Usagi's family is killed and she ends up staying with the Higurashi family, but weird things keep happening, this strange guy with silver hair and golden eyes kidnaps her and demands she give him the Shikon no Tama. But what is it?

Rating: M Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Inuyasha Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Inuyasha Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 10/15/2011 Published: 06/14/2003 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 21 Status: Incomplete
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Chapter 14 – Selenity-hime

"Odango!" A familiar voice called out as Usagi and her newfound friends walked toward the school building. After everything that had happened, it was strange for Usagi to go back to school with the same boring classes and such. She was extremely nervous about attending school simply because she wasn't sure if they would be attacked while class was going on. She didn't want any innocent people to get mixed up in the crossfire.

"Eh? Seiya-kun?" Usagi questioned as she looked back at the dark-haired idol. His arm was in a sling as he approached her group. Taiki and Yaten followed behind her, neither looked too happy to see her.

"I'm sorry you were hurt, Seiya-kun." Usagi said as she bowed and closed her eyes shamefully.

"Daijoubu, odango. I would do it again if you were in danger." Seiya said as he ruffled her hair with his free hand.

"They didn't keep you in the hospital for very long, did they?" Usagi said as she smiled up at Seiya.

"It wasn't as bad as everyone seemed to think, and I heal pretty fast so that helps." Seiya said as he began to walk toward the school with Usagi. Kagome, Sango, and Miroku were chatting quietly amongst themselves as they approached the building.

"Usagi-chan," Sango broke into their conversation after they had entered the building. "I think you need to touch up your make-up a little bit." She said with a serious look on her face.

"But I'm not wearing any-" Usagi started, then stopped when she saw the serious look on her face. Sango tipped her head slightly to the side in a manner that Seiya couldn't decipher and Usagi's face turned to peer in that direction. She saw a glint of silver in a tree outside of the building and her face fell. "Ah! Yeah, I need to go fix my make-up a bit, ja ne Seiya-kun!" Usagi called as she and Sango ran in the direction of the restroom. They turned a corner and headed for the nearest exit. Kagome and Miroku hadn't followed; they were headed to their classroom. They had decided the night before that neither Usagi nor Kagome should be left alone at any point. They were both too vulnerable to attack if they were alone.

"Baka Inuyasha…" Sango muttered as she pulled Usagi out a side entrance and they headed for the tree out front of the school. They heard the warning bell inside of the school and the grounds began to clear out very quickly as people rushed into the building. They reached the tree and peered up at the silver-haired dog demon.

"Inuyasha!" Usagi called up the tree to the half-demon who appeared to be napping. "I know you can hear me!" She called again; she was rewarded with a slight twitch of the ear. "Mou! You're not going to make me climb up there, are you?" Usagi whined. Sango sighed in exasperation. Inuyasha was really a stubborn guy. They had told him not to follow them to the school and he had done exactly what they hadn't wanted him to do. He was very defiant. "Oi! Inuyasha!" Usagi called again, his ear twitched once more. "Ne, Sango-chan, you should go inside. If anything happens, Inuyasha is right here. Besides, it's a study hall first period."

"I can't just leave you here with him," Sango said as she glared up at the half-demon in the tree. "I don't trust him."

"Daijoubu," Usagi said as she smiled at the taijiya warmly. "He protected me before, he's a friend. I trust him. Please trust my judgement, ne?" Sango sighed in defeat. Usagi didn't look it, but she was just as stubborn as Inuyasha was in some ways. She was also way too trusting for her own good.

"Fine, but make it quick. I don't like leaving you out here alone after everything that's happened these past few days." Sango said slowly as she glanced up at the dog demon. "If you let anything happen to her, I'll kill you myself, Inuyasha!" Sango called up the tree so the dog demon could hear. There was a slight twitch by his eye when these words reached his ears, but that was all the reaction that she received.

Once Sango was well on her way back into the school, Usagi began the difficult task of climbing the tree. Usagi had never been the best a tree climbing. She had broken her arm at the age of ten when she'd tried to climb the tree in her yard. Her brother, Shingo, had to run to the grocery store to find their mother since she had been out shopping. It had been an experience that Usagi would never forget. She had been forced to lie on the ground for nearly and half an hour before her mother and brother got back from the store. They had to call the ambulance because they only had one car and her father was using it because he was at work.

