The Queen Takes her Throne

On Vegeta's space ship. A new evil threatens the Earth and Serena is nowhere to be found. Will she make it in time to save her friends?

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 5 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 4577

Part 3

Chapter 10

In the Hospital...

All of Rei's friends were in the hospital waiting for her condition to stabilize. She was in really bad shape and there wasn't anything they could do about it. Lita was the first to realize what was happening.

"Earthquake!" A voice rang out when the shaking began.

"Take cover!" Someone else cried out, heading for a doorway. The shaking grew more violent with each second.

"What is that?" Lita cried, holding onto Ami who was huddling under the table. Mina was under a different table, huddling with a really cute guy.

"I don't know!" Cried Ami. Mina was screaming in fear. She wasn't that scared, she just wanted the guy to hold her closer. Leave it to her to flirt with a guy in a life or death situation.

When the shaking subsided, Ami had a weird feeling that it wasn't an earthquake. She ran outside to take a look around and gasped at what she saw.

"Hey Ami!" Lita cried running after her. "What the..." She didn't finish her sentence because she saw what the rumbling had been.

"You guys!" Mina cried running outside with them. "Did you have to leave. That guy was really..." She saw what the others were staring at and quickly grew silent. They were all gawking at the sight before them.

There was a huge, black crystal castle in the middle of Tokyo. It looked almost how Crystal Tokyo looked, except that the crystal was dark and full of black energy.

"What IS that thing!!" Mina cried, her mouth dropping open.

"It looks like some kind of castle." Said Ami, a very matter of fact tone in her voice.

"Well duh!" Said Lita, who had already transformed and was running towards the palace. "You guys coming!" She demanded.

"Wait! Come back!" Ami cried, following after Lita, transforming as she ran. "We can't go in without a plan!"

"Hey wait for me!" Mina cried, who had transformed as well. The three of them ran towards the castle as fast as they could. They approached the castle, but Ami jumped in front of them to keep them from going in.

"We need a plan." She said, forcing them to stop. "We can't go barging in without a plan. Serena might get hurt!"

"Your right Ami." Lita said, not wanting to admit that Ami was right. "But what can we do? We don't know who they are or where they have Serena."

"I can pinpoint Serena's location, but we can't rush into it too much. She's the Princess and if anything happens to her, the universe won't have a chance. It'll be wiped out."

"Well hurry up." Sailor Jupiter said, feeling a little antsy. "We have to hurry."

"First of all, we have to let Sailor Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto know what happened." Sailor Mercury said pushing a button, causing a clear blue thing to go over her eyes. It was her computer. "Get them while I find a way in."

"You got it!" Sailor Jupiter said, taking out her communicator. "Sailor Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto! Come in!"

"What is it?!" Sailor Pluto asked, coming on the communicator.

"You guys have to get to the middle of town as fast as you can! They took Serena!" Sailor Jupiter said.

"We're on our way!" She heard several replies, from the rest of the scouts.

A few minutes later. The rest of the Sailor Scouts ran on the scene and they all went into the castle. They were having trouble finding their way around inside the palace. It was a huge maze of dark crystal. Sailor Mercury did her best to find the way with her computer, but it didn't do any good. The dark energy took it's toll on her computer and jammed it.

"Oh no!" Sailor Mercury cried. "My computer just over loaded! Now how are we going to find our way?!"

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the palace...

"Those pathetic Sailor Scouts will never find their way through that maze!" Prince Diamond shouted. "How pathetic of them to even try!" He threw back his head and his evil laughter could be heard though out the palace.

Princess Serena was still under his spell. She wasn't giving in though. She kept on fighting, she would never give up. I'll beat this! She thought. One way or another!

Chapter 11

On Vegeta's ship...

"What happened to that girl?!" Vegeta shouted. "I'd better get to Earth. She might be in trouble."

He walked over to the guidance computer and punched in the new coordinates. "There, straight to Earth." He looked at the estimated time until he reached Earth and his mouth dropped open. "What?!?! Three months?!?!? I can't wait that long! She needs my help right now!" A low growl escaped his throat. There was nothing he could do though. I have to be in tip top shape when I get there! He thought, turning on the gravity machine. He started to work out, and before he knew it, he had forgotten all about Serena and just
concentrated on becoming stronger.

Back inside the palace where the scouts were lost...

"Which way Mercury!" Sailor Venus asked.

"I.. I'm not sure." She said, her computer was still broken. As they wandered through the palace, she was trying to fix it. "My computer still isn't working."

