Flaw in Time

Sequel to Destiny Rewritten. Rini goes after Serena and what was once a happily ever after is starting to shift. Loves are tested, new battles waged and the timeline has a new serious flaw.

Rating: T Genre(s): Romance Series: Sailor Moon/Ronin Warriors Character(s): Usagi Tsukino Author(s): Usa-chan Last Updated: 02/26/2016 Published: 02/26/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 9 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 1546

Chapter Three – Sailor Senshi?

Serena regained consciousness and noticed a white-haired man watching her. “Who are you?” he demanded while staring into her crystal blue eyes. Serena’s armor vanished as she detransformed. “I’m Serena of the Moon.” She whispered while staring into the man’s eyes. Confusion covered her features as her mind raced for a reason she had revealed her identity to this man. He stared into her eyes and Serena shivered. “Why did you have the royal symbol on your forehead during the battle?” he asked in a cold voice. Serena struggled to look away and was shocked when she realized she couldn’t move. The man stared at her anger appearing in his features. A third eye opened horizontally on his forehead. “Why?” he demanded. Serena felt herself losing control and she stared into the man’s eyes as she answered. “I’m Princess Serena.” She replied in a trance-like tone.

Prince Diamond studied the teenaged girl. ‘She could be Neo Queen Serenity.’ The thought. Serena pulled her brooch out of her pocket. Prince Diamond studied her and frowned. ‘Neo Queen Serenity has much longer hair, and is never seen without the royal hairstyle.’ He mused. Serena began to glow as she held her brooch. There was an extremely bright white light and Princess Serena stood in front of Prince Diamond. The prince grinned as he saw the familiar royal hairstyle that ended at the girl’s ankles. Princess Serena stood silent as Prince Diamond surveyed her. Her eyes were oddly vacant and contained no emotions.

Sapphire, Emerald, and a cloaked figure watched Prince Diamond put Serena into a trance from the figure’s crystal ball. “Wiseman, why did Diamond order that girl to be saved?” demanded Sapphire. Wiseman studied the girl as she transformed into a princess. “That girl is a younger version of Neo Queen Serenity.” Explained the Wiseman. Emerald glared at the beautiful Princess Serena. “How dare Prince Diamond save that pitiful wretches life.” She whispered in hatred.

Sage stared at Yuli in disbelief. “Rini told you Serena was her mother?” he asked. Yuli nodded. “Yes, and she said her father’s name was King Darien.” Sage paled. ‘Serena would have been a queen if she had never came here.’ He thought. Yuli turned toward Anubis. “Are you sure your staff won’t help us?” he whined. Anubis sighed and slowly shook his head. “I know nothing of our enemies. To teleport us there I need to know where to go.” He explained. Kento frowned in thought. “Do you think the Sailor Scouts will help us?” he asked Ryo. Sage frowned and hate flickered through his pale blue eyes. “How could they do something we can’t?” he demanded. Ryo glared at Sage. “The only important thing is that we bring Serena home. No matter whose help we have to ask for to do it.” He stated icily. Rowen studied Ryo for a moment before nodding. “I agree with Ryo. They may have a bond with her and know where she’s at.” Sage sighed and nodded his consent. Ryo turned toward Anubis. “Take us to the scouts.” He spoke for the rest of the group. Anubis nodded and the group surrounded Anubis as he concentrated. As the staff glowed golden the group vanished.

Prince Diamond left the room and Princess Serena’s eyes returned to normal. She looked down at herself and her eyes widened in shock. “Why am I the princess?” she asked aloud. Vague bits of memory returned to her and she sank to the ground. “I became Princess Serena in front of him?” she asked herself in a whimper.

Anubis arrived in a temple and he scanned the grounds. Raye appeared and studied them for a moment. Her eyes hardened as she realized Serena was not with them and she advanced on Sage. “You’re here for help, aren’t you?” she demanded her tone vibrating with anger. “You let my best friend get hurt or even worse!” her hand lashed out and she slapped Sage’s cheek with all her might. “Raye, we do need your help.” Explained Ryo. A small boy grabbed her sleeve. “You have to help the Ronin Warriors find Rini.” He pleaded. “Where’s Serena?” she demanded staring at Sage.

