All is Lost

What happens when the Prince of the Saiyans meets the Princess of the Moon?

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 11 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 4096

Part 3

Chapter 8

"I hate to break it to you," Serenity began. "But that man that showed up at the last minute is my husband. He'll kill you for what you've done." Serenity said, a smirk appearing on her face.

"I highly doubt that," Dr. Gero said, turning away from Serenity. "I have work to do," Gero said to himself. He turned away, picking up a small microchip. "This one may work." He muttered to himself, looking over at Queen Serenity who was securely fastened in the crystal.

"You won't get away with this." Queen Serenity muttered as she felt the power slowly being drained through the crystal. Her hands and feet began to go numb and she grew cold all over. The last thing she remembered seeing, was Dr. Gero coming towards her with an evil smirk on his face.


"What happened to me out there?" A voice asked. Chaos had regained control and sat on her throne. "I can't believe I let myself be taken over by such a pitiful human." Chaos muttered, still trying to remember what had happened. She had had Queen Serenity right where she wanted her. The Queen of Stars could have been hers. She could have taken the greatest power in the entire universe and used it to take it over and rule the entire universe as she desired.

"I would gladly take Yoshiki's place." The tall man in front of Chaos said.

"Very well, Daitetsu. You may take Yoshiki's place. Do not disappoint me!" She ordered as he left the room. "Hmm.. now I have to find her. It'll be difficult. She is not Sailor Cosmos now so there isn't much that I can do. I can't track her power unless she is transformed," Chaos said to herself. "This is going to be more difficult than I thought."

-The Crystal Palace-

"How could all of you stand around and watch as she was taken?!?!" Vegeta demanded, his hair blond and a golden aura surrounded his body. His muscles bulged, clearly visible in the spandex that he wore.

"There wasn't much we could do!!" Queen Mina shouted, still holding baby Trunks in her arms. It had only been about ten minutes since the Queen was taken, half-frozen in dark crystal. "We were weak from the battle and then he used that attack on Serenity! She thought she could handle it and told us to stay back! We didn't know she wasn't strong enough!! She never let's on about that type of stuff, she's too stubborn!!" Mina cried. Trunks began to cry, his shrill voice echoing off the walls of the palace. Mina placed the baby in Vegeta's arms. "Take care of your son!" She shouted. She turned and ran from the room, tears glistening in her eyes.

"Quiet brat!" Vegeta snapped, holding the helpless thing in his arms. 'It's so weak' He thought, looking down at the baby in his arms.

"You can't get a baby to stop crying like that!" Bulma snapped, taking the baby from Vegeta. She began to rock the baby, singing a lullaby quietly. After a few minutes, the baby quieted and fell asleep in her arms. "You all have to train for the androids." Bulma said.

"We'll search for Serenity," Mercury said, pulling her computer out. "You have to be ready for those androids."

"What about the brat?" Vegeta asked, his arms crossed over his chest.

"You don't worry about Trunks," Bulma said. "I'll take care of him while you are all training." She said with a smile. [A.N. This is how Trunks ended up thinking Bulma was his mother in the future].

"Fine." Vegeta said, taking off out the open window.


Serenity opened her eyes to see that she was in some sort of a capsule. She pounded her fists on the inside of the capsule, trying desperately to get out.

"Let me out of here!!" She cried, pounding on the door with both fists.

"Not a chance of that, Queen Serenity," He said dryly. "Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

"What do you want with me?!?" Serenity shouted, anger twisting her normally beautiful features.

"You'll see in duo time," Dr. Gero said. "Actually, no you won't." Gero corrected himself.

"What do you mean 'no I won't'?" Serenity asked, her eyes narrowed.

"When I'm done with you, you won't remember anything from your life. You'll be just another one of my little androids. Without feeling or emotion." Dr. Gero said, smirking.

"What? How in the hell do you plan to pull that off!?!?" Serenity demanded, anger clutching her breast. She wanted to break the glass and kill this man that was messing with her.

"It's easy," He muttered. "Good night." He said, hitting a switch. Serenity suddenly felt lightheaded and fell into a sound sleep.


"Have you located the Queen of Stars yet?!" She asked, starting to become a little impatient.

