All is Lost

What happens when the Prince of the Saiyans meets the Princess of the Moon?

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 11 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 2561

Part 8

Chapter 26

'I wonder if Goku will win…' Serenity thought to herself as the battle continued. They had already been fighting for about a half an hour and Goku was nearly thrown out of the ring. Serenity took note that Cell was floating high above the ring with a huge smirk on his face. She couldn't hear what was being said between the two, but a moment later, it became clear to her.

"Nani?" She whispered, her eyes growing wide with shock.

"Get out of there!!" She heard Goku yell. She saw the blast being released and closed her eyes, waiting for the impact. When she opened her eyes, she was flying in someone's arms. She peeked an eye open to meet a scowl from Vegeta.

"Baka onna, you could have been killed." Vegeta said in a gruff voice.

"That's so sweet Veggie-chan," Serenity said, smiling with her normal warm smile. "You were worried about me," She squealed. He growled low saying something about this baka onna would get him killed. "I heard that, jerk." Serenity said, smirking.

"…." Vegeta touched down a few moments later, setting the Queen on her feet.

"Vegeta," She said stopping him. She touched his shoulder and smiled even though his back was to her. "Arigato for helping me."

"Whatever woman…" He mumbled as he made he way toward his son and the rest of the warriors. Serenity shook her head, still smiling. 'He'll always be like that.' She thought with a smile. 'Oh well, though. All that matters is I know he loves me and I love him with all me heart.' The battle continued and the two fighters were still about equal.

"Come on Goku…" Serenity whispered, standing next to her husband. "Please win…" She begged quietly.

"…." Vegeta just stood there with his arms crossed over his chest, a deep frown stretching across his lips.


"What the heck?" Lita demanded as she opened her eyes, dropping the two peoples hands she was holding. "Where are we?!?" She demanded, her eyes narrowing as they found themselves on some sort of an island that appeared to be deserted.

"Nande kuso?" Rei asked, a low growl escaping her throat. "Where is that odango atama?!?" She growled, trying to hide the worry that she felt inside.

"Come on, we have to help odango." Seiya said, joining hands once again.

"But we can't seem to sense her power." Amara said, frowning deeply.

"That's because she isn't in her Senshi form, she's a Saiyan right now," Ami said, checking a few things with her computer. "Lets try it again, try to sense her as a person, not as a Senshi."

"Right." The Senshi and Starlights said, joining hands once again and closing their eyes, searching out a familiar power.

"I can see her…" Rei whispered, a smile coming to her lips.

"Me too…" Seiya whispered, a saddened look on his face as he saw Vegeta standing beside her. How he wished he had told her all those years ago…

"Sailor TELEPORT!!" They cried in unison and disappeared a moment later…


Serenity sighed as the battle continued. This was going to be close… there was no room for mistake on either fighter's part but already, Goku had made a few nearly fatal errors. She knew that in a few minutes he would be done for… she just hoped that she didn't have to fight. She was afraid that if she used her power, she would die… then Trunks would grow up never knowing his mother and Rini would be heartbroken to return to the future only to find that her mother was gone.

"Kaasan?" A deep voice asked behind her. She turned around to see Trunks staring at the ground. "I'm just curious… where is Rini?" This question caught Serenity slightly by surprise.

"Rini? Oh, she's in the past right now… Sailor Moon is training her to be a Sailor Senshi." Serenity explained briefly.

"Honto?" He asked, looking slightly saddened.

"Hai… what happened to Rini in your future?" Serenity asked, curious.

"Well… she wasn't as strong as Gohan and when she was fighting, I guess she used too much energy cuz she died… she was fighting something demo… it wasn't the androids… it was something different…" Trunks explained, his eyes narrowing as he tried to remember. "It was a woman with long bluish-black hair… she had these weird yellow cat-eyes and had these three crescent moons on her forehead…"

"Queen Nephelina…" Serenity whispered, recognizing her by the description almost instantly. "She… she broke free?" She gasped, feeling real fear. She was so afraid, she had nearly lost Rini the first time in the past and now… now she would have to fight Nephelina again… demo, only if she survived this battle…


"Are you sure this is where Serenity is?" Rei asked again as they walked through the mountainous landscape. There were huge rocks strewn across the ground and battle scars were evident from many battles fought by the Z Warriors as well as Serenity.

