her friend. She didn't know what to do to help her friend, her eyes were shut tight and she seemed to be being held up by the jewel on her forehead.

"Oi!" Inuyasha cried as he came down with the sword raised above his head ready to bring down on the white-haired girl's head.

"Chh..." Iron Mouse made a sound between her teeth. She nimbly avoided the massive sword and landed at the top of the stairs to the shrine. "There's no reason for me to stay, but you can play with the Phage! Bye-bi!" She said as a red, European-looking phone booth appeared. She stepped inside it and it disappeared as she closed the door.

"Matte!" Usagi cried as she reached toward the white-clad girl. "Put her back!" Iron Mouse was already gone, though. Usagi turned back to her friend as black vines shot out from the blackened jewel on her forehead and encased her whole body from head to foot. She took a few steps back in shock at this display and watched in horror. "Nani?"

The black vine-like streamers whipped around widely for several seconds and then snapped out and disappeared. Standing in Kagome's place was the strangest thing Usagi had ever seen. It was a oversized miko with exaggerated facial features and a massive bow and quiver on it's back. The create spun around a struck a pose.

"Sailor Miko!" The monster said as it held the bow above it's head and stood on one foot with the other hand behinds it's head.

"What the hell is that?" Inuyasha asked as his eye twitched slightly. It didn't smell like any youkai he'd ever come across and was the weirdest looking creature he'd ever seen.

"Shine youkai!" The Phage said as it nocked an arrow from it's quiver and leveled it on Inuyasha. The Phage drew the bow and released an arrow at Inuyasha that was glowing bright pink. Inuyasha easily dodged and then went in for an attack of his own.

"You're done!" Inuyasha cried as he raised the sword above his head and prepared to bring it down on the Phage.

"Osuwari!" Usagi cried as she watched Inuyasha rushing in with his sword above his head to kill the creature in front of him. "Baka! That's Kagome! You can't kill it!"

"What are you talking about, onna? That's not her anymore!" Inuyasha growled as he picked his face up out of the dirt with a low growl. He grabbed the sword and prepared to attack again.

"Oi! Monster! Over here!" Usagi cried as she got the monster's attention. She was running toward the barrier around the shrine with the monster close on her heels. She'd had an idea from when Inuyasha had fallen through it a few days before. Maybe if she drew the monster out through the barrier, it would purify it and Kagome would be all right.

"What the hell are you doing, Usagi?" Inuyasha yelled as he saw the blond girl disappear down the long flight of stairs. He followed after her and the monster and got a nasty shock when he neared the barrier. "Baka!" He yelled after her as a growl left his throat.

Usagi ran down the steps, painfully aware of how close the monster was behind her. When she reached the street, the Phage launched itself in the air and landed in front of her on the blacktop.

"You're been possessed! I need to exercise you!" The Phage said as she drew some oversized charms from inside her sleeve. Usagi screamed as she jumped out of the way of the paper as the Phage threw it at her. As it fell it grew in size and weight and left huge cracks in the tar as it hit the pavement.

"Selenity-hime! Over here!" A familiar voice cried as Usagi jumped out of the way of another massive charm. Usagi ran to the sidewalk and looked up to see the black cat, Luna, from earlier. The cat did a backflip and a beautiful brooch landed in Usagi's hand. "Hold it up and say Moon Eternal Make-UP!" The cat explained as Usagi looked at the locket in her hand. "Hayuku!"

"Moon Eternal Make-UP!" Usagi cried as she held the brooch above her head. Her eyes widened in shock as pink ribbons shot down her arm from the brooch in her hand and wrapped down her arm. She felt a warm sensation surrounding her body as more ribbons appeared wrapped themselves around her. She could feel her body spinning on it's own and finally stopped in a sort of pose. "Nani? What just happened?" She questioned the cat as she looked down at her outfit. She was wearing a variation of many of the sailor-suit looking uniforms many schools used. The skirt was really short with three different rippling layers, yellow, blue, and red. The brooch had settled in the middle of her chest and seemed to have feathers sticking out on either side. She was wearing knee-high boots and gloves that went up to her upper arms. The shoulders of the sailor suit were fluffy and pink and on her back she felt huge white wings attached to the back.

