Rini/Trunks Saga

A great tragedy occurs and Rini finds herself taking comfort in the arms of the Brief's family...

Rating: T Genre(s): Romance Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): ChibiUsa, Trunks Briefs Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/01/2016 Published: 03/01/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 6 Status: Complete
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Part 3

We Meet Again

Chapter 1

"Rini! Are you ready to go?" Queen Serenity's voice rang out through the palace.

"Coming mother!" She yelled back. It had been almost eleven years since she had met Trunks and she still thought about him all the time. It was really hard at first, but she knew she would see him again. She had come home and used the Dragon Balls to bring back everyone Wicked Lady had killed. She was 26 now and still wore her hair like her mother. She looked up to her mother so much, she was her role model. She had been so proud when Rini had defeated Wicked Lady and brought them all back.

"Oh Rini! We're all so proud of you." Her mother said. "I never doubted that you would find a way. We love you so much." She ran to Rini, throwing her arms around her daughter's waist, crying into her hair.

She remembered this and it brought a tear to her eye that she quickly wiped away. That's the past. I'll find him really soon. She thought. I can feel it. She picked her suitcase and walked out of her room. I guess I won't be in here for a while. She thought as she left her room for the last time. I have so many memories about this place, I can't believe I'm leaving.

She walked into the living room and set down her suitcase, next to the rest of her luggage. Her parents were standing in front of her. She walked over and gave both of them a hug.

"I'll see you in a few months." She told them. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." She added, when she saw her mother open her mouth. She knew what was coming, the usual tearful goodbye.

"Please, take care of yourself." She said. She kissed Rini on the cheek. "Promise?"

"Promise." Rini said, they had been so much closer after her mother had been brought back to life.

"You make sure you write once in a while so your mother isn't too worried." Her father told her, picking up her bags and taking them out to the taxi that was waiting. "We'll miss ya kid."

After all of the good-bye's, Rini climbed into the back of the cab. She was on her way to the airport. I can't wait! She thought. This is so exciting, going to school in America. America! She couldn't believe it, she'd always wanted to go to America and see what it was like.

The drive took about twenty minutes because of traffic. The cab pulled up to the curb and helped her unload her bags onto a luggage rack. She paid the driver and went inside. She took her luggage in and tagged it and went to her entrance to the plane. She was early, there were only a few people, and one of them had light purple hair and blue eyes. He looks really familiar. She thought. He looks kind of like Trunks, but that's impossible. Why would he be flying on an airplane to America? He knows how to fly.

She pushed the thought from her mind and took out a book from her bag. She tried to concentrate on reading the book, but she wanted to go over to him and ask what his name was. For about a half an hour, she tried to read her book, glancing every now and then in his direction. Just forget about it. She screamed at herself. It's not him, he would have noticed you be now.

After a while they announced that there was going to be a 2-hour delay. The plane was having engine trouble. Rini let out a long sigh, and stood up. She walked over into the mall that was attached and bought herself a can of pop. I wonder if that was he. She thought to herself. It sure did look like him. She bought another book and headed back over to the chair to wait for the plane.

She still didn't go over to him. She was afraid that if it wasn't him, she would be so embarrassed and then she would be depressed because she had gotten her hopes up. She just didn't want to be disappointed.

"Trunks!" Rini heard a woman call out. She saw the young man's head turn toward the voice. "You forgot this!"

Rini saw a beautiful young girl running towards him, holding a bag.

No! She thought, feeling jealous. That better not be his girlfriend.

Chapter 2

She watched in silent horror as a girl about his age ran up to him, handing him the bag. She was beautiful, with her long legs and her long shining brown hair. Her eyes sparkled when she saw him. It looked like he was really happy to see her too.

"Thanks." He said. "I owe you one." He said kissing her on the cheek. Rini felt her face grow warm from her anger and sorrow. She had waited for 11 years to find him and he has a girlfriend? I don't think so! Rini thought, setting down her book and walking towards him. When she was a few steps away from him, they were called to board the plane.

Oh well, I'll see him on the plane. She thought. At least she won't be around. Rini grabbed her book and her bag and walked over to board the plane. They took her ticket and lead her to her First Class seat. She stowed her luggage and sat down in her seat. A few minutes later, Trunks boarded the plane and was seated next to her. She blushed when she saw him. She felt like she was only fifteen again. He's so cute! She thought.

"Hi. My name is Trunks." He said, taking his seat next to Rini. "What's your name?"

"Uhh..." She said blushing like a middle schooler, she couldn't work her vocal cords. He must not recognize me. She thought. He looked at her.

