Do I Know You?

What happens when the Prince of the Saiyans meets the Princess of the Moon? This is the first story in a series of five stories featuring my fav. two characters.

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/01/2016 Published: 02/26/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 5 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 4531

Part 3

Chapter 14

She walked through the base looking for a space pod that was all alone. She walked for a long time before she even came close. She had one chance. They were getting it ready for someone, but she didn't know who. She had to distract the guy that was standing next to it just long enough to dive inside. What can I do to get that guy away from there? She thought. I've got it! She formed an energy ball in the palm of her hand. It was a good size, but not big enough to kill anyone. She took the energy and threw it to the side of the guy. He jumped and ran towards her. She was very fast and was out of the way before he was half way there. While his back was turned, she ran and jumped into the waiting space pod. Pushing a few buttons, she took off and managed to figure out how to set the course for Namic.

On Namic, Freiza had five of the Dragon Balls and Vegeta had gotten his hands on one of them. Krillin was on his way to get the last Dragon Ball from the eldest Namic.

Serena came in for a landing. She climbed out and immediately felt a huge power level and several smaller ones. She couldn't sense Gohan or Krillin though. They have to be here! Serena thought, again scanning the area. I know they're here somewhere! They came to bring our friends back! She felt Vegeta's power and headed in his direction. She flew as fast as she could. She could feel another power that was about the same, or maybe a little less than Vegeta's.

After flying for a while, she came upon Vegeta and some guy that had green skin and hair. Who's that? She thought, looking at him. He's handsome. As she drew closer, she could feel the evil from the other man as well as from Vegeta, but there was something different about Vegeta. She didn't know what was so different about him, but the feeling she got from him was different somehow.

"Vegeta!" She called looking up at him.

"What are you doing here?" Vegeta said through clenched teeth. "Get out of here now!"

"No!" She yelled up to him. "I'm going to stay!"

"Can we get this fight started already?" The man with the green hair and skin asked, looking very confident. Vegeta looked equally as confident.

"You start off, Zarbon." Said Vegeta still on a power trip. The battle began and Vegeta was doing very good. Zarbon seemed to be weaker than Vegeta, that is until he transformed. He became bigger and stronger. They fought hard, and Vegeta started to lose.

"Oh Vegeta." Serena said to herself. "You are so stubborn. You won't give up, will you?"

Serena watched helplessly, she couldn't do anything to help. Oh Vegeta. She thought. You are so brave. Deep down, I know you are good. Somewhere, hidden away from everyone. Even hidden from yourself.

A crater formed around Vegeta's body, and slowly began to fill with water. Serena was so deep in her thoughts, that she didn't see Zarbon come up behind her until it was too late. She sensed him, but she didn't react fast enough. Everything went black for her.

Back to Bulma and Gohan...

"Where is he?" Bulma complained, pacing back and forth. "I'm going to go crazy!"

"Calm down Bulma." Gohan said, kicking the air. "He'll be back soon. I promise."

"But I wish he'd hurry." She said sitting down and picking up a magazine. Oh Yamcha. She thought, flipping through the magazine. I can't wait to see you again. I miss you. She fought the tears and threw the magazine to the side.

On Freiza's ship...

"Who is she!" Freiza demanded.

"I don't know." Said Zarbon, who had Serena flung over his shoulder. "She was with Vegeta, I thought I should bring her back."

"Hmm... " Freiza said, crossing his arms. "She might be of some use to us."

Chapter 15

When Serena opened her eyes, she was in a dark room. She couldn't see ten inches in front of her face. What happened? Where am I? She thought, trying to stand up. She heard a noise to her left, and she jumped up in a fighting stance.

"You're finally awake." A voice said.

"Who are you?! What do you want?!" She demanded.

"I want to know where to Dragon Ball is!" The voice said.

"Dragon Ball? I don't know." She said. "I didn't know that there were Dragon Balls on this planet."

"Don't play games!" The voice barked. She still didn't know where it was coming from. "I know you know where it is!"

"I... I don't know where it is." She stammered.

"Tell me now!" The voice screamed.

"I don't know!" She screamed back.

"You were with Vegeta when he attacked the village!" The voice yelled. "Where did he hide it!"

"I wasn't with him!" She yelled. "I just got here and he was fighting! That's all I know!"

The voice didn't say anything else. She was left in the silence and the dark. She curled up in the corner and tried to sleep, but she was really scared.

