Usagi's family is killed and she ends up staying with the Higurashi family, but weird things keep happening, this strange guy with silver hair and golden eyes kidnaps her and demands she give him the Shikon no Tama. But what is it?

Rating: M Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Inuyasha Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Inuyasha Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 10/15/2011 Published: 06/14/2003 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 21 Status: Incomplete
  • Word Count: 6634

Chapter 12 – Shattered...

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!" Inuyasha demanded from Sesshoumaru. The right black pearl? That didn't make any sense at all!

"Yes, I have a faint memory of that phrase. I heard father say it once, but I was not sure what it meant until now." Sesshoumaru said with a smirk. Inuyasha's eyes narrowed darkly on Sesshoumaru as he took a small step forward. He dropped into a fighting stance, daring Sesshoumaru to move the slightest bit. "Now… how shall I remove it? Shall I kill you first and take it? Or shall I take it and kill you later?"

"Keh!" Inuyasha said in annoyance as he glared at his brother. He wasn't scared of Sesshoumaru at all, even if he was stronger and faster. Inuyasha was too proud to admit that he couldn't beat his brother. Sesshoumaru smirked at his brother's 'lack of interest' in their fight.

"Was it put there without your knowledge?" Sesshoumaru questioned as his smirk deepened.

"The treasure in your father's grave belongs to Inuyasha-sama!" A small voice piped up from Inuyasha's shoulder. Inuyasha glanced down to see Myouga sitting there frowning up at Sesshoumaru.

"Myouga-jiji?" Inuyasha questioned, surprised that the little bug had decided to come back after he ran away. "Are you gonna run away again?!" He demanded angrily as he remembered what had happened before Sesshoumaru had appeared.

"Well… I couldn't see in the fog to leave…" Myouga admitted with a nervous look in his little buggy eyes.

"Coward…" Inuyasha muttered as he turned his attention back to his brother. His eyes widened slightly as he found himself face to face with Sesshoumaru. He hadn't even seen the older demon move. 'He's faster than I thought…' Inuyasha thought to himself as he dodged away from Sesshoumaru and did a backflip in mid-air. He landed a few paces away as Sesshoumaru lunged again and grabbed the hanyou around the throat with his left hand.

"Let's see…" Sesshoumaru mused to himself as he gripped the throat of his struggling brother. He wrapped his tail around the blond girl once more so that she was out of the way. She might still come in handy, if his brother decided that he was going to fight him for the Fang.

"Temee! Let me go!" Inuyasha yelled as he slashed out at Sesshoumaru with his claws. Sesshoumaru was too fast, though. He merely smirked and ducked his head in time for Inuyasha's claws to slice the still air above his head. Sesshoumaru raised his head again and brought two fingers together on his right hand. His smirk grew in size as he plunged his fingers straight into Inuyasha right eye [1]. Inuyasha cried out in surprise and in immense pain as he felt the claws go into his eye.

"Trust father to hide it in such an odd place. That must have taken a powerful bit of magic. He was determined to escape desecration, wasn't he?" Sesshoumaru said with a smirk as he drew his fingers back to reveal a small black bead, which greatly resembled the pearl. "To think a little girl was able to solve that riddle when Sesshoumaru couldn't. How could I have been so blind?" He questioned as he dropped Inuyasha and took a few steps backwards. "No wonder I couldn't find it no matter how much I scoured the earth."

"Kisama…" Inuyasha growled as he lay on the ground holding his bleeding eye. "How dare you… All of this for that stupid grave?!" He demanded angrily as he watched Sesshoumaru drop the pearl to the ground.

"Jyaken." He called out in impatience. The little imp came waddling out of the dense fog holding a staff that was longer than he was tall. "How long I have waited for this moment." He said with an amused smile. He took the staff from the imp and slammed it down on top of the pearl at his feet. Once the end of the staff touched the pearl, the mouth of the old man opened and began to laugh hysterically.

"The old man is laughing! That means the seal is breaking!" Jyaken said in outright shock at hearing the cackling laughter coming from the shriveled up head of the old man. A black light stretched outward from the pearl that lay on the ground as a great void began to open in mid-air.