"Have we met? You look familiar." he said. "Like someone I met in a dream. Listen to me, I'm not making sense, or course we've never met before."

But we have met before! She silently screamed. Please remember me! She silently urged.

"My name is uhh... Serena." She said, wanting to know if he did remember her.

"Why are you headed to America?" He asked, making small talk.

"I'm going to go to a college there." She said, feeling proud of her accomplishment. "They are paying the tuition and everything, all I to do is pay for food and for books."

"Wow! That's great!" He said. "How long are you staying?"

"For now, I'm only staying for a few months, you know, long enough to take a few class they don't have in Japan." She said. "I don't really know if I could stay away from my family for any longer than that."

"A few months is better than never, right?" He said.

"Yeah, I guess so. I've always wanted to see the world, and what better place to start than America." She said. "Why are you going to America?"

"I'm going to go and visit someone. I don't know why, but I had a feeling that I would see her there." He answered, kind of day dreaming.

Could he be talking about me? Rini thought. I mean, I was a lot younger then, I was only 15, so maybe he doesn't recognize me.

They talked for a few more minutes and then it was time to take off. Rini was kind of nervous, she had never flown in an airplane before. She started to fidget, she fingered the necklace that her mother had given her the year before. It was very beautiful. It was a gold heart locket, on a gold chain. Inside of the locket, there was a picture of her and all of her friends and the other one was of her and her parents when she was really young. It was before she went back to the past and met Sailor Moon for the first time and now she was Sailor Moon.

"What's wrong?" Trunks asked, seeing how nervous she was. "Haven't you ever flown before?"

"I've flown before, but it wasn't in an airplane." She said, hoping that maybe that would jog his memory. "It was a long time ago though."

"It's not that bad." Trunks said. "You feel free, when you are high above everything. At least, I do."

The plane moved out to the runway and began to speed up. Rini griped the seat arms and closed her eyes. She plane moved faster and she squeezed her eyes closed even tighter.

Chapter 3

The plane sped up and finally after a minute or two, left the ground. Rini opened one eye and realized that they were off the ground.

"That was it?" She said, surprised. "That wasn't bad at all. Actually, it was kind of fun. I wouldn't mind doing that again."

"I told you so." He said. "It's fun."

Just then, the Flight Attendant came over the PA and said that the in flight movie was about to begin. The screen came down from above. Rini decided that if she took a nap, maybe the time on the flight would be shorter. She asked the lady for a pillow and laid her seat back. After a few minutes, she fell into a deep sleep.

"Rini! Don't go!" Trunks screamed, running to try and stop her, but she couldn't stop. Something was calling her and she had to find out what it was.

She pushed Trunks aside and kept on moving, toward this strange light coming out of a black hole.

This is my destiny. She thought. I must go to it. She kept on walking. She finally came to it, Trunks was still trying to pull her back.

"You can't go!" He screamed, holding onto her shoulders.

She shrugged him off and jumped into the black hole. It closed up behind her and Trunks was left all alone.

Rini was flying, flying through an endless sea of stars. She heard a voice.

"It is your destiny." It said to her. "Come and fulfill your destiny."

She was floating, she closed her eyes and concentrated on the voice that called out to her. I have to go to her. Rini thought. I must keep on going.

She concentrated even harder and when she opened her eyes, she was standing in the middle of a destroyed city. The buildings weren't even buildings, but piles of rubble. She looked around at the destruction around her. What is this place. She thought. It can't be Tokyo. Can it? She walked towards the center of the city and saw the remains of the palace. Her home. It was destroyed, just like everything else in this place.

She walked over to where her room had been and started to pick through the rubble. She found a bear, a bear that she had gotten when she was sick. She was only a child, but she remembered. She had a temperature and her mother didn't know what to do, so she took her to the hospital. The people there were so nice. They gave her medicine that made her feel better, and her mother had come into the room with the bear, to cheer her up. She clutched the bear to her chest, which brought tears to her eyes. This happened 11 years ago, but it's different, this time, I can't change it, it's too late.

I can't let this happen! She thought. Whoever did this will pay. But then, she remembered that she had left Trunks behind. She was in the wrong time or place, she could still prevent this from happening somehow.

A man appeared in front of her with a black cape covering his face and shoulders. All you could see was his hands.

"So Small Lady, you have come to accept your destiny. You will join me." Wise Man told her.

"No! I'll never join you. You won't get me to join you without a fight!" She yelled, feeling anger begin to form deep within. "I will fight, and destroy you for good! This time, you won't be coming back!"

He seized her by the shoulders, holding to her tight, so she couldn't try to hit him.

