Darkness Sees the Light

It's a possible sequel to her story "Light Meets Darkness"

Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Gundam Wing Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Hiiro Yui Author(s): Usa-chan, Pokahydee Last Updated: 12/16/2002 Published: 01/19/2001 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 17 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 2884

Chapter 10

Heero's eyes narrowed as he heard the feminine sounding voice whispering in his ear.

"Who are you." He demanded, reaching for his gun.

"There's no need for that Heero-san… I'm only here to help afterall… I'm willing to erase Duo from her life… then Usagi will be all yours." The voice continued, a hint of glee apparent in the voice. Heero's scowl only deepened as he watched the couple from afar.

"…." Anger began to well up inside of him as he watched Usagi wrap her arms tightly around Duo, pushing her lips more firmly against Duo's. He spared a glance at the pink-haired woman that stood next to him, looking into her deep red eyes. He nodded his head in agreement and watched as he saw her crimson red lips curve upward into a smirk, her red eyes dancing with delight for what she was about to do.


Duo broke the kiss, wiping the remains of the tears from Usagi's cheeks. I can't do this anymore Usa-chan… He thought to himself as his mind began to wander. She loved Heero… what could have happened to make her forget about the one that she truly loved… her soulmate…

"We should get going." Duo said as he stood up, feeling as she grabbed his hand in hers, standing next to him.

"Hai, it's starting to get dark." Usagi said, shivering slightly. Duo noticed this and let go of her hand, taking his black jacket off and laying it over her shoulders.

"Better?" He asked, smiling down at her. That smile of hers could melt the coldest, darkest of hearts.

"Hai, arigato Duo-chan." She whispered, leaning against him. Duo took her hand and led her toward Quatre's mansion where they were all staying for the time being.


Heero slowly made his way back to the mansion, feeling a few drops of rain begin to fall. In a few minutes, he was completely soaked, water dripping from his chin. He was like an empty shell… he refused to forgive Duo… Even though he would never admit it, Duo was like his only friend… How could he do this? How could he betray him and Usagi? There was no emotion on his face as he made his way toward the huge building, not making any move to wipe the water that dripped into his face away. His thoughts went back to the woman calling herself 'Black Lady'… Could that girl really be ChibiUsa? He wondered as he remembered the cone-shaped pink odangos on her head.

"Don't worry Heero-san," Black Lady's voice replayed itself in his mind. "You won't have to worry about Duo-san anymore…" An evil smirk spread across her crimson red lips. "Don't worry… Usagi will be yours again, don't even worry about Duo anymore…" Her soothing voice said so close to his ear.

"Goodbye Duo…" Heero said calmly as he stepped up to the huge door of the mansion.


"Come on Duo-chan!" Usagi urged, holding her cards tightly in her hand. "You promised! You said if I beat you in the next hand you'd let me!" She said, tossing her cards down onto the table and grabbed his arm, trying to pull him away from the table. She stopped pulling on his arm and a pout spread across her lips. His eyes softened… he hated when she did that… he couldn't say 'no' to that look. He shrugged his shoulders and threw up his hands in defeat.

"I give up…" He muttered sitting down on the couch in front of Usagi. He felt as she took the rubber band off the end of his braid and gently unbraided it, pulling a brush through a few tangles. "Please be nice…" Duo pleaded, a sweatdrop on his forehead. He heard a giggle from her as she began to pull on his chestnut brown hair.

"Don't worry Duo-chan, I'll be nice," She giggled as she pulled half of his hair to one side and the other half to the other. [A.N. ~enter evil smirk here~]. A few minutes later, Usagi stepped away, admiring her creation. She heard a chuckle from Haruka across the room and a slight blush crept across Quatre's face. Trowa's face remained blank except the corner of his mouth turned up slightly. "Tah da!" She said, holding up a mirror in front of Duo. Duo looked at his reflection in the mirror, feeling his cheeks begin to flush. His hair was done up in two round odangos like Usagi's.

"Very funny Usagi-chan." He grumbled, taking his hair down from the odd style and quickly rebraiding it. A pout appeared on Usagi's lips as she walked up to him.

"You didn't like it?" She asked, looking up at him, the fake pout still on her face. A sweatdrop appeared on the back of his head as he plopped back down on the couch.

"I just can't win can I?" He asked, more to himself than anyone else. He felt the couch sink in next to him and felt Usagi's head lean against his chest. He picked up his arm and carelessly wrapped it around her waist, feeling badly but not being able to resist the urge to hold her. He did love her, but he couldn't live a lie when he knew that her heart would always belong to Heero.

