The Return of the Black Moon Family

What? Wicked Lady's back? But that means...

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 10 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 3666

Part 10

Chapter 27

"Show yourself!!" Sailor Cosmos cried, pushing the last door open.

"So Sailor Cosmos, you finally decided to join me," Wiseman said seeing the strongest of all the Sailor Senshi appear before him. "And who might the kid be? I thought we got rid of all of those pesky scouts except for you."

"I am Sailor Chibi Moon!!" Chibi Moon cried. "I fight for love and justice, on behalf of the Moon!!"

"We will punish you!!" Sailor Cosmos shouted, both striking the same pose.

"Sailor Chibi Moon?" Wiseman questioned, looking at the girl with pink hair. "Wicked Lady?"

"Never again will I go by that name!!" Chibi Moon cried, trying to think of something to do.

"Throw your tiara and say 'Moon Tiara Magic'!!" Sailor Cosmos cried. "Moon Staff Elimination!!"

"Moon Tiara Magic!!" Chibi Moon cried. The two attacks joined and headed straight for Wiseman. They hit him but had no effect.

"What?!?!" Cosmos cried. "How is that possible?!?!"

"I'm a lot stronger, my dear," Wiseman said, holding the dark crystal up. "You'll never win."

"I will use everything in my power to defeat you!!" Cosmos cried. "Moon Cosmic Heart Power!!" A great amount of energy began to gather in the globe on the top of her staff. It glowed bright white, washing over the entire room. The light was so bright Chibi Moon and Wiseman had to shield their eyes. The attack was launched and headed straight for Wiseman.

-Somewhere in the future-

A young man about 20 years old stood outside of a great palace. It's great to be home. He thought, breathing in the fresh air. Everything is so different now that I returned here. We changed the future when we defeated Cell. He wished he hadn't had to leave so early either, but there was nothing he could really do about that.

"Trunks!" A woman's voice called. "Where are you?"

"I'm out here, mom!" He yelled back. "I'll be right there!" He looked over his shoulder at his mother, Serenity. Her long white hair hung past the ground and her white dress also was dragging behind her. He looked up at the sky and saw a black hole form. "Huh?" He said, looking into the black hole. "What's that thing?!?!" Before he knew what was happening he was being pulled into the black hole. "What the.."

"Trunks?" Serenity called, hearing her son curse to himself. That's not like him. Serenity thought, heading for where her son had been. "Where are you?"

"Up here!!" She heard him cry.

"Trunks!!" Serenity cried, she opened her white wings and lifted herself off of the ground towards her son. "Sailor Pluto?" She questioned, seeing her friend pull her son into the portal. "What are you doing?"

"He is needed, my Queen," Sailor Pluto said. "Your past self isn't doing very well, he is needed to save this future."

"But he just came home a few months ago," Serenity said, her eyes welling up with tears. "Does he have to go so soon?"

"I'm afraid there is no other choice." Sailor Pluto said.

"Send Rini along as well," Serenity said. "They may need the extra help."

"I'm afraid I cannot do that, my Queen," Pluto said. "I have only enough energy to send one person."

"I.. I understand," Serenity said. "I'll miss you Trunks."
Sailor Cosmos (the past)

"Is that all you've got, Sailor Cosmos?!?!" Wiseman demanded, reflecting the attack she had just sent at him.

"What?!?!" Cosmos cried. Grabbing Chibi Moon's hand, she jumped out of the way seconds before Cosmos's attack would have hit them.

"How can he be that strong?!?!" Cosmos cried. "It's impossible to defeat him!!"

"Don't give up, Sailor Cosmos," Chibi Moon said, kneeling at her mother's side. The last attack had taken a lot out of Cosmos. "We can beat him!!"

"I would never give up!!" Cosmos cried, struggling to her feet. She was so tired, she could barely stand. She wobbled slightly but managed to get her footing and stand up straight. "Chibi Moon!"

"Yes?" Chibi Moon said, looking up at Cosmos, her mother.