"No, my Queen. She doesn't seem to be anywhere. She hasn't used any of her powers so we have no way of tracking her," Daitetsu said, a disgusted look on his face. "How do you expect me to find her without a trace as to where she is?"

"Are you questioning my judgment?" Chaos asked, her eyes glowing red.

"No your highness." He replied quickly. He bowed before her and left the room, his fists clenched.


She opened her eyes, sitting up in the pod she was in.

"She's not lacking in the looks department." 17 commented seeing the beautiful blond rise from the pod.

"She seems to be much stronger than any of them." 17 commented. The blond woman rose from the pod, her deep blue eyes piercing into the eyes of the fighters that stood around looking at all of them.

"Serenity!!" The short one with black hair called. "What are you doing there?!?" He demanded, taking a step towards her.

"Do not come any closer." The blond said, staring at the small man.

"What?!? What's your problem woman?!?" He demanded, his anger starting to grow. "Are you still mad about what happened at that damn party, Serenity?!?" He demanded.

"I do not know this Serenity you speak of." She said.

"What?!" Vegeta demanded.

"I am android 21." She said emotionlessly.

Chapter 9

-The palace-

"Any sign of her?" Queen Mina asked when the scouts returned to the palace.

"None, it's like she's vanished off the Earth. I just don't understand it." Rei muttered, walking over to her husband who held their sleeping daughter in his arms.

"We haven't even been able to sense her power or the Silver Imperium Crystal. It's like she hasn't even been trying to get away from whatever it was that took her." Queen Ami said, putting her computer away. The three Queen's detransformed into their Queen forms, each in a dress that corresponded to the color they had the most of on their dresses. Mina wore orange, Ami blue, Rei red, and Jupiter green.

"We have to find her," A voice said behind them. They all turned to see the four Outer Scouts come into the room. "The future depends on it."

"As of right now, there is no future." Pluto said, clutching her time staff.

"What do you mean there's no future!?!" Rei demanded.

"It's changed a lot from the way it originally should have gone. I don't know what we can do to change it. Those androids Goku is fighting took over the world ruled by someone even more powerful than they were." Pluto said.

"Who could possibly be stronger than those androids?!?" Rei demanded, clutching her baby tighter.

-The Z Warriors-

"M.. Mother?" Trunks asked, looking at the blond woman. She seemed to have some sort of metal suit surrounding parts of her body.

"I'm afraid I don't know what you are talking about," Android 21 said coolly. "I am incapable of reproducing."

"This never happened in the future," Trunks muttered. "My mother died using the crystal against Chaos."

"The future has already been altered, there's not much we can do about it right now!" Piccolo said.

"We're sorry we have to be leaving so soon. We were programmed to destroy Goku so that's what we're going to do," 17 said, stepping in front of 21. "After you." He said in a monotone voice.

"See you later." 21 said, smiling evilly back at her old friends. She turned away, taking off into the air, followed by 17 and 18.

-The Palace-

"I feel something strange," Rei said, looking around. "I can feel Serenity.. only.. she's different. I sense something bad has happened to her. We have to find her now!!" Rei cried, pulling out her henshin stick. "Mars Cosmic Power MAKE-UP!!"

"Jupiter Cosmic Power MAKE-UP!!"

"Mercury Cosmic Power MAKE-UP!!"

"Pluto Cosmic Power MAKE-UP!!"

"Saturn Cosmic Power MAKE-UP!!"

"Uranus Cosmic Power MAKE-UP!!"

"Neptune Cosmic Power MAKE-UP!!"

"SCOUT POWER!!" They all cried in unison.

"What do we do now?" Jupiter asked.

"We head for that I power I feel." Mars said, her eyes narrowed as she fixed on Serenity's power.

"Right!" They said in unison


"What is happening to me?" Miyana said quietly. "I can't fight her much longer. Please help me.. someone.. anyone.." Miyana pleaded. She was replaced by Chaos a few moments later. There was a light tap on the door.

"My Queen." Daitetsu said, stepping into the light.

"What have you to report?" Chaos asked the small man before her.

"I have located the Queen. We may be able to use her to our advantage though. It seems as though she's been brainwashed by someone." Daitetsu said.

