Rini/Trunks Saga

A great tragedy occurs and Rini finds herself taking comfort in the arms of the Brief's family...

Rating: T Genre(s): Romance Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): ChibiUsa, Trunks Briefs Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/01/2016 Published: 03/01/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 6 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 4195

Part 5

Wicked Lady Takes Over

Chapter 1

Wicked Lady stood before Wise Man awaiting his orders. She had changed, she was evil, but deep down, Small Lady was still there.

"Get the Silver Imperium Crystal, and destroy it." Wise Man said, giving her orders.

"Yes master." She said in an evil voice. "I will obey your every command."

Wicked Lady walked slowly into the palace and into the room where the Queen kept the Silver Imperium Crystal. She walked over and picked up the crystal, and looked at it. It was beautiful. A voice in her head told her not to destroy it, but she just ignored it. She walked out of the palace holding the crystal. Instead of destroying it, she held it above her head and shouted.

"Moon Crystal Healing!" It was just an impulse; she didn't know what she was doing.

"What're you doing!" Shouted Wise Man.

She didn't answer, but the power poured over Wise Man and Rubius. Rubius walked towards her, but was thrown back when the power hit him. The real Rini had taken over Wicked Lady's body, but she wasn't strong enough to change back. Wise Man and Rubius screamed in pain as the power ripped through their bodies. Both of them turned to moon dust.

A doorway opened and Rini forced her way into it. She had to go to the past, but she didn't know how long she would have control over her body. She pushed her way through the black hole and appeared in Crystal Tokyo. She was too weak and couldn't hold the control over her body. Wicked Lady took over and she was forced back. She had the Silver Imperium Crystal, but she was too weak to use it. She was a prisoner in her own body.

Wicked Lady created an illusion, outside of the palace. She saw Queen Serenity run outside, so she decided that it would be best if she changed her form. She turned into a shadowy creature and came towards the queen grabbing her around the neck. Wicked Lady squeezed harder until she could hear the Queen gasping for breath.

Just then, all of the Queen's friends and family ran outside, including Small Lady. One by one, those pesky sailor scouts attacked, and one by one they fell to the ground dead. Each blow they threw made Wicked Lady stronger. No one could get to the Queen. The only ones left were Small Lady and her father, the King. The King attacked and he too fell to the ground dead. Small Lady fell to his side crying her eyes out. She then stood up and shouted.

"Moon Crystal POWER!" She transformed into Sailor Moon and attacked. She was no match for Wicked Lady, but she did manage to get Wicked Lady to release her mother.

She watched as Small Lady knelt at her mother's side and saw the tears in her eyes. I'm going to have to destroy her next. The Queen said something to Small Lady that Wicked Lady didn't hear, but somehow, she knew what had been said. Small Lady stood up and pulled out the time key. A black hole opened up above her head, and she floated up towards it. Wicked Lady watched as Small Lady disappeared into thin air.

Perfect. I've got you just where I want you! Wicked Lady thought; making the illusion of the destroyed city disappeared.

She then followed Small Lady to where ever it was that she went.


Rini tried to get control of her body, but she saw as her hands strangled the life out of her mother. It was her hands that killed all of the scouts and her father. She couldn't do anything about it, she was a prisoner. But Rini, realized that Wicked Lady didn't know that if she were to kill Small Lady in the past, that in the future, Wicked Lady wouldn't even exist.

I just have to trust that Small Lady will save me. She thought, remembering the past.


Wicked Lady crouched low in the bushes and watched Small Lady. She saw her walking down the street and fall to her knees. She saw the woman with the green hair kneel down beside Small Lady.

That woman looks familiar. Wicked Lady thought, still in her shadow form. But the thought was quickly pushed from her mind, she had to concentrate on destroying Small Lady.

Chapter 2

Wicked Lady was sat and watched Small Lady climb into the aircar next to the woman with green hair. She followed them to a huge building in the middle of nowhere.

Hmm... That lady might be of some use to me, if I can get close enough. Wicked Lady thought.

