True Colors

Serenity has been having strange nightmares about her husband. He's become unforgiving and evil and she can't seem to get the vision out of her head.

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Angst Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 12/05/2002 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 2 Status: Hiatus
  • Word Count: 1856


Serenity's head shot up off the pillow as a rather vivid dream played through her memories. She had been having this dream so much since the Cell battle. She was breathing heavy and had broken out into a cold sweat. She sat up for a few moments, trying to catch her breath as the last remnants of the dream faded from her mind.

Serenity's eyes fell onto the form of her sleeping husband and she let out a distressed sigh. Her vision could not truly happen… could it? She had to admit he was kind of rude and arrogant but he wouldn't intentionally hurt the innocent would he? No, her vision was wrong, he wasn't that person anymore. That evil had left him long ago, when he had entered her life once more. That person was gone for good, he had to be. She had to put some faith in him, she had to get rid of her doubts and trust him.

She let out another sigh as she lay down beside him. She rarely saw him anymore. He was constantly training and the only times she really saw him was during meals and when she went to bed. In some ways, she envied him greatly. She didn't care about being strong; she envied him because he was able to do anything he wanted. She was the Queen and had many parties and balls that she was to attend. People were constantly surrounding her, demanding this or that. She grew weary of the formalities that everyone used with her. Everyone called her Serenity-sama, even when she asked people to call her by the name given to her by her birth parents.

ChibiUsa had returned several years ago and was 14 years old now. Usagi couldn't get over how old her daughter was getting. Trunks was almost 8 years old now and ChiChi would bring Goten over all the time to play with Trunks. Sometimes, Trunks would go in the training room with his father, but Vegeta was just so tough on him that she wasn't so sure Trunks was ready. ChibiUsa rarely trained much to Vegeta's disappointment. She would rather be with her friends and Hotaru. She was a typical teenager except for the fact that she was a princess. She couldn't really attend a normal school like Usagi had when she was young, but she had the closest thing they could get to one.

Serenity saw little of her Senshi anymore. They had each returned to their planets after the defeat of Cell and Nephelina. The Starlights had left shortly after the battle as well upon the request of Kakyuu-hime. She missed her friends, her husband, and she was just so tired of being royalty. She just wanted a little privacy from all of the people that were constantly in and out of the palace.

She rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling through the translucent vale of curtain of the canopy bed. She was too shaken up from her recent dream to fall back to sleep. The dream was so vivid; she had been having similar dreams for months now. There's only one meaning to it she could pull together, whatever her vision so long ago had showed her was going to happen soon. Each time she had the dream, the sequence would get a little further or change slightly. It would get a little closer to the end and show a little more. Her eyes went out of focus as she let the dream return to her.

She was standing in the middle of nowhere, high cliffs and a dusty ground full of cracks and crevices surrounded her as far as the eye could see. There were no trees or plants or any sign of life in her sight. Everything was dried up and dead; it was a very gloomy sight. It was the sight that surrounded them in most of their battles.

She stood alone, her long silvery-white hair fluttering in a light breeze and ruffled against her face. Serenity wore the normal elegant dress that she always wore. It was a silvery-white dress that was almost indecently tight and hung on the ground surrounding her feet. The cloth wings on the back of the dress fluttered in the breeze as well as well as the ribbons hanging down the back. She felt the familiar weight of the crown upon her head and could feel a presence surrounding her. She could tell right away that it was the presence of Vegeta but there was something cold feeling the sense.

She felt a sense of dread grip her chest as she followed the feeling and heard the sound of battle not too far off. She floated lightly up a cliff that overlooked the battle that was going on below. Standing in the clearing Serenity saw two figures standing and staring at each other. One of the figures appeared to be Vegeta but there was something different. Serenity still hadn't been able to figure out what was different about him. Standing across from Vegeta was the form of another person but Serenity couldn't figure out who it was.