"Brainwashed?" Chaos asked. "How do you know that for sure?"

"She was seen with two androids. From what I have heard, these androids were created by a mad scientist and were programmed to destroy." Daitetsu said.

"Hmm.. do you have a plan Daitetsu?" Chaos asked.

"Yes, I plan to join these androids and once we've defeated the Z Warriors and the Sailor Scouts, you may do what you like with them." Daitetsu said.

"It sounds promising. And if the androids will not join you?" Chaos asked.

"If the Z Warriors start to win against them, we'll jump in and I'm sure they will appreciate the help." Daitetsu.

"It's not much of a backup plan, but it may work. Go now and carry out your plans." Chaos said.

"Yes my Queen." Daitetsu said, bowing and exiting the room. Chaos put her face in her hand, sweat dripping from her forehead.

"I can't keep control much longer. I need more power." Chaos said, regaining control after a few seconds.


"Come on Serenity, you're coming with me!" Vegeta said, grabbing her arm.

"Am I now," She said calmly. She brought down her arm, snapping it out of his grasp. For some reason, she didn't attack him, merely pushed him towards 18. "He's all yours 18." She said, an evil smirk spreading across her lips. Android 21 stood back along with 17 to watch the battle. Her smile grew with each second, revealing her joy of the battle.

"Do you think he will win?" 17 asked, his smirk growing.

"I don't believe so. He's no match for 18, that I know for sure," She said, her smirk growing. "One thing, though. She had better not kill him. I want that honor for my own."

"As you wish, 21," 17 said, floating up towards the battle between 18 and Vegeta. "18." He said, stopping behind the two fighters.

Chapter 10

"Yes, 17?" She asked, continuing her battle.

"21 has ordered for you to let him live. She wants to finish him off, all right?" 17 asked.

"Of course." 18 said, sending Vegeta into the cliff. Laughter erupted from 21 as she saw Vegeta go flying into the cliff.

"This is so much fun!" She yelled, her laughter echoing throughout the small valley.

"Serenity!!" Vegeta snapped, pulling himself out of the cliff. "Stop this!!"

"Like I said before. I don't know this 'Serenity' you speak of. I've told you my name and I don't think it's really hard to remember so learn it," She said, looking at the little man in front of her. "I think its time you actually start to fight 18." 21 said, stepping up behind 17.

"All right, time for a little fun." 18 said, preparing to battle. 17 watched as 18 started to really fight, smiling the whole time.

"Serenity." A voice said. When she didn't respond, Daitetsu sent a blast of negative energy at her back. She turned slowly, glaring at the man behind her.

"And who might you be?" She asked, her eyes narrowed on him.

"I'm Daitetsu. I work for Chaos and have come to offer you a deal." He said.

"Hmm.. I'm listening." She said, her eyes still narrowed.

"We'll help you defeat the Z Warriors, if you help us defeat the Sailor Scouts." He proposed.

"Hmm.. that's the deal huh?" 21 said, scratching her chin. "I guess I'll have to decline your offer then." She said simply.

"What?! Why?!?!" He demanded, anger starting to show on his face.

"We will have no problem defeating these pitiful little warriors. Our power is unlimited, we can fight longer than you would imagine," 21 said simply. "We do not need any help with them."

"We will make you serve us then!" Daitetsu yelled, forming a ball of dark energy in the palm of his hand. 21 smirked as she saw the pitiful blast that he was about to throw at her.

"Go right ahead and use that, Daitetsu." 21 said, her smirk growing. He hurled the attack downward on her, watching as she stood her ground, smiling about something. The blast hit her head on, throwing dust up in the air, blinding Daitetsu. He turned and saw the Queen of Crystal Tokyo standing behind him with both arms crossed over her chest.

"Impossible!!!" Daitetsu cried, staring in shock at the speed of the woman.

"Good bye, Daitetsu. It was nice chatting with you." 21 plunged her hand into the man's stomach, coming out the other side of his body. She pulled her hand out, muttering something about him ruining her favorite shirt. He slumped to the ground, his body slowly turning to dust. She walked away as the pile of dust blew away in the gentle breeze.

"What was that all about?" 17 asked as 21 stepped up behind him.