"Hai, she was here." Seiya said quietly as she quickened her pace, stumbling up a hill to see Serenity and several other people standing around Goku and a creature with green skin that had spots and weird wing-type things on his back. He look like a bug sort of, a huge bug that needed to be squashed and fast.

"There's Serenity!" Lita cried as she stumbled up the hill as well, feeling the rocks dig into the soft flesh of her knees as she slipped on a rock.


Goku had nearly been killed and had passed the fight down to Gohan who stood nervously as he awaited the attack.

"I don't think I can do it dad!" He protested as his dad forced him out onto the battlefield.

"Don't worry Gohan, we all believe in you." Serenity said reassuringly as the young boy approached Cell. He balled his hands into fists that hung at his sides. His eyes narrowed as he turned his full attention to the beast that he was about to fight.

"Serenity!" A voice called from behind her. Serenity didn't turn, she already knew who it was and that they shouldn't be there. The scouts… they were no match for Cell even if the Starlights WERE with them…

"Go back to the palace, that's an order…" She said, not turning to face them.

"But odango-chan-" Seiya protested but was cut off when a sharp look from Serenity focused on him.

"I told all of you to leave, it's too dangerous for you here. Now either leave now before I trap you until this battle is over with," Serenity said firmly, her fist clutching a globe in her palm. "And you all KNOW I have the power to force you into this."

"Iie, Serenity, we can't leave." Rei broke in.

"Hai, we're your protectors your highness, we can't let anything happen to you," Ami said, taking a step forward. "Besides, according to my calculations, that nephew of yours is powerful enough to destroy that creature on his own."

"Please, just respect my wishes or I will be forced to use force and trap you all." Serenity said again, looking tired and sad. She had been fighting for so long, whenever one battle ending, another one began. That's the way her whole life had been, that's the way it had been in the Moon Kingdom though she didn't remember many where she fought personally. Her mother protected her and was protected by the mothers of the present-day scouts.

"We can't koneko-chan…" Amara said, taking a step forward.

"I guess you leave me no choice then… sorry minna-chan…" She whispered as the globe floated above her head. A white light exploded from it and when it faded, the scouts as well as the Starlight, minus Seiya were inside of the globe that lay on Serenity's hand. Serenity reached her hand into her sub-dimensional space pocket and placed the globe there, making sure that they would be safe. "Nani? Seiya, why aren't you in with them?" She asked, surprised.

"I had to stay odango-chan…." She said quietly as she took her spot next to Serenity.

"Seiya it's too dangerous…" She protested but she knew that there was nothing she could do. She noticed the determined expression on Seiya's face and nodded, turning her head back to Gohan and Cell. They were engaging in kicks and punches, most of which were blocked, but blood was dripping from Gohan's mouth so she knew Cell had gotten a good one it. Similarly, Cell had a nice sized gash running along his cheek which had a stream of purple running from it down his face. She glanced over at Vegeta and saw the normal scowl which she had grown accustomed to. Her features softened as he turned toward her and a flick of emotion passed through his coal black eyes. She knew his true feelings even if he refused to show it. She had grown used to it by now, but… she only wished he would show her that he cared a little more often. She sighed and turned her attention back to the battle, watching as Gohan was sent flying into a nearby cliff. The rocks covered him and Serenity saw Seiya flinch at the scene before her. A slight smile crossed her lips as she stood next to Seiya. "Don't worry Seiya, he's all right." Seiya nodded and watched in shock as the blond boy pushed huge boulders off of him and forced his way out of the pile of rubble.

"Well, I see that you're not going to show me your full power so I guess I'll have to force you to." Cell said, a smirk appearing on his lips. A scowl crossed Serenity's face as she saw the confident look on Cell's face.

"What does he have up his sleeve?" She asked, glaring in his general direction.

