The Return of the Black Moon Family

What? Wicked Lady's back? But that means...

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Part 6

Chapter 14

-King Ki's planet-

Sailor Cosmos chased after Bubbles, around the house, over the car, up the trees. He was faster than she ever imagined possible.

"Come back here Bubbles!" She cried as Bubbles pulled out ahead of her. She stopped and leaned over, trying to catch her breath. "Okay, here I come!!!" She shouted, an extra burst of speed sent her flying after Bubbles. Bubbles sped up, but still wasn't fast enough for her. Sailor Cosmos caught up and grabbed the little ape around the waist, sliding to a stop at King Ki's feet. "I did it!!" She cried, jumping up and down in the air.

Extraordinary. King Ki thought, seeing the girl with Bubbles in her hands. She's already used to the gravity. It took Goku weeks to catch Bubbles and she caught Bubbles in just over an hour.

"I'm ready for the next part of the training." Sailor Cosmos said. Just as she said that, a gurgling sound erupted almost causing an earthquake. "Okay, maybe I'm not ready to train. I haven't eaten for a few weeks. Do you think we could stop and have something to eat first?" She asked, another gurgling noise erupted.

"I suppose we could." King Ki said, walking towards the small house. The two of them walked in and Sailor Cosmos looked in the house. There was a table with two people sitting at it. "Tien? Choatzu?" Sailor Cosmos asked, squinting in the dull light.

"Serena?" Tien said, looking at the girl with long white hair done up in two odangoes.

"It's me, I haven't seen you two in years." She said, giving each one a hug.

"You look a lot different than you did a few years ago." Tien said, looking her up and down.

"Do you like what you see?" She asked jokingly. She sat down at the table and engaged in a little small talk. She told them everything that had happened in the past years and how she ended up there on King Ki's planet.

"I hope you're hungry, there's plenty to go around." King Ki said, setting a plate heaped with food in front of Serena.

"Oh boy am I ever!" She cried, stuffing food in her mouth. "This is so *gulp* good.." She said between bites.

"Wow, the only person I've seen eat like that is Goku." King Ki said, watching the small woman eat. "These two don't even eat like that."

"I think I inherited it from my... *chomp*.. mother." Serena said, piling more food on her plate.

"I don't recall Queen Serenity eating like that." Said King Ki, more to himself than anyone else.

"Not her." Serena said, swallowing the bite in her mouth. "My Saiyan mother that I was reborn to." She said, turning her attention back to the plate in front of her.

"Huh?" King Ki said, confused. "Reborn?" He hadn't known that Princess Serena had died."

"I died over one thousand year ago." Serena said, patting her stomach after her fourth serving of food. "Queen Beryl attacked. Vegeta and I were killed as well as most of my friends. Darien left me to die... I'll never forgive him for that. Anyway, my mother trapped Beryl and used the last of her strength to send us to another future to be reborn. She sent two cats, Luna and Artemis, to guide us if Beryl ever broke free..." Serena told the whole story to King Ki, up until Goku's death.


"Rini..." Darien's voice coed quietly.

"Huh... Daddy?" Rini asked, opening her big rube red eyes. "What happened? Where's Mommy?" Rini asked.

"Mommy's gone." Darien said calmly. "She won't be coming back."

"What?!?! No!!" Rini cried, tears forming in her eyes. "What happened to her?!?! Why isn't she coming back?!?!" Rini demanded. Tears beginning to stream down her face.

"She abandoned you. She never loved you. She only tolerated you, you were always in her way. Always taking me from her. Always in the way" Darien was saying.

"No, you're wrong!! My Mommy loves me!!!" Rini cried, her tears dripping from her chin onto the pink blankets of her bed.

"She's never loved you, she abandoned you and ran off with another man... she doesn't love you... why didn't she save you when that evil man attacked? Why did she leave with him? She's just as evil as he is..." Darien said, evil energy began to fill Rini's room. It changed her thoughts.

"That's not true!!" Rini cried, trying to push the soft sound of his voice from her mind. "It can't be true, can it?"

"I only speak the truth." Darien said, putting his hand under her chin. She looked up at him. "I would never lie to you, my child."

"My Daddy would never lie to me." Rini repeated in a dull tone. Her eyes were glazed over and there was a blank expression on her face.

"You have to teach the man that took your Mommy a lesson. That bad man that tried to hurt me. The man that stole everything from us. The one that changed your Mommy he made her evil." Darien continues, negative energy emulating from his body and invading Rini's. Rini began to change. Her hair grew almost as long as her mother's (when her mother was Queen Serenity). A long black dress surrounded her body, black earrings formed, and finally, a black crescent moon appeared on her forehead like Darien's.

