All is Lost

What happens when the Prince of the Saiyans meets the Princess of the Moon?

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 11 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 3892

Part 4

Chapter 12

"What are you talking about?!" 17 demanded.

"Leave now." Serenity growled. 18 and 17 climbed back into the vehicle, leaving Chaos and Serenity to fight in peace.

"It's been a long time, Serenity." Chaos said.

"Can it!" Serenity snapped. "Leave Miyana's body right now!" She ordered.

"Gladly." Chaos said calmly. A dark cloud flowed out of Miyana's body, surrounding Serenity. Serenity felt as the evil force entered her body.

"I warn you, you will not survive in my body," Serenity said, pain ripping through her body. "My sister wasn't strong enough to fight. I promise you, you won't survive inside of my body." Serenity heard a groan and glanced over at Miyana who had picked her head up and was staring at the scene before her.

"What's going on?!" She asked, seeing the cloud.

"Get out of here Miyana!!" Serenity shouted, trying to keep Chaos from taking control.

"You can't let that thing inside of you!!" Miyana shouted. "It will make you do the worst things!!"

"I have no other choice!" Serenity shouted, biting her lip to hold in a cry of pain. "I had to save you, my sister." She whispered, hunching forward.

"But.." Miyana protested.

"Get out of here right now!! Go to the palace, they will protect you!!" Serenity shouted as pain again ripped through her weakened body.


"I wonder where 21 went." 18 commented quietly.

"Did you not hear her say her name was Serenity?" 14 asked in his monotone voice.

"Hmm.." 18 said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"It does not matter, we won't need her in battle." 17 commented, turning his attention back to the road.

-Trunks and the others-

"I wonder what was wrong with Serenity?" Krillin said, staring after the woman. She had been wearing some sort of weird armor and had attacked her protectors, the Sailor Scouts.

"Isn't it obvious?!" Trunks demanded. "Somehow they managed to take control of her!!"

"Calm down!" Tien shouted, stepping in between the two.

"Aren't you even going to go after her?!?" Trunks demanded, turning his attention to his father.

"Why would I go after that pathetic woman?!?" Vegeta demanded indignantly.

"She's your wife!!" Trunks shouted.

"I don't care what that pathetic woman does!" Vegeta shouted.

"You're impossible!!" Trunks shouted. His father took off, anger apparent in his coal black eyes. Trunks started after him, but stopped when Piccolo grabbed his foot.

"He'll be fine. His pride has been hurt, he's going to go train." Piccolo said calmly.


"Finally, I have reached the ultimate power!" An evil voice came from Serenity's mouth. Serenity slowly lost control of her body, drifting away from the surface. She sank deeper and deeper into the darkness that had consumed her body and mind.

'Why are you doing this?' Serenity demanded, unable to speak. She had only her thoughts that she knew Chaos could hear. She managed to hold Chaos back long enough for Miyana to escape the evil monster that had taken control.

"Pitiful little Serenity, I thought it would be more of a challenge to defeat you," Chaos said calmly. "You were so strong before, how did you ever manage to become so weak?"

'That is no business of yours,' Serenity growled in her thoughts. 'I will kill you and this time, you will stay dead.'

"I highly doubt that, pitiful Serenity. You cannot even control your own body, let alone defeat me all by yourself." Chaos said arrogantly.

'You have become much too confident,' Serenity said, her thoughts giving away a smirk that would not appear on her face. 'There is another that can defeat you. She may be weak now, but she will become strong. She is the one you left.'

"That girl was pathetic and weak! There's no way she can defeat me!!" Chaos shrieked, her cold voice echoing off the stone walls. "Why do you think I left her body?! She had no power!!"

'That is where you are wrong,' Serenity said. 'She is very strong, she just doesn't know it yet. How do you think she managed to keep control at times?'

"That is because I didn't have the power of her crystal star." Chaos said.

'Crystal star?!' Serenity cried in her thoughts. 'What's that?!?'

"You would not understand, pitiful Serenity," Chaos said. "Now quit bothering me with such trivial things."


"Help me please!!" A young girl of about 15 shouted, entering the crystal palace. She had her hair done up in two odangos like Serenity only they looked like horns.