Usagi looked up and saw that she only needed to go up a few more branches to reach Inuyasha's perk and hoped that she didn't have the same misfortune befall her again. Two more branches… one more branch… Usagi gasped in shock as the branch she stood on gave a menacing crack and she was falling. She squeezed her eyes shut and prepared for the impact; something closed around her wrist sharply. She peeked open one eye and looked up. Inuyasha had leaned over and grabbed her wrist as she had started to fall.

"Keh, you're such a klutz." He said lazily as he pulled her up onto the sturdy branch he lay on. She straddled the branch as if she were riding a horse facing Inuyasha. "What do you want, anyway?" He asked as he leaned back against the branch and closed his eyes.

"I just wanted to know why you followed me. You know you can't be seen by these people, they don't know about youkai or hanyous," Usagi said as she looked at Inuyasha with concerned eyes. "Besides, someone might recognize you as the person that hurt Seiya-kun."

"Heh, you mean that pretty boy that was talking to you a few minutes ago?" Inuyasha asked as he opened his eyes and smirked at the blond girl. Usagi puffed out her cheeks in agitation.

"At least he feels concern for people other than himself!" Usagi said as her eyes narrowed on Inuyasha. All she received for an answer was a soft 'keh'. "Don't 'keh' me, Inuyasha." Usagi said in annoyance as she shifted her position on the tree branch. It wasn't a very comfortable place to sit. "I was worried someone would see you and try to do something." Usagi said as her annoyed look changed to one of worry.

"Don't waste your time worrying about me, Usagi." Inuyasha said in a bored voice as he gazed off to the left. "I can take care of myself."

"Eh?" Usagi said quietly as a sudden realization dawned on her. "You just said my name!" Usagi said as she pointed a slim finger at the dog demon. "That's the first time you've said my name!"

"…" Inuyasha didn't even look in the blond's direction. Usagi saw a slight tick in his face, though.

"I knew it!" Usagi called as she giggled. "You're all talk, you don't hate me at all!"

"Keh!" Inuyasha said as he refused to meet the blond's eye. For some reason, he couldn't find it in himself to tell the girl that he hated her or even disliked her. She was a welcome change from all of the humans he had ever known. She didn't seem to care at all that he had demon blood in him. What an odd girl indeed…

"Ne, Inuyasha?" Usagi started as she turned her attention to the sky. "Will you help us? You know, gather the pieces of the jewel?"

"Humph, I'll gather the pieces myself and become a full demon. Then I won't have any use for weak creatures like you." Inuyasha said as he crossed his arms across his chest.

"You know you're a really bad liar," Usagi said thoughtfully as she watched a cloud shaped like a flower float by in the sky. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at this comment, it reminded him of the incident with the television at Kagome's shrine. She was the bad liar, he was telling the truth. He would kill or drop them as soon as the Shikon no Tama was in his hand. They were just humans; it's not like they really meant anything to him. A hanyou didn't belong with humans or demons; the blond girl had no way of understanding the way he felt about anything. "Ne, Inuyasha, when do you think they'll come after us again?"

"No clue." Inuyasha said as the subject was pushed to the side. He put his hands behind his head and lounged back against the tree once more in a bored manner. The blond girl really got under his skin at times, but she intrigued him somehow. He shook the thought from his head and turned his mind back to the strange visions. Usagi seemed to be the reincarnation of the blond girl from the visions; there was no other explanation for it. She was a photocopy of the girl he remembered, even if his memories were fuzzy and incomplete. He felt a longing to see the rest of the visions, but also willed them away. He was worried that the visions would make him see something inside himself that he wasn't ready to see. He had denied having a human heart even though he had a human mother ever since his awakening. The only human feeling that he felt was his attachment for the dark-haired miko in the youkai cavern.