"You will join me, and we will rule an endless universe of silence." He said, tightening his grip.

Chapter 4

Rini's eyes shot open. She quickly looked around her and saw that Trunks was staring at her.

"Nightmare?" He asked.

"That was beyond a nightmare, that was a 'night horror'" She said, finally starting to calm down. "I'm glad it was only a dream."

She couldn't help thinking about Trunks. About when they were together. It may have only been for a little while, but it was special. And she was upset because Trunks didn't remember it.

"Maybe if you talk about it, you'd feel better." He said, with concern in his voice.

"No, that's okay. I don't really want to talk about it." She said. Because you were in it. She thought.

"We'll be there in about a hour." He told her.

"Really? I slept that long?" She asked surprised.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you were going to sleep the whole time." He said with a smile. "It's be nice cause these movies really suck."

"Yeah? What's playing?" She asked.

"Some movie with girls fighting evil in sailor outfits with mini skirts." He said laughing as the girl with long blond pigtails was hit in the face with a tennis ball. "It's pretty funny. That girl with the pig tails keeps on getting knocked over or hit in the face."

Rini chuckled when she saw the girl fall over. She knew who they were and laughed at her mother, Sailor Moon.

An hour later, the plane landed and this time Rini didn't freak out like she had during the take off. She was still a little shaken up by that dream she had had. What if it is a premonition? What if it really comes true? Crazy thoughts flew through her head. She stood up and everyone got off of the plane.

Rini went and picked up her things and was heading out to the front to find the person that was supposed to pick her up. She looked around and saw a man in a uniform, holding up a sign with her name on it. She started towards him when a man grabbed the bag she was holding.

"Hey! Come back here!" She yelled chasing after him.

Trunks heard someone yell and then a man ran by holding a woman's bag. Hey! That guy stole her bag! Trunks thought running after him at a fast pace. He caught up to the guy easy, using his Saiyan speed. He tackled the man to the ground and held him there until security arrived. The woman that came to claim the bag was the one he had sat next to on the plane.

"Oh! It's you!" He said, looking into her ruby red eyes. "Here you are." He handed her the bag.

"Thank you." She said, throwing her arms around his neck, hugging him. She had totally forgotten that Trunks didn't remember her. Pulling away from him abruptly she said. "I'm sorry. It's just, that bag had all of my valuables in it, that's why I carried it with me on the plane."

"You're welcome." he said. She turned and saw that the man with the sign was gone.

"Oh no." She cried, catching Trunks attention. "My ride left. Oh man, shoot!"

"I can give you a ride somewhere. I don't really have a place that I need to go to." He said motioning to a man holding a sign with Trunks Briefs written neatly across it.

"Are you sure?" She asked.

"Of course I'm sure. You can't just stay here, and I won't feel right if I left you here because you probably wouldn't be able to find a cab." he answered.

Chapter 5

The driver lead Rini and Trunks outside to a limo that was waiting by the curb.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" She asked.

"Of course I'm sure." He answered. The driver opened the back door and Rini climbed in, followed by Trunks. The door was closed behind them and the driver put their luggage in the trunk of the limo. "So where are you headed?"

"I have to go to the University." She answered.

"Driver, take us to the University." He said over the speaker to the driver.

"Where exactly are you staying?" She asked.

"Actually, I'm not really sure. I kind of came here on the spur of the moment." He told her. "I had this feeling that I would meet this girl I used to know."

Is he talking about me? Rini asked herself. She didn't know what to think, she was so confused. She wanted to tell him, but she couldn't, she had to figure it out for himself.

There's something about this girl. She reminds me of Rini, but that's impossible. He thought. It has to be her, though. It looks just like her except she is a lot older. What a minute! Rini was from the past, so this must be her! I've found you, my Princess!

"Do your friends call you Rini?" He asked, trying not to show any sign that he remembered. He wanted to make sure it was her first. He saw a huge smile cross her lips and she threw her arms around his neck.

"I knew you hadn't forgotten! It's been 11 years, I'm so glad to see you! I missed you so much!" She cried trying to hold back her tears.

"Rini? It's really you?" He asked, puzzled.

"Yes! It's me! I've missed you so much!" She cried into his shoulder. He took her by the shoulders and looked down into her eyes.

"My Princess." He whispered, pressing his lips to hers, kissing her so sweet.

Rini lay in his arms, never wanting to leave. They were coming up on the University. The driver pulled into the campus and to the girl's dorm.

"I don't want you to leave." She said looking up into his eyes.

"Don't worry. I'll come and see you later tonight after you get settled in." He said, helping her with her bags. "I have to find an apartment so I'm not staying in a hotel, those can be really expensive."

