Do I Know You?

What happens when the Prince of the Saiyans meets the Princess of the Moon? This is the first story in a series of five stories featuring my fav. two characters.

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/01/2016 Published: 02/26/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 5 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 4489

Part 2

Chapter 8

Sailor Moon ran through the streets towards the middle of Tokyo. The rest of the Sailor Scouts trailed behind her. We have to get there as fast as we can. Sailor Moon thought, seeing her friend in trouble. I won't let them hurt her!

"Hurry scouts!" Luna yelled running ahead of them. They all picked up the pace and were soon in the middle of the city.

"Come on out, you monster!" Sailor Moon yelled. Sevil appeared above them.

"Well you decided to show up after all. I knew you'd come for this pathetic human." Sevil said, holding Molly up. She threw Molly to the ground and Sailor Moon rushed to her side.

"Molly!" She cried, catching her before she hit the ground. She handed her best friend to Sailor Mercury, who carried her off to the side.

"I don't want any of you!" Sevil yelled as the scouts formed a shield in front of Sailor Moon. "It's her I want!" Sevil said pointing to Sailor Moon. A space ship appeared above their heads and Sailor Moon started to float.

"Sailor Moon!" All of the scouts cried as she floated towards the ship.

"Help me you guys!" Sailor Moon screamed. "Get me out of hear!"

"Now I have you Sailor Moon!" Sevil said laughing hysterically. "Now it's time for you to die!"

"NOO!!" Sailor Moon wailed. "I can't die! I'm too young!" She floated upward and disappeared into the ship. When she opened her eyes, she was inside of the ship. She heard the evil laughter behind her and spun around.

"Where are you?" Sailor Moon demanded. "Quit hiding you coward!"

"You can't save yourself or your planet Sailor Moon." Sevil said, laughing even harder.

"I'll beat you. Don't you know, good always triumphs over evil?" Sailor Moon said.

"I'll give you one chance to live." Sevil said. "If you can survive a whole day in here, 24 hours, I'll leave your planet and never bother you again."

"What kind of a deal is that? I'm going to fight you right now!" Sailor Moon yelled.

"You don't have a choice. I'll tell you what, if you can find me, then I'll fight you. But if you can't, you die!" Sevil said, not negotiating. "That's the deal, either way, you will die."

I've got to buy some time. Sailor Moon thought. At least until, Goku and the others beat the Saiyans. I want to help them, but what good will I be if I have no energy. I won't be able to do anything after this battle. I have to keep her distracted so she doesn't see what's going on down on earth.

"Okay, I accept your challenge!" Sailor Moon yelled.

"I knew you'd see it my way." Sevil said, giggling. Sevil disappeared and the surroundings changed. Sailor Moon was in a forest. The bushes were so thick, she couldn't get through. I hope this works, if not, the planet is doomed.

Sailor Moon pushed her way through the underbrush, trying not to cry out in pain when a pricker bush snapped back in her face. Blood dripped from the cuts and went into her mouth. She spit the blood out irritated, and wiped it away with the back of her hand. I have to keep going! Sailor Moon thought, trying to push herself. My friends are counting on me!

Sailor Moon managed to get out of the forest after hours of pushing the bushes out of her way. She put her hands on her knees and took in a few deep breaths. I have to keep going, I can't stop to rest! She thought standing up and moving on. She saw a pool of water and she went over to it, getting ready to splash some water on her face. She was about to put her hands in the water when she saw a reflection in it. There was one of Sevil's monsters behind her. She jumped up into a fighting stance.

"I've got you now!" The monster said lunging at Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon easily dodged her. All that training with Goku has really paid off. Sailor Moon said as she dodged an energy blast. She threw one of her own and hit the monster. The monster flew back against the wall, blood dripping from a wound on it's stomach.

"I'll kill you!" The monster screamed, running towards Sailor Moon again. Sailor Moon dodged the blow and punched the monster in the stomach. The monster fell to the ground holding it's stomach. "You'll pay!" The monster said before it fell to the ground dead.the Silver Imperium Crystal glowing brightly. Chapter 9

Meanwhile on Earth...

The Saiyans had finally arrived. All of Earth's special forces were waiting for them. Sailor Moon was trapped in the space ship and Goku wasn't back yet. In King KI's calculations, he forgot to leave time for Goku to get back to Earth after he had been wished back.