Sailor Pluto frowned. She sighed and glanced at Queen Serenity. “I have to call the senshi in. Make sure no one else but me crosses the timelines.” Queen Serenity simply nodded. “Good luck, Pluto.” She whispered. Sailor Pluto smiled and vanished into portal.

Princess Serena detransformed. ‘I have to get out of here.’ She thought to herself. She studied the room and noticed that there weren’t any doors or windows to the room only mirrors. Mirrored images of Serena mocked her as she searched for a secret exit.

Raye continued to glare at Sage as he told her what happened. “I can’t believe you couldn’t protect Serena. You just let that creep take her!” she accused. Flames of anger danced in her eyes. Sage was about to speak when a voice interrupted him. “We will rescue the princess.” Everyone turned towards the voice and saw two Sailors in the doorway.” Raye frowned. “What Sailor Scouts are you?” she asked. One with slightly curly aqua hair that stopped at her shoulders spoke for her silent companion. As the woman spoke they realized that she was not the one that had spoken before. “We are not Sailor Scouts. We are the Sailor Senshi. I am Sailor Neptune, and this is Sailor Uranus.” She swayed her hand toward the shorthaired blonde.

Raye frowned and dropped into a fighting stance. “There are no Sailor Senshi or any Sailor Neptune or Sailor Uranus.” She told the two. The blonde one glared at her. “We have no time to argue. The princess is being held prisoner by Prince Diamond of the Negamoon.” She replied in a heated tone.

“What is the Negamoon?” demanded Sage. Sailor Uranus studied the Ronin Warriors for a moment. Her attention was divided between Sage and Ryo. “Which one of you convinced the princess to give up her future?” she demanded. Sage frowned. “I didn’t force her to stay.” He tried to explain. Sailor Uranus frowned slightly. “She should have chosen the other one.” She whispered to Sailor Neptune. She sighed and turned to Raye. “As for your question about the Negamoon. They come from an alternate timeline. Prince Diamond wants the princess for his bride. Yet while we’re here talking Prince Diamond has the power to make the princess his.” Sailor Uranus glared at the group. “At this very moment she may be marrying him.”

Serena circled the room for the third time frustration evident in her features. She paused in front of one of the mirrors and lightly reached out to trace her reflection. She was amazed when her hand vanished through the mirror. She brought out her orb and a small smile played across her features. “Armor of the Moon… Tao Chi!” she yelled as she transformed. ‘I hope this room is soundproof.’ She thought. She squeezed herself through the small mirror and came face to face with Prince Diamond.

“Do you know where the Negamoon family is?” asked Ryo. Sailor Uranus nodded. “We’ll take you there, but first we must split into groups.” She stopped as she noticed Raye about to use her communicator. Sailor Uranus grabbed the small device and threw it against the wall. “We don’t need you Scouts making things worse than they already are.” She reprimanded. Raye glared at the woman and brought out her transformation pen. “It’s our job to protect the princess.” Replied Raye. Sailor Uranus snorted. “Fine job you did.” Raye held her pen up and prepared to transform and teach the new Sailors a lesson.

Sailor Pluto appeared behind Sailor Uranus. “Raye, if you want to help Serena you have to understand. We have no time to call the scouts.” Raye frowned but nodded. “All right,” she agreed. “Let’s rescue Meatball head.”

Sailor Neptune spoke next. “First we must choose groups.” Sailor Pluto nodded in agreement. “Anubis, Dais, and Kale will be going with Sailor Neptune. Your mission will be to hold back the opposition.” The ex-warlords stared at Sailor Pluto in shock. Sailor Pluto sighed. “I am the guardian of time and space of course I know your names.” She replied to their looks of disbelief.

Sailor Pluto continued. “Going with Sailor Uranus will be Ryo, Rowen, Sage, and White Blaze.” The mentioned group nodded and cast nervous glances at Sailor Uranus. “Finally Kento, Raye, and Cye will go with me. These groups are in charge of actually finding Serena and Small Lady before it is too late.” Yuli frowned. “What about Rini?” he demanded. Sailor Pluto raised one eyebrow as she studied the young boy. “Small Lady is Rini. By the way you and Mia are staying here.” Yuli sighed but nodded reluctantly. He walked over to Mia and watched the Sailors, Ronins, and Warlords gather in a circle. Anubis concentrated and his staff began to glow bright white. As the light faded the entire group was gone and Yuli had tears in his eyes. “Please Ronin Warriors save Rini.” He whispered.


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