"You're Sailor Moon as well as Selenity-hime! You need to fight this creature until your protectors arrive!" Luna explained as she looked at the girl.

"Nani? What do you mean fight that thing! That's Kagome-chan!" Sailor Moon cried as she dodged away from yet another weighted charm that the Phage had thrown in her direction. Sailor Moon continued to dodge attacks as the Phage launched itself after her time and time again.

"Kuso! Baka!" Inuyasha shouted at the top of his lungs as he watched the blond streamers disappear. "Go ahead and get yourself killed! Keh!"

Inuyasha put his sword back in the sheath at his side and frowned in thought as he scanned the trees searching for the charms that held the barrier in place. He located on and reached out his hand to remove it so he could go after the blond girl. When he reached his hand out, the barrier repelled him before he got within a foot of it.

"Damnit! Stupid human!" Inuyasha yelled into the air at the realization that there was no way for him to remove the charm himself. He growled low in his throat as he walked to the top of the stairs. He took several deep breaths and growled low in his throat, preparing himself for what he was about to do. After several seconds, he ran at the barrier with all the speed he could muster with a growl low in his throat. He braced himself for when his body hit the barrier but couldn't hold back the cry of pain that ripped from his throat as thousands of needles of pain pierced every inch of his body. While the pain was still at it's peek, darkness closed in.

"Ne, Inuyasha. Why do you want the jewel so bad?" A silvery voice asked when Inuyasha opened his eyes. He looked at the woman in front of him and felt his heart skip a beat. She had long golden hair tied back in a ponytail at the base of her neck and streaming down to the back of her knees. She was wearing a miko's outfit with flowing red pants, sandals and a white top. Hanging around her neck was an intricate chain with pink stones and a large, round white jewel pendant. On her back was a quiver of arrows and there was a bow as long as she was tall lying in the grass next to her. Her cerulean blue eyes were locked on his as a sad smile played across her lips.

"Keh! Why do you think? So I can become a full demon, of course!" Inuyasha growled out as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked away from those eyes that made his stomach do flip-flops.

"Honestly, Inuyasha." The miko started slowly as she leaned back on her hands and looked up toward the full moon in the sky. "I like you how you are. I like you as a hanyou."

"Heh, yeah right." Inuyasha said as he turned his eyes back to her. She was looking up at the moon with the same sad smile on her face. He wondered to himself what made her sad and caused that look on her face. "No body likes a dirty hanyou... Not a human... Not a demon..." He said more to himself than to her.

"Kikyo has been spying on me lately." The miko said to herself as a serious look appeared on her face. She turned her face to look at Inuyasha. "She knows we've been spending time together and thinks that there's a way to get rid of the jewel for good."

"Hmm? Do what with it?" Inuyasha asked as he leaned back in the grass and crossed his hands behind his head.

"She tried to convince me if I used the jewel to turn you human, it would be purified and cease to exist." The miko said slowly with a perplexed look on her face.

"Eh? Human?" Inuyasha asked as he picked his head up and met her ocean blues with his golden eyes.

"Aa..." The miko said with a thoughtful look on her face. She picked up the jewel and held it up to catch the moonlight.

Inuyasha watched her as the moonlight bathed her in it's soft glow. Moonlight always seemed to suit her. It glittered in her hair and reflected the jewel in her eyes. He blushed as he noticed her plump pink lips and a thought crossed his mind that they looked really soft. He mentally upbraided himself for letting that thought cross his mind. She was a miko with a mission, she couldn't be with a man until that mission was complete.

"All right, I'll do it." Inuyasha stated simply as he sat up facing the miko. Her eyes widened slightly as his words registered in her mind.

"Nani?" She questioned as a look of confusion crossed her face.

"I'll become human." Inuyasha said with a small smile. He reached forward and pulled her into a tight embrace against his chest. At first she tried to push away but then leaned her head forward and buried her face in the fire-rat shirt that he wore. He pulled her into his lap and stroked her silken hair as he breathed in her scent. "Then you can be a woman, not a miko."

