Do I Know You?

What happens when the Prince of the Saiyans meets the Princess of the Moon? This is the first story in a series of five stories featuring my fav. two characters.

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/01/2016 Published: 02/26/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 5 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 4932

Part 4

Chapter 21

Back at the Ship...

Gohan sat outside and just stared up at the sky. One of the Dragon Balls began to roll away, but he didn't notice right away. A frog popped out from behind the Dragon Ball and tried to push it over a bump in the ground. When Gohan came up behind him, he crossed his legs and whistled, acting like he didn't notice that the Dragon Ball was behind him. Gohan finally realized who it was.

"Hey!" Gohan said, his eyes narrowing. "You're Captain Ginyu!" He chased the frog away and felt something coming towards him. He looked up at the sky and two figures appeared. It was Krillin and Gohan. "Krillin! You're back!"

"Hey Gohan, where's Vegeta?" Krillin asked. "I thought he was supposed to help you watch the Dragon Balls."

"He went inside and said he was going to take a nap." Gohan said.

"This is perfect." Krillin said. "Make sure Vegeta's asleep. We're going to take the Dragon Balls over there, so even if he wakes up, it will take him time to get there."

Gohan climbed up the side of the ship to make sure Vegeta was still asleep and the three of them took the Dragon Balls and flew a little ways away.

They set the Dragon Balls down in a circle, with one in the center. They began to glow when Dande said the password and the dragon awakened.

"I've always heard of the dragon, but this is the first time, I've actually seen him." Dande said. The dragon was so much bigger than the dragon from Earth.

"I will grant you any three wishes that are within my power." The Eternal Dragon said in a booming voice.

A voice came in their heads. It was the voice of King Ki. He was the one that Goku had trained with when he had died. They were going to wish back their friends, but they could only wish back one person per wish. There was three wishes and four people. They had to decide who they were going to wish back. They were all fighting over who was going to be wished back, but Piccolo put his hand on King Ki's back and told them to wish him back.

"What?!" The others yelled, in anger.

"If they wish me back, the Dragon Balls on Earth will be revived and so will Kame." Piccolo said calmly.

They used the first wish to bring back Piccolo. Dande had to say the wish in the Namic's native language though. With the second wish, they brought Piccolo to the planet Namic. The only problem was that he was brought to the planet, not to the same spot as they were. They were going to use the third wish to bring Piccolo to that precise place. They never had the chance to though.

Back on the Space Ship...

Vegeta's eyes fluttered open and he looked out the window. "I can't believe I slept that long, it's already dark out." He said to himself. "Wait a minute! That's not why it's dark!" He said seeing the dragon in the distance. "How dare they!"

He stood up and rushed outside. He flew towards the dragon, flying as fast as he could. "Those little brats!" He spat out as he flew.

Meanwhile Freiza had beaten Nayo. Nayo had told him that their little plan had worked, and he was on his way, very angry. Ready to take out his anger on anyone and everyone who stood in his way.

"Why did it get so dark all of a sudden?" Freiza said to himself when the sky drew dark. "No it can't be! They can't have summoned the dragon!" he flew as fast as he could back towards them.

Back to the Eternal Dragon...

Vegeta landed, in an even more foul mood than before.

"You little.." He didn't finish, he grabbed Dande by the front of his shirt and demanded that he be given immortality. Dande, who refused at first, was forced to give into Vegeta's demand. Dande wished for Vegeta's immortality, but just as the dragon was about to grant his wish, the dragon exploded and the Dragon Balls turned into stones and fell to the ground.

Dande's eyes filled with tears when he realized what had happened. "You said you wouldn't die on me." He said, referring to the Eldest Namic.

"Am I immortal or not, I don't feel any different." Vegeta was saying.

"No. You're not immortal." Dande said. Just then, they looked to the sky. They saw the silhouette of someone. He had evil intentions and they could feel it.

Meanwhile Elsewhere on the Planet...

Piccolo had arrived. So this is my home planet. He thought looking around. He could sense Gohan's power and he headed towards it. He was flying and he looked down sensing a really weak power level. It was a Namic. He was hurt pretty bad.

"How do you feel?" Piccolo asked landing next to him.

"I've been better." Nayo said, seeing an unfamiliar face.

"Take care buddy." Piccolo said getting ready to fly off.

Chapter 22

"Wait." Said Nayo, lifting his hand. "Come here." Piccolo headed back over to him. "If we fuse then you'll be more powerful." Nayo said.

"I don't think so." Piccolo said.

"We need all of the help we can get to defeat Freiza." Nayo said.

