All is Lost

What happens when the Prince of the Saiyans meets the Princess of the Moon?

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 11 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 4530

Part 5

Chapter 16

When Serenity opened her eyes, she found herself, lying in her bed with a bandage wrapped tightly around her head.

"Huh? What's going on?" She asked, feeling a strange power far off. "Is that Goku?" She asked, recognizing the power. "But what about the heart attack?" She asked herself, throwing the blankets off. Her feet touched the ground and she slowly made her way to the door, pushing it open. She stepped out in the hallway to find all the Senshi standing there. Serenity slowly unwrapped her head, preparing to leave so she could help fight the androids.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Rei demanded, holding her daughter against her chest.

"I'm going to help my friends fight the androids." Serenity said calmly.

"I don't think so, it's too dangerous. Besides, you're still too weak from that last battle." Rei commented, feeling satisfied that Serenity would stay.

"I do not care, I will fight for my friends!" Serenity cried. "I do it for you guys, what is so wrong with me helping my other friends?!"

"The way they fight is much more dangerous than us." Rei said.

"No it isn't. I've only died once using their style of fighting! I've died three times fighting as a Sailor soldier!" Serenity shouted.

"Sere, we've already almost lost you once today. Please at least wait for your strength to return at least." Rei pleaded.

"Yes Serenity, you're much too weak to fight." Ami agreed.

"Fine, I will teleport to Korin's place and get a senzu bean then." Serenity said. She closed her eyes, thinking of the feline's lookout below Kami's lookout.

"Queen Serenity, long time no see." Korin said, greeting the Queen of the universe.

"It's good to see you again, Korin." Serenity said.

"Let me guess, you want this?" Korin asked, holding up a senzu bean.

"Yes, I have to help the Z Warriors. I had my own little battle going on and now I must help, but I'm much too weak to fight." Serenity said.

"I guess I can give it to you this one time. Next time you're gonna have to climb though." Korin said, handing Serenity the bean. She popped it in her mouth, chewing it quickly.

"Thank you Korin." She said, giving the feline a hug before disappearing.


"Where's Vegeta?" Serenity asked Goku a moment later. She reappeared on Kami's lookout having sensed Goku and Gohan's presence.

"Huh? Serenity?" Goku asked, seeing his older sister appear behind him. "Hey, it's great to see you sis." He said, hugging his older sister.

"It's good to see that you're healthy again," Serenity said, returning the hug. "You're getting so big Gohan." Serenity said, kissing her nephew on the cheek.

"I missed you Aunt Sere. You haven't been around too much lately." Gohan said.

"I know, I feel bad, but ruling this planet and keeping peace with all the planets in the universe is hard work." Serenity said, smiling at her young nephew. His hair was starting to get long again and Serenity was surprised his mother hadn't chopped it off yet.

"Oh yeah, Vegeta and Trunks are in the room of spirits." Goku said, answering her earlier question.

"My baby Trunks?!?" Serenity demanded, knowing the baby Trunks would probably be dead by now if he was in there with his father.

"No no," Goku said, a sweatdrop appeared on the back of his head. "Not baby Trunks. Trunks from the future. He came back to help us fight them." Goku said, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

"Oh, you should have said that in the first place." Serenity said. She thought of her little Trunks. How she missed him, and her little Rini. She missed them both so much. A single tear came to her eye as she thought of her family. 'My family had been torn apart. Bulma has my little Trunks. Vegeta is off training, and Rini is in the past with Sailor Moon.' Serenity thought. 'How I wish the whole family was together again.'


It had been several hours since Serenity had arrived on the planet and so far, Piccolo had been losing his fight against Cell. She had been told everything that had happened up to this point, including that face that if Cell were to absorb the two androids, he would be more powerful than anyone could imagine.

"The androids are there?" Serenity asked Goku.

"Yeah, they're there too." Goku said, a look of disgust on his face.

"I'm going then." Serenity said determined to help him.