"Look!" Cried Sailor Jupiter. "There's an opening!"

They all saw the light pouring through a doorway. "Let's go!" Cried Sailor Venus. All of the scouts ran towards the doorway. When they stepped through the doorway, they realized that it was a trap.

"Oh no! Look out!" Sailor Pluto cried, as a net was thrown over them. Sailor Pluto was the only scouts that the net hadn't covered. She tried to help the other scouts out from under it, but was thrown against the wall. She cried out in pain and tried to get up.

"I'm coming girls! Hang on!" She cried, limping towards them. She reached them and managed to get them all out.

"Very good. But can you get out of this one?" A voice was heard though out the palace.

"That voice sounds familiar." Sailor Mercury said to herself. Just then, she felt herself falling. "Ahhh!" She cried as she felt herself falling. She thought she would be in there forever, but then she fell to the ground with a thud. "Owe!" She cried out when she hit the bottom. "Where am I? What happened?" She looked around and realized that she was all alone. She stood up and looked around the room. She stood in long hallway. It was lit up only with a few candles. It was so dark and gloomy down there. "Where is everyone? Hello? Is anyone there?" She called into the gloom. "I can't just stand around here. That won't do the Princess any good. I've got to keep on moving." With that said, she began to walk down the hallway.

Back to the rest of the scouts...

"Sailor Mercury!" Sailor Jupiter and all the rest of them cried when she fell through the floor. "Where'd she go?"

They heard that evil laughter again. It echoed though out the whole palace, sending chills down all of their backs.

"They're trying to split us apart!" Sailor Pluto cried out. "We have to stay together. It's no good if only one of us finds the Princess because it's going to take everything we've got to beat them."

"Right!" The rest of them cried in unison. They stuck together and walked into another room. It was another maze.

"Oh no!" Sailor Jupiter cried when she felt the floor beneath her feet give way. She wasn't going to go so easily though. She grabbed the edge of the hole on the way down. "Help me!" She cried. Sailor Venus ran to her and grabbed her arms, but missed. Sailor Jupiter was holding on with one hand and they couldn't quite reach her.

"Almost there!" Sailor Venus said, reaching for her hand. Then the top came down on Sailor Venus, forcing her into the hole as well. She hit Sailor Jupiter, and the two of them were falling. They both screamed the whole way down and fell to the floor below.

"Oww!" Sailor Venus cried, rubbing her sore butt. "That really hurt!"

"Are you all right Sailor Venus?" She asked.

"Yes, I'm all right, how about you?" She asked.

"I'm all right." She said, helping Sailor Venus up. "This isn't good. How are we going to find the others?"

"I ... I don't know." Sailor Venus said. "This is really bad."

Back to the rest of the scouts...

"Stay close everyone." Sailor Pluto said. "We can't all get separated. We have to stay together."

"Right!" The remaining scouts said.

"Just watch your step closely. We can't afford have the rest of us separated." Sailor Neptune said, walking slowly in front of Sailor Uranus.

The made their way though the maze and had to turn around several times.

"We're never going to get out of this!" Sailor Saturn cried out, stopping at a dead end. She used her Silence Glaive, and broke some of the dark crystal from the ceiling.

"Look out!" Sailor Pluto cried, pushing Sailor Saturn out of the way. The dark crystal fell right on Sailor Pluto. "Ahhh!" She cried out in pain. "Get this off of me!!" She yelled, struggling under the weight of the crystal. The dark energy began to seep into her body, weakening her. "Hurry!"

The three scouts took different sides and slowly lifted the crystal, just high enough to pull her out from underneath it. Sailor Pluto was left weak and barely able to move.

"Are you all right Sailor P?!?" They demanded, standing over her body.

"I... I don't know." She said, trying to sit up. She wasn't able to. "I think I broke something. I can't sit up."

"What do we do?" Sailor Saturn asked.

"Leave me. I won't be any help." Sailor P said.

"No way!" Sailor Uranus yelled. "We can't leave a friend behind." She said, trying to get Sailor P on her feet. "Don't give up so easily!" She cried.

With Sailor Neptune on one side and Sailor Uranus on the other, they made their way through the maze with Sailor P. It was very slow, though.

Chapter 12

Back to Sailor Mercury...

Sailor Mercury walked slowly down the hallway, picking up a candle to help light her way.

"Is this hallway ever going to end?" She asked herself. "I hope I find someone soon. It's too quiet. I haven't heard that laugh lately."

She heard dripping water somewhere and little creatures scurried out from under her feet.