"Hmm.." Piccolo said. "Will I still be me?"

"Pretty much." Nayo said.

"Okay. But if I don't like it, you're gone." Piccolo said. "What do I do?"

"Once we've fused, you'll never want me to leave." Nayo said. " Just put your hand on my arm." Piccolo did as he was told and Nayo's body disappeared. He was now part of Piccolo.

"Wow I feel great!" Piccolo said as he felt his power go up. He took off and headed for Gohan again. Don't worry Gohan, I'm coming.

Back on the Battle Field...

They had started to fight and were off to a good start. That is, until Vegeta got Freiza to transform into a more powerful form of himself. After Freiza transformed, he became more powerful. He charged at Krillin, one of his horns went through Krillin and came out the other side. Dande cried out and flew into the water to get him. His head popped out of the water with Krillin in his arms.

"He's still breathing." He said. Gohan began to fight and was off to a really bad start. With one punch, he was on the ground in pain. Just then, Krillin came out from behind the rock Dande had taken him to. He used his distructo disk and cut off part of Freiza's tail. Freiza became enraged and took off after Krillin. Krillin flew as fast as he could, trying to distract Freiza for a few minutes.

Freiza was gaining on him, so he turned around and used a Solar Flare to slow him down. He found a small island with a lot a cracks. He flew in and tried to hide, but every curve he took, led him to Freiza.

Back where Gohan lay Weak and Beaten...

"I can heal you." Dande said placing his hands on Gohan. He closed his eyes and concentrated on healing Gohan. Vegeta's mouth fell open when he saw this. Gohan sat up, all of his wounds healed and looked around.

"I didn't know you could do that." He said.

Just then Krillin returned.

"All right!! We did it!!" He yelled seeing Gohan.

"When were you planning on telling me he could do that?!?!" Vegeta demanded.

"If we'd have known he could do that, we would have had him heal Goku!" Krillin barked back.

Freiza came up behind him. After seeing the kid up, he said. "Maybe they did wish for immortality."

He was about to attack them again, when a voice was heard behind him.

"You're Freiza right?" He said. Freiza turned around and saw another Namic standing behind him.

"That voice. It sounds familiar." Dande said, when he saw who it was.

"Better take cover Dande." Piccolo said.

Dande gasped. How did he know my name? He thought as he ran for cover.

"Not another Namic." He said. "I thought, I'd gotten rid of all the Namics." He was clearly not threatened one bit. They began to fight and Piccolo had the advantage over Freiza. He was faster and at this point, he was stronger.

After Freiza took quite a beating, he transformed again. Becoming more powerful, and faster. Piccolo was no match for Freiza.

Chapter 23

Piccolo began to lose really bad. He was no longer stronger, and his speed was no match for Freiza.

The others watched on in horror and then an idea came to Vegeta's mind. He thought back to when Gohan had been hurt. That little Namic kid had healed him. A Saiyan was at his strongest point right after he came back from a life threatening injury.

Krillin was becoming antsy, he wanted to help.

"Don't go after him!" Vegeta said. "If you really want to hit someone, hit me!"

"Huh?" Krillin said, confused.

"If you threaten me within an inch of my life, that kid will heal me and then I'll be a Super Saiyan!" Vegeta said. Krillin didn't want to do it.

"Do it bald boy!" Vegeta barked, bracing himself for pain. Krillin closed his and took one shot and it didn't do anything. "Come on. You have to do better than that!" Vegeta said pushing Krillin. Krillin covered his face and shot a blast right through Vegeta's stomach. Vegeta fell to the ground clutching his bleeding stomach.

Back on the Space Ship...

Serena was a little girl on a sad planet. Everything was desert. It was dry and barren, the only thing that lived here, was the Saiyans.

Serena walked through a big palace. She watched as her childhood passed in front of her eyes. She saw a small boy with spiky black hair. It was the Prince. He was so small, but he was very strong. His power was very high considering his age. Serena refused to fight. She had always been that way. They were beginning to say that she wasn't a real Saiyan, but she was more of a Saiyan than any of them. People were telling her father to take her out in the desert and leave her, but she was his daughter, he could never do that. He may be a Saiyan, but he cared about his children, even if there was hatred between all of them.

She had been different than all of the other kids since she was born. Instead of having a brown tail like all of the other Saiyans, she had a white tail and instead of having brown or black hair, hers was blond. And there was a yellow crescent moon on her forehead, along with small white wings. Her parents were worried when they saw her, but the next day, the wings were gone. The moon and white tail was still there though. Her two older brothers always teased her. They didn't like her to begin with, they never had since the day she was born. Raditz and Turless were always jealous that one day their little sister would be the Queen of the Saiyans.

