The Return of the Black Moon Family

What? Wicked Lady's back? But that means...

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 10 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 3827

Part 9

Chapter 24

"You haven't defeated the Outers!!" The voice shouted. Out of nowhere, four woman appeared.

"We are the Outer Scouts!!" They shouted.

"Sailor Neptune!!" She struck a pose.

"Sailor Uranus!!" She struck a pose.

"Sailor Pluto!!" She struck a pose.

"Sailor Saturn!!" She struck a pose.

"We won't let you get away with what you did to our friends!!" Uranus shouted. "World Shaking!!" She yelled, sending the powerful attack at Sapphire.

"Take that!!" Sapphire shouted, sending blast after blast at Uranus. She dodged most of them, but was hit by a few. She slumped to the ground, holding her shoulder where a blast had hit her.

"You can't beat the Outers!!" Saturn cried. "We're much stronger than any of the Inners, except for Sailor Cosmos!!"

"Is that right little girl?" Sapphire asked, giving the girl a smirk. She was younger than any of the other scouts. A teenager or a little older.

"That's right!!" She cried.

"Deep Submerge!!" A voice cried out. A wave of water poured over Sapphire, making him loose the energy he was about to throw at Saturn.

"Let go!!" They heard a voice cry. They looked over to see a man with spiky hair, wearing an orange suit, struggling to get a man with red hair let go of his arms.

"I thought the great Goku would be a lot stronger!!" Rubeus said. He had Goku's arms twisted behind his back and was taking pleasure in hearing his cries for help.

"I'll show you how strong I am!!" He shouted. He started yelling at the top of his lungs. Rubeus felt something strange in the air. Goku was becoming a little harder to hold still. He watched as the Saiyans hair went from black to blond. The muscles in his arms bulged and a great power sent Rubeus flying into a wall.

"That's a little more like it." He said, rubbing his back where he had crashed into the wall.

"Kame-hame-ha!!" Goku shouted. cupping his hands. A blue beam shot from his hands and headed straight at Rubeus. Rubeus sent a beam of dark energy as well, meeting Goku's in the middle. "Kaioken times ten!!" Goku shouted.

"What?!?! This can't be happening!!" Rubeus shouted as Goku's beam became much stronger than his. "I'll get you!!" He shouted, strengthening his beam as well. It pushed Goku's back and back even further.

"I... can't give up!!" Goku shouted, trying to steady himself. He couldn't put anymore energy into the beam. It was too much. "How can he be so strong?!?!" Goku demanded before the beam hit his chest, sending him into the wall. He slumped to the floor, unable to hold the power he needed to be a Super Saiyan. His hair turned black and he returned to the original Goku he had been before.

"Ready to give up?" Rubeus asked, floating up to Goku. "Want me to go a little easier on you?"

"I won't let you win!!" Goku shouted, rushing at Rubeus. Rubeus saw this as the perfect time to get him as well. He opened a portal in front of Goku seconds before Goku would have hit him. Goku was going too fast and flew right into the portal. It closed behind him and left only the Outer Scouts.

"Now, all we have to do is get rid of those pesky Sailor Scouts." Rubeus said, turning in their direction. Three were already down on the ground.

"You are more pathetic than those pesky Inner Scouts." Sapphire said, sending Saturn flying into the wall. "I think it's time to join you with the rest of your friends!" Sapphire said, getting ready to send a blast at the four remaining scouts.

"Wait," A voice said calmly. "Let me have to honors of defeating the Sailor Scouts."

"Of course, brother." Sapphire said, seeing his brother Prince Diamond come up behind him.

"Good-bye scouts," Diamond said calmly. He sent a blast of energy at the four girls who struggled to get to their feet. The four girls were sent up in the air as the blast hit them. They fell to the ground and didn't move. Diamond opened the portal and sucked the four girls through it. "That's the last of the Sailor Scouts."

"King Darien will be pleased." Rubeus said, the four sister appeared next to him.

"I didn't even break a sweat," Sapphire said. "That Sailor Mars did give me a few cuts and she tore my favorite jacket."