"Nani?" Inuyasha questioned as he peered over at his brother from his spot on the ground. He roughly tried to wipe the blood from his eye, but it did little good. His eye was much too swollen for him to even attempt to open it. He would have to wait until it healed a great deal before it would be of much use. "I don't need an eye to beat you, Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha growled as he rose to his feet and attacked Sesshoumaru at full force. He brought down his claws as hard as he could on Sesshoumaru only to have his claws meet nothing but air.

"I'll return this to you now, Inuyasha." Sesshoumaru said with a smirk as he unwrapped the shivering girl from his tail and flung her as hard as he could at Inuyasha before he disappeared through the black portal.

"Eh?!" Inuyasha cried out in surprise as he saw a flash of gold and then felt something smash into his stomach and send him flying backward. It took him a moment to realize it was the strange girl named Usagi and on instinct, wrapped his arms around her to brace her against the impact. He held the shivering girl in his arms for a second and looked down at her pale face. He frowned as she instinctively burrowed her face in his chest in order to get close to the warmth. He also noted that even though she was shivering, her skin was burning hot. She had definitely been poisoned and probably would only live for another half an hour or so. He was surprised she had survived this long with that poison in her blood. "Sesshoumaru… you bastard…" Inuyasha growled as he lay the shivering girl on the ground. He removed his outer robe and wrapped at around her as best he could to keep her warm until he had dealt with his older brother. "You coward!" Inuyasha growled as his hands balled into fists at his sides.

"Inuyasha-sama, hayuku!" A small voice piped up from Inuyasha's shoulder. Inuyasha glanced down at the flea with his one good eye and made to wipe the blood away from his other eye with his arm. "Go through the portal! You have to get the treasured sword before your brother does!"

"What the hell do you think I'm doing?!" Inuyasha demanded as he raised his fist, and his voice, at the flea perched upon his shoulder. "She'll probably be dead by the time I get back, maybe you'd better stay here." Inuyasha said as he turned his attention back toward the portal. "Nani?!" He cried as he saw that the girl had moved from her place on the ground.

"Come on… Inuyasha-kun…" She said with a pause as she breathed heavily. She was leaning on a long stick to keep her balance and had his red haori draped around her shoulders lazily. "I won't let… him get away with that…" Usagi said as she took a few more shaky steps toward the floating portal.

"Baka! You're gonna get yourself killed!" Inuyasha growled as he stepped forward and made to grab her by the shoulders.

"You're not going alone!" She snapped, as she turned back to face him. He took an involuntary step backwards in surprise at the expression he saw on her face. Her face was filled with a mingled expression of anger, determination, and physical pain that took him by complete surprise. She wasn't allowed to look at him like that! It made him want to make sure she didn't get hurt! 'Baka human…' Inuyasha thought angrily to himself. Although he wasn't sure if he was mad at her or at himself for having human blood in his veins.

"Keh! Fine, but you're on your own! I'm not going to protect you, I'm going to be fighting Sesshoumaru." Inuyasha said confidently and he grabbed her around the waist and jumped through the portal in one swift movement.


"I can't believe we were so stupid!" Kagome growled as the group ran down the street as fast as their legs could carry them. "Of course he wasn't going to protect her! I should have known he hadn't really changed, I'm so stupid!"

"Stop it, Kagome-sama!" Miroku said as his breath came out in short gasps. "We were all deceived. We're going to find her so just relax!"

"Demo…" Kagome said as her voice trailed off and tears stung at the corners of her eyes. 'If anything happens to her… I'll never forgive myself…' Kagome thought to herself as she forced her tired legs to carry her further. She cried out in surprise as something dive-bombed her head. In her surprise, she lost her footing and tripped over a large crack in the sidewalk, which caused her to fall headlong into the ground. "Itai…" She moaned as she rubbed her palms and gingerly touched her bleeding knee. "What was that?!" She demanded as she looked up to see what had attacked her. She screamed in anger as a large black bird flew into her sight and dive-bombed her again, this time he scratched at her face with his sharp, clawed feet.

"Kagome-chan!" Sango cried as she took a step towards the fallen girl. Kagome rose up from the ground and gasped as the bird dived again, this time his beak went for her throat. She threw her hands up to protect her face from the clawed feet.