"Serenity…" The voice next to her said. She turned her attention to Seiya who looked slight worried. She looked down at her hands and realized that she had drawn her sword and was clutching it tightly in her hand. She sighed and put the sword back, watching as the strange events took place. These weird green things shot off of Cell and began to pulse, like it was alive. After a few moments of pumping unknown things into the substance of the being, they began to grow and take on the form of miniature Cell's.

"These are my Cell Jr's," Cell explained with a smirk. "They're about three fourths as strong as I am. Go my children and attack these pathetic excuses for warriors. A reward will be given to the first one that kills." Cell said, still smirking broadly. [A.N. I don't remember if it was three fourths as strong or what, gomen for that].

"What are those things?" Seiya asked, his eyes widening in shock.

"Seiya! Go hide now!!" Serenity ordered as two of the creatures approached her.

"But odango-chan! I'm supposed to be protecting YOU!" Seiya protested.

"Look Seiya," Serenity started, turning her attention to him for the moment. "Either you stay here and get killed by those things, or… I protect you and you survive this battle. What's it going to be?" She saw Seiya falter for a moment before nodding his head and running from the battle scene to watch from a safe distance. He fully intended to step in if his odango-chan needed help, though.

"Come and get me!" Serenity demanded, taking the two creatures away from the other Z Warriors. She drew her sword and swung it at the two, whom easily dodged it and retaliated by shooting ki blast straight at her. She merely held up a hand and the two attacks bounced off harmlessly, crashing into a cliff off to her left. "You have to catch me first!" Serenity cried, dodging all of the attacks that were hurled her way.

"Okaasan!" She heard a voice and turned to see Trunks being pummeled by one of the little creatures.

"Trunks-kun!!" She shrieked as she flew toward him, forgetting about the two creatures that she was fighting. She felt a sharp pain in her back and turned around to see one of the creatures holding what looked like a distructo disk in his hand. She glanced at her back and noticed a huge cut going all the way through her white armor and into her soft flesh, staining the white armor a crimson red. "I'll kill you!!!" Serenity shrieked as she prepared to attack again. She felt something wrap around her and found her arms pinned at her sides and her sword fell from her hand, landing a few feet away from Seiya.

"Odango-chan…" She whispered as she picked up the sword. "I'll help you Sere-chan…" She whispered as she held the sword tightly in her hand. She held the sword straight in front of her and closed her eyes concentrating on the sword. In a flash of light, Seiya was gone and a jem was in the handle of the sword.

"Seiya!!" Serenity shrieked as she realized what happened. Seiya had sacrificed herself to help her… she had given up her star-seed to the sword so Serenity would be able to defeat this enemy. "Seiya…" She whispered as the sword floated to her hand, the energy emitted from the sword made the creatures fly back and run into the cliffs. "Why did you do it?" She asked no one in particular.

"Serenity!" Trunks's voice yelled. She turned to see him struggling to help his father, but it appeared that they were both greatly weakened. She glanced around at the others that stood around her and noticed that Goku was being pounded into the ground and all the rest of them were unconscious.

"I won't allow this to continue…" She whispered to herself as angry tears streamed down her face. "I will not let Seiya's sacrifice be in vain… I will not allow this evil to go on… I will BANISH YOU!!!" Serenity shrieked as a new power flowed freely into her body. Her cried echoed off of the remaining cliffs that surrounded them and her body was engulfed in a blinding white aura of light. Her angry cries grew louder with each passing moment and soon, another voice joined in… the voice of Gohan as anger coursed through his veins. Serenity glanced at the ground during this time and saw her brother lying on the ground in front of Cell… not moving… This sent another burst of rage through her body as she saw his lifeless form lying so still… so pale, upon the ground. "GOKU!" She shrieked, letting the power flow into her body. Her cries slowly quieted and the aura slowly faded and a moment later, a new person stood in her place. She had long blueish-black hair that huge to the ground done up into two odangos only half the hair was up and the rest hung to the ground. Upon her forehead was a new symbol… three crescent moons graced her forehead as a smirk spread across her ruby-red lips.

"Okaasan?" Trunks whispered as he picked his head up to face the woman that stood there. She looked like 'her' there was not mistaking it… Nephelina was really back… but, had she ever left to begin with?


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