She watched them climb out of the car and go inside the huge building. Capsule Corp. was written on the side of the building and it looked really familiar to Wicked Lady.

She came closer and hid in the bushes outside. She watched through one of the windows as the woman with green hair, led Small Lady to a room in the back of the building. She couldn't hear what was being said, but she knew what they were talking about.


Bulma! Rini screamed, knowing that Bulma couldn't hear her. Rini knew what Wicked Lady was thinking and she knew that she would somehow use Bulma to her advantage. There was nothing she could do. She wasn't strong enough to stop her, but she didn't want to do those things. She was still upset about her parents, they were gone. There was nothing she could do. Rini could see Small Lady through the window, and she saw the tears that streaked down her face. She wanted to tell her that everything would be all right and that it would all work out, but she couldn't. She watched in silence at Small Lady's suffering.


Wicked Lady watched from the bushes as the woman with the green hair left the room. She followed her, looking in through the windows.

The woman looked out the window, sensing that she was being watched. Wicked Lady stayed hidden, couching in the shadows. The woman with the green hair stepped outside and went over to a chair that was in the yard. She was wearing a bathing suit and lounging in a lawn chair.

Wicked Lady waited for her eyes to close and then she approached her. Keeping an eye on the back door, Wicked Lady crept towards the unsuspecting woman. When Wicked Lady was about ten feet from her, a man with spiky black hair her stepped out the back door. Wicked Lady rushed into the bushes and hoped the man hadn't seen her.

"What was that?" He asked himself. He headed towards the bush that Wicked Lady was hiding in. She was hidden very well and after a few minutes he gave up muttering, "Damn cats." Under his breath. He walked over to the woman asleep in the chair, and pulled lightly on her hair.

"Wake up woman." He said. "Make my dinner."

"Shuttup Vegeta! Make your own damn dinner!" She barked at him, annoyed that he woke her from her nap. "I came out here to get a tan, so don't bother me."

"Stubborn woman." He muttered, walking back into the house, to go and train his son.

After a few minutes, the woman stood up and walked back into the house. She walked into the kitchen and started to cook dinner.

Wicked Lady studied her every move. Watching to see how she acted, so when she did take her over, she would know how to act. Wicked Lady went back to Small Lady's window and saw that she wasn't there. She just stayed around the house, just waiting for something to happen.

Wicked Lady watched and waited, and finally Small Lady entered her room. She got dressed and sat down on the edge of the bed. Wicked Lady watched as Small Lady got up to answer the door, there was a man standing there with lavender hair. She followed her around the side of the house, and saw them enter the kitchen and sit down at the table.

There were four people at the table. A man with spiky black hair, a man with lavender hair, a woman with green hair, and Small Lady. She watched as a fight broke out between Small Lady and the man with black hair. Small Lady ran to her room with tears in her eyes.

Chapter 3

The woman with green hair followed and sat down on the bed next to the crying Small Lady. She put her arms around Small Lady trying to soothe her. Wicked Lady watched as Small Lady told the woman with the green hair, what had happened.

After a few minutes, Small Lady laid down to go to sleep. This is my chance. Wicked lady thought, as she saw Small Lady's eyes close. Wicked Lady opened the window and climbed in, she looked down at Small Lady, with hatred in her eyes. She was about ready to strike, when she saw Small Lady stir. She sat straight up in bed, forcing Wicked Lady to hide under the bed. She peered out from under the bed as Small Lady got dressed and climbed out the open window. Wicked Lady climbed out from under the bed and followed her through the woods.

After a while, Small Lady stopped at a small stream and took a drink. Wicked Lady kept on coming, this was her chance. Just then, Small Lady stood up and pulled out her transformation broach, shouting "Moon Crystal Power!" Oh boy! An amateur Sailor Moon! This is going to be fun! Wicked Lady thought. Now this won't be so boring. I can mess with her a little and then I will destroy her! HAHAHAHA!

