The Princess Meets her Prince

This is where it all began. This is how Serena and Vegeta met in the first place.

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 13 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 760

Chapter 7

"Don't yell at me. I don't like when people yell at me." Tears were coming to her eyes when he yelled at her. But a minute later she forgot about it and continued to wail and cry.

"There!" Prince Vegeta cried, he was pointing to a small planet that looked deserted. "We have to land there!"

Princess Serena didn't stop her wailing until they were safe on the ground. The planet was actually very beautiful. There was no sign of life though. Vegeta took some readings and soon the two of them were standing outside comfortably in the sun.

"Where are we?" Princess Serena said looking at the surroundings.

"I'm not sure. The instrument that tells where we are was damaged when we were being sucked into the black hole." Vegeta said, looking over the damage to the ship. "It wouldn't be able to fly again." He said, a look of sorrow crossed his face. "We're stuck here."

"What?!" Princess Serena demanded. "What do you mean we're stuck here?! How long will we be stuck here anyway?!"

"It could be days, it could be years." He said calmly. "I don't know enough about the ship to do any kind of repair. We have to wait for someone to find us. That won't take very long because Frieza is going to come after me."

"But we can't be stuck here. There has to be something you can do." Princess Serena said, a pleading look in her eyes. "My mother will be so worried."

"I thought this was what you wanted!?" He said, pushing her away from him. "You wanted adventure. You wanted to get away from that Prince. You are so spoiled, you have everything in life and you just throw it away. And for what? So you can go back to all of it a few days later!" Vegeta was really angry. Princess Serena saw the anger in his eyes and backed away turning her face away. "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" He demanded. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her close to him. "Everything you wanted has been given to you on a silver platter." He said shaking her.

"Let go!" She demanded, tears of pain in her eyes. "You're hurting me!"

"You don't know what it's like to be all alone! To not have anything, not even a family or a roof over your head!" He continued, squeezing her shoulder. She tried to pull away, but he held her tight, giving her a jerk every now and then.

"Let me go!" She yelled, a blinding white light appeared engulfing her in it's eerie glow. When the light cleared, she was gone.

"What?! Where did she go?!" He demanded, seeing that she had disappeared into thin air. "I have to find her before they get here!" He said, feeling a huge power approaching the planet. He took his scouter out of the ship and put it on. Hitting the button, readings on the area around him came up. He saw a small power source and headed towards it. That had to be her! He thought, flying towards it as fast as he could.

In Freiza's Ship...

They were approaching a small planet. Frieza knew that's where Vegeta was headed, he had tracked him all the way to a black hole. Frieza knew that Vegeta was stubborn and that they had made it past the black hole. He found the only planet that was close to the black hole that hadn't already been sucked in.

"You're going to pay very soon, Vegeta." Frieza said, sipping his drink from his goblet. "I'll make you pay for double crossing me. No one ever makes a fool out of Frieza and lives to tell about it."

Darien's Ship...

Prince Darien had had trouble when he came to the black hole. He knew that they had survived, he picked up the tracer on a small nearby planet. He went toward it and landed, a crater was formed around his ship. Now I have to find my Princess and save her. I'll be a hero and I'll be remembered forever. He thought, seeing all the glory it would bring him. The people would accept him as their king and he would be the most loved man ever.

Darien came to the ship his Princess had left in. It was empty.

"Oh no!!" He cried. "Where is she?" He ran from there, trying to cover as much ground as he could. "Princess Serena!! Where are you?" He ran calling her name.


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