"What?!" Mina shouted, recognizing the girl in a second. "That's Chaos!!" Mina shouted, pointing to the beautiful young girl.

"I'm not Chaos, please, you have to help my sister!!" Miyana shouted, falling to her knees. Her shoulders heaved with each breath and her breathing came out in ragged gasps.

"Sister?!?" Rei demanded after having turned into Cosmic Sailor Mars.

"Serenity is my sister," Miyana gasped, fatigue starting to take over her body. "Chaos has her.." She said before passing out.

Chapter 13

"Look, it's Queen Serenity!" A voice shouted, pointing to the lovely woman with long blond hair that had just stepped into the crowded store. 'This is the perfect place to gather energy' Chaos thought, seeing all the humans rich in wasted energy.

'Leave them alone!' Serenity screamed in her mind, trying to pull away from the powerful force that had entered her body.

"How are you today, Queen Serenity?" A sales clerk asked, approaching the beautiful woman that stood before her.

"I feel drained," She said, an evil smirk crossed her lips. "I think I'll take your energy."


"Look, she's waking up." A voice said. Miyana opened her red eyes, seeing a large group of people gathered around her.

"You.. you have to save Serenity." Miyana said, finding her voice.

"Where is she?" The girl with long blond hair said, slowly helping Miyana to her feet.

"I don't know, she could be anywhere. You have to find her!" Miyana said, grabbing the front of the blond girl's shirt. The girl pulled away, staggering back into the arm's of a young man. Her stomach was huge and it was obvious that she was unable to fight at the moment.

"We don't even know where to start," The girl with black hair commented, tightening a bandage that was wrapped around her arm. "Even if we knew, what good would it do? We're no match for Chaos on our own."

"If we all join together and maybe find the help of some more fighters, we may stand a fighting chance," Miyana said. "I possess powers, like my sister. They are merely of a different source."

"What do you mean a different source?" Ami asked, leading the girl to a nearby table. The girl sat down, straightening her long dress out.

"I was born in the Moon Kingdom that Serenity was born in. My mother knew that there could not be two princess's of her kingdom for they would fight over the throne in the future. From the day I was born, there was some sort of dark power inside of me. She didn't know how to explain it, so I was sent away. She sent me to a planet that was much like the Moon Serenity lived on, called the Dark Moon. I didn't remember any of it until Serenity appeared before me. She took Chaos into her own body to protect me," Miyana said, bitterness in her voice. "I've killed my only sister. She will not survive with that thing inside of her. Especially after he gets a hold of her Crystal Star."

"Crystal Star?" Rei asked in confusion. "What's that?" She held her baby against her bosom.

"It's similar to a Star Seed only not everyone has one. Only the ones that have fighting power have one. If it is taken, the person will be completely powerless and the holder of the Star Crystal will be able to make the person do as they command," Miyana said. "I did not give in so Chaos never had my Crystal Star. He was never able to completely take over my body."

"Serenity is stronger than that!!" Rei cried. "She has never let us down and I don't think she will start now!!!"

"Chaos hasn't gotten it yet, he will keep trying though. He'll keep trying to take it until she dies from exhaustion. Then, she cannot be saved, her spirit will stay and serve him." Miyana said.


'Leave these people alone!!' Serenity shouted as Chaos used her body to absorb the energy of hundreds of people.

"I feel so much better. I think I'll get more." Chaos said, smirking with Serenity's soft lips.

'I won't let you!!' Serenity screamed in her mind, finally breaking through the surface. Serenity fell to her knees, feeling drained of all her energy. She looked down at her hands, touching the wedding ring on her finger. She had done that, she looked around her and realized that somehow she'd managed to break through the surface.

'How dare you!!' She heard Chaos shout in her mind. 'How dare you take control!!'

"Shut up Chaos," Serenity said, straightening up. She walked out of the building sorrow apparent on her face as she saw the many bodies that littered the ground. There was nothing she could do to help them at the moment. She had to find help. "I can't return to the palace, I cannot put my friends in danger."


"What's are you?" Piccolo cried, seeing a man with green skin. He didn't look like a Namic, but Piccolo could sense all the Z Warriors power signature coming from that thing. Even Serenity's.