"Youkai!" Miroku said as he and Sango approached Kagome and stood before her protectively. "Kazaana!" Miroku cried as he unleashed the void in his hand in the direction of the bird. The bird, sensing danger, took this as a sign that it needed to vacate the area. It had already achieved its goal, though.

"Ahh!" Kagome cried from behind Sango and Miroku as she clutched at her throat.

"What's wrong, Kagome-chan?" Sango asked in concern as she turned her attention to the girl they were protecting.

"Oh no… this is bad…" Kagome said as she searched around the ground for something or other.

"What happened, Kagome-sama?" Miroku asked as he reached a hand towards the young miko-in-training.

"That crow… It took the jewel!" Kagome said in anger and worry as she found the broken chain lying on the ground beside her. "Come on! We have to catch it!" Kagome cried as she, Sango, and Miroku took off after the crow on foot. Of the three, the only one who seemed to have any real speed or endurance was Miroku.

"I… can't breathe…" Kagome said as she stopped and hunched over, her breath coming out in ragged gasps. "Baka crow!" Kagome cried as she shook her fist at the shrinking figure of the bird. "Damn it!" She growled to herself as she fell to her knees and struggled to draw in another deep breath.

"Oi, Kagome!" A familiar voice called out from behind her. Kagome turned and her eyes widened in slight surprise.

"Ah? Kouga-kun?" Kagome questioned as she saw the form of the wolf demon running toward her. At his side were his two comrades, Hakkai and Ginta as well as several regular wolves trailing behind them. "Does anyone else think it's strange to see wolves in the middle of Tokyo?" She questioned as a sweatdrop appeared on her forehead.

"Aa…" Sango agreed as a sweatdrop slid down her face as well at the appearance of the wolves in their strange garb.

"Kun?" Miroku questioned as he raised an eyebrow in Kagome's direction. "He's a youkai, he can't be trusted, Kagome-sama…" Miroku said as his eyes narrowed on the wolf demon approaching.

"Ne, Kouga-kun. I need your help, o-negai!" Kagome called out as she stood up and took a few steps toward the wolf demon.

"I have missed you, my darling." Kouga said as he stopped and took both of Kagome's hands in his. A slight blush touched Kagome's cheeks and she laughed nervously. "What is it you need help with?" He questioned as he looked expectantly into her eyes. "Were you ready to accept my proposal and become my woman?"

"Eh?" Kagome questioned as a sweatdrop slid down the back of her head. "Well… not exactly… You see, that crow demon stole the jewel from me. Can you help me get it back?"

"Nani!?! You let that low-level bastard steal it?!?" Kouga demanded angrily as his voice raised.

"It's not like I LET it take the jewel!!" Kagome yelled back angrily as she glared deeply at the wolf demon standing in front of her. "If you're so worried, you can help me get it back!" Kagome said as her glare deepened as she looked at Kouga. He took a step backwards at the cold look he was receiving from her and made a mental reminder never to make her that angry again. He shook his head and a smirk returned to his lips before he spoke again.

"All right, let's go, Kagome." Kouga said as he knelt down in front of Kagome motioning for her to climb onto his back.

"Kagome-sama! What are you doing?!" Miroku cried as he watched the dark-haired miko climb onto the back of the wolf demon who had kidnapped her before.

"Don't worry, Miroku-sama. He's going to help, ne Kouga-kun?" Kagome said as she smiled slightly in the wolf demon's direction while a slight blush touched her cheeks.

"Ja ne!" Kouga said as he leapt into the air with Kagome on his back.

"Kagome-chan!" Sango cried as she watched her friend being whisked away by Kouga. "Kuso…" She muttered as she glared darkly in the direction of the wolf demon. "He can't be trusted! Let's follow them!" Sango said as she took off after the wolf demon with Miroku right at her side.

"We have to stop somewhere, Kouga-kun." Kagome said as they leapt through the city from the ground to rooftops to random trees in pursuit of the crow demon.

"If we stop, we'll lose him." Kouga said as he leapt from a tree onto the top floor of a lower building.