"You can't!! He's too strong!!" Goku shouted.

"Remember, I am a Saiyan as well and the last thing I knew, I was stronger than even you were. I'm not going to sit back and watch Piccolo get torn apart!!" Serenity shouted, anger rising from within. Slowly, her long blond hair when snow white. The white Saiyan armor wrapped itself around her body and the long sword appeared in her hand. "I'll be fine." She said, disappearing.

Serenity's white tail wrapped itself around her waist, securing itself there. She looked on at the battle that had started. Piccolo was fighting Cell and android 17 looked pretty beaten up.

"17!" She called, running towards the android. His eyes shot over to her, seeing that it was 21.

"21?" He asked, looking at the woman with white hair.

"My name is Serenity. You and 18 must leave!" Serenity cried, trying to pull the dark haired android away from the battle. He pulled his hand away from her, turning his attention back to the fight.

"I'm not going to run away." He said in his monotone voice.

"You can't stay here." Serenity argued.

"I'm not going anywhere." He said, his eyes going cold.

"Now, who do we have here?" Cell asked, turning his attention away from the badly injured Piccolo who had just been thrown into the sea. "Is this the Legendary Queen Serenity that I've heard so much about?" Cell asked, a smirk on his lips.

"I am she," Serenity said coldly, drawing her sword. "I will not be defeated as easily as everyone else."

Chapter 17

"For some reason I don't believe that is true." Cell said, his smirk growing. He didn't have her cells present in his body, but he didn't tell her that. I mean, how strong could she be? She's just one person and a woman at that.

"We shall see." Serenity said, her Saiyan smirk crossing her lips. She tightened her grip on the sword, preparing to attack. She lunged at Cell, swinging the sword down hard. The sword's sharp blade grazed his cheek, making blood slowly drip down his face and onto the ground. Before he had a chance to really know what was going on, she appeared above him, bringing the sword down again. He put up his hand and she promptly sliced it off, letting it fall to the ground. Blood oozed from his missing appendage, dripping onto the dusty ground.

"Is that all you've got?!?" He demanded, his smirk growing still. "You know, this just won't do." He said, looking at the stub. After a few seconds, a new hand shot from the stub, making Serenity jump in surprise.

"Impressive. Let's get down to business." Serenity said taking a step towards Cell. She dropped the sword to the ground, preparing to really start.

"As you wish, Queen Serenity." He said sarcastically. Serenity flew straight at him, sinking her fist firmly into his stomach. He coughed up blood, staining the front of Serenity's white armor.

"Note to self, never wear white in battle again," Serenity said to herself. He began to regain his composure and Serenity flew into the air, Cell following her. She began a fury attack, kicking, punching, biting if need be. She put both hands together above her head shouting. "Kame-ha-me-ha!!" The blue beam of energy sent Cell crashing into the soft earth of the small island. She sent several ki blasts at where Cell had fallen, kicking up all sorts of dust and debris.

"She did it, she beat Cell.." 17 said to himself. Just then, the ground under him started to move.

"Look out 17!!!" She shouted, feeling Cell's energy signature heading for android 17.

"Huh?" He said, it was too late though. Cell came up behind him, the needle on his tail turning into a funnel. Serenity flew towards 17 and Cell but before she made it there, 17 was absorbed by Cell.

"NOO!!" She shrieked, seeing 17 disappear. "17!!!" Serenity, 18, and Tein (who was hidden in the rocks) watched in horror as the android was absorbed.

"Now, where were we Queen Serenity?" Cell asked after reaching his next form. Serenity could feel the immense power coming from Cell and knew that she was no match for him.

"I won't give up, even if you are stronger than me." She said determinedly. She cupped her hands together, the silver locket with a nine-point star appeared between them. 'I'll be much stronger as Sailor Cosmos' She thought to herself. The purple crystal her sister had given her, went inside of the locket in the very center of the golden star. She whispered something that Cell couldn't hear and a moment later, the Queen of Stars, Sailor Cosmos stood before him.