"I'll make Mommy pay." Wicked Lady said, opening her eyes.

-The Planet Venus-

"Did you get a hold of Goku yet?" Queen Mina asked Vegeta.

"How do you expect me to get a hold of him?!?!" Vegeta demanded, his eyes narrowing on Mina. "He's eating, it'd be a miracle if I could get his attention!!"

"Don't give up, we're going to need Serenity's help." Mina said, turning away.

"Don't let him get to you Mina." Rei said quietly. "He's like this all the time, remember the Moon Kingdom? He was like that all the time even when he was with Serena."

"I still don't see what she sees in him? Sure he's got a nice bod and is hot, but he's so arrogant and rude." Mina said quietly to Rei.

"He does have a nice body." Rei said, looking over her shoulder at Vegeta, who seemed to be concentrating really hard.

"Kakarott!!" Vegeta screamed in his head. "Listen to me!!!"

"Huh?" Goku looked up from his dinner.

"What is it Goku dear?" ChiChi asked, her back towards him.

"Vegeta? Is that you?" Goku asked out loud.

"Of course it's me, who did you think it was?" Vegeta's cross voice sounded loud and clear in his head. Gohan looked up from his plate at his father (Gohan was also listening in the conversation).

"Sorry, what is it?" Goku asked, hearing the agitated tone Vegeta had used.

Chapter 15

"You have to go to the planet Namic and wish back Serenity." Vegeta said, a touch of sadness in his voice. Goku didn't notice it though, nor did Gohan.

"What?!?!" Goku burst out. "What happened to her?!?!? Is she really gone?!?!"

"Stop asking stupid questions!! Get to the planet Namic now!!" Vegeta ordered.

"You got it, my sis'll be back in no time." Goku said, grabbing Gohan's hand. "Come on Gohan, we're going to the planet Namic."

"All right!! I get to come!!" Gohan said, following his father out the door.

"And where do you think you two are off two?" ChiChi asked, blocking the door. Her arms were crossed and she held a large spoon in one hand. Her eyes were narrowed on the two men trying to sneak past her.

"We have to go save Serenity." Goku said. "She's in trouble."

"You go off and save her." ChiChi said, letting Goku by. Gohan tried to slip past her as well. "And where do you think you're going?!?!" ChiChi asked, stopping her son in his tracks.

"Aw mom..." He whined. "Why can't I go?"

"You need to stay here and study so you can get into a good school." ChiChi said.

"But mom..." Gohan started.

"No buts!!" ChiChi barked at Gohan. "You're staying here and that's final!"

"ChiChi..." Goku started. "Dear, we're going to need his help though."

"I'm not an animal Goku and don't you go talking back to me!!" She turned towards her husband, smacking him with the spoon in her hand.

"Owe. That hurt." Goku whined, holding his sore hand.

Gohan. Goku said in his head so Gohan could hear. Go into your room and I'll come around back and open the window.

Okay dad. Gohan answered.

"I have to go, I'll see you later." Goku said, winking at his son, who got the signal and headed for his room.

"Now you don't get hurt this time Goku." ChiChi said, giving her husband a kiss.

"I'll be fine honey, see ya later. Nimbus!!!" He yelled. A yellow cloud came around the corner and he jumped on. "Let's go!!" Goku yelled as the cloud took off.

Gohan walked into his bedroom and changed his clothes. He put on a pair of loose purple pants and a matching loose purple shirt. He tied a red belt around his waist and fixed the fluffy, white collar of his shirt. He heard a knock on the window and walked over to it, opening it up.

"Come on Gohan, before your mother comes in here." Goku said, grabbing Gohan's hands. He pulled him out of the window and the two of them flew to Bulma's on Nimbus.

"Goku?" Bulma said, when she saw someone fly past. She was outside, washing a space ship.

"Bulma!" Goku cried, jumping off of Nimbus, he and Gohan landed softly next to her. "We need to get to the planet Namic as soon as possible. We have to use the DragonBalls to wish back Serena."

"What?!?! Serena's gone?!?!" Bulma said, a shocked look crossed her face.

"Yeah, that bastard Darien did it." Goku said, his eyes crossed in anger. "He'll pay for ever laying a hand on my sister!!" He said, a low growl escaped the back of his throat.