"Don't worry, it's right up here. It will only take a minute. Besides, I can sense where the Shikon no Tama is for some reason." Kagome said with a slight smile. "I need to get a bow from Kaede-sama. That way I can shoot down the crow, you get it?"

"Hmm? You any good with a bow?" Kouga asked as he looked suspiciously over his shoulder at her. She blushed slightly and didn't speak for a few minutes.

"Well… I just started to learn yesterday, but they said that I'm a really quick study." Kagome said as a sweatdrop appeared on her forehead. Kouga nearly fell over at her lack of confidence in her ability.

"What's the point of stopping if you're not even going to be able to hit it?!?" Kouga growled as he looked over his shoulder at her sternly.

"Baka! I can shoot it! It's worth a try anyway!!" Kagome said angrily as she fixed Kouga under another one of her stubborn glares. Kouga frowned slightly but shrugged his shoulders.

"You'd better get that jewel back then." Kouga said in his normal carefree voice. Kagome didn't answer, but she frowned in irritation at his arrogant comments.

"Baka…" She muttered slightly before she directed him to a small shrine on the top of a nearby hill. Kagome kept her senses open for the crow and only hoped that it didn't swallow the jewel or cause any trouble until she got back to deal with it. Kouga leapt up the steps in one jump and landed on the ground in front of a small shrine. "Kaede-obachan!" Kagome cried as she ran toward the temple and disappeared inside. Kouga stood outside with his arms crossed over his chest, while he stood tapping his foot in impatience.

"What is it child?" An elderly woman cried as she appeared in front of the distraught girl wearing a white bathrobe with her hair up in a towel.

"I need a bow, quickly!" Kagome said with urgency in her voice as she skidded to a halt in front of the towel-clad woman.

"A bow? Whatever for, child?" Kaede asked as she raised a wrinkled eyebrow in Kagome's direction.

"Well… a crow demon stole the jewel. I can follow it, but I need something to shoot it down with." Kagome said as she flushed in embarrassment.

"Nani?! A crow demon, you say?" Kaede said as her eyebrows knit in concentration. "Let's see… a bow…" She said slowly as she walked towards a small linen cupboard. "Bow… bow…" She was mumbling as she pulled sheets and pillowcases out of the cupboard and began to fling them behind her. "Aha! Here it is!" She said as she pulled a red bow and a quiver of sharp arrows from the very back of the cupboard. "Are you sure you can shoot these?"

"Hai! I've been practicing. See you later, Kaede-obachan!" Kagome said as she waved over her shoulder and took off towards the door to meet with Kouga.

"Strange child…" Kaede said with a frown as she headed back toward the bathroom to finish her bathing ritual.

"Let's go, Kouga-kun!" Kagome cried as she ran out of the shrine pulled the quiver around herself and clutching the bow tightly in her right hand.

"Took you long enough!" Kouga said angrily as he kneeled down for Kagome to climb back onto his back. "Where the hell is the crow?" Kouga demanded as he leapt into the air and landed in a tree at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hmm…" Kagome said as she placed a hand on her chest and closed her eyes. "Let's see…"

"Nani?! You don't know?!?" He demanded as he nearly dropped Kagome in his shock and anger.

"Baka! Give me a chance… Let's see… He's headed south!" Kagome said as she pointed to her left.

"Hai!" Kouga said as he jumped down from the tree and began to run at top speed in the indicated direction. He was faster on foot than he was in the air so he assumed that they would catch up with the creature in not time at all.

"It's closer…" Kagome said as she put a hand over her heart once again to feel out its location. Kouga didn't say anything; he only picked up the pace until he was running as fast as his legs could carry him.

"Oi, hime. Aren't we there yet?" Kouga asked as he glanced over his shoulder at Kagome. He was slightly surprised to see that she had an arrow fit onto the string of the bow and was slowly pulling it back until the bow bent more than it was at rest.

"Go!" Kagome cried as she released the arrow into the air. The two of them watched the arrow as they continued to follow the crow. "It's going to hit!" Kagome cried as a smile spread across her face. The arrow headed straight for the crow, who had grown in size considerably after having swallowed the jewel, and just as Kagome thought it would hit… It rainbowed and missed completely. "Eh?" Kouga had been watching as well and nearly dropped her when he saw what a horrible shot she had.