"I can see that you are stronger, but you're still too weak to defeat me." He said, his smirk growing as did his confidence and ego. 'He must get that from Vegeta's cells' Cosmos thought absentmindedly.

"We will see," Cosmos said, her Saiyan instincts starting to take over. She put both hands together, using both her energy and the energy of the planets into a single beam of silver light. She shot the beam at Cell, sending him crashing into the ground. He was thrown into a deep hole unable to go against the amount of energy pushing him downward. "18 get out of here right now!!" Cosmos shouted, looking at the blond android.

"What?" 18 asked, shock filling her face as she saw the weird energy being sent at Cell.

"Go now!!" Cosmos shouted, sending another beam at Cell, sending him into the bottom of the pit once again. 18 slowly stood, flying off of the island, searching for a hiding place from Cell. "Tein!!" She shouted, sensing the three eyed man nearby. "Help me!!" She shouted. He flew to her, putting his hands together also. He sent his blast at Cell also, the golden light reflecting in the water.


"They're putting out too much energy," Goku commented, feeling anger and fear for his sister and friend well up inside of him. "They can't keep that up for much longer!!" Goku shouted, feeling rage rip through his body.

"Dad, you have to help Aunt Sere!" Gohan shouted, standing up suddenly.


"Don't give up!" Cosmos shouted, feeling her energy start to grow low. "How can he withstand so much energy?!?!"

"I can't hold it for much longer!" Tein shouted, feeling his energy being drained fast. Seconds later, he fell to the ground, followed by Cosmos.

"I won't give up," Cosmos said, reaching for her sword. She slowly stood, wobbling on her feet slightly. She held the sword ready, putting her body between Tein's and Cell's. "I won't let you win. You will not take our future away I won't let you!!" Cosmos shouted, feeling a surge of energy arise in her body. "Cosmic Silver Moon Kiss!!" Cosmos shouted, her staff appearing in her hand. The silver moons flew at Cell, sending him back a few feet. "It.. it's impossible.. he's too strong.." Cosmos said, before falling to the ground unconscious.

"Serena!" Tein shouted, seeing the white haired woman go down. The white cape and fuku disappeared, replaced by a very elegant white dress with white cloth wings attached to the back. He slowly stood, walking over to the fallen Queen's side. He slumped forward, feeling very weak. Cell walked up to Tein, kicking him hard in the stomach. Tein went flying back, hitting his head on a rock.

"That's enough!" A man's voice broke in. Cell turned to see a tall man with black hair that stuck out in all directions.

"Goku.." He said, looking at the man. "So you've finally decided to face me?"

"I can't fight you now. Tomorrow, I'll be strong enough to beat you." Goku said calmly. He walked to his sister, gently picking up her limp body. Serenity's feet dangled as she leaned heavily against her little brother. He told Tein to grab onto his ankle and putting two fingers to his forehead, he disappeared, reappearing a few feet from the water.

"Huh? Where'd he go? Hmm.. didn't get too far," Cell said, slowly walking towards Goku, Serenity, and Tein. Goku laid Serenity down, walking to the edge of the water. A hand was visible and Goku easily pulled the body of Piccolo out of the water. "What?! He's still alive?!?!" Cell demanded, seeing the badly beaten Namic that Goku pulled from the water. He tossed Piccolo's body over his shoulder, picking up Serenity in his other arm. Tein grabbed onto his ankle again and a second later, Goku disappeared, reappearing on Kami's lookout.

"Dad!" Gohan shouted, seeing his father reappear with three extra people. After setting Piccolo down, Goku lightly laid his sister down on the tile floor. She groaned lightly, opening her cerulean blue eyes.

"What happened?" Serenity asked, seeing Gohan's face above hers.

"Wow, you really gave Cell and run for his money!" Gohan cried, seeing his Aunt was awake. "He didn't know what to think!"