"This one is almost ready. Go inside and call the rest of the Warriors." Bulma said. "If he was strong enough to do that to Serenity, then I think you're going to need all the help you can get."

"You're right." He said, walking into the huge building. He walked to the phone and called Krillin and Yamcha. They were on their way. Goku walked outside and waited for them to arrive. "Where's Piccolo? We're going to need his help too."

"Did someone say they needed my help?" A voice said.

"Piccolo!" Goku cried out in surprise.

"Mr. Piccolo!" Gohan cried, seeing his friend. "Are you going to help us too?" Gohan asked, his eyes wide with hope.

"What exactly are you going to do?" Piccolo asked.

"We're going to the planet Namic to wish back Serenity. Darien sent her into the next dimension." Goku said. "We'd better hurry before ChiChi finds out Gohan's with us."

"Why would it be dangerous?" Piccolo asked.

"Well, Darien is going to try and kill her again and he'll try to do the same to anyone who protects her." Goku said, actually serious for once.

"We're here!" A voice said from above. Everyone looked up to see Krillin and Yamcha floating above them.

"Just in time guys, the ship's almost ready." Bulma said, working on the last touches. "I'm coming this time though." She said, it was more of an order than a question.

"It's too dangerous for you to go, Bulma." Yamcha said.

"I'm coming and that's final!" She yelled, her face turning red and her eyes narrowed on Yamcha.

"Okay you can come." Yamcha said, throwing his hands back, a fearful look on his face.

"You're not going to leave me out again." Bulma said, finishing up the ship. "All right, it's fixed, let's go."

Everyone climbed on the ship, including Yageroby and Master Roshi. They buckled in and Bulma took the controls. She hit the button to start the ship and it began to hum quietly. She hit the blast off button and away they went. Gripping the seats, everyone closed their eyes and held their breath until they were out in open space.

"We... we made it..." Goku said, letting out the air he had been holding in since he walked into the ship.

"How long until we get to Namic?" Gohan asked.

"It'll take about six days, then it will take a few weeks to find all of the DragonBalls." Bulma said.

"If we all go in search of them separately, we may be able to find them all in a few days." Gohan said, using paper to do a few calculations.

"You know what, you're right Gohan. But how will we know where they are?" Bulma asked, pulling out a strange looking devise. "I only have one Dragon Radar. How will we know which village has one and which one doesn't?"

"I don't know, but I'm sure we'll think of something." Gohan said, working on a few possibilities.

Chapter 16

-King Ki's-

"That's the whole story." Serena said, after giving every last detail. "It's kind of confusing, I know, but it's all the truth."

"That'd make a good bed time story." Said King Ki, more to himself than anyone in particular.

"I used to tell Rini the stories about Sailor Moon. She never knew it was me until she went back to the past to save me." Serena said, remembering the evil that had attacked and made her fall into a deep sleep for months.

"Wow." He said, thinking about the stories.

"So... King Ki... can we get back to training?" She asked. "I'm going to change real quick. Cosmic Moon Crystal POWER!!" She cried, holding up the locket. She transformed into Sailor Cosmos and made the cape and staff disappear.

"Why of course, my dear." He said, snapping out of his thoughts. "Gregory!" He cried.

"Huh? Who's Gregory?" She asked with a weird look on her face.

"You'll see when he gets here." King Ki said, walking outside. Sailor Cosmos, Tien, and Choatzu followed and waited.

"Where is he?" Sailor Cosmos asked, looking around her.

"I'm up here little girl." A squeaky voice said above her head.

"Huh? Where?" She asked, looking all around. "Where did that voice come from?"

"I'm right here!" It cried and before Sailor Cosmos knew what was happening, she was on her butt on the grass.

"What the..." She trailed off when she saw a blue light land on King Ki's shoulder. The light died down and a grasshopper stood on his shoulder. "This is my next test?!?!" Sailor Cosmos asked, a confused look on her face.

"It'll be tougher than you think girlie!!" Gregory said, insulted.

"Let's get started then." King Ki held up his hand and a mallet appeared in it.

"What's that thing for?" Sailor Cosmos asked, looking at the heavy mallet.

"You have to take this and hit me with it." Gregory said.

"Well, okay, I'll do my best." Sailor Cosmos said, taking the mallet from King Ki's hand. She easily held it on her shoulder. "Let's get going then." Gregory flew away at top speed with Sailor Cosmos chasing after him.

"Wow!" King Ki said to himself and the others. "I've never given anyone a mallet that heavy, not even Goku and she held it in 10 times her normal gravity like it was nothing!!"