The miko stirred against his chest and pushed away slightly. She looked up into his eyes and was about to say something, but Inuyasha took that moment to lower his lips to hers. He had to know if her lips were as soft as they looked. As their lips met, a chill ran through his spine starting from his lips and went all the way down to his toes at the light touch. Her lips parted slightly and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into her mouth. She tried to pull back at first, but her resistance died and he ran his tongue across hers. Inuyasha started to feel light-headed as he flowed backward and white light filled his vision...

Inuyasha felt pain everywhere as his eyes slowly opened. All of his muscles had seized up and felt like rubber. He pushed himself up onto all fours and groaned low in his throat when strands of black hair fell onto the top step. He forced his muscles to move and climbed unsteadily to his feet. Stupid girl! Inuyasha thought to himself as he took a few unsteady steps toward the stairs. He went down a few stairs with his knees attempting to buckle underneath of him. That's when he heard the high-pitched shriek from the street below.


"Iie!" Sailor Moon shrieked as she ran from another attack by the Phage that was Kagome. "What do I do, Luna?" Sailor Moon demanded as she the black cat jumped into her arms to be out of the cross-fire.

"Concentrate and bring up the Eternal Tier. Feel it inside of yourself and call it to you." Luna explained as Sailor Moon ran down the street with the cat in her arms. Sailor Moon closed her eyes and searched from something. She saw a silver light behind her eyelids and felt a golden warmth fill her limbs. When she opened her eyes, there was a short staff in her hands topped with what looked like a crown. It was intricately carved and had a multitude of gems up the length of it.

"Now what!" Sailor Moon cried as she leaped over a giant charm that had landed in front of them.

"Use your attack 'Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss'!" Luna explained as Sailor Moon slid to a stop. The cat jumped from her arms and Sailor Moon turned to face the Phage that was barreling toward her at full speed. The Phage was moving at full speed toward Sailor Moon. Her eyes bulged as the monster picked up speed rather than slowing.

"Look out!" A voice called to Sailor Moon's left. She looked up in time to see a brown blur heading toward her at full speed. She squeezed her eyes shut and braced herself for the impact... It never came. She peeked one eye open and looked up to see the wolf demon, Kouga shielding her.

"Yo." Kouga said as he gave Sailor Moon a toothy smile. "I came to get see my woman. Why does that thing smell like her?" Kouga asked with a perplexed look. Sailor Moon was in his arms as he leaped through the air to avoid the monster attacking them.

"That IS Kagome!" Sailor Moon said as Kouga landed lightly about a hundred feet away. He set the blond girl down and glanced over his shoulder at the confused Phage.

"Are you stupid? Of course that's not Kagome!" Kouga said with a frown crossing his face. Sailor Moon felt something strange with him and looked down. He had shards of the Shikon no Tama in both legs and in his right arm.

"You have Shikon shards." Sailor Moon said as she looked back up at him. Kouga turned to look at her with a surprised expression on his face.

"I thought only Kagome could see them." He said simply as he looked at her strangely. Sailor Moon was still clutching the Eternal Tier as the Phage seemed to come to herself and notice where they had landed.

"Get your hands off her Yaseokami!" A voice called out as a black-haired guy stumbled down the stairs and ran unsteadily toward them. He was wearing red and had a sword strapped at his side.

"Who the hell are you, human?" Kouga asked as his eye began to twitch. That human had an attitude problem and a lot of nerve to tell Kouga, a demon, to do anything.

"Keh! As if you don't know, Yaseokami!" Inuyasha growled as he stepped in between Kouga and Sailor Moon. "What the hell are you wearing?" He demanded as he took in Usagi's appearance. A slight blush touched his cheeks when he noticed how short the skirt was. He had thought the skirt on her school uniform was short until he saw this one. His eyes traveled down her long legs and he was forced to look away.

"Mou! Don't embarrass me!" Sailor Moon cried as she looked away from Inuyasha blushing.