"You have to find a way to save the others!" Cosmos cried, standing her ground against Wiseman. "I'll take care of him!!"

"That's too risky, Sailor Cosmos!!" Chibi Moon cried.

"Do as I say!!" Cosmos cried, trying to hold back her tears. She didn't like this one bit, but until she found her friends, they were doomed.

"Right!" Chibi Moon cried. She turned her back and ran out of the room, searching for her mother's friends.

"Hold it right there!!" A low growl ordered.

"Who are you?!?!" Chibi Moon demanded, dropping into a fighting stance.

"That depends," The low voice said again. "Who are you?!?!"

"I am Sailor Chibi Moon, the champion of justice!" Chibi Moon cried. "I will right wrongs and triumph over evil!!"

"Good, I found you then." The voice said. A man about 20 years old stepped out of the shadows. He had lavender hair that fell over his eyes. He looked like Vegeta, only he had unnaturally blue eyes. Just like Queen Serenity, Sailor Chibi Moon's mother.

"Who are you?!?!" Chibi Moon demanded, not dropping her guard.

"The name's Trunks," He said. "I'm from the future. You're my older sister in that time."

"I have a brother?" She demanded, giving him a strange look. "That's a lie!!"

"It's no lie." A voice behind her said. Chibi Moon looked at the Luna P orb that always followed her around.

"Sailor Pluto?" Chibi Moon said, seeing the form of Pluto in the eyes of the cat.

"I had no choice but to send him." Sailor P said. "You need the help, there was nothing else I could do."

"Is my Mom gonna be okay?" Chibi Moon asked, looking worried.

"You can't worry about her right now, dear," Pluto said, stroking the child's hair. "You have to save the Sailor Senshi."

"All right," Chibi Moon said, pulling away from Pluto. "Let's do it!"

Chapter 28

-Sailor Cosmos-

"I defeated you once!! I can do it again!!" Cosmos cried, sending a blast of energy straight at Wiseman, who didn't even move. It went right through him.

"Ha!" He yelled, moving his hands over the Dark Crystal. "You think you can defeat me so easily?!?! You were lucky before, Sailor Cosmos! If it weren't for that second Silver Imperium Crystal, I would have won and this whole Universe would be void of all life! It would be silent, no annoying little Sailor Scouts! Returned to the nothingness it once was!"

"I'll never allow that to happen!!" Cosmos cried, lunging at Wiseman. "I'll die before I let that happen!!"

"Precisely what I had in mind." Wiseman said, summoning Dark energy to the Dark Crystal. He gathered the negative energy and sent it in one blast straight at Sailor Cosmos. She didn't have time to move and was hit head on. She flew into the wall and slumped slowly to the floor.

-Trunks and Rini-

"Hold it right there!" Sailor Chibi Moon yelled when her and her future brother broke into the room with all of Wiseman's minions. The four sisters sat together, Sapphire and Prince Diamond sat together, Rubeus was near the four sisters and Emerald was hitting on Prince Diamond.

"And who might you be?" Prince Diamond said, not rising. Trunks was not in their view, he was letting Chibi Moon distract them so he could attack. "I thought we had captured all of the Sailor Scouts."

"I guess we missed one." Rubeus said. "But that will be remedied fairly easily. She can't be much of a challenge, she's just a kid."

"She might not be a challenge, but I am!!" Trunks yelled, jumping out from behind Chibi Moon. He lunged at Rubeus, knocking him into the wall. Rubeus slumped to the floor, unconscious. He turned to the four sisters who were coming at his back. He didn't want to strike a woman so he managed to tie them up using Avery's whip.

"Let us go!!" Birdy cried, struggling to get free of the whip. Trunks used his laser eyes to melt the whip and make it impossible to get out.

"Come on Chibi Moon!!" Sapphire cried, lunging at the child. She couldn't dodge him in time, but a weapon appeared in her hand, creating a force field around her. It shielded her from Sapphire's attack and sent him into a wall. He stood up and started to walk towards her.