"No way!!" Tien said. "That mallet was heavier than the one you gave Goku?"

"Yeah, she trained in this gravity before. She was born on the planet Vegeta and the gravity there is the same as it is here. She's already used to it." King Ki said.

"Wohoo!!" They heard Sailor Cosmos cry from the other side of the planet. They ran over and saw Gregory on the ground with a huge bump on his head.

"What?!?!?!" King Ki cried, seeing Sailor Cosmos celebrate after finishing the test. "Did she hit you Gregory?!?!"

"She can't prove it." Gregory said, floating above the ground.

"What's that bump then?" Sailor Cosmos said, pointing to a huge bump on his head.

"I... uhh... I fell down the stairs... yeah, I fell down the stairs." Gregory lied.

"I don't see any stairs," said Sailor Cosmos with a smile on her face.

Wow, it only took her about five minutes to hit Gregory. King Ki thought. That's amazing! She must have trained in this gravity before.

"Wow!!" Cried Tien when he saw Sailor Cosmos holding the mallet like it was nothing. "Let me see that mallet." He said. She put it in his hand and it fell to the ground, causing the planet to shake. "Holy cow!! I can't even lift it!!" He said, trying to lift it with all his might.

"It's not very heavy." Sailor Cosmos said, picking it up again like it was nothing.

"Now shall we begin the next step of the training?" He asked, looking at her. She might be able to master the art of Kaioken. She will be the second person to do it, I know it!! I guess they're more alike than anyone knew. Her heart is just as pure as Goku's. Yes, she will master Kaioken.

"King Ki?" Sailor Cosmos said, waving her hand in front of his face. "Hello? King Ki?"

"Are you sure you're ready?!?!" He demanded.

"Well, I'll try." Sailor Cosmos said.

"All right, the first thing that needs to be done is..."

-The Planet Venus-

"They're on their way." Vegeta said, walking into the kitchen where everyone sat drinking tea. They'd been working on their plan for days now and were taking a break for a while.

"Good." Queen Mina said. "How long until they can wish her back?"

"By my calculations." Queen Ami said, rechecking her calculations. "It takes about six days to get there. It may take them a few weeks to find all seven DragonBalls, though. Unless they split up. Then it will only take a few days to gather all of them."

"Will she be back in time to help?" Queen Lita asked, her long green dress brushing the floor as she stood up to get another cup of tea.

"What was that?!?!" Queen Rei cried out.

"What are you talking about Rei?" Lita asked, looking strangely at her friend.

"I just sensed something from Earth." She said. "Like someone good just turned evil... RINI!!!!!" She cried, her eyes growing huge. She ran from the room and headed for the temple area.

"She's right!!" Vegeta cried, running to the window that faced the planet Earth. "I just sensed something!! It felt like Rini's power level! It was good, but now all I can feel is evil!! That monster Darien is going to pay for messing with that little brat!!"

"We have to do something right now!!" Queen Mina cried, a strange feeling coming across her as well.

"What about the plan Mina?" Queen Ami asked.

"Who cares about the plan!! We have to save Rini now!! We can't wait for Serena!!" Queen Mina cried, heading for the place they kept the space ships. "Prepare the fastest ship for the departure of all of the Inner Queens, plus one!" Mina ordered the men that were on duty.

"Right away your majesty." The supervisor said, bowing before the Queen of Venus.

Chapter 17

"Fire... " Rei began her chant to see what the vision she had meant. She had changed into a pair of baggy red pants with a baggy white shirt. "Oh no!!" She cried. "It's the Black Moon Family!!! He's bringing them back!!! This can't be!!!! It's much, much worse than we ever imagined, we need Serenity here now!!!"

"Rei, we're leaving for Earth right now." Queen Mina said, breaking Rei's concentration. "We have to go now."

"I'm coming." Rei said, grabbing her red Queen dress that was laying over a chair.

"Ami, Lita, let's go." Queen Mina said. Rei and Vegeta were already on the ship, buckled in and ready to depart for Earth.

"I hope we're not too late." Rei said quietly to herself.


"Rise my family." Darien said, using his evil energy to attempt to resurrect his dead brother's. "We will become the rulers of this galaxy and eventually, the whole universe!!"

"Excuse me sire." A voice said behind Darien.

"Come in Prisma, Avery, Catzy, Birdy. Long time, no see." He said, turning to face them.

"You summoned us your majesty?" Prisma said, stepping in front of her three sisters. "Where is Queen Serenity?"