"Sailor Moon, do it quickly!" Luna yelled as a loud pounding reached their ears. The all looked up to see the Phage charging at them at full speed.

"Look out!" Inuyasha cried as he grabbed the girl and pushed her to the ground. Kouga had leaped out of the way and drew the Phage's attention.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!"

"Oak Evolution!"

"Love and Beauty Shock!" Three different voice cried out and three very different attacks struck Kagome square in the chest. The Phage fell to it's knees, unable to run any longer.

"You have to put her down. Once someone becomes a Phage, that's it for them!" A female voice rang out. Everyone turned to see three women where skimpy leather outfits standing on top of the cement wall.

"But that's Kagome-chan!" Sailor Moon cried as she turned to face the scantily-clad women. "I don't believe it!"

"It's the truth, we've been fighting these people for a long time." Sailor Star Fighter stated with her arms crossed over her chest.

"We'll just see about that!" Sailor Moon said as her eyes narrowed slightly. She clutched her Eternal Tier tighter and turned to face Kagome. "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy KISS!" Sailor Moon felt her body moving on it's own as she spun around a few times while energy gather in the Eternal Tier in her hand. When she said the last word, feathers filled the air and a glowing beam of energy shot toward the Phage still on it's knees in front of them. The light covered the Phage as she cried out in fear and pain.

"Beautiful!" She cried as a blinding light lit up the area.

When the light died down, Kagome stood in the middle of the street with a flower on her forehead. The gem that had been in the middle of that flower had turned back into a sparkling, crystalline pink color. The flower closed up around the gem and disappeared. Only then did Kagome's knees buckle and she fell forward.

"Kagome-chan!" Sailor Moon cried as she ran toward her friend. As fast as Sailor Moon was running, Kouga beat her to Kagome and scooped her up in his arms. There was a look of concern on his face as he held the sleeping girl. Sailor Moon kneeled down next to Kagome and Kouga to see how she was.

"She's all right." Kouga said with a sigh of relief. He ran his fingers through her raven-black hair and cupped her chin with his other hand. "She's just unconscious."

"Thank goodness." Sailor Moon said with a sigh of relief. Inuyasha was standing behind her with his arms crossed over his chest.

"That was good, Sailor Moon." Luna said as she walked over to her with Sailors' Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter behind her. Sailor Moon looked up at the sailor senshi as she stood up. Kouga stood up as well, holding Kagome against his chest.

"So you're her, huh?" Sailor Mars said with a frown. Her eyes were narrowed on the blond girl as she studied her. "Don't think we're going to just accept you because you were some princess in a previous life."

"Princess? You're wrong, I'm no princess." Sailor Moon said with a nervous laugh.

"We need to talk in private, Selenity-hime." Luna said as she turned to face the sailor senshi.

"It's nice to meet you, Sailor Moon." Sailor Venus said with a warm smile. "It's always nice to add a new friend to our team."

"Your team? I don't..." Sailor Moon started but was cut off mid-sentence.

"She's not part of your team, onna." Inuyasha said as he stepped in front of her. His black hair swayed as he shook his head and his gray eyes narrowed in a possessive fashion. "She has to find the Shikon shards, not play around with you."

"Is that all you care about, Inuyasha?" Sailor Moon demanded as she planted her fists on her hips. "You're so mean, Osuwari!" Inuyasha hit the ground with a resounding thud and was slow to rise to his feet.

"What the hell! I just ran through that damn barrier up there to save you and this is how you thank me?" Inuyasha demanded with a growl low in his throat.

"So that's why..." Sailor Moon said slowing as she took in his human appearance. "Arigato, Inuyasha." Sailor Moon said with a smile. "Ne, lets go home." Sailor Moon, Kouga with Kagome, and Inuyasha headed for the stairs to the shrine.

"Where are you going, Sailor Moon! We have to form a plan!" Sailor Mars cried as she took a few steps after Sailor Moon.

"Gomen Sailor Mars-san." Sailor Moon said politely as she smiled at the dark-haired girl. "I have something else that needs to be taken care of that's more important right now."

