Rini/Trunks Saga

A great tragedy occurs and Rini finds herself taking comfort in the arms of the Brief's family...

Rating: T Genre(s): Romance Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): ChibiUsa, Trunks Briefs Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/01/2016 Published: 03/01/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 6 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 2902

Part 6

Wicked Lady Takes Over

Chapter 7

Who are you? What did you do to me? Leave me alone! Bulma screamed, but her mouth didn't move. She couldn't control her body. Something was making her do whatever it wanted. Who are you? Why did you do this to me? You big jerk, get out of my body! Oh man, this is the second time my body's been taken over.

Oh would you shuttup already! Wicked Lady barked at the woman, but she didn't stop, instead she became louder and more annoying. Wicked Lady walked into the building and headed for the woman's room. She walked into the room and silently got changed. She walked over to the side of the bed that the man with the black hair wasn't on. She pulled back the blankets and lay down next to him. The man put his arms around the woman and pulled her close to him. Wicked Lady made no reaction. She closed her eyes and felt the man kiss her on the forehead.

"I love you." he whispered, so low, Wicked Lady barely even heard him.


Wicked Lady didn't dream, but the good Rini inside of her decided that she had to do something. She thought deep down and remembered the dream she had had when she was in the past for the first time. She thought about it and didn't realize what she was doing. She was making Small Lady have the same dream. She had to warn Small Lady somehow and this was the way. She saw Small Lady in Trunks's arms. They were sitting under a tree in each other's arms. She was watching them, she was in Wicked Lady's body right now. She couldn't control what she was doing. She threw an energy ball at Trunks, he fell to the ground holding his stomach. She broke through trying to reveal herself to Small Lady, but Small Lady had disappeared, and so had Trunks.

When her vision focused, Wicked Lady was up in Bulma's body. She was walking towards Small Lady's room. She knocked on the door, and when Small Lady answered it, she made up some dumb excuse, but Small Lady refused, so Wicked Lady went back into the bedroom.


When Wicked Lady awoke, in Bulma's body again, she walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table not saying a word. Vegeta sat across from her, sipping a cup of coffee.

She looks really pale. Vegeta thought to himself. She must be more stressed out than I thought. He pushed the thought from his mind and walked over to her, kissing her on the lips. She made no reaction, so he pulled away and sat back down in his chair. She's really really stressed. He thought. I've never seen her like this.

Wicked Lady sat there, not saying a word. She was waiting for Small Lady to come out of her room. When Small Lady finally emerged, her and Trunks took off, heading towards Tokyo. Hmm... they'll be back later on. I guess I can wait. I'll wait until she's asleep tonight.


Wicked Lady sat and stared all day long, waiting for Small Lady and that man to return. Vegeta was in some sort of room all day. Wicked Lady had seen him go in there and figured it was that gravity room that they had mentioned the day before. He seemed to be worried, and the worst thing was, the girl who's body she was in, would not shuttup for anything. She just kept going never stopping. Wicked Lady snapped. If you don't shuttup right now, I'll make your body jump off of a cliff! That shut her up real quick.

That night, Trunks and Small Lady entered Capsule Corp. Small Lady was asleep and she had an old at with a crescent moon on its forehead. Strange. That cat looks very familiar. Wicked Lady thought. She watched as Trunks took Small Lady to her room.

Trunks came back out of the room and sat down on the couch. He noticed that his mother was just staring off into space.

"What's wrong mom?" Trunks asked.

"I'm fine." She replied with no emotion. She stood up and started walking towards Small Lady's room. Finally you will pay Small Lady! Wicked Lady thought. Leave her alone! Bulma screamed. Shuttup! Wicked Lady barked. Just remember my little threat and keep your mouth shut! Bulma didn't say another word.

Wicked Lady reached the room and pulled open the door. She walked in and picked up a scarf that was lying on the floor. She took the scarf and tied a sort of noose in it. She carefully put it around Small Lady's neck and began to tighten it. Small Lady's eyes popped open and her hands went to her throat. She tried to breathe but the scarf was too tight, it was completely cutting off her air.

Chapter 8

Wicked Lady heard the door fly open and saw a bright flash of light. She felt a piercing pain in her stomach that made her loosen her grip on the scarf around Small Lady's neck.

"Bulma what are you doing?" Vegeta yelled when the two men entered the room.

"Moon Crystal Power!" Small Lady yelled. Wicked Lady watched as Small Lady became Sailor Moon.

"I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice! On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil and that means you! Leave my friends body right now you evil creature!"