"Show yourself!" Sailor Moon shouted into the shadow. I can't keep her waiting. Wicked Lady thought, stepping out through the bushes still in a shadow form, a little more humanlike though. She wrapped her hands around Sailor Moon's neck, cutting off her oxygen. She squeezed harder until no oxygen was getting through.

Out of no where, a blast of energy came and hit Wicked Lady. She dropped Rini and searched for the source. She saw the man with the lavender hair catch her before she hit the ground. He took off heading away from Capsule Corp., and Wicked Lady couldn't help but laugh.

"Do you think I am that stupid? Do you think I don't know where you live?" She yelled laughing as they disappeared over the horizon. Wicked Lady's evil laugh echoed through the woods, scaring the animals out of their hiding places, causing them to run in fear.


Each time Wicked Lady gets hit, she becomes more and more powerful. This isn't good. Rini thought. This isn't good at all. Rini tried to break through to the surface, but it was no use, she still wasn't strong enough. She was stuck, with something very evil controlling her every move. There has to be something I can do. I just wish I knew what it was.


Wicked Lady didn't follow them this time. She went back to Capsule Corp. and studied the woman with the green hair. The man with the black hair, was outside punching and kicking the air. Another man with black hair that stuck out everywhere, and who was wearing an orange and blue outfit showed up and the two of them started to fight. Their hair turned a blond color and Wicked Lady sensed their huge powers.

Hmm... I may have to do something about these two. Wicked Lady thought. They may be a threat. She saw the woman come out and call the two of them inside.

"Vegeta. Have you seen our son today?" She asked the man that lived there, obviously he was her mate. "And how about Rini?"

"You interrupted us to ask about those brats?" He asked. "I've got more important things to do than worry about them."

"It was a question, have you seen them or not?" She barked.

"No!" He barked back, walking away to continue kicking the air.

"Who's Rini?" The man in the orange outfit asked her.

"This girl that I met. Her family was killed somehow, so we took her in, but I haven't seen her or Trunks since last night." She said.

"Do you want me to go and look for her?" He asked.

"No, I'm sure she'll be alright if she is with Trunks." She said. "But it's not like him to go off and not tell us anything."

Chapter 4

Wicked Lady stayed hidden as she waited to strike. She watched the woman walk into the house, she followed her with her eyes and saw her head in the direction of the kitchen. She followed hidden in the bushes. The two men had gone back to fighting and were punching and kicking each other, until one fell to the ground. After that, the one that was standing would gather energy in his hands and hurled it at the man on the ground. The man on the ground jumped out of the way the, energy just missing him. She watched as the two of them continued to fight. This is interesting. Wicked Lady thought. These two men gather energy in their hands and not in any weapon like Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts. No matter, they won't be a problem. As soon as I take over, they are as good as dead, just like Small Lady.


Bulma walked into the house and started to cook lunch for Goku and Vegeta. Hmm... I wonder where Trunks and Rini could be. It's not like Trunks to go off without at least telling me that he's leaving. I hope they're all right. Bulma thought, pouring some water in a pan and putting it on the burner. She got into the fridge and pulled out what she was going to make for dinner. Oh well, I'll have a big meal ready for them when they get back.

She was done cooking and about ready to call Goku and Vegeta when she saw something duck into the bushes. What was that? She thought. She walked over to the bushes and looked into them trying to find out what it was. When she didn't see anything she walked back into the house and set the table. She set the table and headed outside again to tell the guys lunch was ready when she saw someone flying towards her. It was dark and it was heading straight for her. She gasped and closed her eyes covering her face. When she opened them, Trunks was standing before her. He was holding Rini in his arms. She was wearing some sort of sailor outfit.

"Where were you?" She barked. "You scared me to death! I was so worried!"

"Calm down mom. I saw her sneak out, so I followed her." He said walking past Bulma, heading towards Rini's room. "I thought she might be in trouble."

Bulma watched him go into the house. He disappeared around the corner and then she headed over to where her husband was.

"Lunch's ready!" She yelled, getting their attention.

"FOOD!!!" They screamed in unison. Bulma jumped out of the way so they wouldn't run her over. They're like a herd of elephants. She thought. She followed them into the house and sat down at the table.

