Kurayami no Naka de Hikari

Kurayami no Naka de Hikari

Kagome is in a bad relationship with a hanyou... After she's locked outside in the pouring rain, she almost dives from a bridge only to be pulled back at the last minute! Can she love again?

Rating: MA Genre(s): Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Alternate Universe Series: Inuyasha Character(s): Inuyasha, Kagome Higurashi Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 07/07/2012 Published: 05/12/2011 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 25 Status: Incomplete

Story Notes

The title means "A Light in the Dark" according to Google Translate. This is my first Inuyasha fanfic, though I've been writing fanfiction for a long time now. I've mostly written Sailor Moon crossover stories in the past, but I'm a big fan of Inuyasha and have been hooked on it for a while. I've seen the whole series subtitled and the movies. I'm currently watching subs of Inuyasha Final Act (can't remember the Japanese title off-hand. Would google it but I'm writing this on my android). I just finished the 'Final Act' fansubs and it was REALLY good! I'm so glad Rumiko Takehashi didn't leave this one unfinished! It's also unfortunate that I haven't had the opportunity to read much of the manga. Also please note I was really depressed and upset when I wrote this so if it's a big angsty and dark, that's why.

This story is AU, I'll try to keep them in character as best as I can. It takes place in the modern era but there are youkai in it. Humans and youkai live in peace for the most part. It takes place when Kagome is a bit older, early to mid-twenties and Kagome is in college (university).

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