"Oh nothing. Some weakling wanted us to join them." 21 said carelessly, fixing her long blond hair back into a tight braid.

"We have no need for any help." 17 said in a monotone voice.

"That's what I told him, but I guess it was something he didn't want to hear so I got rid of him," 21 said casually pulling a nail file out of her pocket. 21 looked bored as the fight progressed. "This fight is so predictable. It's there anything she can do to liven it up a bit?" 21 asked, looking on at 18, who was hardly fighting.

"Serenity!!" She heard a voice behind her. She turned to see a bunch of girls wearing mini-skirts walking towards her.

"What now? Not more little weaklings," 21 muttered, taking a few steps towards them. Her eyes turned cold as she stared at the girls. "Who are you? Why does everyone call me Serenity? My name is 21!"

"What's wrong with you?!" The one with the red skirt demanded, stepping in front of the others. 21 counted seven girls, each one wearing a mini skirt. "Why are you helping these things?!"

"I do not know what you're talking about," 21 said sounding uninterested. "I am an android created by Dr. Gero and have never gone by the name Serenity, nor have I ever met you. I suggest you leave before I'm forced to resort to violence."

"Snap out of it Koneko!" The one with really short hair yelled. 21 stared at the woman, her eyes full of shock. Where have I heard that name before? 21 asked herself, remembering someone used to call her that all the time.

"Mars Cosmic Flame BURN!!" 21 heard a voice cry. She snapped back to reality, her eyes going cold once again. 21 watched as the fire came towards her. She smiled evilly and held up her hand, sending the attack straight back at the girl with jet black hair. She heard the girl cry out in surprise and the attack barely missed her.

"This is way out of your league," 21 growled. "I'd just leave now, before anyone gets hurt. You're not the one that we're programmed to get rid of. We're programmed to rid the world of Goku, but I will take any life that tries to get in my way."

"Odango Atama!!" A voice yelled. 21 turned to see the girl in red glaring fiercely at her. "Get back here right now!!"

"Are you threatening me?" 21 asked, floating off the ground. The Sailor Scouts watched as the other man she was with, came up behind her, glaring coldly on the rest of the scouts.

"I'll be happy to get rid of them." 17 said in his monotone voice.

"I don't think that will be necessary. I'll deal with them." 21 said calmly. 17 nodded and walked back over to where Vegeta and 18 were fighting.

"Come back with us right now!" The girl with the jet black hair ordered.

"You do not order me around," 21 said calmly. "You'll all be destroyed if you cross my path."

"Let's just go kitten." The woman with the short sandy hair said.

"All of you had better be going before I really get angry." 21 commented.

"We're not going until you're with us." The one with long black haired said, stepping up behind the other girl.

"I guess you've chosen your fate," 21 said, an evil smirk spreading across her lips. "You've all chosen to die!" She said, sending energy blasts at all of the people. They tried to dodge the attacks but weren't quite fast enough. One by one, each of the scouts fell at their Queen's hand. "You should get some medical treatment." 21 said, walking away from the people. They were all struggling to their feet but were now too weak to fight.

"We have to leave right now." Uranus said. "We're going to have to use the Sailor Teleport. We're not strong enough, let's go." Neptune leaned against her shoulder and looked up into her eyes. They were full of pain and fear. The group of people joined hands, and in a few moments, they disappeared.

"Where'd they go?"17 asked as 21 stepped up behind him.

"Let's just say, they're no longer any threat." 21 said, her smirk still on her face.

Chapter 11

17 and 21 watched the battle and before they knew it, all of their friends had shown up. 17 went out and spoke to them, saying that he'd only step in if Vegeta's friends did. 21 was lost in her own thoughts. Who were those people and why did they keep calling her Serenity. That woman and the name Koneko, why did it sound so familiar. The name Odango Atama the one girl called her. She had gotten so mad when she heard that girl call her that, why?

"Come on 21." She heard 17 say several minutes later. Her eyes snapped up to 17's and she realized that the fight was over. 17 took her by the hand and gently lead her away from the battle scene. She glanced back over her shoulder to see the short bald one giving each of the people senzu beans.

"What are you smiling about?" She heard 18 ask.