She was worried about Trunks, he was getting attached to this girl, and it wasn't good for him. Bulma was the only one that knew who she was and that she would have to leave. She didn't want Trunks to be heart broken.

"Aren't you gonna eat?" Goku asked, snapping her out of her thoughts. She took some food and forced herself to eat. She wasn't hungry, but she forced herself to eat, so they wouldn't know that anything was wrong.

Trunks entered the kitchen and sat down next to his father. He filled his plate and snarfed it down as fast as he could, just like his father. When he was done, he didn't say a word, he stood up and walked out of the kitchen, heading towards the gravity room. Vegeta stood up and followed him. Goku stayed for a few minutes after they left.

"What's wrong?" He again asked Bulma. "You're not normally this quiet."

"Nothing." She answered. "You better go with Trunks and Vegeta or they'll start without you."

Goku stood up and headed towards the gravity room.

Bulma had the feeling that something was watching her. She'd felt like that all day. She didn't know what it was or where it was coming from, but she knew something was out there waiting for the right moment to strike.

Chapter 5

If that stupid kid hadn't showed up, I would have had her!! Wicked Lady thought, a growl came from deep in her throat. I almost had her! She was right there! No matter, soon enough, I will take over that woman's body, and then Small Lady will be mine!

Wicked Lady was still hidden in the bush. She was frustrated and her anger was making her even more powerful. She sat and waited patiently, waiting for the right moment.


Bulma called ChiChi and asked her to come over. The two of them were going to get everyone together and see if they could help Rini. As soon as ChiChi hung up, she called Goten and told him to come on. They hurried outside, ChiChi threw a capsule on the ground and an aircar appeared in its place.

"Let's go!" ChiChi yelled into the house.

"I'm coming!" Goten yelled back. He ran out of the house, pulling his shoe on his foot. He jumped in the back of the car and they were off.

In a few minutes, they stopped in front of Capsule Corp. Bulma ran outside to greet them, hugging ChiChi.

"I'm really glad you're here." Bulma said to ChiChi. Goten climbed out and headed for the gravity room, he knew everyone was there.

"I'm going to the gravity room to train with everyone, okay?" Goten said walking into the building.

"Okay." Bulma said.

"How have you been?" ChiChi asked.

"I've been kind of stressed out lately." She answered.

"Well you can tell me all about it in the house." She said putting her arm around Bulma's shoulders and walking her into the house.


Look at them! They're pitiful! Wicked Lady thought watching more and more people arrive. They'll all have to die! I can't stand this waiting anymore! I'm gonna snap! Wicked Lady's breathing grew heavier as she thought about what she wanted to so to these people. I've got to calm down. She said t herself. I can't blow my cover. They can't know I'm here. She closed her eyes and breathed in deep, calming herself down. There'll be plenty of time for that, but for now, I've got to stay calm and wait.


It was later that night and Rini was still asleep in her room. Bulma couldn't help but go into her room. She looked at her sleeping form and couldn't help but smile. She looks like an angel. She thought. She is so beautiful, no wonder Trunks likes her. I don't want her to leave. In this short time she has been here, I've grown attached to her, she's like a daughter. Bulma kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the room and back into the living room.

"Where'd you go?" Asked ChiChi, when Bulma entered the room.

"I just went to see if Rini was awake yet." Bulma answered, sitting down on the couch next to ChiChi. Everyone was there. Goku, Goten, ChiChi, Gohan and Videl, Trunks and Vegeta sat aside from everyone else. Trunks must be having a real hard time with this. Bulma thought. He hasn't even said a work to Goten tonight. Bulma looked over at Goten and saw the hurt look on his face. His best friend didn't even say 'hi' to him. Bulma stood up and walked over to Goten. She sat down next to him. He just sat there, not saying anything.

"Don't worry Goten." She said reassuringly. "He's still your friend. I think he's going through a lot though, with Rini and all. He hasn't said anything since he brought her back."