"But you're our Princess!" Sailor Jupiter argued. "We're supposed to protect you! How can we do that if you won't let us?"

"You must be mistaken, I'm really no Princess. I'm just a normal girl. Besides, I have friends that protect me." Sailor Moon said with a smile as she ran to catch up with her friends.

"We need to do something about the barrier around the shrine." Miroku said as he took a sip of his tea. Kaede had come out of the house just in time to see Inuyasha forcing his way through the barrier to save the blond bunny. Due to her age, by the time she had reached the top of the stairs, Inuyasha was already on his feet and hobbling down the stairs.

"Yeah, but what?" Sango asked as she took the teapot and poured herself another cup. Kagome and Kouga were sitting on the couch in the living room with Hakkukai and Ginta. The wolves had remained outside behind the house since being indoors made them nervous. Not to mention how nervous it made the people inside the house.

"There is only one thing that I can think of," Kaede stated as she reached into her sleeve to pull out another charm. "If you surround a demon with the same type of barrier, it will allow you to walk through a larger barrier of the same type."

"Really?" Kagome asked with a small sip from her teacup. "But wouldn't that still require a miko to create the barrier. I mean, Inuyasha and Kouga can't hold the charm or it'll purify them, right?"

"Yeah, but maybe we can rig up something with an arm where you push a button and the arm swings out through the barrier with a charm attached to the end." Sango suggested thoughtfully.

"Do we know anyone with the mechanical know-how to build something like that quickly?" Usagi asked Kagome's mother who was sitting in an armchair with her own cup of tea. Usagi was seated on the floor with Inuyasha next to her facing in the opposite direction with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Hmm..." Kagome's mom mused to herself as she set her teacup on the end table and reached for an address book that she kept on the bottom shelf of the end table. She started to turn the pages and stopped after several minutes with a small smile. "I think Tetsuyo-san will be just the person to handle this."

"Minna..."Usagi said slowly as a small frown settled on her lips. "Shouldn't we be out there fighting the youkai right now? It seems like they're everywhere now. More people are going to get hurt or killed. We need to do something bigger. I wonder... can we put a barrier around the whole city?"

"That do be a tall order." Kaede said quietly as she frowned at the suggestion. It wasn't the suggestion she was frowning about, but rather the execution. A barrier that big would most definitely take more than a miko, two in training, and a lecherous monk. It would also require an object or multiple objects to inject the spiritual power into, otherwise, the barrier wouldn't hold for very long. The reason the one on the shrine sustained itself was because Kagome, Usagi, and Miroku were constantly injecting spiritual power into the seals as they went in and out of the barrier.

"What about Hino-san and her grandfather?" Kagome suggested. They had known the Hino's for a long time and frequently would get together to plan various charities and events.

"Yeah! I bet Hino-san wouldn't mind helping with this!" Usagi cried out as a smile spread across her face. She didn't mention the strange cat, Luna, who had told her to come to the Hikawa shrine earlier that day. Maybe if she went with her friends to ask this favor, she could figure out why the Sailor Senshi seemed to think that she was some Princess they were supposed to protect. It seemed odd that Luna seemed to think Hino Rei could protect her for the Sailor Senshi.

"Yes, I'll go call Hino-san right now." Kagome's grandfather said as he rose from his comfy armchair and headed into the kitchen to get on the phone.

"So do you know how to do this, Kaede-obasan?" Kagome asked as she scratched her chin and looked somewhat embarrassed. She and Usagi had only been training as mikos for less than a week so they had very limited knowledge. Miroku could possibly know more, but Kaede was the logical choice with her secret library under the shrine.

"Yes, child. Of course." Kaede said as she reached for a canvas bag that sat on the floor near her feet. She reached inside and after a moment or two of looking, pulled out an old, battered book. The dust had been wiped clear and she seemed to have polished the cover to a dull shine. Even after the thorough polishing, the title on the book was still too faded to read. She reached into her bag one more time and pulled out a gold item that looked sort of like a barbell with diamonds on each end and intricately carved in various symbols.