She floated toward a cliff to watch the battle but something happened, the cliffs changed into grand stands. She looked down at her body and found herself dressed in normal clothes surrounded by thousands of screaming people. She followed their gaze and saw a small stage or something of the sort cluttered with a few familiar figures. She recognized Goku and Gohan immediately from the strange hair and familiar ki. She glanced across from Goku and saw another figure… it was Vegeta no doubt. His hair gave it away, also the tight spandex he always wore. Serenity would always thank him secretly for that, he looked so good in it. [A.N. Yum!]

"What's going on? Where did they come from?" A person sitting near Serenity asked in uncertainty.

"They tournament is over, Mr. Satan won. They should just leave, it was their loss." The woman sitting beside the first said.

"Yeah, get them off the stage! It's too late to challenge!" Another angry voice cried out.

Serenity stood up and walked down the steps toward the stage or battle arena, whatever you want to call it. She came to the very front of the stadium and stared in slight shock as she saw Vegeta turn toward her. He just glanced to the side like he'd felt her presence. Serenity gasped slightly when she saw a strange 'M' tattooed into his forehead. Then she wrinkled her brow in confusion. Why does Veggie-chan have that strange mark on his face? She wondered silently as she prepared to jump over the railing and run out into the battle area.

Vegeta put his hand to the side, his palm facing her. Serenity watched in mute horror as his hand began to glow with a golden color. She could only stand and stare as he sent a blast of golden energy into the stands.

That's when she woke up tonight. She had seen this part of the vision before but it had been like watching a movie. This time she'd been standing in the stadium when he sent a blast of power through it. This had been the first time she'd seen his face as well. His eyes were coal black and cold, like they had been when they came to conquer earth so long ago. His face was twisted and his eyes were rimmed with black. When he'd looked at her, he didn't even seem to see her… It was like he looked past her, or he saw her and just didn't care…

Serenity decided that she wasn't going to get back to sleep so she stood up and crossed the bedroom to the door. She walked around to her closet and pulled the white robe out and wrapped it around herself over the pink silk nightgown. She glanced back at Vegeta and sighed again. He had rolled toward where she always slept, and it looked like he was trying to find her. She looked at him for a few more minutes before she left the room, her long white robe swishing the floor as she walked.

She walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk and plopped down at a table. She barely touched the milk; her mind was too much on the events of her dream. It was something she just couldn't push from her mind. Vegeta had seemed to notice the way she had been acting and questioned her several times. She had no answer for him… She couldn't tell him about her vision; it might make things worse. So she kept it all bottled up inside for all these years.

He accused her of cheating on him once when he would stay up all night training for days on end. Serenity had denied it, of course, since she hadn't been. That was when he made sure he was there every night. Serenity was relieved at that, though, so she was actually able to see her husband once in a while.

Vegeta still didn't seem too into her cooking though. She tried so hard to cook, but she just couldn't really make much that was edible. That was probably something that would never change, though. If she hadn't learned to cook, even after having those lessons from the cook, she would never be able to learn. The children had long since learned to avoid her cooking. They'd warned Vegeta too, but Serenity would pout and whine until he'd try just one bite. Vegeta had gone slightly soft; he hated when she whined because eventually, it would progress into full out wails; and that hurt his sensitive hearing so he'd cave. Her wails were like needles so he'd agree to anything to get her to stop.

She couldn't help but smile at the way her thoughts had changed direction. She loved Vegeta and these memories assured her that the vision meant nothing. He loved his family; he loved her, which was something that wouldn't change.

Feeling a little better about her vision, Serenity gulped down the milk and headed back to her room. She opened the door to see Vegeta's eyes open. She smiled slightly and walked over to her side of the bed. She took off the robe and crawled into bed beside him, and snuggled up against his chest. He blinked in slight surprise at the sudden show of affection from Usagi.

"Nightmare?" He questioned while stroking her hair.

"Hai." She answered as she buried her face in his chest. He smelled good; she wanted to stay like that forever.

Serenity didn't see the worried glance from Vegeta. Unnoticed by Serenity, he'd been watching her very closely. She hadn't been the same Usagi since the Cell battle. He didn't know if it was something he'd done or if it was something else. Either way, when he wasn't training, he was watching her every move. Just like he'd been at that moment. He sighed slightly and let himself fall back into sleep.


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