"Name's Cell," The creature said calmly. He was holding a man by the back of the shirt while clothes without any people inside of them littered the ground. "So you're Piccolo." He said, smirking.

"Let the man go." Piccolo said calmly. Cell threw the man to the ground. As he began to scamper away, the needled on the end of Cell's tail was punctured into the man's back. In a matter of seconds, the man's body was gone and his energy had been absorbed.


"Where's Goku?" Serenity asked, trying to sense his power. She flexed her wings as she flew over the dense landscape. She had left the town a few minutes earlier and now she was flying towards Goku's house, hoping to find him there.

She saw his house in the horizon and began to speed up slightly. She reached the house, her feet lightly touching the ground outside the front door. She walked up to the door, knocking quietly. She closed her eyes and the wings disappeared, replaced with cloth wings attached to her dress.

"Who's there?" Came the panicked voice of ChiChi.

"It's just me, ChiChi," Serenity said, stepping into the house. "Is my brother here?" She asked, looking around the room.

"He's up in the bedroom and he's not doing too well." ChiChi said, taking Serenity up to her brother's room. Serenity walked into the room, hearing Goku cry out in pain.

"What's wrong with him?!?" Serenity cried, running to her little brother's side.

"He has the virus that that kid warned him about," ChiChi said, kneeling next to Serenity. "It doesn't look like the antidote he gave us is working though." Serenity put her pale hand on his forehead, hearing Chaos laughing inside her head. Serenity fell backwards, holding her head with both hands.

"No!!" Serenity shouted, thrashing about. "Stop it!!" ChiChi took Serenity by the hand trying to calm her.

"Serena, what's wrong?" She asked, a look of concern crossed her face.

"Stay back ChiChi!!" Serenity shouted, feeling as Chaos tried to fight his way to the surface. She looked up a ChiChi, her eyes glowing red.

"What?! What's going on Serena?!?!" ChiChi demanded, fear running through her body when she saw the red eyes.

"I have to get out of here!!" Serenity cried, running to the window. She opened the window, climbing out onto the roof. The wings reappeared on her back and she opened them, catching the wind that would carry her away.

"Come back Serena!!" She heard ChiChi yell out the window.

"I can't, I don't want to hurt anyone!!" Serenity shouted back, feeling Chaos as he was regaining control of her body. "You may have overpowered me now, Chaos, but you will not win." Serenity said before Chaos took complete control of her body.

"I assure you, I have won already." Chaos said evilly, in Serenity's silvery voice.

Chapter 14

"Where do you think that girl Serenity went?" 17 asked his companion.

"I don't know, nor do I care. Why do you want to see her again anyway?" 18 asked, crossing her hands behind her head.

"No reason." 17 said, dismissing the subject.


'Leave my Star Crystal alone!' Serenity shrieked, realizing what Chaos had been after the whole time. 'You will never have complete control of my body or my power!! I will not allow it!!' Serenity shrieked, making Chaos drop to his knees from the sudden rise in the decibels.

"Enough with the shouting!!" Chaos shouted back. "Who would have thought that the Queen of the entire Universe was such an annoying baby."

'I heard that!!' Serenity shouted again. Chaos covered his ears, trying to drown at the annoying shrieking that came from Serenity's spirit.


"Where is that woman?!" Vegeta demanded, crossing his arms over his chest. "Humph!" Vegeta said, turning his attention back to his training. "How dare she just sit back while that bastard defeated me." Vegeta grumbled, his anger making him train even harder.


"Look out!!" Krillin shouted, helping a young woman and little girl into a small plane. As the plane took off, Cell decided he wasn't going to let them get away just yet. He chased after it, leaving Krillin to defend them all alone.


"We cannot go after Serenity." Miyana said calmly.

"What do you mean we can't go after her?!?!" Rei demanded, anger written in her features.

"It is too dangerous!!" Miyana shouted. "She is too unpredictable!! Chaos can take over at any time and then Serenity will go after us!!"

"So that means the only thing we can do is sit back and watch as Chaos takes over Serenity's body?! You said yourself if it goes on for too long she can die!!" Rei shouted back.

"That would take years. Chaos lived inside of my for almost my whole life and I'm still alive. Serenity has always been much stronger than me and I know she will be the one to defeat him." Miyana said calmly.