Usagi shifted her weight again as her position in the tree became unbearably uncomfortable. Her hand slipped over the bark of the branch and she fell face-forward right into Inuyasha's lap. Inuyasha's arm instinctively reached out to her shoulders to steady her as he sat up to keep her from falling. Their faces were mere inches apart as a bright blush broke out across Usagi's face.

"You really are a klutz," Inuyasha murmured as he gently pulled the blond girl into his arms. Usagi felt her cheeks burning as Inuyasha embraced her tightly.


"You're tardy, Tsukino Usagi." The teacher said as Usagi entered the classroom a little while later. A small sweatdrop slid down the back of Usagi's head. "Since this is a study hall, I will let it slide this time. You will receive an after school detention the next time, though."

"Hai." Usagi said as she blushed ferociously and hurried to her seat. She sat down in her normal seat and prepared for another boring lecture from their teacher.

"What happened, Usagi-sama?" Miroku asked as Usagi sat down by her friends. There was still about ten minutes left before their next period so she had time to tell them what was going on. She left out the last part where Inuyasha hugged her, but her cheeks burned nevertheless at the memory.

"I think he's going to help us find the shards, though." Usagi finished as a smile touched her lips. Inuyasha was really turning out to be someone she could trust. She just had to find meaning from the strange vision, though. Was it a memory of a past life? Or was it just a strange vision she had been given when that strange power had warmed her from within and healed her wounds.

"All right, study hall is over! Please take your assigned seats!" The voice of their sensei called over the low din of the people in the classroom. As quietly and quickly as possible, the students rearranged their desks and took their proper places. "Please turn your books to page 157 and read the first three paragraphs to yourselves silently."

Usagi sighed and began to leaf through her book to the proper page. Another boring day of school ahead of her. At least she had something to look forward to when they were out for the day. Inuyasha was waiting outside for her in the tree in front of the school.


Usagi stretched as she walked out onto the roof of the school for lunch. She and her rag-tag group had decided that was the best place for them to congregate so they would be able to see if any demons were approaching the school building. It didn't seem that they were interested in their group any longer, though. Now that the jewel was shattered, their attention was focused elsewhere. Usagi walked to the fence on the edge of the roof and cupped her hands around her mouth.

"Inuyasha!" She called as loud as she could muster. She had told him about their meeting place and offered to share the lunch Higurashi-mama had made for her with him. Sango, Miroku, and Kagome had already torn into their lunches when Inuyasha climbed up over the fence. He jumped down and landed next to Usagi with the usual scowl on his face.

"What the hell are you yelling about now?" Inuyasha demanded grumpily as he looked down at the blond girl.

"It's lunch time," Usagi said as she held up a rather large box wrapped in a bandana of some sort. "I'm sure you're hungry, you can't have eaten, you've been sleeping in that tree all day."

"You're annoying…" Inuyasha said as he walked past Usagi and sat down cross-legged with the rest of the group. Usagi followed and sat next to him, undoing the knotted fabric as she sat down.

"Ta-da!" Usagi said as she pulled the lid off the top of her lunch. The box was positively heaped with food as Usagi picked up her chopsticks and her spare chopsticks. "Ikidekimasu!" Usagi said as she dug into the box.

"Mou! Math class was so hard today!" Kagome moaned as she pulled her notes out of her bag. "I can't believe he's testing us on polynomials already! We just started them the beginning of this week and I haven't had a chance to study with everything that's happened!"

"Daijoubu, we'll go through it together." Sango reassured the dark-haired girl. She had been lucky, though. Since she and Miroku had just transferred in, they were just using the test as a gauge to judge how far they had gone in their previous schools. Though no one was really fooled to believe that Miroku belonged in their school. He looked like he should have already graduated High School, though his perverted demeanor made them see him as being younger.

"Oi, Odango!" A familiar voice called out as they heard the sound of a door opening. Usagi choked on her onigiri and bits of rice flew onto the rooftop.

"Osuwari!" Usagi said as she heard his footsteps coming closer. Inuyasha slammed into the roof and Usagi quickly pulled the bandana her lunch had been wrapped in over Inuyasha's head to hide the dog-ears on his head. Too bad the bandana was purple with little white kittens and silver crescent moons.