"What's that?" Usagi asked as she looked at the heavy-looking object in Kaede's hand with interest.

"This is what we're going to use to concentrate the barrier. It's going to take quite a lot of spiritual power to activate it, though." Kaede explained as she handed it to Miroku who's eyes had gone very wide at the sight of it.

"I've read about these, Kaede-sama." He said as he gingerly took the object from her hands so he could turn it over in his hands. "I didn't know that there were any of these around in this day and age. I thought they had all been lost a few hundred years ago! The only one I've ever seen was in a museum in Osaka and it was in decidedly poor condition! How did you come by this?"

"This is one of the many things secrets that have been passed down through my family." Kaede explained with a smile as Miroku traced the carvings slowly with his fingertips. "Along with the secret library and the Hama no Ya that I've been teaching the girls."

"Are there any other secrets we should know about?" Miroku asked with a small smile as he handed it back to the elderly priestess.

"Now Miroku, I can't go around giving up all of my secrets now can I?" Kaede asked with a mysterious half-smile.

"I just spoke with Hino-san and he's willing to hear you out." Kagome's grandfather said as he returned to the room several minutes later. "He's expecting all of you to be there in an hour."

"Okay, I think we'd best get cleaned up then." Kagome's mother said as she stood up and started to collect empty glasses and mugs. Most all of the younger occupants of the room were still somewhat mussed after the earlier battle with the 'Phage' as the strange girl called Sailor Iron Mouse had called it. "Go on now, showers you two!" She said referring to Kagome and Usagi with a wave of her arms, shooing them toward the staircase.

"So these 'youkai' can't pass through a barrier put up by a priest or priestess?" Old man Hino questioned as they all saw on their legs inside of the Hikawa Shrine. Usagi winced as her feet started to fall asleep and tried to keep her eyes from watering because of it. It was extremely difficult and it appeared Kagome was having a bit of trouble as well, though not as much as Usagi. Both girls weren't used to sitting like that for long periods of time despite the fact that they both lived at the Higurashi Shrine. The raven-haired girl sitting next to her grandfather narrowed her eyes in annoyance at the antics of the two girls across from them.

"No, Inuyasha is proof of this." Kaede explained as she motioned lazily to the silver-haired hanyou that stood against the back wall. His arms were crossed over his chest and he was scowling intensely as he stared at the back of the blond pigtailed girl's head. Kouga was seated next to Kagome and noticed her discomfort.

"Oi, how long is this gonna take?" He questioned lazily as he looked at the humans in front of him coldly. He may have fallen for a human, but that didn't mean he trusted all of them. Especially the suspicious raven-haired girl in front of her whose scent he recognized as one of the 'Sailor Senshi' from earlier that day.

"Kouga..." Kagome said warningly as she glanced at him sideways with a frown. "Don't be rude, this is important."

"Humph, I don't see why. So there's a few youkai around the city, big deal. Doesn't mean I have to sit here all day in here. There's better things to do." Kouga said lazily as he studied the dirt under his nails.

"Keh, for once I agree with you, yasoukami..." Inuyasha muttered from behind. "We should be collecting the jewel shards before their found by other youkai. There isn't time for this, onna!"

"Mou... I thought we were passed this, Inuyasha." Usagi said with a pout as she shifted her uncomfortable condition to relieve some pressure from her feet. It, unfortunately, didn't help in the slightest, she still felt like her feet were about to fall off. "My name is Usagi."

"Keh!" Was the only reply from the fuming hanyou. 'I'm only sticking around because you can see the jewel shards, onna.' He thought to himself as he continued to glare around the room. 'Once the jewel is whole, I'll kill you and take it for myself!'

"If you big babies can't even sit for an hour, why don't you just go!" Rei burst out with her arms crossed over her chest. She glared at Usagi and fumed to herself. 'There's NO WAY this girl can be our Princess! There has to be some mistake!' She thought furiously to herself as she continued to glare at the bubbly blond sitting in front of them fidgeting with a pained look on her face.

