Side-story: Crossing

Four strange men trick Usagi and Vegeta and send them spiraling through time and space. Will they be able to get home and save their children?

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Weiß Kreuz/Dragon Ball Z/Fushigi Yuugi Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 12/02/2001 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 2 Status: Hiatus
  • Word Count: 2193


"ChibiUsa-chan!" Neo Queen Serenity's voice rang out through the castle. "Where are you ChibiUsa-chan?" She called again as she continued her search for her missing daughter. ChibiUsa had always managed to defeat her in hide-and-go-seek. It was impossible to find her if she were trying to hide. Serenity let a sigh escape her lungs as she clutched the plate of cookies in her hands. She pouted to herself as she made her way back to the kitchen. "Why doesn't anyone like my cookies?" She asked herself, still pouting. As she approached the kitchen door, the form of her husband walked around a corner. "Veggie-chan!" Serenity cried as she ran to him and flung her arms around his neck. "You'll eat my cookies ne?" Serenity asked giving him a kawaii pout. He had no reaction, just a sweatdrop on the back of his head.

"More cookies?" He asked, looking slightly nervous now. He quickly wiped the look off his face as he gently pushed her away. "I need no cookies woman! I need REAL food." Vegeta said as he pushed open the kitchen door. Serenity's eyes filled with tears as she held onto the plate.

"You don't like my cookies?" Serenity asked, sniffling as she held the plate up to him. "Demo… I baked them with all my love." Serenity said, pouting some more. A sweatdrop appeared on the back of Vegeta's face and he growled to himself before snatching a cookie from the plate. Serenity looked up, hearts in her eyes as he stuffed the cookie into his mouth. "Are they good?" Serenity asked, looking hopeful. His face seemed to pale as he chewed the cookie. He swallowed hard.

"Hai…" He said, rushing into the kitchen before another cookie can be forced into his mouth. Serenity pouted then walked into the kitchen, setting the plate down on one of the counters.

"Your majesty," A woman wearing a black dress said as she bowed before Serenity. Serenity seemed to cringe at the formalness this woman presented her with.

"O-negai, just call me Usagi." Serenity said pleasantly.

"I could do no such thing Serenity-sama," The woman said, looking quite shocked. "It is not a servants' place to use such informalities with the Queen."

"And who told you that?" Serenity asked, smiling at the maid. "I most certainly didn't. Just treat me like a normal person, I don't mind." She said smiling as she flashed her normal V.

"If that is what you wish, your maje- err, Usagi-sama," The woman said as she bowed slightly at the waist. Serenity sighed in exasperation and threw up her arms in defeat. She hated the way everyone treated her with such respect. She was just a normal person… umm… that happened to be a Queen. "If there is anything that I can prepare you, tell me now."

"Iie, I can cook," Serenity said smiling at the maid. "Well… not really… demo, I try." She said, a sweatdrop on her forehead.

"It is not a problem, I will prepare anything you wish." The maid said, smiling at the Queen.

"Hmm… You know what?" Serenity asked, thinking to herself. "I know something you can do."

"Hai Usagi-sama?" The woman asked, still smiling.

"You can help me cook. Maybe you can teach me better than Mako-chan." Serenity said smiling at the woman.

"Nande? Teach you to cook?" She asked, looking slightly surprised.

"Hai, I would really appreciate it. Then I can surprise Veggie-chan, ChibiUsa-chan, and Trunks-kun!" Serenity said, getting excited.

"Umm… hai, if that is what your majesty wishes." The woman said, bowing respectfully. Serenity cringed again and the maid caught her mistake and blushed slightly.

"Gomen nasai!" Serenity said in surprise a moment later.

"Nande? For what?" The woman asked looking surprised at the sudden outburst.

"I haven't asked you your name yet." Serenity said, looking embarrassed. She turned a light shade of pink, as the embarrassment was evident on her face.

"I'm Ishtar." She said, bowing before the Queen.

"We're really gonna have to work on that. Right now, I'm not your Queen, I'm your friend." Serenity said, smiling brightly.


"Is Okaasan gone yet?" Trunks asked as he hid with his sister.

"Hai… I think she went to find Otousan," ChibiUsa said as they came out of the closet off of the top shelf. "I can't believe I still fit up there." She said as she jumped down and helped her little brother. Trunks was now five years old and was very intelligent for his age, much like his older sister. It was obvious that gene had not come from their mother.

"Can we go play something fun now?" Trunks whined, pulling on ChibiUsa's long white skirt.

"Hai! Tag! You're it!" ChibiUsa cried as she began to run down the hallway.

"Hey! No fair! You had a head start!" Trunks whined as he ran down the hallway after his older sister. ChibiUsa had come back from the future quite a while before and had been thrilled to see her little brother. She was only a few years younger than Gohan but seemed a lot more immature than he. She spent all her time with her little brother, she was just thrilled to have someone to play with now. She knew what it was like to basically grow up without many friends… except for Hotaru and all of her friends from school of course. But it wasn't the same, they were in the past and by the time the future came around, they would be all grown up and she, still just a child.

"You gotta tag me!" ChibiUsa cried as she turned the corner. Before she could stop though, she slipped and went skidding across the slippery surface of the marble floors, toppling over in a pile of white silk and pink streamers. When she looked up, a man stood over her with a huge smirk on his face.

"So, there you are ChibiUsa-hime." He said, an evil smirk spreading across his face as she reached down to help her up.

"Who are you?" ChibiUsa asked, her face hardening as she sensed the bad vibe that surrounded him.