"We'd better report in with King Darien." Prince Diamond said to his brother and the other five people that were there (Rubeus and the four sisters).


"Where are you Darien!!!" Serena screamed, heading for the throne room. "Come out now!!" She was the Princess of the Saiyans now. Her fighting instincts had kicked in. "Are you afraid of me?!?!" She demanded, searching the palace.

"There you are," A voice said. "You'll never find me that way. Go through this portal."

"No thanks. I don't trust you." Serena said, seeing his face in front of her eyes.

"You're smarter than you look, my dear," He said. "If only I'd attacked a few years earlier, you would have fallen for it and jumped into the portal."

"Where's Rini!?!?!" She demanded, her eyes narrowed into slits.

"She's no more. The only girl now is Wicked Lady," He said. "Oh yeah, one more thing, you're Prince Vegeta wants to see you."

"Huh?" Serena said. "Where is he?!?!" She demanded. "Let him go!!!"

"As you wish, my darling." Darien said. A portal opened and Vegeta stepped out of it.

"Vegeta!!" Serena yelled, seeing her Saiyan Prince. She ran towards him but was thrown back by a powerful blast. She flew into the wall and looked at Vegeta, with tears in her eyes. She looked at him and saw the black crescent moon on his forehead. "No, not you... Vegeta... please... don't hurt me... I love you..."

"That's a lie." Vegeta said, his eyes narrowed on her. He pulled out his sword and held it at Serena's throat.

"Vegeta, you're not thinking straight. That monster Darien did this to you didn't he?!?!" She demanded.

"He opened my eyes to the way you really are," Vegeta said. "In the Moon Kingdom, when I died, you were with Darien the whole time I was gone."

"That's a lie!!" Serena cried. "I've never loved Darien!! I only said I did because I was destined to marry him!!!"

"Liar!!" Vegeta shouted, pulling his sword back, he swung it and met her sword.

"I would never lie to you Vegeta!!" She cried, trying to get through to him. "I swear to you, I would never lie to you!!!"

"Stop lying to me!! You can't fool me!!" Vegeta yelled. "I'm the Prince of the Saiyans, I don't like being lied to by little girls!!!"

"Stop this!!" Serena screamed. "I don't want to hurt you!!" He pulled back his sword and prepared to swing it again. "Don't!!" He brought the sword down, hitting Serena's. She pushed him back away with her sword.

"Stubborn girl!! I'll kill you!!" Vegeta screamed, pulling the sword back, he plunged it into Serena's side. He watched as she slumped to the ground, the sword still in her.

"Vegeta... please... I beg you... for our daughters sake... stop this madness..." Serena said, tears in her eyes.

"S... Serena?!?!" He asked, apparently confused. The moon on his forehead began to fade as he realized what he had done. "Serena!!!" He cried, dropping to her side. "What have I done?!?!"

"I... I'm fine..." She choked out, trying to hide the wound as much as possible. Her blood soaked her white gloves, turning them a deep red color.

"What have I done?!?!" Vegeta said again, taking his cape off. He tied it around the wound, trying to stop the bleeding. The blood soaked through almost as soon as the cloth touched the wound. He helped her to her feet and helped her walk as she limped towards the throne room.

"That's the door to the throne room." Serena said, pulling away from Vegeta. She walked with a slight limp, but seemed to be all right for the time being.


"King Darien." Rubeus said. "All of the Sailor Scouts have been defeated, as well as the Warriors that were with them."

"Very good," Darien said. "I hope it wasn't too much of a challenge."

"It was nothing," Rubeus said. "I barely broke a sweat."

"Good," Darien said. "Is Serenity on her way?"

"Yes, we sent Vegeta to attack her, sire," Rubeus said. "He won't be able to finish her off, though. She's much stronger than him."

"Good," Darien said. "Leave me now. I have to fight alone."

"Yes sire." Rubeus said bowing. He turned and threw open the doors, disappearing through a portal to where the rest of his 'family' was waiting.

Chapter 25

-Serena and Vegeta-

"That's the door." Serena said, walking up to the door.

"Good, I'll fight him, you get out of here." Vegeta said, pulling his sword back out of the sheaf.

