The Queen Takes her Throne

On Vegeta's space ship. A new evil threatens the Earth and Serena is nowhere to be found. Will she make it in time to save her friends?

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 5 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 3857

Part 5

Chapter 20

Vegeta charged at Prince Diamond and missed, crashing into the wall behind him. He growled and cursed loudly. He stood up slowly and looked around for Prince Diamond.

"Where are you!!" Vegeta demanded, his eyes narrowed as he searched around the room for his Princess's captor. "I know you're still here!! Come out and fight me like a man!!" The reply he heard was not what he expected.

"Please stop this." The voice of a woman sounded through the room. He recognized the voice immediately, it was Serena's voice.

"Serena!!!" He yelled, flying in the direction of the voice. He stopped in front of Serena and looked her up and down. "Wait a second... that's not Serena!!" He yelled, he could sense and evil power inside of this woman. "I know my Princess and that's not her!" He turned his eyes to Diamond. "That was a big mistake, no one tries to trick me and lives!!" He was about to charge, but something wrapped around him, pinning his arms to his side. He looked back at the woman posing as Serena and glared at her. She had changed. Her eyes were dark and her hair long and dark. She was dressed in an almost completely black dress and had a black crescent moon on her forehead. She had thrown her whip around him, trapping him.

"You're not so tough now!" She said, black power running into the whip holding his arms down. He cried out in pain and tried to break free. It was no use, she was too strong and he was growing weaker by the second. With his last burst of strength he sent an energy blast at the woman in black. The energy hit her, sending her into the wall. She had lost her grip on the whip and all his strength began to flow back to him. He stood up and looked in Prince Diamond's direction.

Vegeta's eyes narrowed on Diamond and he growled low in the back of his throat. "Now you're gonna get it!!" Vegeta yelled, charging at Diamond. He punched him in the stomach, making him cry out in pain. He hunched over, with both hands on his stomach. Vegeta flew a little above him and put his hands together. He brought them down on Diamond's exposed back, sending him crashing into the floor. Diamond slowly stood up, holding his stomach where Vegeta had punched him.

"You're going to pay for this." Diamond said calmly, turning his back. "Remember, I still have your precious Princess Serena."

"What?!?!?!" Vegeta yelled. "You better let her go or else I'll..."

"You'll what!" Diamond interrupted. "You can't beat me. I'm much stronger than you'll ever be. You haven't seen my true power yet."

Vegeta's anger grew and his power continued to rise. He was about to explode.


"Huh?" Serena's eyes flew open and she looked around her. "Where am I?" She asked herself out loud. She was laying in a bed with clean, white sheets. She was still dressed as Queen Serenity. She stood up and looked around the room. There was no window, just a door. She pulled on the door, but it didn't move. She pushed with all her might, but still it didn't budge. "How am I going to get out of here?" She asked herself. She was trying to think of a plan when her thoughts were interrupted when she sensed and enormous amount of power. "That's Vegeta!!!" She cried recognizing his power immediately. "I've got to get out of here!!"

Serena began to power up, her screams echoed off the walls and high ceiling of the room. She began to change. Her hair grew longer and turned for a soft blond to bright white. He body was surrounded by a white aurora and her skin shone like the stars. She formed a ball of white energy in the palm of her hand and threw it at the door. The energy hit the door with such force that it was blown right off the hinges.

"Now I have to find Vegeta!" She yelled running down the hallway to where she sensed an incredible amount of energy. She ran through the hallways and finally made it to where a vast amount of energy had gathered. "Vegeta?"

Vegeta and Diamond...

"I'll kill you!!" Vegeta yelled in rage, charging at Prince Diamond who didn't seem worried at all.

"I wouldn't come any closer." Diamond said quietly.

Vegeta growled and started to speed up.

"So you want to do it the hard way huh?" Diamond said. "All right, we'll do it your way."

Diamond disappeared seconds before Vegeta reached him. "Huh?" Vegeta gasped. He couldn't sense a power level at all. "Where'd he go?!?!" Diamond appeared behind Vegeta, sending him flying into a wall. Vegeta struggled to stand up. He was taking quite a beating, even at the legendary Super Saiyan level.

"I just thought I'd let you know." Diamond started, dodging all of Vegeta's punches. "You'll never win."

Vegeta was not about to give up. He continued to attack Diamond. Diamond disappeared again, throwing off Vegeta's concentration. He reappeared behind Vegeta once again and kicked him straight up in the air. Vegeta flew upward, crashing into the ceiling and then falling to the floor with a thud. Vegeta groaned slightly, wiping the blood from his mouth, slowly stood up and began to attack once again. He was stubborn, he wasn't going to give up without a fight.


