Destiny Rewritten

After the battle with Beryl, the princess of the moon is taken to another world to help them in their fight against evil. She ends up with the Ronin Warriors but will her added power be enough to actually help them, or will she only make their job that much harder?

Rating: T Genre(s): Romance Series: Ronin Warriors Character(s): Usagi Tsukino Author(s): Usa-chan Last Updated: 02/26/2016 Published: 02/26/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 8 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 2659

Chapter Seven – Final Battle

Princess Serena walked over to Ryo and began to heal him. He groaned as he awoke and noticed Serena staring at him. “Sage is gone!” she cried. Ryo looked at the crying princess. ‘It’s Serena, but she looks more delicate and I would never tell anyone else, but she’s gorgeous.’ He thought to himself. ‘Lucky Sage.’ He thought. Seconds later the full impact of her words came crashing down. “Please, Ryo.” She pleaded. “Please help me save them.” Ryo glanced at the warriors still unconscious on the ground. ‘Sailor Mars and that Darien guy are gone too.’ He thought.

Serena threw her arms around him and began to sob uncontrollably. “It’s all my fault. If I had gone with those nether-spirits Sage never would have been taken from me. Nor would I have lost my best friend.” She sobbed harder. Ryo patted her shoulder gently. “Hush it’s all right. We’ll bring them back. He gently rocked the sobbing princess. ‘I see that she loves Sage as much as Sage loves her.’ He thought. Serena gradually quit sobbing and pulled out of Ryo’s arms. “I’m sorry I lost control like that.” She whispered. “It’s not your fault that they're gone.” He told her gently.

Princess Serena healed the rest of the group and tried to think of a way to tell them what had happened to the three missing members. Ryo made the decision for her. “The warlords got Sage, Darien, and Sailor Mars.” He said. The others nodded and prepared to win their friends back.

The warlords placed their unconscious burdens in front of Talpa. “Well done.” Talpa praised. “Take Sage of the Halo to the nether-spirits. The other two I will absorb now.” The warlords nodded and all three vanished with Sage. Talpa placed one hand on Sailor Mars’s head and the other on Darien’s head. Both awoke screaming in agony as Talpa absorbed their powers. Seconds later both bodies had vanished.

Serena screamed as she felt the spirits of Darien and Sailor Mars vanish from the world. She started to sob as Ryo approached. “What happened?” he asked gently. “Raye and Darien are gone. I felt their spirits vanish. Sage was not with them and I sense he’s still all right for the moment. She wiped away her tears and looked towards Talpa’s castle. “I’ll save you Sage. No matter what the cost. I promise.” She whispered.

Sage awoke and was surrounded by nether-spirits. “You are finally awake Sage of Halo. You have the choice of joining Talpa and convincing the girl to join or feel the tremendous pain she felt.” Sage groaned then noticed his arms and legs were tied up and he was dangling from ropes on his arms. “Serena.” He whispered as a series of visions passed over him. His first vision was of when he first saw Serena. His second vision was of her eating like Kento. His third vision was of Serena with her hair cut. His last vision was of Serena in her armor. “I refuse to serve Talpa!” he yelled. The nether-spirit smiled. “Master Talpa knew you would be a perfect trap. When the girl attempts to save you she will be caught. We nether-spirits will convert her to Talpa’s side and she will help destroy thousands of worlds.” Sage hid the anger in his eyes. The anger was quickly replaced by pain as the nether-spirits attacked him. “Serena be careful.” He whispered before he began to scream.

Serena grabbed Ryo’s arm and ran. “We have to save him, Ryo! We have to.” She finished wiping the tears out of her eyes. Ryo glanced back and noticed the others were behind them. Serena came to a sudden stop in front of a door. She turned toward Ryo then back to the door. She took out her scepter. “Moon Scepter Elimination!” she yelled unleashing the energy at the door. Serena ran through the hole and stopped at the sight of Talpa.

“Give Sage back!” she demanded. She closed her eyes and concentrated. The silver crystal hovered in the air on a table to Talpa’s right. The small crystal started to fly toward its owner. Just as Serena was about to reach it Talpa grabbed it and put it into a velvet lined glass case on a beautiful pedestal. Serena’s eyes filled with tears seeing her only hope of saving Sage in the hands of the evil Talpa.

“This is your last chance, Serena of the moon. Either join me now or watch as Sage of the Halo joins the first two I absorbed.” Serena’s eyes widened. “Raye and Darien are inside of you?” She turned toward Ryo. “What does he mean, Ryo?” Ryo frowned. “Your two friends are being held prisoner inside his body. He absorbed their powers and they are asleep inside of him. He can use any of their attacks against us.” Talpa laughed. "Ryo of Wildfire is correct. Here let me show you a sample." he laughed as he clenched his hands and pointed his index fingers at the group. “Mars Fire Ignite!” he yelled as a column of fire attacked Serena. Serena shrieked and dodged and turned to the laughing Talpa. “You let my friends go!” Talpa laughed harder. "This will be too easy. I won't even need to use the power of the silver crystal against you." he taunted.