"How'd I do that?" Chibi Moon asked, looking at the weapon. It was a scepter with a pink, heart-shaped crystal on the top. She held it up and words just came to her. "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!!" Small pink hearts flew at Sapphire hitting him in the face. It was more of a nuisance than anything else. It distracted him long enough for Trunks to attack him. He went flying into a wall and crashed to the floor, landing next to an unconscious Rubeus.

"You all right, Chibi Moon?" Trunks asked his sister.

"I'm all right, how did you do that?" She asked, referring to his energy attacks.

"I can't explain now, we have to find everyone else." Trunks said, grabbing his sister around the waist. He lifted her off the ground and flew into the air after Prince Diamond.

"Hold it!" They heard a voice cry. They turned to see Vegeta on the ground.

"Daddy!!" Chibi Moon cried, seeing Vegeta. She jumped out of Trunks arms and fell into her father's.

"Rini?" He questioned, seeing the girl wearing all pink.

"Uh huh! I'm a Sailor Scout too!" She cried happily. "Are we going to save Mommy now?"

"Yeah," He said, his normal smirk on his lips. "Let's go!" He took off into the air, joining up with his waiting son.

"Nice to see you again, Dad." Trunks said. He had the same set expression on his lips.


"Are we going to help Mommy?" Sailor Chibi Moon asked.

"We have to save the rest of the scouts first." Vegeta said, holding his daughter in his arms. She didn't know how to fly yet.

"How are we going to do that?" Chibi Moon asked, looking up at her father.

"I have an idea." Vegeta said, his smirk growing. Trunks didn't say anything. He and his father were more alike than they wanted to admit.

-Sailor Cosmos-

"You're going to stay dead this time!!" Sailor Cosmos cried, holding up her staff. "Moon Intergalactic Smash!!" Little planets flew from the end of her staff hitting the evil man. He laughed as they hit him.

"Keep it up and maybe you'll actually hurt me." Wiseman said, his evil laughter echoing off the walls.

"Leave her alone." A voice was heard behind her. She turned to see Vegeta standing there. He held Sailor Chibi Moon in her arms and there was a young man with lavender hair standing behind him. He looked like Vegeta, only he had soft blue eyes that made him look less cold. He set Sailor Chibi Moon on the ground and walked slowly towards Wiseman.

"So it's you again, Vegeta," Wiseman said. "You are strong, no where near strong enough to beat me, though."

"I don't have to beat you, just send you back." Vegeta said.

"Send me back?" Wiseman asked, not feeling at all threatened.

"That's what I said, send you back.." Vegeta said, lunging at Wiseman. He knocked the Black Crystal out of Wiseman's hands sending it crashing to the floor. It shattered into thousands of pieces. The bodies of the Sailor Scouts and the Z Warriors appeared on the floor.

"What?" Sailor Cosmos cried, running to her friends. "How did you do that?"

"They were trapped in that crystal ball," Vegeta said, Chibi Moon ran over to her mother, hugging her tightly. "I was with them for a while so I knew where they were."

"Mommy!" Chibi Moon cried, hugging her mother, who was battered and bruised.

"How dare you?!?!" Wiseman screamed. His cape flew off, revealing the face of someone very familiar. Sailor Cosmos gasped at who it was, the one person she didn't see passed out on the floor. He had merged with before he was 'taken' by Wiseman. Darien...

Chapter 29

"Darien?" Sailor Cosmos questioned, seeing her husband's face. "Why?"

"You were supposed to be mine for all eternity. I realize now that I was never destined to be with you like we always thought. Now you will die for choosing him over me!" Darien/Wiseman cried, creating a huge ball of energy between his hands. "You will die, Queen Serenity!!!" He threw the huge blast straight at Sailor Cosmos, who couldn't move in time.

"Mom!!" The boy with lavender hair cried, diving in front of the woman. He fell to the ground in front of Queen Serenity, who was still Sailor Cosmos.