Serena walked into the room and saw a window with bars on it. She could sense her friends nearby.

"Sailor Mercury? Sailor Jupiter?" She called her eyes adjusting to the low light in the dungeon. "Hello? Is anyone there?"

"Serena?" A voice cried hoarsely. "Is that you?"

"Sailor Mercury!!" Serena cried, running to the window. She grabbed the bars and was thrown backgrounds. "OWE!" She cried, landing on her butt. "That really hurt." She stood up, rubbing her behind and walked back up to the window. "Is everyone in there?"

"Yes, we're all here." Mercury said. "We can't get out, there's some sort of powerful force field around this whole thing."

"Is there anyway to break it?" Serena asked, looking around the room.

"There may be a way to cut the power." Mercury said, checking a few things with her computer. "There!" She cried out, pointing to a wire that ran on the floor to the cell they were trapped in. "That's the power source. You have to cut that wire."

"Right!" Serena cried, searching the room for something to cut it with. "There's nothing here to cut it with!" She cried out, frustrated. "I'll do it myself." She said, powering up once again. She powered up and formed a 'Distructo Disk' in her hand. "This will do the trick." She said to herself. She used the disk to cut off the power to the cell.

"You have to get us out of here now." Jupiter said.

"No problem, everybody, stand back." Serena said, forming a ball of energy. It was a small amount of energy, but it was enough to blow the door. She threw it at the door and rushed her friends out of the cell. "Let's go! We have to find Diamond!"

"Right!" The scouts cried in unison.

The Battle Field...

"Are you getting tired, Prince Vegeta of the Saiyans?" Diamond mocked, seeing Vegeta's heavy breathing. Vegeta didn't say anything, he was trying to gather strength. He was growing weaker with every hit from Diamond. He had no idea that this enemy was so strong.

"I'm just getting warmed up." Vegeta growled. He was too weak to attack him. He waited to see what Diamond's next move was going to be. Diamond disappeared and appeared again in front of Vegeta. He pulled back his hand and plunged it into Vegeta's stomach, causing him to cough up blood. He spit the blood out and it splattered on Diamond's face. Diamond kind of looked at him and then threw him up in the air, sending blasts of his negative energy up at Vegeta. Vegeta fell to the ground, broken, bleeding, nearly dead.

"You really are pathetic." Diamond said, walking over to stand above Vegeta. "Did you really think you could save her from me? Did you honestly believe that she loved you?"

Vegeta didn't say anything. There was nothing he could say. He knew he was about to die. He thought only of Serena and how much he was going to miss her.

"Did you hear me?!?!" Diamond demanded, picking up Vegeta by the front of his armor. Vegeta started to laugh hysterically.

Chapter 21

"I can't believe this is it." He laughed. "After all we were through together. This is how we're going to lose each other." His laughter brought tears to his eyes. He didn't want to die. He had died before, he didn't want to go again. No one would be left to wish him back. No one would want him back.

"Good night Prince Vegeta." Diamond said calmly, black energy gathering at his finger tip. He pointed it right at Vegeta's heart and prepared to fire.

Out of nowhere a blast of white energy came out of the shadows heading straight for Prince Diamond. He flew back into the wall and slumped to the ground.

"Stop right there!" A voice cried out. "I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice."

Sailor Moon stepped out of the shadows and headed for Diamond.

"On behalf of the Moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!" Sailor Moon announced her entrance.

"What?!? Sailor Moon?!?!" Diamond cried, seeing the girl in the colorful outfit. She had big white wings and a layered skirt that was red, blue, and yellow. She had a yellow crescent moon on her forehead, and had long white gloves and high white boots. "That's impossible?!?! How did you get here?!?!"

"You have used your power only for evil. You have put the people of Earth into a deep sleep. You have destroyed so many lives. You will be punished for your evil acts. Now, we will punish you." Sailor Moon cried.

"That's right!" The rest of the scouts cried, stepping out of the shadows.

"You guys take care of Diamond. I have to see if Vegeta's all right." Sailor Moon cried, running to her fallen Prince. She fell to Vegeta's side and threw herself onto his chest.

"Serena?" He choked out. "You... you're all right." Serena picked her head up off his chest and looked into his eyes.

"Are you going to be all right?" She asked, looking him up and down. She noticed several wounds that were bleeding pretty bad.

"I'm fine." He said, putting his hand on her cheek. Tears began to stream down her face and mixed with the blood on his hand, soaking into her outfit and dripping onto the floor.

"You're not fine." She sobbed, looking again at his blood that spilled over the floor. Serena took off one of her gloves and ripped it down the seam. She folded it over and pressed it over the wound that was on his stomach. The blood soaked through almost as soon as the cloth touched it.