They began the fight and things weren't looking too good for Earth's mightiest warriors.

On the Space Ship...

They're here. Sailor Moon thought. She could feel two huge powers. They're stronger than I thought. Sailor Moon thought. I have to beat this woman as fast as I can!

She ran as fast as she could, following Sevil's power. I'm close! She thought. What? Three of the powers on Earth have disappeared! That's impossible! Sailor Moon ran and finally, she found what she had been looking for. It was the throne room. She knew it would be there, this woman was really stuck on herself and she thought she deserved only the best.

"Hold it right there!" Sailor Moon yelled, causing Sevil to jump. "I found you, now I will beat you!"

"I highly doubt that!" Sevil said, jumping in front of Sailor Moon. A ball of energy formed in her hand. She held it above her head, and it doubled in size. She looked Sailor Moon in the eye and threw it straight at her. Sailor Moon wasn't able to dodge it. It hit her head on. Sailor Moon was thrown back against the wall.

She cried out in pain as another energy ball hit her. She looked at herself and saw blood leaking from a wound on her stomach.

Just then, her friends appeared before her. They has used their sailor teleport to help their friend.

"How did you get here?" Sevil screamed when everyone appeared in front of her. "No matter. I'll just dispose of all of you as well as Sailor Moon." She called forward her minions and ordered them to attack. They were stronger than the normal ones and the scouts fell, one after another.

Sailor Moon ran to her fallen friends side, her head over her bleeding wound. She ran to Sailor Mars and picked her head up, tears falling from her eyes.

"Sailor Scouts!" She cried. "I'll make you pay for this!" Sailor Moon yelled, the Silver Imperium Crystal glowing brightly.

"What?! The Silver Imperium Crystal? That's impossible!" Sevil screamed. She called back the monsters and stepped in front of Sailor Moon, who was now the Princess. Her wound was healed and she stood before Sevil in her princess dress and she had huge white wings.

"Don't do this, Sevil!" The Princess yelled, holding the crystal high above her head. Sevil cried in pain as the energy hit her. She had no intentions of becoming good, but she wasn't ready to accept her fait.

"You don't have to die." The Princess said in a sweet voice. "I can heal you. You'll be your old self. Please."

"No!! I'll never become that weak again! Not after I've become this powerful! I'm not willing to give it up!" Sevil screamed, trying not to let the Princess influence her.

"Don't be consumed by your hate. Let it go." The Princess said, closing her eyes and trying to get through to Sevil.

"NOO!!" Sevil screamed as the good energy filled her heart, pushing the evil away. "I won't let you do this!" Sevil screamed. "You'll die!" She pushed a button on the control panel near her. "You'll die along with me!"

"What?!" The Princess almost dropped the crystal as the whole ship began to shake.

"The ship will self destruct in three minutes." A voice came on over the intercom.

"What? No, don't do this Sevil!" The Princess yelled. "We'll all die!"

The Princess ran to her friends, they stood up and they staggered towards her. They were very weak, but they had just enough energy to teleport out of there.

"Princess, we have to get out of here right now!" Sailor Mars cried, holding her bleeding arm.

"No, we can't leave her!" The Princess cried.

"We can't save her! She doesn't want to be saved!" Sailor Mars cried, grabbing the Princess's shoulders. "We have to save our Princess!"

Chapter 10

"But.. " The Princess started to protest, she looked up at Sevil and saw only flames. "Let's go!"

They all gathered in a big circle. They joined hands and concentrated their energy on going home. They began to glow and right before the whole ship burst, they disappeared and reappeared on earth. Everyone fell to the ground, they were beaten and bruised. Serena, who was still in the princess dress stood up and helped her friends. They had to be taken to the hospital, and she left right after.

"I have to help Earth's Special Forces." She said when Rei awoke.

"You can't, you'll get hurt!" She protested.

"I have to go, they need my help." Serena said, turning her face to the ground. "They aren't doing so good. I can only feel three powers, and the two powers of the Saiyans."

"It's too dangerous!" Ami said, waking up and looking over at her.

"She has to help them!" Lita said, struggling to sit up. "They're her friends too!"

"I guess she had a point." Said Rei. "But be careful!"

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Serena said, heading out the door. I have a feeling something really big is going to happen. Like these guys aren't going to hurt me. Serena thought, heading for the battle field.