"As you wish dear." Wicked Lady said, she oozed out of Bulma's body, still in the form of a shadow. Trunks jumped in front of Sailor Moon to protect her from the shadow of Wicked Lady, while Vegeta ran to his wife's side. He scooped her up and ran from the room. Trunks stood his ground in front of Sailor Moon. Suddenly, Sailor Moon ran towards the window.

"Follow me!" Sailor Moon shouted. "I'm the one you want!"

Trunks scooped her up and ran into the woods.

"No it'll kill you!" Wicked Lady heard Sailor Moon yell.

"I don't care! As long as your alive!" Trunks yelled. "I love you!"

Wicked Lady followed and landed in front of the two of them.

"Now I've got you!" Wicked Lady said to Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon gasped when she saw who stood before her.

"It's im.. im.. impossible!" She heard Sailor Moon stammer. "You're me!"

"That's right Princess!" She said, the good trying to push it's way through all of the hatred. "I had to come, I had to destroy you! You killed your own parent's!"

Rini was fighting, she was using all of her strength to push the evil that possessed her from her body, and Sailor Moon saw it. Sailor Moon pulled the crystal out of the locket and held it above her head, her words were soothing to Wicked Lady. She felt warmth and happiness.

"You don't have to do this Princess." Small Lady said in a soothing tone. Her sailor outfit had turned into her princess dress. The crescent moon glowed brightly on her forehead. "You are the Queen, there is good inside of you, I'm that good. It will set you free."

Wicked Lady felt the power of the crystal penetrate her body. Rini was getting stronger, the evil was disappearing. She saw Trunks run over to Small Lady and place his hands over hers, Rini was starting to break out of her prison. I'm free! She thought when the light cleared.

"Thank you Princess. Thank you for freeing me." Rini said, as the power in her body became stronger. "You saved the future, but I'm sorry to tell you that your parents are still gone."

Rini couldn't stay, she still had to defeat Wise Man. She disappeared using the time key that had been given to her years before. She disappeared into a black hole, and when she saw what was left of Crystal Tokyo, she fell to her knees and began to cry.

The palace was dark, made of a black crystal. All of the buildings that were still standing were dark. She walked through the rubble, heading towards the palace. I have to save my family and my friends. They're in danger. Rini thought, as she walked down a deserted street. I'm all alone this time. Trunks can't save me now. I have to remember everything that my mother taught me.

She looked at the sad buildings and couldn't help but wonder if this was what that dream had meant. You cannot change your destiny. She remembered the sweet voice and thought that this is her destiny. Before she had thought that her destiny was to become Wicked Lady, but all of that had changed. She was herself now, but there was something more. She could feel it deep down. There would be no happy ending to this. She felt that deep in her heart and she knew that there wasn't anything she could do about it, it would happen whether she wanted it to or not.

Chapter 9

Rini quickened her pace, trying to get to the palace. She had a feeling that something awful was about to happen.

She started to run when she saw black clouds rolling in. This isn't normal weather. Why did it get so dark all of a sudden? Rini thought, but her question was answered when she was a block away from the palace.

She saw the dragon looming above the palace. Oh no! She thought. They've summoned the dragon! I have to get there before they make a wish! She began to sprint as fast as her legs could carry her. I have to get there now! She panicked and her speed increased even more. I have to save this planet! It's all up to me, no one can save me!

By the time she reached the palace it was too late. Wise Man had already made his wish.

"I wish darkness to fall over the whole universe, for all eternity!" He yelled.

"NOOO!!!" Rini screamed running into the palace.

"I cannot grant a wish that exceeds my creators!" Said the dragon.

"What?!" Wise Man yelled, very angry. "Well then I wish for..." He never finished his sentence because Rini jumped up and tackled him.

"I won't let you hurt me or my family and friends anymore!" She screamed pulling out the locket. "Moon Crystal Power!"

Ribbons surrounded her body forming her boots, gloves, body suit, skirt, and bows. The moon glowed on her forehead and her tiara started from the moon and went across her forehead.

"I am Sailor Moon! The champion of justice! On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil and that means you!" Sailor Moon yelled.

"So you've taken your mother's place. You are now Sailor Moon. No matter, you're no match for me." Wise Man said lowering his crystal ball.

"Moon Scepter Elimination!" Sailor Moon yelled, crescent moons flew from the end of the scepter aimed right at Wise Man. It hit him, but he just laughed.

"You're going to have to do better than that Sailor Moon! The last time I knew you, you were much stronger." Wise Man said, hurling negative energy at Sailor Moon. She tried to move, but an invisible force called fear held her in place.

It hit her head on, throwing her back against the pillar that held up the ceiling. Sailor Moon cried out in pain, but she wasn't about to give up. She stood up, wobbling a little, and started to walk towards Wise Man. He had turned back to the dragon. He was getting ready to make his wish.