"Mom?" She said, looking at the boy. She gasped when she realized the resemblance between him and Vegeta. She fell to the boy's side. She picked up his head, laying it on her lap. "You are my son one day." He opened his eyes slightly, looking up into his mother's big blue eyes. They were the same eyes she was looking into except hers were filled with tears.

"In the future.." He said before falling unconscious. The tears continued to flow down her face, dripping onto Trunks face. Sailor Chibi Moon was behind her, looking down at her brother. Her little brother. Sailor Cosmos stood up, limping slightly. She slowly made her way towards Darien/Wiseman. All of her friends lay unconscious on the ground except for Vegeta and Rini. Vegeta walked over to Rini, picking her up. He stood his ground behind Serenity. He knew that she had to fight alone and the only thing he could do, was protect the rest of them.

"I will not let you win," Serenity said, her eyes narrowing. She lay her hand on her chest, sending pink ribbons surrounding her body. They formed the dress she wore as Queen Serenity and a pair of real wings were on her back. They lifted her off the ground, bringing her closer to Darien/Wiseman. "This is for my friends!!" She cried, holding the crystal above her head. "Cosmic Moon POWER!!" Pink light came out of the crystal heading straight for Darien/Wiseman.

"We have to help." Mars said, trying to stand.

"You're right," Jupiter said, standing. "We have to help the Queen."

"Planet power?" Venus asked, standing also.

"Yes, I think that will be the only thing we can do." Mercury said. They helped the outer scouts to their feet and joined hands directly underneath of Queen Serenity. Chibi Moon ran in and also joined the circle. They closed their eyes and concentrated their powers.

"Sailor Planet POWER!!!" They cried in unison. Their energy gathered in the center and shot up into Queen Serenity's body.

"Thank you, my friends," Queen Serenity said, lowering her eyes to look at her friends. "You are the truest friends anyone asked for." The power of the crystal increased dramatically, heading for Darien/Wiseman. It hit him with such a force that the body of the two disintegrated with the contact of the pure energy of Queen Serenity and the rest of them.

"This can't be!!!" The monster that was Darien and Wiseman cried in anguish. "NOOO!!!!"

"They're gone for good, now we will have peace." Queen Serenity said before fainting. She started to fall but stopped halfway to the ground.

"I'm sorry, Serenity," A voice said. It was the voice of Darien. "You were right, I did love you at one time. There's someone that I have to tell the truth." Serenity floated slowly over towards Vegeta. He put out his arms, holding the woman he loved close. Darien looked towards Rei, who had tears in her eyes.

"Darien?" Rei asked, looking at the man she had loved for so long.

"I'm sorry, Rei." Darien said.

"Sorry? For what?" Rei asked, tears streaming down her face.

"I never told you how I really felt. I've been so jealous that I couldn't see straight," Darien said. "I stopped listening to my heart when I found out Serena was the Princess. I loved her long ago, but that all changed in this new life. Rei.."

"Yes?" She asked as he wiped her tears away.

"I love you." Darien whispered, pulling her close in his embrace. He pulled back a little, looking deep into her dark eyes. He leaned closer, kissing her on the lips. So softly, it was almost as if it had never happened.

"I love you, Darien." Rei said.

"I must leave now." Darien said, pulling away from Rei.

"Please, don't leave me!!" Rei called, reaching her hand up towards him. "Come back!!" Rei fell to her knees, tears dripping down her face. "Darien!!!"

"Huh? What happened?" Serenity asked, looking up to see Prince Vegeta's face. "Vegeta?"

"Are you all right, my Queen?" Vegeta asked, his face full of concern.

"Rei?" Serenity said, hearing her friend's sobs. "Rei, what's the matter?!?!" She cried, pushing away from Vegeta. She ran to Rei's side, placing a hand on her friend's shaking shoulders.

"Darien." She whispered. Serenity looked up to see him floating high above.

"Wait!" Serenity cried. "You can't leave Rei again!!" Darien looked down at the woman he had once loved. "Please!!" Serenity cried, tears forming in her eyes. "She's my friend, I can't bear to see her in pain!!" The tears started to fall as she spoke.