A bright light appeared at Talpa’s feet and when it faded an unconscious Sage was revealed. “Join me now or watch him suffer.” Threatened Talpa. Serena started to move forward when Ryo gently grabbed her arm. “Don’t you dare do it.” He said. Serena turned slightly. “If there is a way to save Sage I’ll do it.” She turned toward Talpa. “Don’t let her do it, Ryo.” Croaked a pleading Sage. Serena gasped. “Sage?” Talpa glared at Sage. “How dare you interfere.” He roared. He placed one of his hands on Sage’s head. “Now you will become a part of me and help me defeat this girl.” Sage concentrated and began to glow green. On his forehead was the kanji for wisdom. His power went into Ryo as Talpa began to absorb him. “What?” Talpa yelled in anger.

Rowen, Kento, and Cye sent their powers into Ryo. There was a great light and Ryo transformed out of the wildfire armor and into the inferno armor. Sage screamed in pain as he vanished. Princess Serena sank to the ground in tears. Ryo glanced at her and turned toward Talpa. “You’ll pay for what you’ve done to Sage.” Ryo quietly threatened. Serena sniffled and stood up. She noticed White Blaze watching her. “Ryo, destroy Talpa for me I’m going to make sure the warlords don’t interrupt.” She ran out the door.

White Blaze ran after her. Anubis turned toward Ryo. “I’ll go with her she’ll need help.” He walked out as the Sailor Scouts watched. Mercury was scanning the Ronins and noticed their weak power levels. She began to order the other scouts to take care of them. “I’ll take Rowen. Lita, you take Kento. Mina, I want you to care for Cye.” She walked over to the weak Rowen. “You should sit down. Your friend should be able to handle Talpa until you get some strength back.” Rowen frowned at her and straightened. “I’m going to go make sure that meatball head doesn’t get hurt.” He ran out the door leaving a confused Sailor Mercury. ‘Why did he call her meatball head?’ she thought to herself.

Ryo faced Talpa. He pulled out his swords and fit the handles together. He jumped into the air. “Flare Up Now!” He yelled. Talpa easily blocked and deflected the attack. The Sailor Scouts stared at each other for a moment. “Mercury Bubbles Blast!” yelled Sailor Mercury blanketing Talpa in a thick fog. “Jupiter Thunder Crash!” screamed Sailor Jupiter sending a bolt of thunder at the evil ruler. Talpa grabbed the thunderbolt and watched it die out in his hand. “Mars Fire Ignite!” he yelled and forced the sailors to dodge the deadly fire. “Venus Crescent Beam Smash!” screamed Sailor Venus in desperation. The side of the beam just barely clipped Tulpa’s shoulder. Talpa threw a handful of razor tipped roses.

Serena ran quickly and soon located the three warlords. “How nice of you to join us.” Said Sehkmet. Serena frowned and brought out her crescent moon wand. “I know you must have been good at some time. You’re not completely evil. Talpa is using you for your armors. You have to help me destroy him!” The warlords laughed. “Snake Bite Strike!” yelled Sehkmet unleashing his attack on Serena. The attack was inches away from Serena when White Blaze pushed her down. Serena looked up at the great beast. “Thanks.” She whispered. “Please stop fighting me.” Serena pleaded standing up and turning toward the warlords. “Moon Healing Activation!” she yelled aiming the healing ray at Sehkmet. “Please you have to believe me when I say Talpa is using you.” She begged. “Serena speaks the truth.” Said Anubis as he walked towards the scene. “Shut up traitor.” Kale told him. “I believe you and will help.” Said Sehkmet. Serena smiled. She turned her wands healing energy onto the other warlords. “Black Lighting Slash!” yelled Kale. Serena screamed as the lightning came toward her. There was a flash of blue and Rowen blocked the attack with his bow. He turned toward Serena. “What are you trying to do get yourself killed?” Serena frowned. The warlords stood still as Serena put more energy into the healing. “We’ll help you.” They said together. Serena grinned. The group of seven rushed back into the battle.

“Flare Up Now!” yelled Ryo as he launched his seventh attack on Talpa. Talpa easily blocked the attack and deflected it to the case where he kept the silver crystal. Ryo’s eyes studied the case. ‘If I can get that crystal for Serena we may have a chance.’ He thought. “Flare Up Now!” he yelled unleashing his attack on the pedestal carrying the glass case. There was a crash of breaking glass and the silver crystal fell to the ground. White Blaze roared and grabbed the crystal in his mouth. He ran over to Serena and placed in by her feet. Serena gingerly picked up the crystal and wiped it on her clothes. There was a golden flash of light and the princess of the moon stood ready to fight.