"Hey!" Sailor Moon yelled, getting Wise Man's attention. "Come on, you can't beat me that easily!"

"Ohh?! You're not through yet? You're not ready to give up? Then you die right now, but not before your parents!" Wise Man said, using his power to bring Sailor Moon's parents into the room. They were both awake now, but neither one could talk.

"Leave them alone!" Sailor Moon screamed.

Wise Man ignored her and brought them over to him.

"It's a shame, she is really beautiful." Wise Man said taking Queen Serenity's face in his hand. "So, Sailor Moon, which will be the first to die?"

"Put them down!" She screamed, she had that feeling again, the one that told her there was nothing she could do to save them. She looked over at her father's face.

"You won't decide? I'll chose for you!" Wise Man yelled, a ball of energy forming in the palm of his hand.

Chapter 10

Rini watched in horror as the ball of energy formed in Wise Man's hand. He looked over the Queen and then the King. Without warning he threw the ball of energy straight at Sailor Moon's father. The energy went through his heart and he fell to the ground dead. Blood leaked from his wound. Sailor Moon's eyes teared up, and she ran to the King's side.

"Daddy wake up!" She screamed holding his head in her lap. She looked up at her mother's face. Tears were streaming down her face. She couldn't move, she couldn't speak, she was too weak. "Mother!" She screamed as a second ball of energy went through her chest.

"NOOO!!" She wailed running to her mother's side. "Mommy! Wake up!" The King and the Queen were both lying on the floor dead. Their blood stained Sailor Moon's face.

"I'll make you pay!!" Sailor Moon screamed, grabbing her father's sword. She charged at Wise Man sticking the sword right where his heart should be. He made no reaction.

"You can't beat me that easily!" He said melting the sword that stuck out of his chest. He rose above her, and turned towards the dragon. "I wish for immortality!" He screamed.

"NOOOO!!!" Sailor Moon wailed trying to stop this from happening, but it was too late. The wish had been granted. Sailor Moon took a step back as Wise Man began to grow.

"HA HA HA!!" He laughed. "I am now the Doom Phantom!"

I have to do something, but what? Sailor Moon thought. How can I beat him now? He's immortal, so I can't kill him. Maybe I can trap him somehow.

"I've got it!" She screamed outloud. The Doom Phantom was laughing hysterically and didn't even realize what was happening to him.

Sailor Moon pulled the crystal out of her locket and held it above her head, but instead of yelling 'Moon Crystal Healing' she yelled.

"Moon Crystal trap this monster!" She held up the crystal, ribbons swirled around her body and instead of the princess dress forming around her, it was her mother's dress. She was becoming the new Queen Serenity. A portal opened above the Doom Phantom's head and sucked him in.

"No! I'm immortal! I can't die! What are you doing? Stop that!" The Doom Phantom yelled as he disappeared into the black hole above him.

Rini lay on the ground not moving. Her parents' spirits loomed above her head.

"Rini dear, wake up." Her mother's sweet voice said. Rini opened her eyes and met those of her mother's "We're both very proud of you darling, but we cannot stay here. You are the new Queen Serenity."

"But mom, what about the Dragon Balls? I can use them can't I?" Rini asked her eyes brimming with tears.

"I'm sorry honey, but this is your destiny. It cannot be changed. We will always watch over you darling."

"We love you Rini." The King said, kissing his daughter's crescent moon on her forehead.

"Please don't leave me. I can't do this on my own." Rini said, tears streaming down her face.

"You don't have to. We will always be with you and you still have the scouts and the young man you were with." Her mother said.

"What?! How did you know about him?" Rini asked. Her mother just smiled and her parents floated upward. A path to a beautiful field full of flowers and butterflies opened and the two of them strolled into it hand in hand.

"I'll miss you." Rini said through her tears. "I love you!"

"We love you too my dear." Her father said. The doorway closed up behind them and a feeling of warmth filled Rini's heart. All of her love shot through the palace and out throughout the planet. Everything that had been destroyed, returned to its original state.

The people woke up and looked in the direction of the palace. Rini was floating above it, love was radiating from her body. It spread across the countryside making everything and everyone that it touched change. The people woke up and felt hope deep in their hearts. The Briefs family woke up and the Son's, picking their heads up off of their plates, they all ran outside. They saw a light glowing over the horizon.

Trunks, Goku, Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, and Krillin headed towards Crystal Tokyo. They flew not even knowing why they were going. They were at the palace in minutes, and they stood in front of the palace looking up. Trunks saw Rini floating above the palace. There was a white light coming from her body, the moon on her forehead was glowing. Everyone stood and watched her they felt a warmth in their hearts, even Vegeta. The Queen brought peace and happiness once again.


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