In Another Part of the Ship...

"She won't talk, Master Freiza." The man that had questioned her said, bowing slightly.

"Bring her before me." Freiza said, looking out the window. "I'll get her to talk."

"As you wish Master Freiza." The man said, bowing again and heading back toward where the girl was being kept.

A Few Minutes Later, Where Serena was being Held...

The door flew open, and two men with what looked like lasers or something walked in. Serena stood up and leaned against the back wall. They walked towards her and grabbed both of her arms. She didn't struggle because she knew her life was in danger.

"Master Freiza wants to see you." One of the men said, as they walked out of the room.

"Master Freiza?" She said. Why does that name sound familiar? She thought. "Who's that?"

"You'll be meeting him in a few minutes, but you probably won't live much longer after that." The other man said, laughing about his little joke.

That doesn't sound good. She thought.

They opened a door and made her go inside. There was the man with green hair and skin from earlier and there was a really short man. His power was incredible! She'd never felt anything like it, not even from Goku.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"My name is Serena." She said, simply. She didn't add anything to it.

"Where did you come from, and why are you with that loser Vegeta?" He demanded.

She didn't say anything. She was afraid of this guy, but she didn't show that she was. She was going to stand up to him as long as she could.

"I asked you a question!" He yelled, his tail flew around her neck, lifting her off the ground. "Now. Are you going to answer me?"

Chapter 16

Serena felt the air to her lung being cut off, and she decided that she had better speak up.

"Earth." She managed to choke out. "I'm from Earth."

Freiza dropped her. She fell to her knees and put her hands to her throat. His tail had held her so tight that she was bleeding a little.

"Tell me more." He said, his tail lifting her chin so she had to look at him.

"I left Earth with him." She said. "He left me in some base and came here."

"Yes. And how do you know him?" Freiza asked.

"I don't really know?" She said, actually thinking about it.

"What?!" He practically yelled. "How can you not know? You were with him."

Freiza raised his hand and smacked her across the face, hard. Her hand went to her cheek, where he had struck her.

"That was a mistake." She said, calmly. She felt her body filling with power like it had on Earth. Her hair turned white and the crescent moon on her forehead began to glow white. She glared at him, and was engulfed in a white light.

"What is this?" Freiza said, feeling a blast of power hit his stomach. It didn't hurt him a bit, but it did give Serena a chance to escape. When she realized what was happening to her, she struggled to keep her power under control. When she finally got it under control she turned and ran. She found a door and blasted it open, that's when she saw him. Vegeta was in a rejuvenation tank, just like she had been in on the planet Freiza.

"Vegeta?" She whispered, seeing him in there. She didn't have time to help him, she kept on going. She ran into a room and blasted the huge window. She flew out the hole and landed behind a rock with a soft thud. She managed to stay hidden as she fled from the scene.

Back on the Ship...

Vegeta was starting to wake up. Zarbon was out of the room, and there was only one person in the room with Vegeta.

"I'd never get all hurt like that." The guy was saying, just as Vegeta's eyes opened. Vegeta easily overpowered him, and was on his way to steal the Dragon Balls. He tricked Freiza and Zarbon and ran into the room with the Dragon Balls. He blasted the window and threw the Dragon Balls out of it. They landed in a pile a mile or two away. He sent another blast down the hall and got out of the ship. Hiding behind a rock, he walked into the river nearby. He went underwater and swam to where the Dragon Balls had landed.

Back to Serena...

After Serena left the ship about five minutes later, Serena felt a power level erupt. That's Vegeta! She thought, heading towards the power. It was coming towards her so she headed towards it. I'm coming Vegeta!

A few minutes later, she came to a small hole in the rock, kind of like a cave with no top. She sensed that he was close, but she didn't know how close. She didn't know that he had been watching her for some time. I can't tell her who she is. She has to figure it out. He thought, seeing her walk towards the cave.

He had to be in there! She thought heading towards it.

"Vegeta!" She called, rounding the corner. Sure enough, he was sitting on one of the Dragon Balls, looking at her. His eyes are so cold, but there is a warmth to him. I don't know how it is possible, but he just seems so familiar. She ran to him and threw her arms around his neck. "You're all right!"

"Oh course I'm all right woman!" He snapped pushing her away. "I'm a Saiyan! I can take care of myself!"

Serena sighed at his reaction and stood up, dusting herself off. That's when she noticed it.