She wasn't born a Princess, she had become friends with the Prince. He didn't get along with anyone. He would shoot at the others and take their toys. She was the only one that stuck up for herself, instead of letting him walk all over her.

He went to take the doll she was holding, he was going to use it for target practice. He snatched it out of her hands and she snatched it back. He tried to take it again, but she got the better of him. He ran to his dad and had a tantrum because he hadn't gotten it the way he wanted. King Vegeta, the boys father, saw the free spirit in this little girl and he decided that she going to be very strong when she was older. She became the Princess and was promised to marry Prince Vegeta when they came of age. The two of them became really close. They kept on training the Princess, she was very gifted. She picked up the attacks easy, but she never tried. She did as she was told so she wouldn't get into trouble. She didn't want to do it, it was evil and her heart was as pure as a crystal.

When she turned four years old, she heard them say that a man named Freiza was going to take the Prince. The Prince was her friend and she didn't want him to leave. She would miss him.

When Freiza came to take the Prince away, the Princess, in her white armor given to her from her mother to match her spirit, came out and attacked Freiza. She was very angry, and put her whole heart into the attack. She was just a child and she didn't know what she was doing. Her hair turned white as she entered Super Saiyan level one. Freiza saw that this child was a huge threat, formed a huge ball of energy in the palm of his hand. The little girl came towards him, her long white odangoes pigtails flying behind her. He threw the attack at the girl, but a little quick thinking from King Vegeta saved her life.

A trap door under her feet opened and she fell down a long slide like thing and into an empty space pod. The space pod took off and left for the planet Earth just days before the destruction of the planet Vegeta.

Chapter 24

The attack Freiza had thrown at her, had hit her and the smoke made a blanket around her so she could drop down and Freiza would think she was dead. But it took its toll. When her eyes opened, she didn't remember anything. She was a lost child, she climbed out of the space pod and had wandered the streets of Tokyo, trying to find out who she was. That's where she met her new mother. They had lost a baby girl, and were very upset. They weren't able to have anymore children and the loss of the baby left them heart broken. They found her wandering the streets so they took her home with them. They asked her where she lived, but she couldn't answer it. They put out fliers and nobody ever came for her, so they adopted her, naming her Serena, because she had brought Serenity to their lives. That's when they found out they were going to have a baby. It was Serena's baby brother Sammy.

Serena watched as all of this happened, very aware that it was a dream, but she didn't want to wake up. She wanted to see more. There was more to it than she knew. That's when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach causing her to wake up.

Serena's eyes popped open and she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She tasted blood, but when she looked at herself, she was fine. She was still in the white armor from Earth and her tail wrapped itself around her waist instinctively. That was weird. She thought. I felt it, it was real. Just then, she sensed what was happening outside. "Vegeta!" She yelled out when she didn't feel his power level anywhere. She ran out of the space ship and headed towards the huge power of Freiza. "Vegeta! I hope he's all right."

On the Battle Field...

Dande refused to heal Vegeta. His heart told him not to heal that evil man.

"You have to Dande!" Krillin said. "He's our only chance!"

"I can't." Dande said looking at the ground. Just then, they sensed another power level. It was Serena.

"Princess." Vegeta croaked out. "Go back. It's too dangerous."

Serena headed straight for Vegeta. She landed next to him and placed his head in her lap. "Vegeta." She whispered. "While I was asleep, I had this dream, I remember everything clearly." She said.

Tears came to her eyes as she saw her best friend broken and bleeding in her arms. "Dande!" She called. "You have to help him!" She said, her voice cracking a bit. Dande had no choice. He had to help the evil Saiyan. He sat down and healed Vegeta. Vegeta jumped up and pushed Dande and Serena out of the way.

"You little punk!" He said, heading for Freiza. Freiza had begun to transform yet again. This was his last transformation and he would be at his highest power level. Freiza had seen the Namic child heal Vegeta and had his own little plan in mind. After his transformation was complete, he send a blast of energy straight for Dande. No one could sense it, they didn't know it was coming. Dande fell to the ground, dead. The next person he aimed at, was Gohan. He sent the blast, but Vegeta pushed Gohan out of the way.

Everyone was shocked, everyone except for Serena that is. She knew that deep down, there was good in him.

"You saved me, Vegeta!" Gohan said, his eyes were huge.

"I didn't save you brat!" Vegeta barked. "I did it to show that I'm stronger."