"I've been looking all over for you, odango." Seiya said as he sat down on the opposite side of Usagi. She had just finished tying the bandana under Inuyasha's head as the half-demon sat up rubbing his face.

"Baka onna!" Inuyasha spat out. "If you do that one more time, I'll-" Bam!

"If I do what, one more time?" Usagi questioned as she took another bite of her onigiri. She had muttered 'sit' out of the corner of her mouth so only she could hear. Inuyasha growled low in his throat as he sat up, but said nothing more.

"Who's your… ummm… interesting friend?" Seiya asked as he noticed the feminine bandana tied around the silver-haired guy's hair.

"Him? Oh, he's no one. He just came for lunch, he'll be leaving soon." Kagome said to try and save Usagi from thinking up a lie. Usagi wasn't so good at making up mistruths and lies. If she was a klutz when she was walking, imagine how klutzy her mouth could get when she was nervous.

"I finally managed to shake off the fan club to come and talk to you, odango. Good idea of hiding out on the roof." Seiya said as he turned his attention away from the pouting silver-haired dog-demon and onto the blond odangoed girl beside him. Usagi laughed nervously as a sweatdrop slid down the back of her head.

"I really, umm, just wanted some fresh air. There were too many people in the grounds." Usagi said sheepishly.

"I agree, they just seem to flock to us." Seiya said with a heavy sigh.

"Well, that tends to happen when you become a pop star." Sango said dryly as she watched Seiya run his fingers through his hair. She took another bite of her rice and watched the dark-haired guy flirt with Usagi, who seemed oblivious to his pickups. The vein in Inuyasha's forehead pulsed as Usagi chatted happily with the dark-haired idol. Seiya's hand slid behind Usagi's back and he pulled her close to whisper something into her ear. Usagi's cheeks turned bright pink at the contact from the dark-haired idol and didn't say anything in return.

"Get your hands off her." A low voice growled as a hand clamped down on Seiya's shoulder. Usagi looked up to see a very angry Inuyasha growling at Seiya.

"Inuyasha?" Usagi questioned as Seiya stood up, Inuyasha's hand still on his shoulder. Seiya was only about an inch taller than Inuyasha, but didn't seem intimidated by the glare he was receiving from the half-demon.

"I think you need to remove your hand." Seiya said as he pried Inuyasha's clawed hand from his shoulder. "What does it matter to you if I speak with odango? By the length, style, and color of your hair, the length of your nails, and the pretty purple bandana on your head, you shouldn't be jealous. Unless you're jealous she's getting the attention instead of you?" Seiya questioned as he dropped Inuyasha's hand.

"N… nani?" Inuyasha questioned as a sweatdrop slid down the back of his head. Miroku and Sango snorted into their food and Usagi just stared on oblivious to the insinuation. "Did you just call me gay?" Inuyasha demanded as he raised a fist to the dark-haired idol. Seiya looked amused for a second, then slightly puzzled.

"You're not? I was sure you were…" He mused to himself, then scratched his chin in thought. "Then are you jealous that you're not being included or something?"

"Temee…" Inuyasha growled low in his throat as he cracked his knuckles. "I'll tear out your throat…"

"Osuwari." Usagi said as she noticed that trouble was brewing. "Ne, maybe you should go, Seiya-kun. Besides, lunch is nearly through." Usagi said as she lead Seiya back to the door to the roof and shoved him through roughly before closing the door behind him.

"I'll kill him." Inuyasha growled in the back of his throat. 'The nerve of that guy! Me? Gay? Keh!' Inuyasha thought to himself as he growled low in his throat. That pretty boy was really getting on his last nerve. If it hadn't been for Usagi, he would have had him at his mercy.

"Ne, Inuyasha. Why do you hate Seiya-kun? He's really a nice guy." Usagi said as she grabbed Inuyasha's arm and helped him to his feet. He pulled his arm out of her grip and turned around, immediately crossing his arms over his chest.

"Keh!" Inuyasha said as he refused to turn around. "That guy is an asshole. I don't know what you see in him." Usagi looked at him in puzzlement. If Seiya was anything, an asshole wasn't one of them.

