Ai no Hikari Revised

Ai no Hikari Revised

The world has changed. Gohan is the epitome of Saiyan ideals. Vegeta is staging a coup against Freiza on Earth. The Dark Kingdom is extending its powers over the land. The senshi are imprisoned, all save their leader, whom they don't trust.

Rating: M Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst, Alternate Universe Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Gohan Author(s): Usa-chan Last Updated: 02/25/2016 Published: 02/25/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 2 Status: Hiatus

This will be a hard one to continue but too much work has been put into it to just give up. It will be picked up at a later date for sure, so keep an eye on it.

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