Chapter 17

She looked down and noticed a long white tail.

"What in the..." She said, giving it a tug. "Oww!" She cried out in pain.

"What'd you expect?" Vegeta said, not even looking at her. "It's gonna hurt if you pull your own tail."

"But... I'm not supposed to have a tail." Serena said.

"All Saiyans have tails." Vegeta said, with his eyes still shut.

"But I'm not a Saiyan." She said. He didn't say anything, he just sat there with his eyes closed. I can't let her know anymore. If she remembers, then she's going to be in a lot of trouble. Freiza would kill her if he knew who she was. He thought, remembering why she had left the planet Vegeta when she was a child.

"Did you hear me?" Serena asked, waving her hand if front of Vegeta's face. His eyes opened and he looked at her. When he saw her face, his expression softened for a split second. Then his normal scowl replaced it. "I just said, that I'm not a Saiyan."

"Then explain to me why you now have a tail." He said, looking at her, she couldn't say anything to that.

Her eyes fell to the ground as she tried to figure out what he was talking about. I'm not a Saiyan. She thought. That's what Goku is and he is really strong. If I'm a Saiyan, then why am I so weak compared to him? She hadn't even noticed that Vegeta had left until he was gone.

"Stay with the Dragon Balls!" He yelled back to her, holding one of the Dragon Balls under his arm.

"But..." She began to protest, he was gone though. Where's he going? She thought. Oh well, I better do what he says. She laid down on the ground and fell asleep. She was really tired.

Later that day...

Serena's eyes fluttered open. She looked up at the sky and saw a bird fly overhead. What a beautiful animal. She thought as it disappeared from her view. She sat up and yawned loudly, stretching her arms up towards the sky. She sat perfectly still when she felt five huge power sources heading straight for her. She ducked low behind a rock and watched as five figures stepped into the cave. Who are they? She thought, looking at the strange men. They were dressed in the Saiyan uniform, similar to the one Vegeta wore.

They came into the cave and counted the Dragon Balls. Serena ducked down and lowered her power level as much as she could, but it wasn't enough. They had spotted her. They one that had horns and purple skin grabbed her by the arm.

"Hey!" He shouted, making her stand up. "You're the one Freiza wants us to bring back with the Dragon Balls. Just then, Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan landed nearby.

"Let her go!" Vegeta yelled, seeing that they had Serena.

"Why should I?" The man holding Serena barked. "I am the leader of the Ginyu force. Captain Ginyu is my name." He let go of her, and all five of them stood in a pose. They managed to get the two Dragon Balls from Vegeta and Krillin very easily.

"What are they doing?" Gohan asked, to himself more than to anyone else.

"I want to take on Vegeta." The shortest one said.

"No I'll do it." Another one of them chimed in. They fought for a minute and then they did rock, paper, scissors to find out who got to fight them. Ginyu grabbed Serena by the arm again. He lifted the Dragon Balls with his energy. He picked up Serena and threw her over his shoulder. She didn't fight, because she knew that it would be bad.

When they got back to the ship, Captain Ginyu took Serena back to that dark room she had been in before. How do I get myself into these thing? She thought, looking around the gloomy room

Chapter 18

Serena's friends fought bravely against the Ginyu force, but the Ginyu force was much stronger. Even Vegeta couldn't beat them, except for the short green one, with lots of eyes. Poor Gohan could barely move, he was hurt really bad.

Captain Ginyu was having tryouts for the Ginyu force, but there was no open positions. He wound up, getting rid of most of them. Freiza had gone to get the password for the Dragon Balls from the Eldest Namic, and Serena was stuck in the ship still. She was afraid. She could feel her friends power levels get lower and lower.

She cried silently into her hands when she felt that even Vegeta was no match for them.

On the Battle Field...

Goku had finally arrived with a bag of Senzu beans. He laid his sons head in his lap and popped one of them into his mouth. He stood up, his wounds were healed and his strength returned. They walked over to Krillin and it was the same. He jumped up and was one hundred percent better.

"What happened? Why are you teamed up with Vegeta?" Goku asked Krillin.

"Well, it's kind of a long story, a lots happened since you've been gone." Krillin said.

"This will be a lot faster, than for you to tell me the whole thing." Goku said placing his hand on Krillin's head. Goku concentrated really hard and read Krillin's memories of everything that had happened.

"I can see now, why you teamed up with Vegeta." Goku said.