"I'm rather glad I can't see that good." She said out loud to herself. "I don't want to know what just ran across my foot." She saw a light up ahead a little ways. "Oh good, maybe it's the exit from this dreadful place."

She began to run, excited that she may get out of that place very soon. Why did that laugh sound so familiar, though. She thought, running towards the light. She walked through a doorway and gasped.

Sailor Venus and Jupiter...

Sailor Venus and Jupiter found themselves in some sort of a room. It was dark except for a candle burning in the corner. Neither of them saw a door or anything that they could escape from. The way they had come in was now closed off so they couldn't go back up.

"How are we going to get out of here?!?!" Sailor Venus cried.

"I I'm not sure." Stammered Sailor Jupiter. "I think we're stuck in here."

Sailor Venus walked around the room and saw a board laying on the ground.

"Hmm" She said, remembering a movie she'd seen before. She picked up the board and saw that it was taller than her and it was pretty wide. She walked over to the wall and leaned the board up against it.

"What are you doing?" Sailor Jupiter asked, giving her friend a strange look.

"I saw this in a movie before. Anything could happen, it was one of those movies where the unexpected could happen. There was nothing you could take for granted." She said. "This was one thing that happened in it."

"Okay, so what did they do next?" Sailor Jupiter asked.

"I'll show you, but keep your fingers crossed." Sailor Venus said, pulling on one side of the board as if it were a door. They both closed their eyes and when they opened them, there was a hallway past the board.

"It worked!!" Cried Sailor Jupiter.

"All right!" Sailor Venus cried, jumping up into the air. The two of them stepped through the door and were standing in a huge room with a really high ceiling. They stepped into the room and both looked around.

"Wow." Sailor Jupiter murmured. "It's huge."

"Come on!" Cried Sailor Venus. "We have to find Princess Serena before something happens to her!" With that they hurried on their way.

Back to the hurt Sailor P and the rest of the Scouts...

"Come on! Hurry up!" Sailor Saturn cried out when a monster jumped out behind her. She tried to get them to walk faster, but there wasn't much they could do.

"Leave me!" Sailor P commanded them. They ignored the command and continued to drag her further into the palace. "Leave me behind! I'll be okay!!"

They picked up the pace as much as they could, but still the creature was right behind them. They were forced to lay Sailor P down and fight the monster. Sailor Saturn used her Silence Glaive and easily defeat the monster, but they couldn't stop now. Another one was on it's way.

They picked up Sailor P and continued to make their way through the maze. They were going around in circles, but they didn't know it until they came to a blood stain, and a huge piece of the crystal that had broken from the ceiling.

"No way!!" Cried Sailor Uranus. "We've been going around in circles!!! We need Sailor Mercury!! We have to find her somehow!!"

Chapter 13

Back to Prince Diamond and Princess Serena...

"This is too perfect." Prince Diamond said, chuckling to himself. "The scouts are too weak, they'll never make it anywhere near the Princess. I'll be sure of that."

Serena sat beside Prince Diamond, still fighting to take over her body. This time she was winning. She was about to break through the surface. She had watched as all of her friends were separated and she had watched when Sailor Pluto had gotten hurt. She wondered where her best friend was. Where is Sailor Mars? All these feelings of sorrow had made her strong. All of a sudden, Princess Serena started to scream at the top of her lungs.

"You monster!!" She screamed. Her hair turned white and her tail lashed out behind her. "Let my friends go!!" She screamed.

"My dear, you know I can't do that." He said calmly, he was the least bit scared of her. "It would ruin the game of hide and seek they're playing."

"If you don't let them and me go, I swear, I'll kill you!" She cried.

"No you won't." He said, looking her in the eyes. His third eye opened and she was sucked into his lies once again. She looked away, but he grabbed her chin and forced her to look into his eyes. Everything around her started to blur, and soon, she saw herself in a field full of flowers with her Prince Vegeta.

"There." He said to himself. "She's getting hard to control. I don't know how long that fantasy world of hers will last. She's stronger than I thought."

Back to Vegeta's ship...

"Serena!!" He cried out, falling to the floor on his head. He could feel something strange about her power level. It was enormous one second and then it was gone. "What's happening?!?!" He stood up and walked over to the computer. "Isn't there anyway I can get this bucket of bolts to go any faster?" He tinkered around with it and pushed a few buttons.

That's when he saw the one labeled 'Hyper Drive'.

"That's what I'm looking for." He said to himself, pushing the button. Nothing happened. "What the hell!! You piece of junk!! Get moving!!" He hit the side of the computer and heard the engines ignite. In a second, the ship was moving ten times faster than before. "That's more like it!" He said going back to his work out.