"No," Serena said, taking the sword from his hand. "I have to face him... alone."

"You can't, you're hurt." Vegeta said, pointing to the wound.

"I'll be fine," Serena said. "Wish me luck." She said, flashing him a V. Serena walked up to the doors just as they flew open. She walked through the doors, hearing them slam behind her.

"Serenity, so you've finally made it here," Darien said. "I expected you here sooner."

"Why are you doing this?!?!" Serenity demanded, her face hardening as she thought of all the terrible things he had done.

"It's simple," Darien said. "I want you dead. You killed my brothers and you stole my daughter from me."

"That's a lie!" Serenity screamed. "I didn't kill either of your brothers!! Wiseman did it!! He murdered Sapphire and then Diamond as well!! You should remember it, or has Wiseman brainwashed you too?!?!"

"You're the one that killed my brothers. Wiseman had nothing to do with it." Darien said calmly rising from his throne.

"I didn't kill your brothers!! I tried to save them!!" Serenity cried, remembering when Prince Diamond died in her arms years before. "There was nothing I could do for them!!" Tears began to form in her eyes after Darien's accusations.

"You'll pay for all that you have done!!" Darien yelled, rising into the air.

"I will defeat you, Darien!!" Serenity screamed, her blood no longer soaking the cloth that covered it. The Saiyan armor disappeared, leaving her surrounded by a white light. She closed her eyes and felt a deep peace deep inside of her. "I will save you." She whispered, her soft voice not heard by the evil Darien. Ribbons surrounded her body, forming the dress that she wore as Queen Serenity. Real wings appeared on her back, spreading to their full length. The moon reappeared on her forehead and crown appeared on her head. Her long white hair turned blond as it was as Queen Serenity. A small crystal appeared in her hand, floating in the light given off by it.

"What?!?!" Darien cried, seeing the woman that stood before him. The wound in her side had been healed and she floated before him as his wife, Queen Serenity. "That can't be!! You can't be strong enough to heal yourself!!"

"It wasn't me." Serenity said, her tear filled eyes looking around. "It was my friends, they offered strength to me. If they believe in me, then there is no way I can be beaten."

"That's a lie!!" Darien yelled. "I'll prove it!!" Darien pulled out a dark crystal and held it out in front of him. "It's the Dark Crystal that you thought had been destroyed so long ago. I stole it at the final battle. I knew it would come in handy when I planned to overthrow the Queen."

"I cannot let you win!!" Serenity cried, holding the crystal above her. "Moon Cosmic Crystal POWER!!" She cried out the same phase she used to transform. White energy shot from the crystal heading for Darien.

"Dark Crystal Elimination!!" Darien cried, aiming the Dark Crystal at the Silver Imperium Crystal in Serenity's hands. "You die here!!"

"I will not be defeated!!" Serenity cried, putting more energy into the crystal. "I will do this for my friends!!" The power met in the middle sending explosions out around where the two powers touched. It was even for a minute but Serenity saw that she couldn't hold it for long and called out. "Kaioken times two!!" The beam of energy from her became much stronger, pushing Darien back. "Darien, you don't have to let this evil eat away at your soul. You can go back to being the good person you once were."

"Good person?!?!" He said. "When we I ever a good person?!?!"

"You were," Serenity whispered. "I remember... before Vegeta came to the Moon Kingdom... you loved me... you were kind and caring..."

"That was all a lie!!" He cried, trying to push the memories back.

"You know deep down that I wasn't the one that killed your brothers," Serenity said, her big blue eyes closed. "Think of Rei... how will she react to find out you are gone... that would break her heart..."

"Rei," Darien whispered, a picture of the Queen of Mars popped into his head. "I can't hurt her... I've always loved her..." The power of Serenity's crystal reached Darien, making him drop his crystal. It fell in slow motion nearer and nearer the floor. When they thought it would hit the floor, it disappeared through a portal.

"No!!" Serenity cried when she saw a pair of red eyes staring at her. Darien fell to the ground, unconscious. "The crystal!!"