"Ahh! The bell just rang!" Usagi yelled as she grabbed her box and crammed the lid back on. Sango, Miroku, and Kagome did the same and the four of them headed back into the building, leaving Inuyasha on the roof to pout.

"Wow, Inuyasha sure is jealous, isn't he?" Sango mused to herself as they headed for their next class.

"Yeah, I thought he was going to clobber Seiya-kun for talking to Usagi." Kagome replied as she let out a sigh of relief.

"Jealous? Why would he be jealous?" Usagi questioned as she looked at her two friends. "Seiya-kun and I are just friends. The same that Inuyasha and I are just friends."

"You're so naïve, Usagi-sama." Miroku said as he came up behind Usagi and put an arm around her shoulders. "Why else would Inuyasha get so angry with him and call him names? Inuyasha is afraid that Seiya will take you away from him."

"He can't be, Inuyasha, jealous?" Usagi questioned as they turned into the classroom. Needless to say, Usagi had plenty to think about during her next class, which caused her to zone out even more than usual during that period.


"Give me the Shikon no Tama!" A voice cried out as Usagi walked down the street with her friends toward home. Usagi cried out in surprise as the sharp clawed hand of the bear youkai descended toward her.

"Kuso…" Inuyasha muttered as he landed in front of the scared blond with the Tetsusaiga drawn. The blade had transformed into the gleaming form of the fang and the claws of the bear splintered against it.

"It has a Shikon shard in its chest!" Kagome cried as she felt something coming from the bear and saw a glowing light from its body. Miroku had grabbed Kagome and pulled her to the side when the bear had attacked.

"Go and hide!" Inuyasha yelled to the petrified blond girl. Usagi stood rooted to the spot in fear like a deer caught in the headlights of a car as the bear howled in pain. She could see a glowing pink light coming from a spot right in the middle of its chest. She assumed it was the Shikon shard Kagome had pointed out moments before.

"Shine!" Inuyasha yelled as he leapt into the air and brought his sword crashing down the front of the bear. The sword sliced through the bear's shoulder in an angle all the way out the bear's hip. "Keh, weakling…" Inuyasha muttered as he tossed the blade of the Tetsusaiga on his shoulder and stood over the bear's body triumphantly. Usagi walked forward to the spot that was glowing and plucked a sliver of what looked like glass from the body of the bear.

"Eh?" Kagome said as she saw Usagi pull out the shard. "You can see the shard too?"

"Aa…" Usagi said as she examined the shard that lay in her palm carefully. She could feel the power radiating off of it and watched as the light become clear instead of a murky black. "That's really strange…" Usagi said as she remembered the vision from the grave sight of Inuyasha's father.

"They're getting more bold." Miroku said as he stood up and brushed the dirt off of his pants. "To come into the city in broad daylight. It seems that whatever control was being held over them is weakening."

"Keh! They smell power." Inuyasha said as he sheathed his sword. "Now that there are pieces of jewel all over the place, they're leaving Naraku."

"Did you say, Naraku?" Miroku questioned as the look on his face went cold. Naraku had been the name of the creature that had bestowed the wind tunnel curse upon his hand.

"Do you know him, Miroku-sama?" Kagome questioned as everyone turned their attention to the perverted monk. His face had gone dark and a scowl marred his usually handsome features.

"I've never met him in person…" Miroku started as he lifted his cursed hand and looked down at the palm. "He's the one that cursed my family with this kazaana." He explained slowly. "Centuries ago, my ancestor fought him. Every time he faced Naraku, the demon was in a different form. The last time my ancestor faced him, Naraku had taken the form of a beautiful woman. When my ancestor was distracted, he tore a hole in the middle of his hand. The kazaana only affects the men of my family… the winds will steadily become stronger, until it sucks you into it… That is my fate if I can't defeat Naraku soon. The winds have already strengthened, I don't know how much more time I have left." Miroku explained, oblivious that he was telling his story to any other person because he was lost deep in thought and memories. He had watched as his father had been sucked into his kazaana years before as a child.

"Ne, Miroku, let's get back to the shrine." Sango said tentatively as she placed a hand on his shoulder. The dark look on his face passed and he smiled slightly at the concerned look on the dark-haired girl's face.