The door opened and Heero walked in, dripping with water, looking more like emotionless than before. His eyes held a dark look to him as they fell upon Duo holding Usagi. A scowl spread across his face as he glared at Duo. He turned and made his way from the room, not wanting to see the two of them. It made him sick… Duo would pay for this… Duo would pay dearly… His eyes flashed red for a moment as he turned back to look at the couple, quickly replaced by his dark prussian blue eyes.


Duo let out a sigh of relief as he finally managed to pull away from Usagi. Sure, he did love her, demo… it made him uncomfortable when she was hanging all over him. For one thing, that death glare that Haruka kept shooting him, and the fact he KNEW Usagi really loved Heero. He felt uncomfortable since he knew he was living a lie… he had to do something to get her to remember… but what? The memories seemed to have been locked away inside of Usagi… maybe from the pain of Heero not remembering, or perhaps the pain of seeing him married to another woman. He wasn't sure, demo… he would do anything in his power to make her remember… his love for her was unconditional but he just couldn't do this anymore… Duo knew Usagi would be happier with Heero, he knew that somehow Nephelina had trapped her, had hidden her true feelings deep inside as a last punishment to Usagi. Making her and her loved ones suffer from the lie that she had created.

"Man, this is so totally not cool…" Duo muttered as he threw himself down onto the bed, putting his hands behind his head and staring up at the ceiling.

"Duo-chan?" A small voice asked from the doorway. Duo opened an eye to see Usagi walk into the room, smiling brightly at him. "I was just wondering if you were hungry." She said plopping down on the bed next to him. He rolled over on his side and held up his head with a hand, his elbow resting on the bed.

"Iie, I'm not…" Duo said quietly.

"What's wrong?" She asked, a hint of concern entering her expressive eyes. Duo sighed and rolled back onto his back, gazing up at the ceiling again.

"Nothing… I was just thinking…" Duo said quietly, slowly beginning to drift back into his thoughts. Usagi-chan… I can't love you anymore… it's not right… He thought to himself as a hint of sadness touched his indigo eyes.

"Something's wrong… Duo-chan, won't you tell me?" Usagi asked, laying next to him and cuddling up to his body. Duo shifted his gaze to her small form and reluctantly slid his arm around her.

"It's nothing Usagi-chan… I'm just worried about your daughter." Duo lied, looking back up at the ceiling.

"ChibiUsa? She'll be fine Duo-chan… will you help me save her?" Usagi asked, her gaze falling on him. His eyes turned to her again and he couldn't help but smile, she looked so kawaii. How could he say 'no' when she was giving him that look? How could he say 'no' at all? That kid was just as kawaii as her mother.

"Course I'll help." Duo said reassuringly. She smiled and cuddled closer to him. This was his dream… this was the way he wanted it to always be, demo… Heero was his friend, he couldn't do this to Heero, he couldn't betray his best and only real friend. He was afraid though, he didn't know what to do… this was the first time Shinigami was actually afraid.

"Duo-chan?" Usagi asked, draping her arm across his chest.

"Hai Usagi-chan?" He asked, returning his gaze to meet hers once again.

"Gomen for kissing Heero…" She said, guilt in her eyes.

"Huh? Kissing Heero?" Duo asked, slightly surprised.

"That's what's bothering you, isn't it?" She asked, a slight blush touching her cheeks.

"Iie, Usagi-chan, that's not it…" Duo let his voice trail off as he returned his gaze to the ceiling once again.

"Well, what is it then? I know there's something on your mind, don't you trust me?" She asked, her cerulean blue eyes edged with tears.

"I trust you Usagi-chan, demo… I'm just a little tired is all…" Duo said, kissing her forehead lightly. This seemed be enough of an explanation to her for a slight smile touched her lips and she pressed her forehead against his chest, drawing herself closer to him.


Heero made his way to an empty room, stripping off his wet tank top and dropping it to the floor. His eyes were glazed over as he threw himself face down onto the bed, letting all that had happened finally begin to sink into his head. Usagi loved Duo… Usagi loved him… it couldn't be possible, could it? How could she love him? He didn't believe it… as soon as he regained his memories of her, she forgot him… It wasn't his fault… it was hers, that's the way he felt anyway. She was a little tramp and didn't wait for him like she had promised… she moved on without him… and Duo, his best friend, was the one that had taken her from him. Duo had taken his only ray of sunshine… his only sign of hope… he had snatched her away from him for himself… for his own selfishness. He would not get mad… iie, not the perfect soldier… he never got mad… he was going to get even… even if it was through a woman, Duo would pay, he would be sure of that. With these thoughts, a smirk spread across Heero's lips as he sat up slightly, a new light in his eyes.

"Omae o koroso… Duo…" He mumbled, the smirk only growing in size.


"Usagi-chan… you should probably go to your room now." Duo said, gently awakening the sleeping blond beside him.