"How'd you do that?" Krillin asked, shocked at what he had seen.

"I just kind of learned it. I guess training at 100 times normal gravity had that effect." Goku said.

Goku looked at Vegeta, who stood up, hurt pretty bad. Goku took the last Senzu bean from the bag.

"Hey Vegeta!" He called throwing the Senzu bean to him. He looked at it strangely. "Eat it!"

Vegeta ate it and he too, was restored to his best. "Wow! I feel great!" He said.

Goku jumped into the fight and easily beat two members of the Ginyu force. The small one, with red skin and white hair, ran away scared for his life.

Vegeta walked up to the two that Goku had defeated. They were still alive. He blasted one and jumped on the throat of the other, killing them both.

"What'd you do that for!" Goku demanded.

"You're feelings make you weak, Kakarrot." Vegeta said.

Goku sent Gohan and Krillin to go find the Dragon Balls. Goku and Vegeta stayed and waited for the Ginyu force to come back.

The Eldest Namic...

Freiza had arrived at the Eldest Namics. He demanded to know the password, but the Eldest Namic refused to tell him. Three Namic warriors attacked Freiza and were easily defeated by him. Nayo had to get Freiza to fight him, so that Dande could get the password to the 'earthlings'. Nayo and Freiza headed away from everyone until Freiza finally said that they had gone far enough.

They landed and the fight began. Freiza was a lot stronger than Nayo and Nayo took quite a beating. He attacked Freiza, but Freiza didn't even seem to notice. Freiza grabbed Nayo's arm, his fingers punching Nayo's skin. Nayo screamed in pain as Freiza twisted his arm off. Purple blood dripped from where he arm had once been. Nayo concentrated and managed to regenerate his lost arm.

"You have more fight in you than I thought." Freiza said calmly. Chapter 19

After a while, Serena felt another big power level. Is that Goku? She thought. It sure does feel like it. She concentrated her power so she could find out for sure, but she couldn't tell. I have to get out of here! She thought. She began to power up so she could blast her way out. Yelling "Kamehameha!" She blasted the wall. Nothing happened. These walls must be thicker than I thought. She thought, trying to think of another way out. Maybe if I do the same thing I did to get here it will work again! She thought. It's worth a try.

Serena banged on the door and made gasping noises. They could hear everything she said, because there was an intercom in the room. Upon hearing her gasps, two guards opened the door to find her laying on the ground. They stepped into the room and as the door closed behind them, she jumped up and knocked the two guards out before they knew what was happening. She took the card off of the one that opened the door and headed out. She was careful to stay hidden.

She had finally made it outside and there wasn't anyone around. She looked around and all of Freiza's men were gone.

"What happened here?" She said out loud. She took a look around and saw Gohan and Krillin digging near the space ship. "Gohan! Krillin!" She yelled, running towards them.

"Serena! You're all right! But how did you get here?" Krillin asked seeing her running towards him.

"It's kind of a long story. I'll tell you later when we go home." She said. "Why are you digging?"

"This is why." Gohan said, pulling a Dragon Ball from the hole they had been digging. In a few minutes, they had all seven Dragon Balls dug up and laying on the ground near them. Gohan's head snapped to the sky when he felt a huge power source heading for them. "Someone's coming!"

They all took cover until they could see who it was. "Dad!" Gohan yelled as his father appeared standing next to a member of the Ginyu force. It was the one with the white hair and red skin. Everyone greeted Goku with great joy, all except for Serena. She sensed something about this guy, and after a minute of being around this guy, Gohan picked up on it too.

"That's not my father!" Gohan yelled as he raised his hand to hit Krillin.

"What do you mean he's not you fath.." He didn't finish his sentence because Goku hand came down and hit him on the head. He realized that it wasn't Goku then. It was actually Captain Ginyu in Goku's body. He had stolen it, and Goku was trapped in Captain Ginyu's old body.

"What happened to Goku?" Krillin demanded.

"I don't know. He's probably dead by now." Captain Ginyu said.

Krillin and Serena both attacked Captain Ginyu, but Gohan couldn't. His conscience was holding him back, he couldn't hurt his father. Serena didn't have the heart to fight. She didn't want to, she hated fighting. She always had. She was barely able to be Sailor Moon, and now she was fighting one of the strongest fighters in the Universe. She was thrown to the side like it was nothing. She hit her head on a rock and fell to the ground unconscious. Moments later Goku, in Captain Ginyu's body, showed up. He told Gohan to help out and finally, Gohan joined Krillin and the battle continued.