"Serenity?" Darien said, picking up his head. "Thank you... for setting me free..." He said, a portal opened under him, taking him to where ever Serenity's friends were.

"Darien!!" She cried, seeing him disappear through the portal. "Let him go!!" She screamed, seeing Wiseman before her. "Let all of my friends go!!"

"I can't do that," Wiseman said, holding the Dark Crystal out. "Now, you will die."

"I defeated you once, Wiseman!" Serenity said, holding up the crystal. "I can do it again!!"

"You're not as strong as you think you are." Wiseman said.

"I will destroy you!!" Serenity cried, tears in her eyes.

"If you destroy me, then you destroy any hope of saving your precious Sailor Scout friends as well as the rest of them!"

"You're lying!!" Serenity yelled, her body beginning to glow from her anger. "I don't believe you!!"

"You'll see," He said calmly. "Wicked Lady, come forth."

"Yes, Wiseman?" Wicked Lady asked, appearing behind him.

"Dispose of this nuisance." Wiseman said, motioning towards Serenity.

"Rini!!" Serenity cried, seeing her daughter standing behind Wiseman. "Please, listen to me!!"

"You're not my mother anymore," Wicked Lady said, calmly looking at her mother. "My mother died when that man came along."

"You're not making sense, Rini!" Serenity cried, tears in her eyes. "Darien... he... he's not your father!"

"You're a liar!!" Wicked Lady screamed. "My mother would never lie to me!!"

"You're right, my dear, I would never lie to you," Serenity said, feeling a sense of peace come over her. "I love you, my child."

"Mommy?" A little voice said, she looked at the girl. She remembered the little girl with pink hair that had come to her years before. The girl she had always called a little brat. She would wake up and the girl would be asleep in her bed. She looked into the red eyes and saw a little girl, not the evil woman that stood before her.

Chapter 26

"I know you may not believe me now," Serenity said. "But one day, you'll know I was telling the truth." A white light surrounded Serenity and Wicked Lady, blocking out the evil Wiseman.

"What happened Mommy?" Wicked Lady asked, seeing a that she was standing in a palace. It wasn't the palace that Rini had grown up in though.

"This is the Moon Kingdom that I once lived in," Serenity said. The palace wasn't destroyed as it had once been. "This is where I grew up in my first life."

"It's beautiful." Wicked Lady said, the black moon disappeared off of her forehead.

"That is how I remember it," Serenity said. The scenery began to change. Wicked Lady looked around and saw that they were standing on a pile of rubble. "But this is as it looks now."

"What happened here?" The small voice said once again. It was the voice of a child, not of Wicked Lady.

"Queen Beryl destroyed it," Serenity said. "My mother saved me and my friends, but... gave her life doing so."

"That's so sad." The voice of the child said once again.

"Who said that?" Wicked Lady asked, looking around.

"It was me," The voice said. "I'm you. I was lost when you became Wicked Lady. I'm your spirit."

"My... my spirit?!?!" Wicked Lady questioned, looking at the child with pink hair and red eyes.

"Yes, you lost me when you became Wicked Lady the first time and I haven't been able to find you. I've been so alone since you drove me out," The girl said, her eyes to the ground. "I'm just a little girl. I can't survive out here on my own you know."

"Huh?" Wicked Lady said.

"You made me leave," The girl repeated. "I was so scared. I didn't want to leave, then you were more vulnerable. That's why you let Wiseman take over your mind. The one thing he can't do, is take over your heart and your spirit."

"Please..." Wicked Lady started. "I don't want to be alone anymore." She said with tears streaming down her face. She ran and picked up the little girl, crying into her shoulder. A white light began to pour out of the two girls. They were engulfed in the light and when it cleared, Princess Rini stood with her eyes closed and her head bowed. She wore the dress her mother had worn as the Princess and had real wing just like her mother.

"Princess Rini." Serenity said, her eyes rimmed with tears.

"Mommy?" The girl said, opening her eyes to see her mother, Queen Serenity. She ran to her mother's arms, hugging her tightly. "I'm sorry!" She cried, through her tears, not wanting to let her mother go.

"Serena." A voice said behind the Queen.