"Hmm.. I am strong, but I know, not even I am strong enough to stand a chance against him. He's not as strong as Chaos, but I fear that not even the Sailor Senshi can defeat this monster. I fear that all of us together won't stand a chance.." Serenity said more to herself than anyone. She was kind of delirious from the lack of energy and didn't really know what she was saying.

Chapter 18

It had been a few hours since Serenity and the others had arrived at Kami's lookout.

"So how has it been that last few months?" Serenity asked, sitting next to her brother.

"It's been okay, I guess. ChiChi's still bugging Gohan to study constantly." Goku said scratching his head.

"He should keep to his studies, he's a smart boy. Not like me.." Serenity said, turning a nice shade of red.

"Yeah, same here.." Goku laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of his head as a sweatdrop appeared on his forehead.

"I'm sorry I haven't been to see you for so long. It's been hard being Queen and all. I have my obligations and it's hard to find time for visiting." Serenity said, feeling guilty for neglecting her brother.

"It's all right, I'm sure it must be hard, you know, trying to protect the universe." Goku said.

"Yes, it is.. what's even harder is when me and Vegeta fight.." Serenity said, more to herself than Goku. She thought back to the last time she had seen Vegeta. It had been in the palace and he had accused her of cheating. Before he stormed out, he left the imprint of his hand on her cheek. A single tear came to her eye as she replayed this image in her mind.

"Umm.. Serena?" Goku asked, waving a hand in front of Serena's eyes.

"Huh? I'm sorry. I was just thinking of something." Serenity said, her normal smile appearing on her face seconds later.

"I'm here!" A voice called. Goku and Serenity turned to see a woman with greenish-blue hair walking towards them, holding a small child with lavender hair.

"Bulma!!" Serenity cried, running towards the woman. Trunks giggled as he saw his mother practically fall over the long gown. "Trunks!" She shouted, taking the baby from Bulma's arms. She held the baby close to her, kissing him on his pudgy little cheeks.

"Goku, I brought you guys something." Bulma said, leaving Serenity with her baby. Bulma walked back over to her vehicle, telling him that there was some Saiyan armor inside that they could all use.

"Hey thanks." Goku said, helping her to unload a huge box.

"It's opening!" Mr. PoPo said, running out of the building.

"Huh?" Serenity asked, following the rest of them to a huge door. The door slowly opened and Serenity gasped as a young man with lavender hair stepped out, followed by her husband. "Vegeta? Trunks?" She asked, looking on in shocked amazement at the two. She saw the boy's eyes grow in size as he looked on at the beautiful form of his mother.

"Queen Serenity." He said, bowing before her. He took her hand, kissing the back lightly.

"No need for that, my son.." Serenity whispered as the boy rose. She still held baby Trunks in her arms and threw her other arm around his neck. "Thank you." She whispered. Vegeta just scowled at the 'weak' woman before him.

"For what?" Trunks asked, feeling a little confused. Serenity merely smiled up at the boy, an all-knowing look on her face.

"For everything that you have done. If it weren't for you, my brother would be dead." Serenity said, looking at her future son. A moment later, she looked past him, seeing the form of her husband scowling deeply at her. Her smile faded as she looked on at him as a saddened expression crossed her delicate features. She walked past Trunks, approaching Vegeta.

"What do you want woman?!" Vegeta demanded, his arms crossed over his chest. She still clutched the baby to her chest, a tear silently sliding down her cheek. His words hurt, after what he had said to her before, he dare treat her this way?!?

"Don't give me that!! After what you accused me of, don't even act like it's my fault!!" Serenity shouted, standing her ground against the dark haired man.


"Don't give me that!! I'm tired of the way you treat me! First off, you don't come home for weeks on end, then you accuse me of cheating on you, then you slap me across the face!!" Serenity shouted, feeling her anger grow. "You're no better than Darien was!!" Serenity shouted as she turned around, running away from the man. She held the baby tightly in her arms, his crying echoing off the low ceiling of the room she was hiding in. Tears stained her face and kept on coming. "I miss you Vegeta.." She whispered, crying silently while holding the small child.