"You're so kawaii when you look worried, Sango-chan." Miroku said in a sing-song voice as he took her hands in his own. Sango blushed at the show of affection from the perverted monk. "Will you bear my children?"

"Eh?" She said as she pulled her hands out of his grasp. "Hentai…" She muttered as her hand met with his cheek.

"Hidoi, you're not even going to comfort me in my time of need, Sango?" Miroku asked as he trailed along after the shorter girl down the street.

"Matte!" Usagi called as she, Kagome, and Inuyasha followed suit.

"Hmm… so that is the guy from the concert…" Seiya said slowly to himself. "What is Usagi doing with someone that dangerous? He's obviously not human…"

"We're not human either, Seiya. Sometimes I think you forget that. Our only concern is our princess, you need to focus more on that and less on that girl." A voice said behind him. He turned to see Taiki and Yaten walking toward him.

"Besides, what happens to this planet isn't any of our concern. Let them fight their monsters. It doesn't involve us at all." Taiki said as he pushed his glasses up farther on the bridge of his nose.


"More demons have deserted this place. It seems they have smelled the power that is to be had out there." Naraku said as he stroked Kikyo's hair softly. She sat in a chair with Naraku kneeling behind her. "They wish to get the Shikon no Tama first so they do not have to serve under us, Kikyo." Naraku continued as he ran his fingers through her silken hair.

"I see," Kikyo said as she stood up. Her Shinidamachuu circled her waist slowly to prevent her from falling. It appeared that the dead souls had done the trick and she stood quick firmly. "I shall prevent any more demons from leaving this place and alerting the humans of our presence." She explained as she walked over toward the high-backed chairs at the front of the throne room. Lying on the floor was a bow and a quiver of arrows that she picked up and slung over her shoulder. "I shall put a holy barrier around this place that the youkai will be unable to penetrate."

Naraku smirked inwardly. Now all he needed was the Shikon no Tama so that he could get rid of his human heart and become a full demon at last. The thief Onigumi prevented him from harming the dark-haired miko. Now that she seemed to has lost most of her soul, she seemed much more attractive to the demon side of him. Once she had outlived her usefulness, he would get rid of her as well.

Kikyo wandered past the many demons that roamed around the caverns. They dared not to approach the miko; even they could sense the immense power that she held within herself. They also knew that if they were to lay one claw on her, they would be killed immediately by the ruthless Naraku. Even to the demons, the name Naraku made them shudder as chills ran down their spines. He was as evil and heartless as they came.


"Mama, we can't find the jewel shards if we have to stay in Tokyo," Kagome explained with a sigh of exasperation. "Not all of them could be in Tokyo."

"But entrance exams are coming up soon, Kagome-chan." Higurashi-mama explained as she stirred the pot on the stove. "I just can't let you and Usagi-chan take that kind of time off of school. You'll get too far behind, I'm only concerned about your education and future."

"But this is my future right now." Kagome argued. "If we don't stop them, there will be no future for anyone! They're ruthless mom!" Higurashi-mama sighed in defeat.

"I suppose I can't stop you from doing something you really want to do, can I?" She questioned as she looked back at her daughter. "I suppose there isn't a choice, is there?"

"There's not, besides, I don't think there's going to be any school tomorrow anyway." Kagome said as she pointed toward the television in the other room. "Swarms of demons have been attacking all over Japan. They've had to call out the military to try and stop them. There are priests and priestesses all across the country fighting them. It's all over the news. We were attacked by three demons just on the walk home from school."

"Oh my, I didn't realize it was that bad out there." Higurashi-mama said as she put her hand over her mouth.

"It really is, mama. Luckily Kaede-obachan gave me those charms to put up around the shrine or we would have been attacked a lot more than that." Kagome said as she smiled sadly at her mother. The reports of demon attacks were coming more and more often. Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha had been out fighting them for several hours, while Kagome and Usagi trained with Kaede on fighting as mikos. Somehow Usagi could see the shards so she had some sort of spiritual power, though her aim was worse than Kagome's when it came to shooting arrows.