"Tag! You're it Oneechan!" Trunks yelled, nearly knocking ChibiUsa over. He was giggling and smiling as he looked up at his sister. She was glaring at the person in front of her so he looked over at the person. "Who's that Oneechan?" Trunks asked, scanning the man from head to foot. He was well over six feet tall with long orange hair and eyes that held an evil glint in them. He wore a bandana in his hair with a pair of sunglasses on his head. He wore a black jacket and pants over a white dress shirt and was rather built.

"Please ChibiUsa-hime, Trunks-sama, your mother asked me to find you and extend my deepest gratitude." He said, that arrogant smirk still on his face.

"Nani? What are you talking about?" ChibiUsa asked, her eyes still narrowed.

"Let me introduce myself. I am Prince Schuldich-sama and your fiancée." He said calmly. ChibiUsa just looked at him for a minute then her eyes rolled back in her head as she fainted. Schuldich reached out his arms and caught the princess before she could hit the ground.

"ChibiUsa-neechan!" Trunks cried as he saw his sister faint. "Is she all right mister?" Trunks asked, looking worried.

"Hai, she's perfectly fine kid. Can you help me take her to her room now?" Schuldich asked as he began to walk down the hallway.

"Hai!" Trunks said enthusiastically.


"Veggie-chan!" Serenity whined. "Why won't you eat my cookies!" She cried as she ran into the gravity room. Judging by the pull of the gravity, she figured he was in about 400 times normal. She had to struggle to remain upright and quickly changed, her hair turning snow white.

"Don't interrupt me onna." He said as he continued punching the air.

"Demo, I made more cookies." Serenity said holding up a cookie tray with little bunny-shaped cookies. They didn't seem to be burnt and she seemed really excited.

"I'm training." He said as he wiped sweat from his brow.

"Demo, their good, try one," Serenity said, smiling at Vegeta. "Please?" She asked, putting on her best puppy dog look, her lower lip quivering.

"Iie." He said gruffly as he went back to his training. Serenity's eyes filled with tears as he refused to try one and her lip began to quiver more. In a moment, she burst into full blown sobs, her voice echoing through the small gravity room.

"You dun wuv me!" She wailed, tears shooting from her eyes like fountains and she sat on the ground.

"Ack!" Vegeta said, grabbing his ears. "Stop that onna!" He shouted, her wails hurting his sensitive Saiyajin hearing. Serenity stopped crying, the tears still moist on her face, as she held up the tray. Vegeta growled to himself and snatched one of the cookies. He knew he'd never win with her, she was just as stubborn as he was. He stuffed it into his mouth and his eyes widened in surprise. Instead of the normally bitter, hard cookies, he found himself chewing up a moist and delicious cookie. "Hmm… not bad onna."

"You liked my cookies?!?" Serenity said, standing up and glomping Vegeta. "And stop calling me onna!" She said, punching him in the shoulder playfully. He just smirked and grabbed another cookie. "Hey, don't eat em all! I have to get the kids to try them now!" She said as she ran out of the gravity room. After Serenity left the room, Vegeta walked over to a trash can and after moving his tongue around, spit the cookie into the trash can. It had taken him a while to perfect the art of hiding Serenity's food until she left.


"Trunks-kun, ChibiUsa-chan!" Serenity yelled as she ran through the hallways. "Where are you two?!?" Serenity called as she ran through the slippery hallways. Serenity turned the corner and saw a strange man with white hair and an eye patch. He held a knife in his hand and looked like he was licking the blade. "Nani? Who's that?" She asked herself as she walked toward him. He disappeared into a different hallway and Serenity, being as curious as she was, followed, turning the corner. As she rounded the corner she felt a hand cover her mouth. She struggled to free herself but the grip was strong and she felt something put over her mouth that would gag her.

"How can a woman be this strong?" A male voice said behind her. Serenity's eyes narrowed as she felt them pull her arms around her back and something metal snapped onto her wrists. A white aura surrounded Serenity and she pulled her hands apart, the metal cuffs breaking with the force. She spun around to face four men, one with orange hair, one with white, and two more with brown.

"Who are you?!?" Serenity demanded, her eyes narrowing as her hair turned the normal silvery white.

"It would hurt god if I killed her." The one with white hair and an eye patch said as he licked the blade in his hand.

"We can't kill her just yet though, we haven't had any fun yet." The one with orange hair and sunglasses on his head said with a smirk on his face.

"I asked you a question, I expect an answer." Serenity said coldly as the sword appeared in her hand out of no where.

"Mommy!" A familiar voice cried.

"Trunks-kun?!" Serenity said surprised. Where had that voice come from anyway?

"If you want him back, you had better cooperate… that goes for your precious daughter too." The one with brown hair and glasses said calmly.

"Kisama… let them go…" Serenity snarled, not her normal choice of word but she was too mad to restrain herself. "I'll kill you myself. You will suffer for this outrage."

"I'm sure." The one with orange hair said, the smirk still on his face. Why can't I get into her mind? He asked himself as she tried to break into her mind with his own.

~I have a few tricks myself~ He heard a feminine voice echo in his mind. He gasped slightly which turned to a snarl as his eyes narrowed on Serenity. She had a smirk gracing her pearl pink lips as she saw the anger on his face.

"Come on, she won't hurt us if she wants her children returned safely." Schuldich said confidently as he turned away from her followed by his comrades.

"Correction, I wouldn't hurt one of you," Serenity said coldly as she reappeared in front of them. "Do not underestimate me. Your little mind games don't work with me." She said firmly. Schuldich cupped his hands together and something appeared in between them.

"If you want them back, go ahead through." He said as he tossed something up into the air. The light flashed brightly and a moment later, a portal floated above Serenity. She searched for the four men that had been there a moment before, but they were gone. She jumped into the air a disappeared through the portal.


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