"No way!!" Freiza yelled when he understood what Vegeta was talking about. "You can't be!! A Super Saiyan!!" Freiza was in shock, his mouth was wide open and his eyes were huge. Vegeta just stood there, with his normal sneer on his face. He was sure he had finally reached the legendary level of Super Saiyan. Serena had a feeling that he was wrong, but she couldn't say anything. He wouldn't believe her anyway. He wanted this so bad, that he wouldn't accept that he hadn't reached it yet.

The fight began and at first Vegeta was doing well, but that all changed. He realized that he hadn't reached it and that he was going to lose. Serena couldn't do anything. She wanted badly to run in and protect her Prince. She knew she couldn't though, he was a goner. Oh Vegeta. She thought. I love you. She couldn't bring herself to say it to him. She didn't know how she knew that that was the way she felt about him, it was like they had been in love some other time or place. That's why they had been drawn to each other when they were children. There was still so much she couldn't figure out. Her head was spinning. Why hadn't her parents told her the truth? They told her she was adopted, that they met her parents before they died. Why did they lie?

At this point, Freiza was using Vegeta as a punching bag. Seeing this brought fresh tears to Serena's eyes. She couldn't bear to see Vegeta being abused like that. Freiza threw him against the cliff next to him and crushed a rock, using his foot, in a wound on Vegeta's stomach. He was beyond pain by now. He could barely feel it anymore because he was in so much pain. He didn't care though. He knew his time was coming, and it wouldn't be long before he was with his father again.

"Good night, sweet Prince." Freiza said, snapping Serena out of her trance. Just then, everyone turned around. They had felt Goku's power heading straight for them. As soon as Goku landed, Serena rushed to Vegeta's side. She laid his head on her lap. She had tears streaming down her face.

Chapter 25

"You made it Kakarrot." Vegeta said.

"Kakarrot? That's a Saiyan name!" Freiza said, looking at Goku. "Yes I remember. The resemblance is indisputable. You are definitely the offspring of him." Freiza told the story of the Goku's father and how he had died trying to gain freedom, when the planet Vegeta was destroyed.

Vegeta started to tell the tale of the Saiyans, the same one Freiza had told him. About how Freiza destroyed the planet Vegeta and killed both of their fathers. He never had a chance to be who he wanted to be. Freiza had made him into exactly who he wanted him to be.

Freiza shot a beam straight through Vegeta trying to get him to stop talking, but even that didn't stop Vegeta from telling his story. Finally, his face turned to Serena's. His tears flowed as much as hers did.

"You finally remember." He said, trying to speak. "You're my Princess. I love you. Kakarrot. Take care of your sister for me."

"My sister?" He said, confusion shot through his body.

"SISTER?!" Freiza shouted, remembering the child he had killed so long ago. "IT CAN'T BE!! SHE DIED WHEN SHE WAS FOUR YEARS OLD!!" Freiza began to slowly back away.

"The Princess is your sister." He said, He looked up into her eyes again and then Serena leaned down and kissed him on the lips. He kissed her back and fell dead in her arms. She didn't know what was going on around her after that. All she could think about was Vegeta. All the memories were there, but they didn't fit. Why did she feel such a deep passion for him? It didn't make sense. Then she remembered all the pain that Freiza had caused him and an overwhelming anger filled her body. Out of nowhere, a loud shriek of pain and anguish escaped her throat. She stood up and yelled at the top of her lungs. That strange power began to fill her body again. She was powering up to her highest level ever. Her sorrow and pain, made her unpredictable and the others backed away slightly. A blinding light lit the area. Everyone had to shield their eyes because the light coming from her body was so bright. She screamed even louder, causing everyone to cover their ears to block out the horrible noise. They would never forget that scream for the rest of their lives and no one had ever seen Serena so upset.

When the light died down, Serena stood before them, in the same white armor. Her hair had turned bright white and the moon on her forehead glowed brightly. She had huge white wings and there was a white light emulating from her body. She was a Super Saiyan.

"Are you sure you killed me? Did you ever see a body?" Serena asked, trying to get a hold of the power, but it was no use. She wasn't strong enough to control all of this power that had come to the surface. She was now very dangerous and wanted only to destroy this man at all cost.

"That mark on your forehead" Freiza stammered. "My father told me about a girl that our ancestors fought that had that mark on her forehead! That's impossible though!! They destroyed you too!!"

"I always have a way of coming back." Serena said. "My mother sent me and all of my friends, including Vegeta to be reborn in the future, when the Negaverse attacked. That was a thousand years ago, and I'm still here. I'll be here for a thousand more."