When she arrived, they weren't fighting, it looked like they were waiting for someone. What are they doing? She thought to herself. There were two of them, one was huge, and the other was really small. It looked like only the big one had fought, he was all sweaty and dirty. Serena stayed in the bushes for a few minutes and saw the big guy take off. Their power was incredible! She'd never felt anything like it in all of her life.

She came out slowly and flew over to where Piccolo, Krillin, and Gohan were sitting.

"Hey guys!" She said walking over and sitting down next to Gohan. "Where's Goku?"

"He's on his way, I hope." Said Krillin, looking down at the ground. "We haven't been doing too great."

"What happened?" She asked, staring wide eyed.

"They're too strong. I hope Goku hurries up. I don't know if we can beat them." Krillin said, always looking on the down side of things. "And the little guy hasn't even fought yet. He's so strong, even the big guy is afraid of him."

"What? That's impossible! We trained so hard, they can't be that strong!" Serena said, feeling fatigue start to take over her body.

"What's wrong, Miss Serena?" Gohan said, seeing her sway on her feet.

"I'm just a little tired. I've been fighting for almost 24 hours straight." She said, trying to focus her vision on the Saiyan that sat on the rock. Is that the man from my dream? Serena thought, not able to see his face clearly. She stood up and walked in his direction.

"Serena? Where are you going?" Krillin asked, jumping in front of her. "Don't go over by him, he's the enemy remember?"

"I have to." She said walking past Krillin. What does she mean, she has to? Krillin asked himself.

Serena slowly walked towards him, trying not to stagger. She had refused to let the doctors check her out when she went to the hospital. She had to help her friends. She was afraid she wouldn't be much help though. She had almost no energy from using the crystal.

Why is that girl coming over here? The Saiyan thought, scowling at her. Stupid girl! I thought they learned that they can't beat us. We are much stronger that they will ever be.

He is the man in my dream! My Prince, the one that saved me! Serena thought, picking up the pace a little.

"It's you!" She said, approaching him. "You're the Prince! The one from my dream!" She stepped up to him, and he stood up, looking into her eyes.

She looks very familiar. He thought, looking into her eyes. I don't know any one from Earth. I must be losing it. His vision snapped away from her when a power level showed up on his scouter.

"You better get ready, little girl. Time's up." He said, walking past her towards her friends. The big Saiyan landed next to him with a soft thud.

Chapter 11

"Am I early, Vegeta?" He asked.

"You're right on time for the fun, Napa." Vegeta said.

"Hey Vegeta. Who's the girl? Do you want me to take care of her too?" Napa asked.

"Oh I don't know. It wouldn't be much of a fight, you know. She's too weak for good sport." Vegeta said chuckling to himself. That feeling that he knew her came back, he quickly pushed the thought from his mind.

"So what are we gonna do with her?" Napa asked.

"Once we beat these three, we'll find something to do with her." Vegeta said, a low chuckle escaped his throat.

Serena stood behind them, barely able to stay conscious. She was so tired, she thought she was in a dream. Her Prince was there, but then again he wasn't. She saw him, but it was a shell, he didn't have the same personality. He was evil.

"It can't be true." She said, barely above a whisper. "That has to be him, why else would I feel so close to him." No one heard her talking, she almost thought she had said it in her head. She saw him standing there, she couldn't hear what he said, but the big one went after her friends. She slowly walked towards Vegeta, he didn't even notice her. When she was right behind him, she threw her arms around him. He jumped and turned around to see who it was. He was about to strike her, when he realized who she really was.

"That's impossible!" He cried out, looking into her eyes. "You died when you were only four years old!" Serena didn't hear anything he had said, she fainted into his arms. He didn't let her hit the ground. He picked her up and laid her down behind a large rock.

So Princess. You are alive. Just like in my dream. Vegeta thought, as he touched the crescent moon on her forehead.

The battle raged on, and Goku finally arrived. He saw Serena laying behind a rock, and he headed over towards her. He was a few feet away when Vegeta jumped in front of him.

"Don't go near her!" He warned. Goku was walked away. He knew that Serena would be all right. As long as she was unconscious, she couldn't block anything that was thrown at him, she had been known to protect her friends risking her own life. He walked over to his best friend and his son, who sat on Nimbus. Piccolo had been sent into the next dimension, and only the four of them were left.