"So we're just going to sit back and possibly wait for years to go by before we can even approach her?" Rei asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"It is the best thing to do. While Serenity is in control, I'm sure she will try to hide, possibly even try to take her own life. Anything to get that monster out of her." Miyana said.

"But if she dies, then we don't have a Queen! What will we do then?!" Rei shouted, everyone else trying to hold her back.

"There are always the Dragon Balls.." Miyana said trailing off.


"They're not here!" 18 shouted out to 17 who sat in the car still.

"Hmm.. they must have known we were coming." 17 said, stepping out of the car. He slammed the door behind him, sending the car into a nearby tree with the force of it.

"Where do you think they went?" 18 asked as 17 walked into the house. 18 was tearing through the closet searching for something to wear. "She really has no fashion sense does she." She commented, throwing the clothes to the floor in heaps.

"Lets go find Goku." 17 said, walking out of the house with 18. They flew into the air, heading for Master Roshi's.


"Hmm.. lets see.. what can I do now to destroy Queen Serenity's reputation?" Chaos asked in Serenity's voice.

'If you hurt anyone, I swear, I'll kill you!' Serenity shrieked in her mind.

"I'd leave her body right now if I were you, Chaos." A man's voice said behind him. He turned to see three well dressed young men.

'The three lights..' Serenity thought, recognizing the voice of Seiya easily.

"The three lights?" Chaos asked, looking strangely at the three men.

"We will protect the Queen of Crystal Tokyo." Another one of them said, crossing his arms over his chest. A moment later, the three men did something very odd.. they transformed into leather-clad woman!!

"The Starlights!!" Chaos shouted, recognizing the three that stood before him. "How is it possible?!?"

"It doesn't matter, we're here to save the Queen." Star Fighter said calmly.

"You can go ahead and try, there is no way to defeat me without killing her." Chaos said calmly.


"Something is going on!!" Rei shouted, feeling a strange yet familiar power near Serenity's.

"What is it?" Mina demanded, sensing something as well.

"I can sense it too!" Ami cried.

"Same here, it feels really familiar." Lita said.

"Wait a minute, I recognize that power," Rei said, her mouth dropping. "It's the Starlights!!" She cried, jumping up from the chair. "Come on, we have to help them!!"

"RIGHT!!" The rest of the Senshi shouted in unison. The all joined hands and began to concentrate on Serenity's power signature.

"Wait!" Miyana's voice broke in. "I want to go too!!"

"It's too dangerous." Amara said calmly.

"I can fight too! I am one of the princess's of the moon and I will not take no for an answer! As the princess, I too have powers of the planet and can use this to fight!" Miyana shouted, holding up a crystal very similar to Serenity's except it was deep purple. "It may not be as powerful, but it will be strong enough to drive Chaos out of Serenity's body!"

"Fine, come on then." Amara said, taking the dark haired girl's hand. A few moments later, they appeared behind the Starlights that had already started to attack.

"Star Serious LASER!!" Fighter shouted, sending the attack at Chaos. He easily dodged the attack and sent it back at Fighter. Fighter wasn't fast enough and was sent crashing into the ground.

Chapter 15

"Even the Starlights are no match for the power that is present in Serenity's body!" Chaos shouted in Serenity's voice.

"Chaos!!" A familiar voice shouted from behind. Chaos spun around to meet the eyes of Miyana, the sister of Serenity. "I won't let you take my sister!!" She shouted, holding the crystal above her head. Purple light spilled out of the crystal, washing over Chaos. "Leave my sister's body now!!" She shouted, pouring her power into the crystal. Purple ribbons surrounded Miyana's body, forming a deep purple dress that hugged Miyana's body. Dark wings spread on the girl's back, looking like those of a raven, dark as the night sky. An upturned black crescent moon appeared on her forehead. Some people would think that her power was evil, but even Serenity could sense that the power was pure and good.

"I won't leave!!" Chaos shouted, as he slowly began to loose his grip on Serenity. Serenity cupped her hands together, the Silver Imperium Crystal started to form.

"You are not welcome here.." Serenity whispered, slowly regaining control. She began to concentrate her power into the crystal. Her long blond hair turned snow white and the crescent moon on her forehead began to glow blindingly bright, drowning out everything that was in sight.