"I miss you.." She heard a voice behind her. She spun around, seeing the familiar silhouette of her husband.

"Vegeta?" Serenity asked as he slowly walked towards her. He kneeled down beside her, putting his arm affectionately around her shoulders.

"I.. I'm sor.. sorry.." Vegeta managed to force out, holding her frail form next to his body. Her shoulders shook with sobs and the baby's wails rose above her own.


"Lets see. Where is android 18?" Cell asked himself, floating above a patch of islands. "No matter, she couldn't have gotten far. She has to be on one of these islands and I'll destroy them until I find the one she's on."


"I want to go to." Serenity said, following Vegeta back by the others.

"No." He said plainly, his expression set in stone.

"I'm NOT taking no for an answer." Serenity said, holding her baby close to her.

"And what will you do with the brat?" Vegeta asked, referring to baby Trunks.

"I'll.. umm.." Serenity didn't know what to say. Bulma was busy doing some calculations and things so Serenity was stuck. She couldn't take the baby with her but she couldn't leave him there alone.

"Stay here." Vegeta instructed, heading towards Cell. Trunks took off after his father, determined that if his father were to fail, that he would be there to finish Cell.


"When will Serenity return?" A man asked.

"I'm not sure, the Earth is facing a great crisis and she has to help the Z Warriors fight." Mina said, speaking to the holographic image of a Prince far off into space.

"How can I reach her?" He asked.

"You can't," Mina said simply. "We can't even reach her. She's completely cut off from us, she is with the Saiyans now."

Chapter 19

[A. N. I changed the last chapter so Bulma is still on Kami's lookout so the story would fit.]

"Please be careful." Serenity said, watching Vegeta and the older version of her son fly off.

"Don't worry, Serena, they'll be fine." Bulma said, smiling at the Queen of Crystal Tokyo.

"I know. I just hope Vegeta doesn't do anything stupid.." Serenity said, knowing that Vegeta would do anything to prove he was more powerful than Goku and herself.


"We can't just sit around here!!" Mina shouted, standing suddenly.

"Please dear, you mustn't get so worked up. It's not good for the baby." The man sitting next to her urged.

"I can't help it, there has to be some way to get a hold of her!" Mina cried, slamming her fist on the coffee table in front of her.

"You said yourself that there wasn't a way." Rei reminded her.

"Setsuna, is there any way for us to reach her? I don't even think she has her communicator with her anymore." Mina asked.

"She's is atop Kami's lookout. Trust me, she is safe. She will only fight if her or her family is threatened. She will step in if Vegeta or Goku aren't able to do it." Setsuna said, knowing her Queen inside and out.

"That sounds like Serena to me. Only fights when she's forced to, she's too chicken to attack first." Rei said sarcastically.

"Maybe it's just that she sees something good inside of everyone. And that's what motivates her to fight. The hope that the person's soul may be saved as well as the lives of friends and family, or even complete strangers. That is why Serena is so special and so caring," Ami said thoughtfully, sipping from a cup of warm tea. "She'll be fine, try not to worry so much." Mina sighed, knowing that Ami was right. They all knew Serena and that that was just the way she had always been. She would do anything to save a live and she always managed to see something good in everyone. She say something good in Hotaru when Mistress 9 had possessed her body. She had seen good in Prince Diamond and Sapphire. She had seen good in the four sister, in Nephlite, in the Amazon Quartet, and Sailor Galaxia. She had saved them all, she had risked her life for them and she would do it again at any moment.


Serenity stood atop Kami's lookout searching the powers of her husband and son. She held the sleeping form of baby Trunks against her chest, hearing his soft breathing and feeling warmth radiate from his body. She smiled down at the child. 'He looks so much like his father' She thought with a smile. She turned her attention back to the fight, sensing a very faint power. She concentrated a little harder and realized that that power was Krillin's. 'What's he doing there?' She wondered, her brow creasing in thought.