"So you'll be leaving tomorrow?" Higurashi-mama asked as she looked down at her daughter. She didn't look like a 15-year-old girl. "My have you grown, Kagome-chan. Just a few days ago, you were crying over a scraped knee. You be careful out there, all right?"

"Hai, don't let Souta or jichan leave the shrine, ne?" Kagome asked as she looked imploringly up at her mother.

"All right, dear. I want you to check in once in a while, all right?" Higurashi-mama said as Kagome headed toward the door to continue her training with Kaede.

"Hai, mama!" Kagome called as she picked up her bow by the door and headed outside.


"All right, it's your turn for a break, Usagi." Kaede said as Kagome came back out from the house. Usagi's hands were sore from the bowstring and her forearm hurt as well from the arrow sliding across her arm. She was a very poor shot, but considering this was her first time shooting a bow, she hadn't done too terrible. She had actually hit the target the last few times she'd shot the arrow, which was better than when it only made it halfway to the target or sailed over the top of it and hit the ground behind.

Usagi walked stiffly up to her room and flopped herself down on her bed with her eyes closed. She heard a familiar purring close to her ears and rolled over to pet Buyo. He seemed to like her room and would always come to cuddle when she was feeling sad or lonely. She rubbed the top of the cat's head as it purred quietly into her ear.

"You're such a good kitty, Buyo." Usagi said as she scratched behind the cat's ear. She opened her eyes to see the contented look on the cat's face and was met with a strange sight. It wasn't Buyo that was purring at her, it was a black cat that had a crescent moon bald spot on her forehead. "Eh? A new cat? When did we get a new cat?" Usagi questioned as she sat up to get a better look at the cat. She was much smaller than Buyo and had an intelligent look in her eyes. As she studied the cat, the cat seemed to study her right back.

"My name is Luna," A female voice said as Usagi studied the cat more closely. "I've come to-" She was cut off as Usagi let out a high-pitched shriek and fell off the bed backward onto the floor.

"T… tha… that cat just talked!" She cried as she scooted across the room until her back hit the wall. "Cats can't talk! What's going on?" Usagi cried as she grabbed each of her pigtails and pulled.

"Selenity-sama! Oi! Be quiet, I need to talk to you!" Luna cried over the girl's panicked yells. When the yelling didn't stop, Luna leapt off the bed and into the young girl's lap. She then jumped onto her face and knocked her to the side on the ground, using her body to hold the girl's mouth shut so she could talk. "Is it really that surprising? After what you've seen?" Usagi's body relaxed slightly and the can moved onto the girl's chest instead. "Now then, I suppose you have some questions. Am I a demon or monster? No, I'm just a normal cat with a few tricks." Luna said calmly. She, of course, left out the part about being from the moon and such, she didn't believe the girl before her could handle that, even after all of the strange things that had been happening to her lately.

"Where d… did you come from?" Usagi questioned slowly as she looked up into the cat's eyes. She had been right in thinking that the cat was intelligent. It's not every day that you meet a talking cat.

"Where I'm from isn't important right now. You are in very grave danger." Luna said as she looked seriously into Usagi's blue orbs.

"The youkai can't get me through the barrier, and my Hama no Ya is getting better." Usagi explained as she picked the cat up so she could sit up. She sat the cat on the floor next to her and sat cross-legged facing her.

"I'm not talking about them. There is a greater evil looming in on the planet." Luna explained as she waved off the demons with one paw. "We have been searching for you for a very long time, Selenity-sama." Luna said as she bowed as best as a cat could.

"Why are you calling me Selenity-sama?" Usagi questioned as she gave the cat a funny look.

"Because you are the reincarnation of Princess Selenity of the Moon Kingdom." Luna explained slowly. She wasn't quite sure how the girl was going to take this news. Usagi just stared blankly back at her before she burst out laughing. A sweatdrop slid down Luna's face as the girl collapsed into a fit of giggles and ended up rolling on the ground in front of her.

"Me? A princess?" Usagi paused as another giggle escaped her lips. "I think you must have gotten hit on the head or something. There's no way I'm a princess."