"Oi! I thought you said you could shoot!! What are you aiming at?!?" Kouga demanded as a sweatdrop slid down his face. "How embarrassing…"

"Hey! I just shot a bow for the first time yesterday!!" Kagome said angrily as she frowned deeply. "I really thought it was going to hit, though…" Kagome said as a sweatdrop slid down her forehead in embarrassment.

"Like I thought… women are only good for raising pups…" He thought as he jumped into the air. He figured if he were closer to it, maybe she wouldn't miss as badly the next time.

"You sexist pig!" Kagome cried as she pushed against his back and began to free-fall away from him toward the ground.

"Baka!" Kouga cried as he watched her fall. He spun around in mid-air and began to fall after her. He grabbed her in the air and landed on the ground with her cradled in his arms. "Don't do something so stupid, human!" Kouga growled as he began to scold Kagome.

"If you weren't such a complete jerk maybe I wouldn't have to resort to such things!" Kagome yelled back as she pushed away from him, forcing him to set her down on her feet.

"Mars Flame SNIPER!!" A voice rang out. Kagome and Kouga's argument was cut short as they watched a flaming arrow fly straight toward the lowering crow.

"Now that's a shot!" Kouga said as he watched the arrow made of flame strike the crow in the air. The crow let out a cry and lost some of it's flight feathers so therefore crashed to the ground squawking horribly as he flapped it's wings and struggled to regain flight.

"Show off…" Kagome muttered as she crossed her arms over her chest dejectedly.

"We'll take care of this. You should run while you can." A female voice called out. Kagome turned toward the voice and saw one of the famous Sailor Senshi that protected Tokyo. It was Sailor Mars, the senshi who had used the flame arrow to strike the crow.

"No, you should get out of here! You don't know what that thing is capable of!" Kagome cried as she began to run toward the crow. Kouga followed and scooped Kagome up before he leapt into the air and landed beside the crow just as it took off into the air.

"Kisama…" He muttered as his eyes narrowed at the bird as it struggled to remain air-born. "Shine!" He cried as he brought down his claws onto the crow and shred it to pieces. He landed on the ground with Kagome still in one arm and smirked at the pieces of the crow that lay twitching on the ground.

"Eh? It's still alive?!" Kagome cried as she watched the twitching chunks of flesh in disgust. "Gross…" She muttered as she reached a hand down to find the jewel. "Where is it?" She questioned as she searched for the Shikon no Tama. She jumped back as the pieces began to move and re-combine.

"Baka! Get the jewel before it restores itself!" Kouga said angrily as he pushed Kagome toward the pieces.

"Civilian! Be gone, we will take care of this!" An irritated voice said as a group of four girls landed on the ground across from Kagome and Kouga.

"Get lost!" Kouga said as he raised a hand toward the Sailor Senshi. "You're annoying!"

"You're one of them!!" Sailor Mar said as she pointed to the strangely clad man that stood behind the girl, Kagome, from their school. "What are you doing associating yourself with them, Higurashi-san?!" Mars demanded in suspicion as her eyes narrowed on the dark-haired girl before her.

"Eh? You know my name?" Kagome questioned as she looked up at the Senshi that stood before her.

"Step away from him! He's one of those monsters!" Venus said as she took a step forward. She jumped back and screamed as the crow's foot [2] latched itself onto her wrist. "Iie iie iie!! Get it off!! Get it off!!" She shrieked in terror as the severed foot dug it's claws into her flesh, which caused a small trickle of blood to seep into her white gloves.

"Oh no!" Kagome cried as the crow's large wings opened and it took flight once more. "Bakas! You distracted me!! I could have stopped it if I had the Shikon no Tama it stole!" Kagome cried as panic lanced its way into her face.

"Come on, hime. We have to catch it!" Kouga said as he knelt down for Kagome to climb onto his back. Kagome hesitated for a second before an idea came into her mind. She ran over to the struggling Sailor Senshi and pried the foot off of her wrist. It struggled in her hands, but she held it tightly to keep it from escaping. "What the hell are you doing?" Kouga demanded as he raised an eyebrow and looked at Kagome in suspicion.