"You'll pay for this Serenity!!" Chaos shouted as he rose out of Serenity's body.

"It is not I that will pay.." Serenity whispered. Her deep blue eyes opened and the light faded. She took out a small broach and whispered something that no one really heard. The white dress of Queen Serenity slowly faded, replaced by the white fuku of Sailor Cosmos.

"So Cosmos, you finally decided to show yourself have you?" Chaos asked, looking at the Legendary Sailor Senshi.

"I am the strongest of all the Sailor Senshi, I will not let the intrusion of Earth be tolerated," Cosmos said quietly. The rest of the Sailor Senshi had gathered around Miyana who had fallen over after banishing Chaos from Serenity's body. "Arise, my sister.." She said quietly, healing the fallen princess.

"Huh? What happened?" The young girl's voice asked quietly.

"Do not be alarmed, dear sister," Serenity's silvery voice whispered. "Please, we need your help if we are to defeat this monster," Serenity said. Mina stood back out of the way while the rest of the Sailor Senshi transformed and prepared themselves for battle. "Hurry and transform."

"Huh? Transform?" Miyana asked, stepping closer to Serenity. A deep purple broach with a black nine-point star appeared in her hand.

"Hold it up and shout 'Cosmic Dark Moon Make-UP'." Serenity instructed. Miyana took the gift, the crystal she held landing on her bosom. A moment later, it sunk into her skin, becoming part of her body.

"Cosmic Dark Moon Make-UP!!" Miyana shouted holding the broach up. A fuku appeared around her body resembling Cosmos's perfectly except all the white on her was black instead. "I am Sailor Black Cosmos!" She said striking a pose.

"You are no match for me!" Chaos shouted, starting to gather negative energy. "I will destroy all of you and this miserable planet!!" Chaos shouted, gathering all of his energy.

"Band together!! We fight as one!!" Cosmos shouted, holding her staff out. "Use your strongest attack!"

"Mars Flame.." Mars started.

"Mercury Aqua.." Mercury started.

"Jupiter Oak.." Jupiter started.

"Pluto Deadly.." Pluto started.

"Saturn Silence Glaive.." Saturn started.

"Neptune Deep.." Neptune started.

"Uranus World.." Uranus started.

"Star Serious.." Fighter started.

"Star Gentle.." Maker started.

"Star Sensitive.." Healer started.

"SNIPER!!" Mars.

"RHAPSODY!!" Mercury.

EVOLUTION!!" Jupiter.

"SCREAM!!" Pluto.

"SURPRISE!!" Saturn.

"SUBMERGE!!" Neptune.

"SHAKING!!" Uranus.

"LASER!!" Fighter.

"UTERUS!!" Maker.

"INFERNO!!" Healer.

"Cosmic Silver Moon KISS!" Cosmos.

"Cosmic Dark Moon KISS!!" Black Cosmos. The attacks from all of these fighters met and formed one huge energy attack that was flying straight for Chaos. Chaos fought against the attack for a few minutes but was quickly overwhelmed and the light consumed him, making his existence no longer. Cosmos and Dark Cosmos both fell to the ground seconds later, neither one moving.

"Serenity!!" Mars cried, dropping to her best friend and Queen's side. "Wake up!!" She shouted shaking the woman lightly.

"Huh? Did we beat him?" Was her first question.

"Yeah, he's toast." Mars said, smiling.

"Where's Miyana?!?" Serenity demanded, forcing her body to sit upright. She glance over to where Miyana had been, seeing the ghostly figure of her sister.

"Thank you for setting me free, my dear sister," Miyana said sweetly. "I must be leaving now, though. Keep this to remember me for all times." Miyana said, the purple crystal floating over to Serenity.

"Why can't you stay with us?" Serenity asked, rising to her feet. Her sailor fuku had disappeared when she lost consciousness so Serenity stood before her sister wearing the long white gown of Queen Serenity.

"I was not meant to survive this battle. My power is on the border line of being evil so I cannot endanger any one of you. I will watch you, Sere. Me and mother will watch over you for all times." Miyana said before disappearing.

"Thank you, my sister.." Serenity whispered before losing consciousness once again.


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