Inside of the Ship...

Vegeta and Jaice, the only member of the Ginyu force left, besides Captain Ginyu, were battling it out. Everything inside of the ship was being destroyed. Vegeta clearly had the advantage over Jaice. The wound up outside, still battling it out. Vegeta realized that Jaice was stronger than he had previously thought, but it didn't matter. Vegeta was still much stronger. He beat him and headed to the other side of the ship. He saw Goku and attacked. Captain Ginyu's power was diminishing quickly. He didn't know how to use his body and his soul to get all of the power, but he was figuring it out. Goku, in Captain Ginyu's body, fought as best as he could. The three of them combined, were giving Captain Ginyu a rough time. His power level decreased, and then Vegeta came out from the other side of the ship. He saw Serena laying next to a big rock, and he ran to her side. Captain Ginyu saw that the kid had a hidden power that was very powerful, so he tried to change bodies with him. Goku jumped in front of the beam, getting his old body back. He fell to the ground, broken and bruised. Chapter 20

Vegeta didn't know what was going on, but he knew that he had to get Captain Ginyu. He attacked him, giving it his all. Captain Ginyu did nothing to defend himself. While Goku was yelling for Vegeta to stop, Captain Ginyu was preparing to take Vegeta's body.

"Change Now!!" Captain Ginyu yelled. A beam came from his mouth and headed towards Vegeta. There was a frog hopping near Goku. He picked up the frog and threw it in front of the beam.

"What ... what happened?" Vegeta asked, very confused at what had just happened. Gohan, Goku, and Krillin began to laugh. "What just happened? Where's Captain Ginyu?"

"Take a look at that frog." Goku said, laughing. Vegeta walked over to the frog and looked at it. It was Captain Ginyu.

"Come back here." Vegeta said, as the frog hopped away.

"I think you finally found someone to pick on that's your size." Goku said still laughing.

"I would kill it, but I don't want to get frog guts on my nice clean boots." Vegeta said. He walked over to the still unconscious Serena and picked her up. He was walking towards Freiza's ship.

"Where're you going Vegeta?" Krillin asked, scratching his head.

"Into the ship." He said. "Bring Kakarrot."

Gohan and Krillin picked up Goku and carried him inside. Vegeta led the way. He led them into a room with a rejuvenation tank.

"It's an older model, but it'll work. I kind of broke the new one." Vegeta said. "I'd say it wouldn't take more than an hour."

Vegeta laid Serena down on the floor and prepared the tank for Goku. Goku opened his eyes and saw a tray with needles on it. He flipped out.

"I don't want a needle!" He yelled, spilling the contents of the tray all over the floor.

"You're not going to get a needle!" Vegeta barked. Goku calmed down a bit, and in a minute, was healing in the tank. After Vegeta put Goku in the tank, he turned to Gohan and Krillin. "You two could use some armor." He said, heading in the opposite direction.

They followed him, and he pulled out two sets of armor, like the kind he had when he fought them on Earth. He tossed the armor in front of them and they pulled it on.

"This is the armor I wore when I fought you on earth. It stretches to almost any size." Vegeta said.

"You know these don't look as nice as yours though." Krillin said.

"I care if you're in style or not!" Vegeta barked, something was obviously bothering him.

"I like my new armor." Gohan said. "It's easy to move, and stuff." He moved his arm up and down to prove it. While Gohan watched the Dragon Balls, Krillin went to get the password from the Eldest Namic. Vegeta went inside to take a nap. He sat down next to Serena who was still unconscious. I will protect you, my Princess. He thought, kissing her on the cheek. He laid her back down and picked up a timer.

"I think 30 minutes will do. Then I'll be my old Super Saiyan self again." He said, leaning his back against the rejuvenation tank. He fell asleep immediately.

Meanwhile on the way to the Eldest Namic...

"Man, if Freiza found out I was flying solo, my goose would be cooked." Krillin said to himself, flying at full speed towards the Eldest Namic. All of a sudden, a power level was heading for him. It wasn't very big, but it was heading his way. He kept flying and soon he saw, Dande. A young Namic they had met when they saved him from Freiza. "Hey Dande!" Krillin called out. His body a silhouette in the sun. Dande's eyes lit up when he saw Krillin. He flew over to him and they headed back to Freiza's ship.


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