"Give me a hand, Kouga-kun." Kagome said as she struggled to hold onto the clawed foot, keep from being scratched, and pulled an arrow from the quiver at the same time. She knelt down and pinned the foot to the ground so she could grab an arrow.

"Nande?" He questioned as he knelt by her side. "What should I do?"

"Hold this." Kagome said as she thrust the struggling foot into his hands. "DON'T let it go!" She warned as an after-thought. She pulled the arrow out smoothly and pulled the red scarf of her uniform from around her throat. "Now, hold onto the foot tightly so I can tie it on." Kagome instructed as she motioned for him to hold the foot on top of the arrow's shaft.

"What is she doing?" Mars asked as she raised an eyebrow in Mercury's direction. The Senshi of water was already typing something into her computer as she analyzed the crow's foot with the data she had already collected.

"Well… It seems there is some attraction between the parts of that bird… If she shoots the arrow, it will have no choice but to strike the main body." Mercury said as she hit a few more keys and then hit enter.

"There!" Kagome said as she tied the knot tightly around the foot. She stood up and notched the arrow onto the red bow and drew the string taut. "Go!" She cried as she released the arrow in the direction of the shrinking crow. Everyone held their breath as the arrow headed straight for the large crow. "Come on… hit…" Kagome was saying quietly as the arrow seemed to pick up speed. The crow was hardly visible on the horizon, but there was a collective gasp as the arrow struck the crow. The moment the arrow struck the bird, a blinding pink light lit up the area and cast a pink glow on everything in the area. "That's not good…" Kagome said as her smile faded. She felt a feeling of dread deep in her stomach as streamers of light shot off from the main 'explosion' and went in every direction imaginable.

"Eh…?" Kouga said and glanced over to see the smile fade from Kagome's face very slowly.

"I don't have a good feeling about this…" Kagome said as the light slowly died away and the shooting balls of light became fewer and fewer until there was only one that floated down toward them like a feather.

"Yatta!!" Venus cried as she jumped up and down. "It's gone!! It's been defeated!!" She cried in excitement. The rest of the Senshi were smiling in triumph as they puffed out their chests. Mars let out a sigh of relief and let a smile grace her lips.

"That was easy." She said with a smile as she turned in Kagome's direction. "That wasn't bad, Higurashi-san." Mar said, but her smile faded when she saw the look on Kagome's face. It wasn't a look of triumph at all… she looked like something awful had happened.

"Erm… Gomen, Kouga-kun." Kagome said as a sweatdrop appeared on her forehead. "I got back the jewel… but…" Kagome paused to think of how to break it to him. She couldn't think of the words to tell him what had happened and instead just held out her hands for him to see.

"Nani?!?!" He cried as he saw what lay in the palm of her hands.


Usagi shielded her eyes as they went through the portal. She wasn't sure she wanted to see what was on the other side… it was a grave, after all. She could hear the fabric of his shirt fluttering in a slight breeze and chanced a peek at her surroundings. She immediately wished she hadn't… They were falling! She clung to his shoulders tightly as she felt the wind pick up and whip around her face.

"We're going to die before we even find Sesshoumaru!" Usagi cried in fear as she clung to Inuyasha as tightly as she possibly could.

"Oi! Stop squeezing onna!! I can't breathe!" Inuyasha growled as he tried to pry the girl's hands off of his shoulders.

"Don't let me go!" Usagi cried above Inuyasha's angry yells.

"Let me go! I can't see!" Inuyasha growled as he finally managed to pry her hands free from his shoulders. He held her up by her hands and she immediately buried her face in his chest as they free fell. He was taken aback somewhat and instinctively wrapped his arms around her shaking body. When he looked up, he saw a great skeletal bird flying toward them. "There's our ride." He said as a smirk spread across his face. The bird flew right under them and caught them mid-air before he flew off towards a large set of armor with a skull perched on top of it complete with a helmet.