The battle began between Napa and Goku, and Goku definitely had the upper hand. In a few minutes, Napa laid on the ground in no condition to continue the fight. Vegeta was disappointed and personally sent Napa to the next dimension. When he began to power up, the ground shook and rocks began to fall all around them. Goku rushed behind the rock and scooped up Serena, Gohan, and Krillin before the whole valley exploded.

"Hey Kakarrot! Are we going to start this fight in this century?" Vegeta asked, showing his impatience.

"You guys should get out of here." Goku said to Gohan and Krillin.

"Come on Gohan. Let's get out of here." Krillin said throwing Serena over his shoulder.

"But I wanna help." Gohan said.

"I don't wanna leave either, we can't do any more." Krillin said, leading Gohan away.

They flew towards home, every now and then, they would turn around and hear the explosions.

"My dad's in trouble!" Gohan cried out, feeling his father's power level begin to fade.

"You're right! Let's go!" The two of them flew towards Goku's power level, Serena still unconscious on Krillin's shoulder. Vegeta had turned into an a giant ape, using a special technique Kakarrot's father had developed. Goku was in really bad shape, when they arrived, Vegeta held Goku, squeezing the life out of him. The sound Goku made when he yelled, could have haunted a man for his whole life, if nothing was done about it. Krillin set Serena behind a rock and the two of them headed towards Vegeta. Rageroby jumped out in front of them, stopping them from their attack.

Chapter 12

"Do you have any idea how strong he is? It's stupid to fight him because he can't be beaten." He said, stepping in front of them.

"But cut off his tail, and he'll turn back into the runt he was." Said Krillin. "You two distract him, while I cut off his tail."

"Okay." Said Gohan, running in front of Vegeta to distract him long enough to cut off his tail.

When Serena woke up, she heard yelling. When she sat up, she was barely able to make out the figure of Gohan. He was fighting Vegeta. Is Goku here? She thought. She stood up, she felt a lot stronger than when she had passed out. She walked towards the yelling and when she looked out, she saw Goku laying on the ground. He was in really bad shape. She made her way over to him, very slowly.

"Goku." She choked out when she finally reached him. "Are you all right?"

"I've been better." He said, unable to move. She sat down next to him and watched the fight. She was too weak to stand, let alone fight.

"I want to help." She finally said, when Gohan got into trouble.

"No Serena, don't go." Goku said, trying to grab her hand. She stood up and walked towards Vegeta, who was still fighting Gohan. Gohan was doing well, considering his age and his experience. She slowly made her way over to Vegeta, who saw her and flew in the opposite direction. She felt hurt when he flew away from her, and a new power began to fill her body. She had never felt it before. It consumed her whole body, surrounding her in a white light. The light was so bright, that everyone had to stop what they were doing and close their eyes.

When the light dimmed, Serena stood before them in a set of armor similar to Vegeta's only it was all white. Her crescent moon shined brighter than it ever had in the past. Her hair turned white and she grew a long white tail.

"What happened to her?" Vegeta said, shocked at this transformation. Is she a Saiyan? He thought to himself. It can't be. Saiyan's have brown tail. All of them except for one, but it's impossible. That Saiyan died when she was four years old. Unless, somehow, they were tricked and she was sent here. Serena broke into his thought, when she punched him in the face.

"Princess! It's me, Vegeta!" He yelled, trying to get her to remember him. There was some force controlling Serena. She wasn't acting like herself. Something had taken her over.

Serena didn't stay powerful for very long. She realized what she was doing, and she forced her self to stop, and in doing this, she lost the power. How did I do that? She thought, before she again passed out. Vegeta flew in and caught her before she hit the ground.

Why did I just save her? She tried to kill me! He didn't have time to think about it. Gohan was running towards him, trying to distract him from Krillin, who held the spirit bomb Goku had given him. Vegeta set Serena down on the ground, she was still in the white armor, but her hair was a soft blond again and the crescent moon had stopped glowing.

Goku fought him while Krillin concentrated on aiming the spirit bomb. He threw it and missed Vegeta. It was heading straight for the Gohan. Krillin stood there helplessly, watching the energy head straight for Gohan.

"Bounce it!" Goku yelled out. "The spirit bomb doesn't hurt those with a pure heart!"

Gohan put his hands together and braced himself. The spirit bomb hit his hands and headed straight for Vegeta. He was history! Or so they thought.