"I'm fine, you have to help your friends." He said, trying to point over at them. They were being pushed back, Pluto was down on the ground and Mercury was struggling to fight the woman that had posed as Serena earlier.

"I can't leave you here." She cried, her tears flowing freely.

"I'm not going anywhere." He said, brushing her tears away. "Go help them."

Serena stood up and turned towards Diamond. At the moment, Jupiter and Venus were fighting him. They were double-teaming him, but it was no use. He was too strong for them even with their power combined.

"I've had enough of you, little girls!" Diamond cried out, sending them flying into the wall.

"No!" Serena cried, running to her fallen friends side.

"Don't worry about us Sailor Moon." Venus said, trying to stand up.

"Yeah, you have to get Diamond." Jupiter said, looking up at Sailor Moon.

"Right, I won't let him win." Sailor Moon said, standing up with new determination in her voice. Sailor Moon began to move towards Diamond. "Hey!" She cried, getting his attention.

"Ah, Sailor Moon. Now how did you get here?" He said, mockingly. "I have a proposition that will spare your friends lives. This time there is no getting out of it though."

"I don't make deals with people that have evil souls." Sailor Moon said, preparing to attack.

"It's a pity." He said, putting a fake frown on his face. "Now I guess I'll have to pick them off, one by one."

Sailor Moon's face was full of fear as he lifted all the scouts at the same time up off the ground. He began to squeeze the life out of her friends, zapping their energy to make his own grow.

"Stop it!" Sailor Moon cried, trying to make him release them. "Let them go!" She sent a blast of energy up at them, making him lose his concentration. Her friends fell to the ground, but none of them were able to stand back up. She ran to Sailor Mercury's side and lifted her face to her own. "No!" She cried when there was no response. Her tears began to fall and she knew she had no choice, she had to use the Silver Imperium Crystal to defeat this monster.

"You've hurt my friends, my family, the people I love most." She cried, standing up, her tears still falling. "I can't allow this. You will not win. I will not allow it!!" Serena began to power up. Her hair turned white once again and her body was surrounded by a white flame. She glared up at Diamond and attacked. She charged at him, catching him by surprise. She punched him in the face, and then disappeared for a split second. Before Diamond knew what happened, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He looked down to see Serena's elbow buried deep in his stomach. Blood spilled from his mouth, staining the front of his white outfit.

Serena appeared above him and put both her hands together. She brought them down on Diamond's back and sent him plummeting to the floor. He managed to stop inches from the ground.

"Not bad." He said, wiping the blood from his mouth. "But can you handle this, Princess?" He said, sending a blast of negative energy straight at her. She dodged it easily, and turned her attention back to Diamond. The energy blast he had sent at her, flew straight through the roof of the palace and out in the night sky.

"Some attack." Serena mumbled to herself.

"That's just the beginning." Diamond said. He did a hand movement and the ball of energy exploded in the sky high above the Earth. He didn't say anything, but a smile grew across his face. In a matter of seconds and shadow covered the entire moon and the planet Earth.

"What is that thing?!?!?!" Serena cried, her mouth hanging wide open. I have to beat him fast. She thought, trying to form a plan. Her friends were still laying on the ground, they couldn't help her. She could hear their groans as they tried to get up.

"That, my dear, is the Nega-force." He yelled. You gathered all this energy up in one place and now it's my advantage! It will destroy you and your friends! There is no escape for you!" Diamond threw back his head and his evil laughter sounded out again. The walls around him began to crumble and soon the two of them were standing alone, the wind swirled around there bodies whipping Sailor Moon's long hair around her face.

"That's the Nega-force?!?!" She cried, seeing the many shadows swirling around the two of them. They were alone, just the two of them. Vegeta laid off in the debris from the crumbling castle. He was buried alive and he didn't have the strength to dig himself out.

Sailor Moon looked around for the Sailor Scouts and saw that they were floating in the air. Circling the battlefield, where Sailor Moon and Prince Diamond would end it all. They were glowing, each had the symbol of their planet glowing brightly on their foreheads. Their bodies began to glow brighter and their energy went into the Silver Imperium Crystal inside Sailor Moon's broach. Sailor Moon heard the voice of her fallen friends, it said.

"Sailor Moon..." They said. "We believe in you... we know you can defeat this monster and free our planet and our universe... please... you have to set us free..."

Chapter 22

"No!" She cried. She knew what they were doing. They were willing to give their lives to save their Princess. "You have to get out of here! Right now!!"