"So warm…" Usagi mumbled sleepily as she buried her face deeper into Inuyasha's chest. He glanced down at her and his eyes narrowed slightly. Apparently, the poison was still being circulated through her body. She seemed to barely be conscious as she mumbled sleepily into his chest. "More cake, please…" He heard her mumbled and a slight smile touched his lips. 'What a child…' He thought as he shook his head to force the smile from his lips. He turned his attention to the approaching remains that were drawing ever closer. The bird fluttered its wings to slow itself and landed on the shoulder armor of the skeletal. This was the first memory of his father that Inuyasha had at all. He had never known him when he was alive, and even if he had, he wouldn't necessarily remember him because when he'd awoken from his slumber, his memories were incomplete. He had begun to figure out the strange visions he'd been having. There was no doubt in his mind, now, that they weren't memories. He felt it in his heart there was something he had forgotten and the visions were merely trying to make him remember.

Inuyasha jumped off the bird and clutched the slumbering girl to his chest. The wound on her shoulder still bled slightly and he noticed the scratches and cuts on her legs, which looked as if they had been from brambles and thorn bushes.

"I'm coming to kill you, Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha yelled as he took off at full speed towards a small area between the neck and shoulders of the skeleton where he would be able to enter the inside of the body. The bird had taken him that far so Inuyasha assumed that his brother was inside and perhaps he'd even consider getting that 'treasure' of his father's while he was at it. He fell down inside the body and landed about fifty feet away from his older brother. Sesshoumaru was poised over a small pedestal, which had a sword stuck down into the base. He was glaring at his hand and Inuyasha caught the sent of burning flesh from his brother's direction.

"What's wrong, Sesshoumaru? Can't pull it out?" Inuyasha asked with a large smirk on his face. He felt the girl in his arms shift to look in the direction of Sesshoumaru.

"Eh? Is that the Sword in the Stone?" She muttered deliriously as her eyes went out of focus. "I saw that movie when I was little. Ne, can I try to pull it out? Maybe I'm a princess and didn't know it…"

"Quiet." Inuyasha hissed as the eyes of his older brother turned and fixed on Usagi and Inuyasha.

"So, you brought the human?" Sesshoumaru asked as a smirk played across his lips. "What's wrong, couldn't bare to leave her?"

"Keh! The little brat wouldn't let me go without her. Not like I care, it's her funeral." Inuyasha said carelessly as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Inuyasha-sama!" An elderly voice piped up. "The sword is your inheritance! It's the Tetsusaiga forged from your father's fang. Sesshoumaru couldn't pull it out because it belongs to you! Go get it!" Myouga said as he bounced up and down on Inuyasha's shoulder.

"I'm surprised to see you, Myouga-jiji…" Inuyasha said dryly. "What do I want with that piece of junk anyway? I can take Sesshoumaru on my own."

"Get the sword first! It's said to be one of the strongest weapons ever made." Myouga said as he bounced off of Inuyasha's shoulder and onto Usagi's.

"Humph!" Inuyasha frowned in annoyance. "Stupid junky sword…" He muttered as he leapt into the air and landed next to the sword sticking out of the pedestal. "Then again, if I can pull it out when Sesshoumaru couldn't, that'll piss him off even more." Inuyasha said as his normal smirk returned. He gently set Usagi down on the ground beside him and grabbed the top of the sword.

"Heh! Like a hanyou could pull it out where Sesshoumaru-sama could not!" Jyaken said incredulously. "There's no way a brat like you would be able to pull it out!"

"The barrier… it accepts him?" Sesshoumaru said as his eyes widened slightly when Inuyasha grasped the end of the sword.

"Like I said, it belongs to Inuyasha-sama!" Myouga said confidently as he jumped up and down on Usagi's shoulder. There was a slight groan and Usagi said up, rubbing her eyes with one hand. She stretched and released a small yawn while she sat up to see where her source of warmth had gone.

"Where's my blanket?" She mumbled sleepily as she felt around on the ground around her. She found the red shirt of Inuyasha's and wrapped it around herself as she shivered slightly. She looked up at the silver-haired half demon and a smile touched her lips. "Kawaii…" She murmured. A sweatdrop appeared on the back of Inuyasha's head as he heard her little comments.

"Cute?" He questioned as he turned in her direction. He didn't like being called 'cute' at all; it made him sound like that little kitsune Usagi and that Kagome girl had been so keen about.