"The Queen's dead." He said, plainly.

"What?!?!?!" They all four cried out in unison.

"She can't be dead!!" Prisma said. "What happened to her?"

"I killed her." He said, stepping into the light.

"No... it can't be... you should... be dead... with your brothers... it's im... impossible..." She stuttered.

"What's wrong Prisma?" Avery asked, seeing the look on her face.

"It... it's Darien... Prince Diamond and Sapphire's... brother... how can he be alive... I thought Sailor Moon destroyed the Black Moon Family..." Prisma said, standing protectively in front of her sisters.

"I've missed you girls." He said, taking a step closer to them. "Do you want to join my little family again?"

"We'd never join you, you evil monster!!" Prisma spat out. "Leave us alone!!" She headed for the door, but it slammed shut before she moved one step.

"What's going on Prisma?" Catzy asked, shivers running up and down her back.

"I'm afraid you didn't understand me correctly. You will join my family!" Darien spat out, black energy filled the room, and began to choke the four girls.

"Can I help, Daddy?" A voice said.

"Of course you can help Lady." He said. "My evil child." She stepped into the light, Luna P floating behind her, and walked up next to the four girls. The black energy radiated from her body, making the girls take a few steps back.

"So girls, I don't think I've ever met you in person. Not in this time, anyway." Wicked Lady took a step closer, the energy began to grow, smothering the girls.

"Leave us alone!!" Avery cried out. Gathering up what strength she had, she charged at Wicked Lady, who easily blocked her. Wicked Lady sent Avery crashing into the wall, leaving a dent where her body hit. "Get out of here you guys!"

"No way!!" Birdy cried. "We're not going to leave you here!!" She said, running to her sister's side. The other two sister's knelt at Avery's side, trying to help her to her feet.

"You're not going anywhere." Darien said, stepping up beside Wicked Lady. "Come forth my brother's!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. He began to chant something that the four sisters couldn't understand.

"What is he doing?!?!" Catzy asked, staring at Darien as he chanted in another language. His chant became louder and much faster and soon, Wicked Lady joined in as well. She combined her powers with King Darien's and made his spell even stronger. Shadowy creatures began to fly around the room, faces appeared and then disappeared.

"What are those things?!?!" Avery asked, seeing the faces of people that looked so familiar, flying around her.

"Sapphire?!?!" Prisma cried, seeing a familiar face appear in front of her. A woman with green hair appeared, standing next to a man with red hair. "Rubeus!! Emerald!!" She cried, recognizing them immediately.

"It can't be!!" Birdy cried. "They're dead!!! They died years ago!!! Sailor Moon destroyed them!!"

The chant became more insistent and louder with each passing moment. The wind began to swirl. Mixing the faces together, smearing the black crescent moons on their foreheads.

"So, sisters, are you ready to join us once more?" Emerald asked, walking closer to the four sisters.

"We'll never join you!!" Prisma cried once more. The form of a man took shape in front of Prisma's eyes. "Sapphire?" She asked, seeing the blue hair and matching eyes. She took a step closer and felt herself begin to drift away.

"Prisma, my love," He said sweetly. "It's been a long time. Join us and we'll always be together."

"Yes, my love." She said. Her body began to change. Her eyes became a little darker and the outfit she wore when she worked for the Black Moon Family reappeared as well as the black crescent moon on her forehead. "Now we'll always be together." His body went from being transparent to solid as she fell into his arms. She returned to the evil she had once hated so badly.

"Prisma!! NOO!!!" Her three sisters cried, staring in horror at their sisters.

"So glad they three of you came back to us." Rubeus said, taking a step closer to the three remaining sisters.

"Leave us alone Rubeus!" Avery cried, trying to stand on her own. Another body began to take form close behind him. It was a man with a long cape and white hair. "Prince Diamond?" She questioned looking at his face. "King Darien is bringing him back too?!?!"

"Okay, we give up." Birdy said, stepping closer to Rubeus. Avery leaned against her as they walked forward towards the man with red hair.

"I knew you'd see it our way." Rubeus said, walking towards him. He seized the two with dark energy, lifting them off the ground.

"What are you guys doing?!?!? Why are you joining willfully?!?!?!" Catzy demanded, running towards her sister.

"We have no other choice." Avery said sadly.

"Sailor Moon will return... she'll save us again... you have to believe in her and her friend's..." Birdy finished.

"I... I understand... " Catzy said, stepping closer to Rubeus. "I... I give up... I'll join you..."


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