Light Meets Darkness

Serena dreams of a mysterious boy she feels a strong connection to. Once she dies her crystal sends her to the boy and into a host of new problems.

Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Drama Series: Sailor Moon/Gundam Wing Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Hiiro Yui Author(s): Usa-chan Last Updated: 02/26/2016 Published: 02/26/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 11 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 1450

Chapter Ten – Serena's Final Decision

Serena looked around herself in shock as she realized time had frozen for her and Heero. She looked behind her and saw her friends transformed and prepared to fight whomever they had to in order to ensure that she agree to return home with them. Serena realized that both her friends and that Peacemillian would have been destroyed so she had called upon the mighty power of the Silver Crystal and it had decided to freeze time for her.

As if from far away Serena heard a voice. "My gift to you my daughter. A full five minutes to say goodbye to the one you love." Serena realized Queen Serenity was speaking to her and her eyes slid to Heero.

She smiled as she realized he had not heard her mother's words. 'Thank you, mother,' she thought sadly.

Serena looked upwards and noticed the gem slowly revolving in a circle. She slowly tore her eyes away from the item and she stared into the deep blue eyes of Heero. "Heero," She whispered softly her voice vibrating with her held back tears.

Heero turned towards her his eyes masked and not revealing any of his emotions. She lowered her eyes to hide her tears and she was startled when she felt his fingers gently lift her chin up. "Serena," Heero whispered softly.

Serena stared into his eyes for a moment allowing everything she couldn't express to shine through. Her sadness at leaving. Her anger of having no choice and her hope that they would one day be together. Tears trickled down her cheeks and she did nothing to restrain them. Heero gently took one hand and wiped the moisture away as he continously stared into Serena's sparkling eyes.

"I have to go, Heero. My world needs me. Even though I want to stay here with you I have to follow destiny. If what they said is true... I just can't let my family die."

She took a deep shuddering breath as she fought back the tears that demanded that their prescene be felt. "Fate is cruel but I make you a promise," She paused and looked into Heero's eyes. "I love you more than life itself, and yet I must leave to fufill destiny. I don't want to go, Heero," She broke down and began to sob.

Heero leaned forward and gently kissed her closed eyelids. The warm salty tears lingered on his lips before he lifted Serena's chin and gently kissed her on the lips. She whimpered softly her heart torn to shreds as she relaxed in his embrace. "Heero," Serena whispered softly. "I'll never love anyone as much as I love you. I love you with all of my heart, my soul, and my mind," She confessed.

She looked up at him her eyes trusting as she bared her soul, "Ever since I first dreamed about you I knew I loved you and no one else. When I finally got to meet you I was horrified that it was just another dream and I would be ripped from your world once again. Heero, I hate destiny. The only thing I want is about to be torn away and I don't think I can bear it," Serena said in a shakey whisper her eyes riveted to Heero's.

Heero stared at her for a moment. The mask fell from his eyes for a moment and Serena received the barest glimpse of how he felt about her. "Serena," He whispered as his tongue fought with the words he had never told another human being.

Serena pressed a single finger against his lips as supreme happiness shone in her eyes. "I know Heero and I love you too. Always and forever. I'll figure out a way to escape destiny once and for all. Then you and I can be together."

Heero slightly pulled away his eyes like cold ice. "Serena, you will return one day." It was a statement and not a question.

Serena nodded her blue sapphire eyes shimmering with fresh tears. "I promise, Heero. I will return one day." She closed her eyes banishing more tears and concentrated.

Serena knew that Heero would not be pleased with what she was planning. 'I can't live knowing that someone owns my heart as much as he does,' she thought in sadness. 'I'll tell him I'll return one day and I do plan to but...' her thoughts stopped. Serena took a shaking breath as she gathered the courage for the lie she was about to tell. 'I will return one day, Heero,' she thought. 'Only not as soon as you think. I'm going to use the Silver Crystal to wipe our memories. That's the only way I can survive. Without remembering you I can't be heart broken. As much as I hate it my destiny is with Darien...'

Serena looked up at Heero and hoped he would forgive her. She held her hands to the sky and concentrated.

The crescent moon wand appeared gently revolving in the air and Serena grabbed it. She pressed the item into Heero's hands. "Keep it to remember me by until I return," She pleaded softly. Heero nodded and put the magical weapon away. Serena turned away. 'I'll come back when I can, Heero,' she thought looking at him sadness reflecting in her eyes.

Serena looked up as the Silver Crystal quit revolving and she threw herself into Heero's arms kissing him farewell. The silver light again surrounded the two and time returned to normal. Darien glared at the kissing couple and the Sailor Scouts watched in disbelief.

Princess Serena pulled away. "Goodbye, Heero my love," She whispered before grabbing the Silver Crystal.

She held the mystical jewel close to her heart as she made her silent wish. 'Please Silver Crystal return me, the Sailor Scouts, and Darien to our time, and erase all of mine and my friends memories. I don't want to remember Heero and I don't want anyone here remembering me until the time is right. Please let us be normal teenagers again,' she pleaded mentally.

The Silver Crystal blazed brightly and in a silvery white flash Serena and everyone else from her time vanished.

Quatre, Duo, Wufei, and Trowa where too busy watching the group vanish to notice a single tear course down Heero's cheek. He wiped the remains of the tear away and by the time his fellow Gundam Pilots had turned around he was back to his emotionless self.

The silver light washed over the Gundam Pilots and all memories of the smiling blonde-haired blue-eyed girl were locked up unitl the day Serena would return. Heero realized what was happening and his lips thinned in disaproval. "Serena," he whispered in anger before his memories were sealed away.

Epilogue: A New Day

Luna watched as Serena bolted out of bed. She watched the girl hurridely dress then dash out of the room. A faint scratching on the window had her look up and she smiled as she recognized Artemis. She opened the window and she jumped to a tree before jumping on the roof. Artemis looked startled for a moment but followed her.

"I can't believe they actually beat Beryl," Artemis said his tone shaking with disbelief. Luna nodded, "Yes, but now they don't remember any of it. Being friends or Sailor Scouts." Artemis nodded in agreement and watched as Luna leapt off the roof and into another tree. He smiled and followed her

The two cats leapt from tree to tree until they reached a tree next to a hospital room. "Don't worry, Luna. They just need to meet up again and become friends. Then they'll remember." Luna nodded at the wiseness he displayed.

"Yes, but what about Serena and Darien?" She queried pointing a paw at the hospital window where Darien lay sleeping.

Serena entered the room and crouched down beside the sleeping man placing one slim hand on his own as he woke up. "Hi, I'm Serena a hospital volunteer. You've had a really bad accident. I hope you're feeling better."

Darien nodded as he studied the young girl. "Yeah, you know, Serena no offense but you have the funniest hair. It looks like a pair of meatballs."

Serena blinked in shock, "What? Here I come to cheer you up and you say my hair looks like meatballs?" She screeched in outrage.

Luna let her eyes drift from the arguing duo in the hospital back to Artemis, "I have a feeling everything is going to be back to normal now," She announced. Artemis agreed with her and the two cats jumped out of the tree and made their way back to their own homes.


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