"Okay, then. I'll see you tonight." She said kissing him lightly on the lips. Trunks walked back to the car and climbed in the back.

"Tonight at 7:00. OK?" He said.

"OK!" She said. "I'll see you then."

She walked into her room and began to unpack. Two girls walked into the room and greeted her warmly.

"Hi!" One said. "My name is Michelle and this is Sarah. What's your name?"

"Rini." She answered, pulling her princess dress out of her bag and hanging it up in her part of the closet.

"That's a really pretty dress." Michelle said. "Where did you get it?"

"It was my mother's. She insisted that I brought it in case I had to go somewhere fancy."

"Well, I'd say that is fancy." Said Sarah. "I don't even think I wore something that fancy to my mom's wedding."

They told her about themselves and Rini told them about her. They were surprised to learn that Rini was the Moon Princess that they had heard about. They had seen her mother on TV and stuff, but Rini had been young then, and Queen Serenity had tried to hide her daughter, she knew how the press could be.

Just then Rini felt something. She wasn't sure what it was. She had never felt anything like it before. It was strong and she could feel evil power radiating from whatever it was. Sarah and Michelle noticed that she was concentrating on something, so they stopped talking.

It was coming towards them. Rini could feel it. It was coming for her. Just then, the window burst, sending glass all over the room. A monster stood in front of her with long horns and an black upside down, crescent moon on it's forehead. Sarah and Michelle were so surprised by the sudden burst, that they both fainted. Rini pulled out her locket and held it above her head.

"Moon Crystal Power!" She yelled. Ribbons surrounded her body and in a minute, she stood before a monster in her mom's sailor suit.

"I am Sailor Moon!" She cried.

Chapter 6

"I will right wrong and triumph over evil! And that means you!" She shouted. The monster turned and jumped out of the window. Sailor Moon followed it, jumping down to the street below. "Where do you think you're going?"

"It's time for you to become one of us Small Lady." The monster yelled.

"What?! I'll never become one of you!" She yelled. "Moon Scepter Elimination!" She yelled using the Moon Scepter.

"You'll be one of us soon!" The monster screamed as it turned into moon dust.

"Moon dust!" She shouted as the monster was destroyed.

She changed back and rushed to her room where her new friends were unconscious on the floor.

"Wake up." She cried picking up Michelle's head and laying it in her lap. She managed to lift both of them up and lay them in their beds. Oh well, they'll be fine. She thought. But something worries me. Where did that thing come from? Why did it have that crescent moon on its forehead? Sailor Moon defeated Wise Man years ago, how can that monster have the symbol? These thoughts raced through her head. She didn't even hear the doorbell ring.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" Trunks said when he walked in the door. "Rini? Where are you?"

"Trunks! You're early." Rini said greeting him with a kiss on the cheek.

"I felt something really weird. It was a ki level, but it was different that a normal one. It was like, it had been dead or something."

"There was a monster here, but I turned it into moon dust." She said. "But the weird thing was, Sailor Moon beat it a long time ago. Somehow it rose from the dead and attacked me."

"That's really weird." He said. "Let's just forget about it for now and have a good time."

"OK. I'll go and change my clothes." She said, going into the bathroom and changing into a really cute tight pink dress. She brushed her teeth, washed her face and pulled her hair up into her normal pig tail hairstyle, just like her mother.

In a few minutes, she was ready to go.

"I really hate to leave them alone, but I can't stay." She said, quickly writing a note and heading out the door.

Trunks led her out to the limo that was waiting and opened the door for her. "After you." He said politely.

They went to dinner and then a movie. After the movie, they stopped at a small ice cream parlor and sat down to talk. Rini told him all about her life since they had met and he told her about everything that had happened the past year that he was apart from her.

Rini had a wonderful time and didn't ever want it to end, but she had class in the morning so she had to go back. They drove into the University and dropped Rini off. Trunks walked her to the door and kissed her on the lips at the door.

"Good night Princess." He said.

"Good night, my Prince." She said. "Until tomorrow."

Trunks turned and walked slowly down the hall and back out to the car. Rini sighed and turned to go into her room.

"Who was that?" Michelle asked. "He was hot!"

"That's Trunks. My boyfriend." She answered.

"Does he have a friend, or a brother?" Asked Sarah, drooling over him as well.

"Well, he does have a friend." She said.

"When can we meet him?" Michelle asked getting really excited.

"Well, he kind of lives in Japan." She answered.

Both girls' faces dropped. They were disappointed, but what could she say. It was true and there was nothing she could do to change the fact that all of her friends were in Japan.


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