Deliver Me

Deliver Me

Usagi has lived with her husband Mamoru ever since they've been married. She has never left the house due to her husband telling her it was for her own protection. When her husband is ready to face Takatori Reiji in court a horrible event happens and Usagi's life as she knows it is shattered. To top it all off a playboy finds her and takes her back with him to the place where he works and she meets three very different and very dangerous guys... and how can she protect herself from the ones who are hunting her? Who if anyone will be her deliverer?

Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Drama Series: Sailor Moon/Weiß Kreuz Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Youji Kudou Author(s): Usa-chan Last Updated: 02/26/2016 Published: 02/26/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 11 Status: Hiatus

This is high on the list because it's popular, not too badly written, and needs resolution! The reason I'll need to revise it though is I'm all about having one voice in my works, I want my stories to have the same kind of feel. To brand myself so to speak, so be patient and this one will be worked on most likely after or during Kamreon.

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