"Estimated time, to Earth." A computerized voice said. "Four days."

Just four more days. He thought. To become strong enough to save my Princess.

Back to Sailor Mercury...

She walked into a huge room, that was the very center of the palace. She saw a set of stairs that lead up to the throne. In the middle of the room Princess Serena was dancing. She was dancing with Prince Diamond.

"Serena!" She cried, running towards her friend. Serena turned her head towards her friend and stopped dancing with Prince Diamond. He just shrugged his shoulders and walked up to his throne. He sat down and watched the show that was about to begin.

"Princess are you okay?" She asked, walking up to her friend. Serena's face twisted into a look of horror and anger. She didn't say a word, but instead, she sent a blast of energy at her friend.

"Serena what are you doing?!?!?" Sailor Mercury cried, barely able to dodge the blast. Before Mercury could even get her balance, Serena threw another blast of energy straight at her. Sailor Mercury flew into the wall and slumped to the floor. "Serena stop it! It's me Sailor Mercury!! Don't you recognize me?!?!?"

Serena didn't say anything, she only moved in for the kill. She walked up to her friend and prepared to send a blast straight through her body. Sailor Mercury shrank back in fear and pain. How could her friend do this to her?

"That's it!" She cried. "She's in some other world of her own, and I must be the enemy!"

"Very good Sailor Mercury." Prince Diamond called from his throne. "You're very smart. It's too bad there's no one to save you now."

As Serena stepped closer to Sailor Mercury, the ball of energy in her hand grew bigger and bigger.

"Serena!!" Sailor Mercury cried. "Please don't!! I'm your friend!!" She cried, trying to break through to Serena. Serena walked closer and threw the blast of energy straight at Sailor Mercury. Mercury cried in fear as the blast came flying towards her. She covered her face and said a silent prayer.

The blast never hit her though. She looked up to see that she was in the arms of Tuxedo Mask.

"Tuxedo Mask?!?" Said Mercury, surprise etched in her voice. "When did you get here?"

"No time to talk now!" He said, landing and setting Mercury down on her feet. "We have to snap Serena out of it!"

"Right!" Mercury said, the look on her face turned to one of determination. "Let's do it!!"

"Wait right there." Prince Diamond said, when he saw they were advancing on Serena. "You wouldn't want anything to happen to your precious Princess." He said, grabbing Serena around the throat. "I could break her neck easy enough, so I wouldn't come any closer."

"Princess!" Tuxedo Mask shouted. "Listen to me!! Hear me!! You've got to snap out of it right now!!" She didn't seem to hear him. She didn't say a word or move a muscle.

"Serena he's trapped you in one of his worlds! You have got to fight it!" Mercury shouted, tears forming in the corner of her eyes. "Be free again!"

When Serena heard these words, something happened. She began to glow. A white light was emitted from her body and she floated above them all.

Chapter 14

In Serena's world...

"Serena my love." Vegeta said, picking her up and spinning her around. They were standing in the middle of a field of beautiful flowers. Vegeta had just returned to her and she was so happy to see him. He lowered her feet to the ground and pulled her into a kiss.

They walked towards a beautiful palace and when they walked inside, there was a ball. They went onto the dance floor and danced the night away.

She was so happy, that she didn't see the evil that entered the Ball room. It knocked Vegeta to the ground and went after her. She heard the evil voice and became very angry. The words she said really hurt her inside.

She attacked this creature, and was about to destroy it, when it's friend swooped down and scooped it up. They landed a little ways away from her. She walked towards Vegeta, expecting that he would protect her, but instead, his hand wrapped around her neck.

She heard him talking, but it wasn't his voice she heard. It was the voice of Prince Diamond that she heard. She looked over at the creatures she had been fighting, and the figure of Sailor Mercury and Tuxedo Mask flashed before her eyes.

"This can't be. What's wrong with me?!?!" She said to herself. Soon she was engulfed in a white light.

All Princess Serena saw was the white light. She felt so peaceful. There was no fighting, no hatred, only the serenity of the light that surrounded her body. She saw a figure walking towards her through the light. It was the figure of her mother, Queen Serenity.

"Queen Serenity?" She asked, not able to see her face very well. "Is that you?"

"Yes my child." She said, standing before her daughter. "I can't keep coming to you like this."

"What happened? I don't know what going on mother." Serena said.

"Young Prince Diamond has you under a mind spell. You have to break free and defeat him and drive the evil from the universe." She said.