Vegeta's body plummeted back to the earth, hitting the ground with a loud thud. He groaned quietly and managed to stand up. He walked over to Gohan, who lay face down. He was about to attack when Rageroby jumped out and using his sword, he used it to slice into Vegeta's armor. Vegeta grabbed his back and fell to the ground.

"I did it." Rageroby said, jumping up and down. "I, Rageroby the Great, have beaten Vegeta." Vegeta stirred and sat up.

Chapter 13

Vegeta's pod landed on the planet Frieza causing everyone to go into a frenzy. They had not been expecting Vegeta to show up. They hadn't been told of his arrival. They rushed out when they saw he wasn't getting out. They brought out a stretcher and realized that there was a girl with him.

"Who is that?" One of the medics asked when they pulled her out and laid her on the stretcher.

"I don't know, but we better not make Vegeta mad. Treat her wounds and make sure she is comfortable." Another medic said, when they pulled Vegeta out and put him on another stretcher. "Or else we'll be answering to Vegeta."

They rushed the two of them inside and put them in the rejuvenation tank. They were both in really bad shape. Vegeta was hurt worst physically, but the girl had just enough energy to keep her alive, if she didn't move or anything.

A day or two later, Vegeta woke up. They pulled him out of the tank and he got dressed.

"You're lucky you were wearing this armor. Without it I don't think you would have survived." The doctor said, holding Vegeta's broken armor. "What happened on Earth?"

Vegeta thought back to what had happened to him, and a growl escaped from deep in his throat. Just then, he remembered that the Princess had jumped into the ship right before he had left Earth.

"Where's the girl?" He asked.

"She's still in the rejuvenation tank, Vegeta." Said the doctor who had treated him.

"Take care of her. I don't want to hear that she was mistreated." Vegeta said heading back out to his ship. If she is the Princess, I can't take her. I have things I need to do that I don't want her to see. Like when I take care of Frieza. Vegeta thought to himself.

When Serena's eyes opened, all she saw was white. Am I dead? She thought. She laid there for a minute before an unfamiliar face appeared in front of her.

"Ahh!" She screamed, jumping up into a fighting stance. "Who are you! And where am I?" She demanded.

"Calm down." The doctor said. "You are on the planet Freiza. When Vegeta came in, you were with him."

"Where's Vegeta?" She asked.

"He set out for the planet Namic." He said. "But he said for you to stay here. He said he would come back for you."

"I have to go to him!" She said pushing past the doctor.

"And how do you suppose you are going to do that?" He asked.

"I have to! You can't keep me here against my will!" She said, heading out into the hallway. She was wearing the white armor she had come in with, they had washed it of course.

"You aren't nearly strong enough to go. I was a fool to let Vegeta go, and he told me to make sure you didn't try to go there." Said the doctor, taking her by the shoulders and making her come back into the room. "Lay down and get some sleep." He said walking out the door, locking it behind him.

She ran to the door and pushed on it, it wouldn't budge. "Let me out of here!" She screamed, there was no response. She grew tired and sat down on the edge of the bed. I have to get out of here! But how? She thought, trying to get a plan. Hmm She thought long and hard.

Meanwhile on Namic...

"Look there it is!" Bulma cried when the came up to the planet.

"Wow, it's beautiful!" Gohan said, smiling.

"We're here finally!" Said Krillin, him and Gohan were glued to the front window looking down at the greenish planet.

"Now I'll have my revenge Freiza!" Vegeta said, coming upon the planet Namic. "I'll get those Dragon Balls and then I'll be unstoppable."

Serena had been locked in that room for weeks and she still didn't know how to get out of there. The only time the door was opened, was when they brought her food. There was clothes in a dresser and there was a connected bathroom. It was so boring in there too.

"I have to get out of here!" She yelled, standing up suddenly. "I'm going to go crazy if I stay here any longer!"

She walked over to the door and began to bang on it.

"Help me!" She yelled. "I can't breathe!"

The door opened and Serena laid on the floor getting ready to strike. The doctor came in and knelt down next to her.

"Oh my God!" He exclaimed, seeing her collapsed form laying on the. "We've got to get her back into the rejuvenation tank! Stat!"

When he came into the room and the others went to get a stretcher, she attacked. She jumped up and knocked the doctor unconscious in one hit.. She had pulled the doctor into the room and laid him on the bed, pulling the covers up over his face. She pulled a cape with a hood over her face. No one could know who she was. If they did, security would be a lot tighter around her. This was her only chance to escape.


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