"Nani? Duo-chan?" She asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. It didn't do any good, though, she still looked just as tired. Before he could say another word, she was asleep again, leaning heavily against him. He gently nudged his arm from under her and picked her up, pulling the blankets back on the bed. He gently removed her shoes and lay her on the bed, pulling the blankets up around her chin. "Good night Duo-chan… ai shiteru…" She murmured, half asleep, half awake.

"Good night megami-sama…" He said, gently kissing her forehead. A saddened smile crossed his lips as he walked toward the door, slipping out into the hallway and silently closing the door behind him.


Duo silently began to head for a different room, a look of some unknown emotion sinking deeply into his features. It was a mixture of confusion, sadness, and guilt. He had to do something… he wouldn't be able to take this for much longer… all of the events of the past day or two was clouding his vision, making his body ache and his heart break. He would have to get through to her some how demo… he didn't know how… He couldn't bear to see her cry and if he were to tell her the truth, she would surely begin to cry and then he would really feel his heart break… the sound of her sobs made his heart ache enough as it was. He remembered so long ago, her soft whimpers in her sleep as she dreamt of Heero… he would never forget that sound, it was disturbing to hear one so happy and cheerful all the time expressing that much grief in the dark night… When she believed that no one could hear her, when she believed she was safe… that's when the deepness of her sorrow showed through, that's when the shell that she created for herself melted… He wouldn't allow that to happen, he would continue to play 'Duo-chan' until she realized that her feelings for him were just a lie created by Queen Nephelina.

Duo opened the door to a room he believed was suitable and stepped inside, closing the door quietly behind him. He unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the ground, pulling his T-shirt underneath off as well. He sat on the edge of his bed and pulled his shoes off before falling backward onto the softness of the bed. His eyes were drifting shut when he saw the figure looming above him. His head shot up off the bed to see the silhouette of a woman.

"Usagi?" He questioned, squinting into the dim light. He heard a sultry laugh as the woman stepped into the light. Indigo blue eyes met ruby red ones as the figure of Black Lady stepped into the light that poured through the partially opened window. "Nani? What the hell do you want!?" Duo demanded, feeling angry for the intrusion.

"Only to carry out a wish from one of your comrades." She said, an evil smirk spreading across her crimson red lips.

"Just go away." Duo mumbled, not feeling very intimidated.

"Iie, Duo-chan…" She said, smirking at the name Serenity had called him. "Ai shiteru." She said mockingly, the smirk on her face only growing with the passing moments.

"What do you want anyway?" He asked, crossing his arms over his chest as a slight scowl touched his lips.

"What I want is not much… I've just come to take your place…" She said smirking as she drew closer.

"What are you talking about?" Duo asked, confused.

"I'll become Shinigami now." She said smirking evilly as she raised a hand, her palm-facing Duo. Duo's eyes widened in fear as he saw the tendrils of dark energy streaked with pink energy forming in her palm, gathering into a small ball.

"ChibiUsa…" He said quietly, standing up as he took a step toward him.

"I'm NOT that weak little girl anymore!!" Black Lady shrieked as rage streaked across her feature. "I won't EVER be her again!!!" She cried, not dropping her attack.

"What about your mother?" Duo asked, genuine sadness on his face. "You know she loves you right?"

"Stop it!" She shrieked, dropping her attack and reaching out a hand to wrap around his tender throat. He caught her hand easily and pulled her into an embrace.

"ChibiUsa… stop this, you know it's wrong…" He said soothingly as he rubbed his hand on her back. Her eyes widened in fear as she felt his strong arms embrace her.

"Duo…" She whispered as the black crescent moon on her forehead disappeared momentarily.

"Come back to us ChibiUsa…" He said quietly as he felt her relax in his arms. A moment later, her felt her lips close to his ear, her breath warm against his face.

"Duo-chan…" She whispered, brushing her lips against his ear gently. He didn't notice her fist until it plunged into his gut. "You'll die… Duo-chan." She said smirking as he fell to the ground. "You're little mind tricks won't work on me, I'm too strong for that now!" She cried as the energy began to again gather in her open palm. Duo sucked in air as the pain slowly lessened.

"Why ChibiUsa?" He asked, rubbing his stomach as he slowly climbed to his feet. "I mean, come on," He started with his normal goofy grin on his face. "I never did anything mean to you did I?" He saw her scowl deepen and his goofy smile only grew. "By the way, thanks for healing me when I was shot." He said, smiling at the pink-haired woman.

"I'm not ChibiUsa… if you persist in calling me by that name, you will die a slow and painful death." She said, her scowl turning into a smirk. She raised the dark blast up in her hand and pointed her palm toward Duo, her smirk growing. "Goodbye Duo-chan…" She said mockingly as she released the attack, watching as it headed straight for Duo…


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