Her friends still hovered in a circle above Serena in the swirling wind brought on by the release of the Nega-force. Serena squinted into the wind and saw Prince Diamond standing with his arms up in the air. Monsters began to form. They headed for Sailor Moon. She gasped as the shadows grew into monsters. They grew in size and she could feel their power growing as well.

"I have to stop all of this!" Sailor Moon cried, taking to crystal out of the broach that housed it. "Moon Crystal Power!!" She cried, holding the crystal high above her head. White light emulated from the crystal, pushing back the Nega-force. Back to the place it had come from. The pure energy swirled around into the black energy that was whipping around all of them. It was weakening the Nega-force. Serena put all of her energy into the crystal, her sailor fuku disappeared and was replaced by the dress her future self, Queen Serenity wore. It was a long white dress with white wings attached to the back. Next, a crown formed on her head. It was gold with a heart in the center. Her earrings appeared, looking as if they were part of her hair. The crescent moon on her forehead began to glow white, the power in her body was growing to immense proportions. Her hair turned back to the soft blond of Queen Serenity and her hair grew in length, a few feet dragging on the ground.

It began to pull all of the evil of the Nega-force into one ball of negative energy. The energy continued to pull it together, a black hole opened up and the Nega-force was sucked into it. It was sealed away until enough energy was gathered that it could be released once again. There was the problem of Prince Diamond and Wise Man left, but Serena was too weak from the whole ordeal. Her knees began to buckle under her. Her friends were just as helpless as she was. They hadn't the strength to give her. If they gave up much more, they would surely die.

Serena held her head up high. If I die. I'm going to give it every bit I have to defeat him. She thought, her eyes narrowing in determination. Suddenly, she felt someone hands placed over her own. She glanced behind her and saw her Prince... her Vegeta was using his last bit of energy to help her.

"You're finished!!" Vegeta yelled, powering up. His anger was so great that he tapped into energy reserves he didn't know he had. As his anger grew, so did his power. The two of them were surrounded in a white flame. Serena glanced up at his face and saw with great amazement, that he was changing. His heart as well as his appearance. His muscles bulged under his armor and his hair changed from it's normal dark brown to light blond, almost white it was so blond. Serena turned her attention back to Prince Diamond and knew what she had to do. She used her power and the power Vegeta was putting into the crystal to send her friends back to Earth where they would be safe.

Diamond was struggling to hold back the full power of the crystal. Queen Serenity focused the energy and used it to send the Nega-Moon to the ends of the universe. Queen Serenity didn't see the Nega-Moon as it was sent away. All she saw was white. She looked around her and saw she was in some kind of palace.

"Hello?!" She called looking around herself. "Is anyone there?"

"My child." A voice said in front of her.

"Queen Serenity?" She asked. "Is that you?"

"Yes my dear." She said, appearing in front of Serena. Serena was still dressed as the future Queen Serenity in her long white dress and the crown upon her head. "I'm so proud of you." She said, a smile spread across her lips.

"Huh?" Serena was confused. "Did I beat him?"

"Yes, my dear." She said. "You are now Queen Serenity, the Queen of Crystal Tokyo."

"I am." Serena said, knowing it was the truth. "Soon, my daughter will be here. I can feel her growing."

"Yes my dear, but the father is gone." She said. "He left already. He left the planet and doesn't remember you."

"I know. It's the effect of the crystal on him. It will have the same effect when I leave this place." Serena said, her eyes sad. She knew that her true love would return one day, and she would remember him. Until that day, though, Darien would be the man she loved. Until her memories came back, Darien would be the father.


Vegeta opened his eyes and looked around. "Huh?" He said, looking around. "What happened?" He was back on his space ship, flying through outer space. "I must be training too hard." He said, looking down at his tattered clothes and his cracked armor.

"There's something missing... but I... I don't remember what it is." He said out loud to himself.


The last thing Queen Serenity saw was a white light. Her eyes opened to see King Darien's face. He pulled her close and lightly kissed her face.

"Are you all right, my Queen?" He asked, seeing her beautiful blue eyes looking deep into his.

"What happened?" She asked in a weak voice.

"You sent the Nega-Moon to the end of the universe." Sailor Jupiter said, appearing behind King Darien.

"I'm so tired..." Queen Serenity said, falling into a deep sleep, still laying in Darien's arms.

When Serena opened her eyes the next time, she was laying in a large bed with a white spread and a white, lacy canopy.

"Where am I?" She asked quietly, seeing Darien by her side.

"You're in the palace, your new home, Queen Serenity." He said, giving her a loving smile. She looked at him, she knew there was something wrong. She didn't know what, but there was something wrong. She looked at King Darien and let out a happy sigh. This was what she always wanted, to be happy and to have a peaceful life.


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