"Who's there?!?!" Serenity demanded, spinning around to see her mother. "M... mother?" She stammered, seeing the woman with lavender hair standing behind her.

"Who's that, Mommy?" Rini asked, looking at the beautiful woman that stood behind her.

"That's my mother, the original Queen Serenity." Serena said.

"She's my grandmother?" Rini asked, looking at the beautiful woman.

"That's right, Rini," Serena's mother said. "I'm your grandmother. I brought you two here. I've been protecting you spirit since you lost it when you went to save your mother. I wanted to give you this." A small locket appeared in Queen Serenity's hand. It had a pink heart on it. "It will transform you into Sailor Chibi Moon."

"Sailor Chibi Moon?" Rini questioned, taking the locket from her hand. "How does it work?"

"You're just like your mother. Always asking questions." Queen Serenity said, looking at Serena, who had started to blush. "Just say the words 'Moon Prism Power' and you will become Sailor Chibi Moon."

"Wow." Rini said, looking at the beautiful locket.

"I'm afraid you cannot stay here any longer, my dear." Queen Serenity said, looking at Serena and Rini.

"I have a question, Mother," Serena said, looking at her mother. "How could you bring us here? Piccolo destroyed the Moon."

"You restored it, my dear," Queen Serenity said. "You used your power to save you daughter. You restored your home, to show Rini the devastation of war."

"I didn't know I could do that." Serena said.

"You are more powerful than I ever was," Queen Serenity said. "You have the most pure heart I've ever felt. It will bring you things that you never thought possible. You must leave now, my dear. We will meet again some day."

"Good-bye, Mother." Serena whispered seeing the Moon Kingdom disappear. When the two opened their eyes, all they saw was black.

Diamond, Sapphire, Rubeus, and the 4 sisters

"Is Serenity dead yet?" Rebeus asked, looking bored. "I'd like to get on to conquering the Universe."

"We all would," Sapphire said, sitting next to Prisma. "It's boring just waiting for the fight to finish. We should be fighting too."

"Why fight when Darien is?" Prince Diamond said, turning his chair around to face the rest of them. "He's stronger than us, it will only take him. It's not necessary for us to fight."

"It wasn't much of a challenge against the rest of those Sailor brats, though," Rubeus said. "I thought they were Queens. Doesn't that mean that they're strong? I didn't even break a sweat when we fought them."

"We'll have fun when we conquer the rest of the Universe," Diamond said. "We'll watch the people of all the planets run in terror to get away from us. We will be feared."

"I guess that might be rewarding." Rubeus said, thinking of what it would be like to torture all of those people.

-Serenity and Rini-

"Are we on Earth?" Rini asked when they darkness slowly lit up.

"I.. I think so" Serenity said, looking around the dark room. "Where is everyone? I thought Wiseman would be here, or Prince Diamond."

"Do you think they'll come after us, Mommy?" Rini asked, she looked up at her mother with those big red eyes of her and grasped her hand tightly.

"I know they will, my dear," Serenity said. "The question is when?"

"Should I use that locket grandma gave me?" Rini asked, looking up at her mother.

"Hmm.. yes, you'll be stronger that way." Serenity said, also taking out her locket. "Cosmic Moon Crystal POWER!!" Serenity cried, holding the locket above her head. The ribbons surrounded her body, forming her fuku, her gloves, her shoes, her cape, and her staff. "Go on, say the words."

"Moon Prism POWER!!" Rini cried, holding the locket above her head. Ribbons surrounded Rini's body, forming her fuku. White gloves with pink at the elbows formed next, followed by pink boots with white trimming on the top. Next a pink skirt formed with a red bow on the back. Feathers appeared on her odangoes with a red ball at the bottom and her tiara, earrings, and necklace formed. She struck a pose and looked down at her outfit. "Wow!! I look like a real Sailor Scout!!" She cried.

"No time for that, dear!!" Sailor Cosmos cried. "We have to find Wiseman, it's going to take everything we have to defeat him!"

"I'm with you Mom, I mean, Sailor Cosmos." Sailor Chibi Moon cried out, following her mother through a doorway.


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