"Inuyasha-sama! Pull out the sword!" Myouga ordered as he jumped from the ground, where he had fallen, and back up onto Usagi's shoulder. Inuyashed frowned at being ordered around by a flea but decided that he had better just test his luck against the sword and hope he could manage to extract it from the stone pedestal. He smirked as he began to pull on the sword. It shook violently as he put his full strength into it and sparks of blue and gold shot up from the ground where the sword was embedded.

"How pretty… It looks like fireworks." Usagi said as she smiled and clapped her hands. She giggled once as a particularly large spark was emitted from the stone lit up the area in front of her. Inuyasha growled in annoyance as the sword didn't seem to be loosening any from its home.

"Nani?!" Inuyasha nearly yelled as the shaking stopped and the sparks desisted. "I thought you said I'd be able to pull it out!" Inuyasha growled as he spun around and saw Myouga on Usagi's shoulder as he tied a sack of something onto his back. "It was a nice try, though." Myouga said as a sweatdrop slid down his face.

"Eh?" Usagi questioned as the voice coming from her shoulder finally managed to filter through her hazy state of mind. "A talking flea?" She questioned as she plucked the flea from her shoulder before he could run away. "I've never met a talking flea before…"

"Keh! I don't need some stupid sword to kill him." Inuyasha said confidently as he jumped off the pedestal and faced his brother. He cracked his knuckles and dropped into a fighting stance, ready to attack his brother at the first sign of movement. He frowned slightly as the glowing green whip appeared from Sesshoumaru's poison claw.

"Sugoi! How pretty!" Usagi cried as she slowly climbed to her feet, the talking flea already out of her mind as she dropped him to the ground. "I want it…" She said quietly as she took a shaky step forward toward Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha.

"Sankou Tetsusou!!" Inuyasha shouted as he lunged at his brother with his claws raised. He only met air as Sesshoumaru dodged unperturbed by his brother's rash attacks. Inuyasha was quick for a hanyou, but his speed was no where near as fast as Sesshoumaru's.

"Itai…" Usagi mumbled as she placed a hand over her neck. When she pulled her hand away, the flea was lying flat in the palm of her hand. She was contemplating this when the ground shook and she lost her balance. "Iie!" She cried as she reached out to grab anything to catch her fall. The only thing around was a sword that was sticking out of the ground in front of her. She reached out her hand and grasped it and to her surprise, continued to fall as the sword slipped from the hole in the stone base. She moaned out loud as pain issued from her behind where she had fallen moments before. Her vision had cleared a great deal from earlier, but everything was still moving strangely.

Sesshoumaru took his eyes off of Inuyasha as he heard metal against stone and was shocked at the sight he saw. The blond girl with Inuyasha was lying on the pedestal with the sword in her hand! How had she managed to pull out the sword when both he and Inuyasha had failed? Sure she wasn't human, but she seemed to be really weak besides that healing power of hers. He heard Inuyasha approaching from behind him and dodged the attack only to appear at her side.

"Onna… How did you pull the sword out?" He questioned as his eyes narrowed on her. "Give it to me." He quietly ordered with a glare that promised death if she refused him.

"Iie!" Usagi cried as she clutched the sword while she sat up. "You couldn't pull it out! That means I'm a princess now, ne?" She questioned as she slipped back into her delirious state for a few moments.

"Stop playing around, human! Just give him the sword!" Inuyasha ordered the blond. He didn't want to have her blood on his hands.

"Iie!" Usagi refused adamantly as she clutched the sword as tightly as she could. Sesshoumaru cracked the whip and Usagi closed her eyes, waiting for the glowing weapon to rip through her flesh. She could hear wind in her ears and a blinding white light lit up the area and engulfed them all.


Oi: Hey!
Hime: Princess (it's the nickname I chose for Kouga to call Kagome since he's a Prince)
: What?
Kawaii: cute

[1] This was the manga version of how he extracted the black pearl and I liked the manga better for this particular part *grins* And Destiny even mentioned that in her review ~.^ You read my mind, ne?

[2] I wanted it to stay slightly the same as the anime/manga version part of the story so I mentioned the foot ~.^ Cuz it was pretty ingenious what Kagome did to kill the crow, you know what I mean?


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