"Gomen nasai..." Usagi said as a look of hurt crossed her cerulean-blue eyes. Inuyasha tensed as he heard this girl with long black hair yell at Usagi. He growled low in his throat and approached the black-haired girl with a snarl on his face.

"What the hell is your problem, girl?" Inuyasha growled as he approached the raven-haired girl. Her eyes narrowed at the tall golden-eyed boy in front of her and she rose gracefully to her feet to meet him head on.

"That's none of your business, you monster." She growled low in her throat as she stood facing the angry hanyou head-on with her arms crossed over her chest. She wasn't intimidated in the least as she glared at Inuyasha.

"Nani?" Inuyasha growled as his eyes flashed red briefly. "Do you wanna die, human?"

"Inuyasha..." A soft voice said a moment later as everyone stared at the confrontation. Inuyasha turned his angry gaze to the blond girl on the floor and tensed slightly. "Osuwari." She stated simply and he slammed to the ground by the force of the charmed prayer beads that hung from his neck. "Now, Hino-san." Usagi started as she looked at the dark-haired girl apologetically. "I'm sorry I'm not strong like your, or disciplined, but this is something that really needs to be done. To protect as many people as possible and we can't do it with just me, Kagome, Miroku, and Kaede-sama. I humbly ask for your help." Usagi said as she bowed her head slightly to the shocked girl. Hino Rei had never seen such a determined and sincere look on the blond girl's face and it took her off guard.

"Fine, whatever, Tsukino-san." Rei said as she turned her back and crossed her arms over her chest. "Just go for a walk or something and we'll meet back in the main house to go over the details."

"Honto?" Usagi cried as she jumped to her feet. Unknowingly to her, her feet had gone completely numb and she promptly fell forward... right onto the sprawled-out form of Inuyasha laying face-first on the floor.

"She's wrong, Inuyasha..." A young, blond miko stated as she picked up the jewel that hung around her neck and stared into it's depths.

"But I thought you said..." Inuyasha said as a pained look crossed his face. "If I became human... why?" He questioned as he felt a tightness in his chest.

"Gomen, Inuyasha..." The blond miko said sadly. "It cannot be... The jewel will only cease to exist if it's used for a completely unselfish wish... Us selfishly wishing to be together would taint it further... I'm sorry... We can't be together." She finished as a single tear slid down her cheek and dripped off of her chin.

"Demo..." Inuyasha started as he felt the tightness in his chest increase tenfold. "Ai..." He started but was silenced when the miko turned to him and looked up at him with tear-filled eyes.

"Please don't, Inuyasha!" She begged as another tear slid silently down her cheek. "I couldn't bear it! Please don't say it! It's impossible while the jewel exists!"

"Usagi-sama!" A voice called out from the trees behind the pair. "Usagi-sama! Please hurry, a youkai has come and is attacking the village!"

"Forgive me, Inuyasha..." The miko name Usagi said as she ran a slim hand across his cheek momentarily, then turned toward the village and headed off at a run.

"What the hell?" Inuyasha growled as something impacted with his back and jarred him to full consciousness. "Oi! Get off of me, would ya?" He growled as he attempted to disentangle himself from a long blond streamer and a pair of long legs.

"Kikyo-sama," A voice said getting the attention of a dark-haired young woman dressed as a priestess. She had set up a barrier around their hideout the day before and was forced to take back to her bed from the strain. "I have sent several bands of youkai to start collecting the shards of the Shikon no Tama."

"Any word from Inuyasha?" Kikyo asked slowly as she rose from her position on the bed. She swung her feet over the edge and slowly rose to her feet. She walked toward a simple vanity in the corner and picked up a brush before seating herself in front of it.

Naraku visibly tensed at the name of the silver-haired hanyou that had stolen the miko's heart. "No, Kikyo-sama. It seems he is with that blond human currently." Kikyo's eyes narrowed as she stopped stroking her straight black hair and she flung the brush as hard as she could into the mirror before her, shattering the glass into a million pieces.

"That girl..." Kikyo said coldly as her eyes narrowed in anger. "Has stolen everything from me... I will not let her win this time... Inuyasha is mine!"


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