"I'm afraid it is true, I sensed your power yesterday even through whatever barrier that separated you from this world." Luna explained as a vein throbbed in her forehead. It was very hard to concentrate and remain serious with the blond girl laughing and rolling around on the floor the way she was. "Oi! I'm being serious, you need to calm down, this is very important!" Luna yelled over the giggling girl. This effectively ceased the giggling from the blond girl.

"I'm sorry, but I'm about the farthest thing there is from a princess." Usagi said with a dry chuckle that ended after a second.

"Regardless of what you think or say, you are the princess we have been searching for." Luna explained as the vein thudded again. "At some point yesterday, I felt a huge power from somewhere very far away. Mercury used her computer to pinpoint the power source and it led me to you. Did something strange happen to you yesterday?" A sweatdrop slid down Usagi's face. Lots of strange things had been happening to her lately, she wasn't even sure where to begin.

"Well, I suppose there were a lot of weird things that happened yesterday…" Usagi paused for a moment in thought then held up a hand to count on. "I was kidnapped by a dog demon, nearly smothered in his fur, bit and poisoned, nearly killed by his claws and again, by his poison. Then I was nearly killed by the fumes from his poison, nearly killed by his claws again… Either way, I was nearly killed multiple times yesterday."

"And what saved you?" Luna asked.

"Well, Inuyasha saved me a bunch of times, but something really weird happened…" Usagi paused again to remember the sensation she had felt. "I felt all warm inside, but still cold on the tips of my fingers like I was in cold water or something. There was a loud sound and a really bright light, then my wounds were healed and I was dressed really strange. I just thought it had something to do with my healing ability."

"You have the ability to heal people?" Luna questioned as she scanned the girl with a serious look on her furry face.

"Aa, I have been for a really long time," Usagi explained, all giggles gone. "If I had been able to get to them… my family wouldn't have been killed… I could have healed them…" Usagi said slowly as her eyes became sad.

"Did you have any strange markings? When did it go away?" Luna questioned as she pressed on.

"Hmm? Well… Sesshoumaru said something about a mark on my forehead… a noble mark he said… And the dress stayed until we were on our way back to the shrine when we were out of danger." Usagi finished as she remembered how far Inuyasha had jumped when pink ribbons had swirled around her and his hand had met bare skin before she was clothed in her school uniform.

"I have no doubts in my mind, you are the princess we have been searching for." Luna said as she stood up from her sitting position on the floor. "I need you to come along with me to the Hikawa Shrine, Rei will protect you until the rest of the girls arrive."

"Wait a minute! I'm perfectly fine right here!" Usagi cried out as she stood up. "The barrier will keep the youkai out of here! Besides, what can Hino-san do for me? I know she's the grand-daughter of a priest because her grandfather stops by for tea with jichan once in a while."

"You're in very grave danger, Selenity-hime!" Luna cried as the blond girl picked up her bow and headed out the door.

"I'm fine, leave me alone." Usagi said as she closed the door and headed back outside. Kagome and Kaede were still practicing when Usagi approached and picked up her quiver.

"It's not time for your break to be over yet, Usagi-chan." Kagome said as she watched Usagi position herself facing the target.

"Daijoubu, I really need the practice. Besides, I couldn't relax anyway with everything that's going on outside. I want to help Inuyasha and the others instead of being stuck inside the barrier." Usagi explained as she fit an arrow onto the string and pulled it taut. Her face was set as she leveled the tip of the arrow right with the bullseye of the target. She released the arrow and watched as it whizzed toward the target with a whistling sound. The arrow hit on the innermost ring of the target and a smile lit up on Usagi's face. "Yatta! Look, I got it so close!" Usagi cried in excitement.

"So you're the new Star Seed…" An amused voice said coming from behind Usagi, Kagome, and Kaede.

"Eh? Star Seed?" Usagi questioned as she turned to face a strangely clad girl in white. She had a curly mouse-tail and two odangoes similar to Usagi's.

"I'm Sailor Iron Mouse," She explained as she held up a hand with a golden bracelet on her wrist. "And I'm here for your Star Seed."


Ikidekimasu: what they say before they eat, no real English translation
onigiri: rice ball


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