"Darien, my brother." A voice said. Serenity and everyone else turned to see Prince Diamond.

"Diamond?" Darien asked, seeing his brother.

"You stay, I'll take your place," Diamond said. "I don't belong in a good place like this. You stay, I'll go and maybe one day I'll meet you again, beautiful Serenity."

"Diamond?" Serenity said, looking at the man that had confessed his love to her with his last breaths.

"I want you to be happy, and I can see that you cannot be happy if your friends aren't," Prince Diamond said. "This is all I can do, beautiful Queen. The one woman I've ever loved, good bye." His body disappeared and Darien floated to the ground, landing next to Rei. His body lay limply on the ground. Rei rushed to his side, picking him up in her arms.

"Oh Darien!!" She cried, bawling on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and stroked her head, holding her shaking body next to his.

"Good bye, Prince Diamond." Serenity said, falling to the ground unconscious once again.

"Mommy!!" Chibi Moon cried, running to her unconscious mother's side. Vegeta was close behind her, picking his love up in both arms. "Is she going to be all right?"

"She'll be fine, she's just a little tired." Vegeta said. The rest of the Sailor Scouts and Z Warriors stood, slowly walking towards the family. Goku had Trunks's arm around his neck and was struggling to help him over to his family.

"That was quite a fight." Said Goku, laughing. All the others felt their spirits lift as they realized that they had won. The Black Moon Family was gone for good.


-A year later-

"I can't believe it's already been a year since we sent the Black Moon Family away for good." Queen Lita said, talking with the other Queen's from the Inner planets of the Galaxy.

"That was quite a battle," Queen Mina said. "I'm just glad we all survived and Serenity got her memory back."

"Speaking of Queen Serenity, where is she?" Queen Ami said, looking around the huge ball room. "I haven't seen her all night."

"Come to think of it, neither have I?" Queen Mina said.

"Me neither." Queen Lita also agreed.

"Don't worry about her," Queen Rei said, coming up beside the girls. "I'm sure she's fine. It takes us a while to do anything nowadays." She sat patting her stomach. Darien came up behind his wife, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. He kissed her on the cheek and put a hand on her huge stomach.

"Now you get big and strong for Daddy." He said, rubbing her stomach.

"Yeah, but still, she should have been here by now." Queen Ami said.

"It's Serena we're talking about," Queen Rei said. "When has she ever been on time?"

"That's defiantly true." The three girls sighed, sweatdrops appeared on each ones forehead.

"Out of my way!!" A shrill cry rang out through the Ball Room. Everyone turned to see the Queen of Crystal Tokyo flying down the steps in Vegeta's arms. She was hitting him on the head, yelling for him to hurry.

"Meatball head's finally here, but it looks like she won't be staying too long." Queen Rei said.

"Calm down woman!!" King Vegeta snapped, trying to hold the struggling woman still. "You've gone through this before, why is it such a shock now?!?!"

"Is Mommy going to have the baby?" Princess Rini asked, looking up at the Queen's, once known as Sailor Scouts.

"Yes, that's right, Small Lady." Sailor Pluto said, appearing behind the young Princess wearing a long green dress. The fighting couple finally managed to make it out the door then Queen Rei keeled over.

"What's wrong dear?!?!" Darien demanded, dropping to his wife's side.

"It's time!!" She cried, grabbing his arm. "OWE!!" She cried, holding her stomach. "Get me out of here!!"

"Yes dear!!" He said, scooping up the Queen of Mars. She began to shout out orders to Darien.

"Hurry up!!" Rei shouted, grabbing her stomach.

"Those two are one of a kind." Mina said, staring after the two woman.

"We couldn't live without them, though." Lita said.

"That's the truth." Ami said.

"It's kind of hard to believe that she's the one that saved the Universe so many times." Amara said, looking at the girl with two odangos on her head.

"She's a true friend, though." Michelle said, turning to Amara.

"I guess you're right, maybe she isn't such a bad Queen after all." Amara said.


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