“I will defeat you Talpa. In the name of the moon I’ll punish you for all the pain you have caused me and my friends.” Serena said. Ryo felt tremendous power enter him and turned to see the warlords and Anubis creating something with their power. The warlords fainted and Anubis brought Ryo two swords. “These swords are more powerful then your swords from your wildfire armor. They will work only with the armor of inferno.” Anubis fainted as Ryo grabbed the swords. “Rage of Inferno!” Ryo yelled.

“Cosmic Moon Power!” Princess Serena yelled. The mighty crystal’s power attacked Talpa. Serena groaned at the energy the crystal took and the Sailor Scouts grabbed her hands. “Mercury Power!” screamed Mercury. “Venus Power!” screamed Venus. “Jupiter Power!” yelled Jupiter. Princess Serena used the extra power as she felt her friends faint. Her attack grew stronger and Talpa screamed as he felt pain. Princess Serena used up more and more of her energy and felt herself grow weaker.

With both attacks hitting him Talpa screamed in pain. In mere seconds he was destroyed. Serena and Ryo both detransformed and crumpled to the ground Rowen quickly checked their pulses and was relieved to fell weak, but steady pulses. Raye, Darien, and Sage appeared unconscious by Rowen’s feet.

Serena awoke slowly and realized she was in Ryo’s bed. She opened her eyes and a pair or pale blue eyes met her startled blue. Sage smiled and gently kissed her. “Good morning.” He whispered. Serena smiled. “Where is everyone?” Sage grinned. “Your friends are asleep in various rooms. The Ronins and Warlords are in the living room asleep. Serena giggled. “What’s so funny?” asked Sage. Serena smiled. “I’m just so happy everything turned out okay.” She whispered. She yawned and her eyes slowly closed. “I’m going back to sleep. Wake me when it’s breakfast.” She mumbled before starting to lightly snore. Sage smiled and gently kissed her cheek. “Sleep well, Serena.” He whispered before leaving the room.

Raye noticed Sage leaving Serena’s room. She confronted him. “Serena is going home with us.” Sage looked at her in surprise. “She wants to stay here. She doesn’t want to go back.” Raye frowned. “We need her as our leader.” ‘Never thought I would say that.’ She said to herself. “Serena can’t go back to your world.” Said Anubis. Raye turned toward him anger in her eyes. “Why not?” she demanded. “No one remembers her but you and the others. No one else would remember her. It’s like she never existed in your world. Queen Serenity used the silver crystal to make sure no one but the scouts remembered her. So you see she is one of the Ronin Warriors now. She must stay here.” He explained. Raye glared at him and ignored the tears in her eyes. “She’s our princess we need to protect her.” Anubis studied the crying girl. “The Ronin Warriors will protect her. You need to protect your world from evil and she will protect her new world from evil. If an emergency happens in your world I will send her to you, but she will not stay.” Raye glared at him and stormed back into the room she slept in.

The four Sailor Scouts and Darien were ready to leave three hours later. Serena hugged each of them tears in her eyes. Anubis opened a portal with his staff and the three vanished. Serena watched broken-heartedly. Raye had demanded she keep her brooch and the silver crystal. She slowly turned away and ran into Sage’s room. She sobbed into the pillow. “Goodbye my friends.” She whispered. “I’ll miss you.” Sage watched from the doorway as Serena cried. Serena sniffled and then fell asleep. Sage gently tucked her into the bed and gently kissed her cheek. “I’ll always take care of you.” He whispered before leaving the room.

The ex-warlords and Ronins were talking. “So you guys are building your own house around here?” asked Ryo. Kale nodded. “Yes, incase the Dynasty’s gates ever open up again. Talpa wasn’t the only evil person in that realm.” Ryo nodded thoughtfully. “Your welcome to stay here until you can get a house built.” Dais smiled. “Thank you.” The talk moved into less serious matters. From a tree a shadowy figure watched. A giant staff shaped into the shape of a key was in one hand as she watched. “Pluto, let my daughter be.” Whispered a voice next to the woman. Sailor Pluto turned. “Queen Serenity, you are my best friend, but this was never supposed to happen.” The queen nodded. “I was never supposed to be saved when my kingdom fell yet you altered destiny that day.” She softly replied. Sailor Pluto sighed. “I just hope her future her will be as good as the one she would have had with the prince.” Queen Serenity smiled. “As long as she’s happy I don’t care if she becomes a queen or not. I just want my daughter to be happy. Her last life was one of destiny. I’m giving her the chance to rewrite her destiny.” Sailor Pluto nodded as she watched the princess sleep. “Sweet dreams.” She whispered before vanishing with Queen Serenity.


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