"What's wrong?" A voice next to her asked.

"Huh?" Serenity asked, looking over at Tien. "Nothing, I just sensed something. I think it's Krillin."

"What's he doing there?" Tien asked, his three eyes all crossing.

"Remember, I gave him the remote to shut down the androids." Bulma cut in, stepping up behind the pair.

"Oh, I get it. That way Cell can't absorb android 18." Tien said, realization streaking across his face.

"Yes, then maybe we'll have a chance at beating him." Serenity said, hoping for the world's sake, that Vegeta won't let Cell have 18.

"What do you mean by that?" Tien asked.

"What I mean is, Vegeta is strong, but I don't believe he would be able to defeat Cell if he absorbed android 18," Serenity said, not taking her focus off the battle. Serenity gasped as she felt Vegeta's power level almost completely disappear. Bulma took the baby from Serenity's arms as she began to shake violently. A look of fear and sorrow crossed Serenity's face, like she had just lost someone she loved. "Vegeta!!!" She shouted, running to the edge of Kami's lookout. She felt someone tackle her from behind, holding her on the ground.

"You can't go!" Piccolo's gruff voice sounded in her ear.

"I have to!! Let me go!!" Serenity shouted, struggling against Piccolo's superior weight. "I can't let him die!! I can't abandon Trunks!!" Serenity screamed, managing the push Piccolo off of her. She took a step back, glaring at Piccolo. "Wouldn't you do anything to save Gohan if he was in trouble?" Serenity asked, Piccolo didn't answer. She could tell by the look on his face that he would. "That's why I have to go." Serenity said firmly. She touched the crescent moon on her forehead and large white wings spread behind her, lifting her gently off the lookout.


"Not until he passes out!" Trunks shouted, holding Krillin back.

"But why?!" Krillin demanded.

"I can't destroy his honor!" Trunks shouted back. "Only three people have ever seen it, my mother, my sister, and I. That's why mother fell in love with him." Trunks continued. His mouth dropped open as he sensed the most pure power he'd ever felt.

"What's wrong Trunks?" Krillin asked, seeing the boy's mouth drop.

"No! Don't come here!" He shouted, seeing a white blur in the distance.

"Who is that?" Krillin asked, seeing the white wings of a beautiful woman floating towards them. Vegeta glanced up, sensing a familiar power.

"GET OUT OF HERE!!" He shouted, fainting moments later. Serenity dropped to his side, checking for a pulse.

"Vegeta?" She asked, lifting his head.

"Who is that Trunks?" Krillin asked, only seeing a pair of white wings attached to a white blur.

"My.. mother.." He whispered. 'Please don't get hurt, mother.' He silently begged. The glow surrounding Serenity faded and Krillin recognized the form of Serenity.

"Oh yeah, Serenity's your mother," Krillin said, seeing the woman with long white hair. "I forgot about that."

"So, Queen Serenity, you show yourself again. You're supposed to be the strongest living creature in all the history. Lets find out if you really are." Cell said, approaching the woman. White power overflowed from the woman, blowing her hair back out of her face. The familiar pink ribbons surrounded her body, forming the white fuku with the multi-colored overlay on the front. A long white cape fell down her back, settling a moment later and a staff longer than she was tall, appeared in her hand.

"I am known as Sailor Cosmos, the Queen of Stars and I am more powerful than anything you've ever known," A purple crystal lay in the center of the broach on Sailor Cosmos's bosom. The crystal of her dear sister Miyana. A symbol of everything Miyana had given up to save her sister. "Shall we begin?" Cosmos asked, her troubled blue eyes narrowing on the evil creature that had attacked her dear Vegeta. Her love, the one that had protected her and had saved her from a terrible mistake.


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