"But I don't know how." Serena said, tears forming in her eyes. "I'm scared."

"Don't be scared." She said, looking into her daughters eyes. "Be strong! You have to stand up and take your place! You must go back now. Be careful my child." She said, kissing Serena on her crescent moon.

The light consumed her once again.

Back to Sailor P and the rest of them...

"RUN!!" Sailor Neptune screamed. They were still running from the monsters.

"Look up ahead!" Cried Uranus, who was still supporting Sailor P. "A door!"

They all ran towards the door and burst through it, seeing only a bright white light.

"What is that?!?!" Cried Sailor Saturn. They all shielded their eyes from the blinding light. They all fell onto their hands and knees, to keep their balance.

Back to Sailor Jupiter and Venus...

They continued to walk though the halls until they came to a huge door. They both pulled on it, but it wouldn't budge.

"Pull harder!" Jupiter said, pulling with all her might.

"I'm pulling as hard as I can!" She shouted. Just then, the door flew open, hitting both of them. They both flew backwards into the wall.

"Come on!" Jupiter shouted, running through the door. They stopped running when they turned a corner. There was a bright white light before them.

"What is that thing?!?!" Venus cried.

"I don't know!!" Jupiter yelled back. They were both forced to shield their eyes from the blinding light. They fell to their knees on the ground to keep their balance.

Chapter 15

Back to Princess Serena...

Princess Serena was engulfed in the bright white light. She felt so happy, her thoughts were of Vegeta, and not of the upcoming battle. Everything that was happening at that moment was a blur to her. She didn't see her friends as they felt to the ground and she didn't see that Prince Diamond and Wise Man were being pushed back. A moon of some sort appeared in the sky. She didn't see it when it appeared, and she didn't see that
Prince Diamond and Wise Man were being driven to it along with all of their evil little friends.

She was totally unaware of what was happening around her. She was in her own world, where nothing ever went wrong, where all was peaceful. It was a world that she created in her mind long ago but now it was becoming real life.

The light cleared and Princess Serena fell to the ground with a thud. Her eyes were closed and she was dressed as her future self, Queen Serenity.

"Serena!" Sailor Venus cries, running to her Princess's side. All of the other scouts followed her and knelt beside the fallen Princess. "Are you all right?" She asked, concern was apparent in her eyes. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw all of her friends kneeling over her, except for her best friend, Sailor Mars.

"What happened?" Serena asked, rubbing her sore head. "Oh, my head." She complained.

"We don't really know. It all happened so fast." Sailor Jupiter said. "We just came in here and there was a really bright light. We didn't know what it was."

"Where's Sailor Mars?!?!" Serena demanded, trying to sit up. "Where is she?!?!?!?"

"Umm" The all looked down at the floor. No one wanted to break the bad news to her. "She was in a car accident. When you called her, she was rushing over there, and someone cut her brake line."

"What!?!?!?!?!" Serena demanded, jumping up. "Is she all right?!?!? I have to go see her right now!!"

"Calm down!!!" Sailor Pluto said, trying with all her might to hold Serena back, but it was kind of hard because she was hurt. "There's nothing we can do right now."

"She's my best friend!" Serena was yelling. "I have to go see her! Maybe she'll start to feel better knowing that all of us are all right!!"

"They're not beaten." Sailor Saturn said, quietly.

"What?!?!" Sailor Jupiter demanded. "What do you mean 'they're not beaten'? You just saw it!!"

"They're down right now, but they're not out yet." She said. "Until that thing is out of the sky, they're a threat."

Later on at the hospital...

"Rei?" Serena whispered, taking her friend's hand. She was hoping with all her heart that the sound of her voice would awaken her friend. "Rei, wake up. Please. We're all right. They're gone for now. Please wake up." Rei did not stir. She laid in the bed with her eyes closed, showing no sign that she knew Serena was even in the room. Serena's eyes blurred with tears and soon they flowed over, dipping from her face. She felt like her friend was already gone. She had been in a coma for a few days now, and her life was slowly slipping away. No one knew if she would ever wake up again, and if she did, they didn't know if she'd be the same. Her head injury was really bad and they didn't know if there'd be any brain damage, or if she'd be just fine.

"Serena?" A voice whispered behind her. It was Mina. "Visiting hours are over. We have to go home right now."

"Okay." She said, her eyes cast to the ground. "Just a minute okay?"

"Sure, we'll be in the lobby." Mina said, turning and walking slowly down the hallway towards the lobby.

Serena turned back to Rei and heard a low groan.


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