She used the techniques she had learned as a child but had never used. She threw energy blasts at him, punched and kicked him, and was doing very well. Then it happened, she became even more angry when Freiza said something about Vegeta and her power increased even more. She was about to overload.

"You killed Vegeta!! You killed my parents!! You killed all of the ones I loved!! You'll pay!!" She yelled, throwing everything she had at him. She used the crystal and gathered every last bit of her energy, hurling the energy straight at Freiza. Freiza somehow managed to dodge the huge blast, but it was too late for Serena, she had no energy left. Not even enough to keep her heart beating. She fell dead at Goku's feet. He fell to his knees beside, and picking her up, he held her body against his chest.

"Serena!" He yelled, his eyes glazed over, but he forced himself not to cry. He would avenge his sisters death. Deep down, he had known that Serena was his sister, and he finally knew why he had trained her. His heart knew that she was his sister and he knew that he had to do what it took to protect her.

The battle between Goku and Freiza had just begun.

Chapter 26

In the Next Dimension...

When Serena opened her eyes, she wasn't on the planet Namic anymore. She was standing in front of an old gate. The hinges were rusted almost completely off. She knew that this was where she was supposed to go. She pushed open the door and walked through. There was a rundown street with a few stands here and there. There were people everywhere. They watched her as she passed them, some of them were bowing their heads when she passed. As she walked, beauty was returned to everything she passed. Her love for Vegeta and all of her friends and family radiated off of her. The street was no longer rundown, but it was clean and the houses had a glow to them.

She walked though the streets towards the castle in the middle. It felt like she was in a dream, but she wasn't. She walked through the gate to the castle and walked up the stairs to the entrance of the castle. There was an old fountain out front. She walked past it, dangling her fingers into the dirty water. The water in the fountain turned crystal clear and the fountain, that hadn't worked in years, started to flow. The sun began to shine down on the city. Serena kept on climbing and finally she came to the entrance to the castle.

She walked through the doors, the guards bowed as she passed.

"It's great to have you home, Princess." One of the guards said. Serena walked into a huge room. It looked like it had been designed to be a Ball Room, but it had never been used as that. Her footsteps echoed through the large room. As she walked the broken stained glass window, began to glow as the were fixed. The grime that covered the floor disappeared and the room was decorated like there was going to be a big ball. It was like someone of importance home coming after a long journey.

She kept walking, following the steps to the throne room. There were all sorts of people in there, including Prince Vegeta and King Vegeta. There was a bunch of girls surrounding Vegeta. Serena felt a twinge of jealousy when she saw them. They were beautiful. She walked into the room and up to King Vegeta. She bowed her head when she approached his throne. Vegeta was sitting sideways in his chair, looking bored. He felt something that caught his attention. It was Serena!

"Princess!" He cried, jumping up and picking her up. He spun around holding her up in the arm. No one had ever seen this type of emotion from Vegeta, he was always so mad looking even if he wasn't.

He stopped spinning and placed her feet on the floor, their lips met on the way down. A fountain of love came out of the two of them, causing love and beauty to be rained on the rest of the city that she had not passed. The whole land was transformed, from an arid wasteland, to a land of hope and love. The Saiyan's were given another chance. They were no longer an evil, cold hearted people, but they had been saved. It was too bad that their savior came too late to save their lives.

When they broke apart, they were both dressed differently. Serena was wearing her princess dress with the long white skirt that flowed down to her ankles. The huge white wings were still there and her hair brushed across the floor, dragging behind her when she walked. Vegeta was dressed in his blue armor, with a cape that hung over his shoulders, and his tail hung behind him. He put his arms around Serena, pulling her closed to him. His tail wrapped around her waist and her tail wrapped around his. Serena laid her head of Vegeta's chest and closed her eyes. She was so happy that they were finally together, even if they were dead.

"Prince Vegeta, Princess Serena." A sweet voice said behind them. They looked behind them and there stood Serena's Saiyan mother. She pulled away from Vegeta and ran to her mother's open arms.

"Mother!" Serena cried as she hugged her mother. "I missed you." Serena said through her tears. Her mother pulled away from the hug after a while.

"I have a gift for you, my darling." Her mother said. She reached for something that was strapped to her back. After untying the strap it, she handed Serena her sword. "This is a very special gift." She said. "If you put that crystal that you have on the end of it. It magnifies the power of the crystal and it makes you stronger than you ever imagined."

"Thank you mother, but how did you know about the crystal?" Serena asked feeling a bit confused.

"I've met your real mother, Queen Serenity. She told me everything." Her mother said, a hint of sadness in her eyes.

"Don't worry, you'll always be my mother." Serena said, hugging her mother.


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