"Thanks for trying to cheer me up, but it's not really working." Goten said, forcing a smile. She stood up and walked back over to the couch and sat down.

"Poor Goten." She said so only ChiChi could hear. "His best friend's drifting away."

Chapter 6

Trunks heard his mother and walked outside, he walked up a hill and sat at the top of it, looking at the stars. A few minutes later, Rini walked into the kitchen. She stopped when she saw a bunch of people she didn't know, staring at her. Bulma walked up next to her.

"Everyone, this is Rini." Bulma said with a big smile on her face.

"Uhh.. who are these people? And why are they staring at me?" Rini asked in a low voice, so only Bulma could hear.

"I'm sorry Rini." Bulma said, embarrassed because she had forgotten to introduce them. "This is Goku, his wife ChiChi, his sons Goten and Gohan, and Videl, Gohan's wife."

"Nice to meet all of you." Rini said politely.

"They've come here to help you." Bulma said.

"Yeah, we've come to train you." Goku said.

"Train me? But I already know how to fight. I'm Sailor Moon." Rini said.

"Sailor who?" Goku asked.

"Sailor Moon, the messenger of love." She said.

"If you train with us you'll be strong enough to beat that thing that Trunks told us about." Goku said.

"Trunks! Where is he?" Rini asked.

"He's outside." Bulma said, and before she could protest, Rini was out the door running up the hill towards Trunks.


Look at that little brat! Wicked Lady thought, watching Small Lady run up the hill towards the man with lavender hair. Little tramp, had to be with her man! I'll get you soon enough little girl, you and all of your friends!

Rini fought against the evil that had entered her body, but had no luck. It was too strong, it would take a miracle for her to escape from the prison she had been trapped in, which happened to be her own body. She screamed at Wicked Lady, but was ignored. Wicked Lady didn't even hear her, she was too weak to even get through so Wicked Lady could hear her. With each passing minute, more of her energy was sucked away, making Wicked Lady even stronger. How will I ever get free? Rini thought.


Bulma watched from the window as Rini ran up to Trunks. I don't want to see you get hurt, Trunks. She'll have to leave sooner or later. She's the Princess. Bulma thought. She hadn't told anyone that Rini was actually Princess Serenity, the one that had died ten years earlier along with the rest of the royal family. They knew that she was Sailor Moon, but only Bulma knew that she was really the Princess, and for some reason, she couldn't tell everyone else. Something was telling her not too.

"What's wrong?" Someone asked her.

"Huh? Oh, nothing." Bulma said sitting down at the table across from her husband, sipping her tea.

"We'd better get going. It's getting late." Goku said. There were hugs and kisses and then everyone left.

"What's wrong?" Vegeta asked again after everyone left.

"I'm worried that Trunks is going to get hurt." Bulma said.

"Trunks is strong, nothing'll hurt him." Vegeta said.

"Not physically, emotionally. I'm afraid when Rini leaves, he'll get hurt. I don't want that to happen to him." Bulma said.

"He'll be fine." Vegeta said, standing up and walking towards their bedroom. "You coming?"

"In a minute." She said. Vegeta walked over to her and kissed her on the lips. "Don't be too long." He said with a sly smile on his face.

Bulma couldn't help but smile, it quickly faded as she fell back into her thoughts. She stood up and walked outside. Such a beautiful night. Bulma thought, enjoying the night air.


This is too perfect! Wicked Lady thought, seeing the woman with the green hair step outside alone. It's too easy, she can't defend herself from me and there is no one with her to save her from me! Wicked Lady ran behind the house, making sure she caught the woman's attention. Follow me! She thought.

"Who's there?" She heard the woman say, barely above a whisper. The woman came from around the corner and Wicked Lady stood before her, still barely anything more that a shadow. She watched the woman drop the cup in her hand and she saw the woman's mouth drop open. Before the woman could make a sound, Wicked Lady dove into her body taking control of all of her muscles and bones.

"Finally." Wicked Lady said, after she had possessed the woman's body. "Now I can get close enough to kill that little brat, Small Lady."


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