"Nothing. It was just so much fun to get rid of those people." 21 said, still smirking slightly. 17 still held her hand in his, tightening his grip as they took to the air.

"Where are we going now?" 18 asked.

"We're going to Goku's house." 21 said, flying through the air.

"And how do we find it?" 17 asked.

"I know where it is," 21 said. "Don't worry, he's not going anywhere. He can't fight right now. Not with that heart disease."

"How do you know all of this?" 18 asked, a suspicious look on her face.

"Trust me, I just know." 21 said, her smirk finally fading into an emotionless expression.


"Why did she do that?" Rei asked as the scouts returned to the Crystal Palace.

"Something happened to her. She doesn't even remember us." Michelle said sadly.

"What can we do to get her to remember?" Lita asked, concern in her green eyes.

"There's some sort of microchip that was implanted in her brain," Ami said for the first time analyzing the data she'd collected on Serenity.

"What can we do to get rid of it?" Mina asked, putting a hand on her huge stomach. Her husband walked up behind her, wrapping his arms affectionately around her.

"I really don't know. I guess she just has to remember on her own. There isn't much that we can do about it," Ami said, still working on something. "I may be able to create something that will deactivate the chip and then she'll be back to normal."

"Keep working on that," Mina said. "We're going to need more help."

"What are you thinking?" Rei asked.

"I'm just thinking of some of our old friends." She said, a sly smile on her face. She pictured the three people that had come.

"The Starlights?" Lita asked, picturing the three well-dressed men in her mind.

"Yeah, we're gonna need someone and they're the only ones I can think of. What do you think?" Mina asked.

"If they heard Usagi was in trouble, I'm sure they'd come in a second." Lita said.

"Especially Seiya." Rei commented dryly.

"Setsuna? Is there any way for you to contact them?" Mina asked. "If you find anyone else along the way, please, we're going to need all the help we can get."

"Of course." She said. She disappeared from their view, off to search for help.

"All we can do now is wait." Mina whispered, leaning over Ami to see if she could figure some way to get Serenity back.


"Why do you insist on driving?" 18 demanded, pushing her blond hair from her eyes.

"Because we've never done it before." 17 commented, tightening his grip on the wheel.

"Don't worry 18, he's not going anywhere." 21 commented, crossing her arms over her chest. She sat in the back of the truck they had taken and calmly watched out the window. 'I've driven a car before' 21 thought to herself. 'I know I have'.

"What are you thinking 21?" 17 asked.

"Nothing, just trying to find who those people were. I have no record of them in my memory bank." 21 said.

"Those were the Sailor Scouts," 18 said. "Gero said that they rule Tokyo and that their Queen, named Serenity, was killed by him." 'Strange' 21 thought. 'That's what they called me. Is it possible that I am her? It would sure explain a lot'.


"Daitetsu has failed me. I will go and deal with this woman myself." Chaos said, rising from her throne. She disappeared from the room, reappearing on the Earth. She saw a car heading straight for her and put out her hand, causing the vehicle to stop.

"Move it!!" A voice shouted. A man hung out the window, yelling for her to get out of the road. "Hey, get out of the road!" Large bat-wings lifted her off the ground, taking her off into the distance.


"She's coming." 21 mumbled, feeling a familiar power heading for them.

"Who's coming?" 17 asked.

"Chaos.." 21's voice trailed off. 'How do I know who that power level is? Why is she coming after me?' Questions ran through 21's head as they drove along the bouncy road. The brakes of the vehicle let out a screech as 17 stopped the car suddenly. He climbed out of the vehicle, followed by 18. There was a woman with long black hair done up into two buns that looked like horns. She looked a lot like 21 only she had a black crescent moon on her forehead and had blood red eyes.

"Who are you?" 17 asked, approaching the woman.

"Out of the way, you're not the one I want." She said in a low voice. 21 stepped out of the vehicle, pulling metal from her body. She pulled the metal armor off to reveal a long white dress with wings attached to the back.

"I'm the one that you want. Leave them out of it." 21 said in a low voice. She touched her forehead, feeling something under her skin. She dug her nails in, ripping it from her head. She held the blood soaked chip and dropped it to the ground, stepping on it with her heel.

"21 what are you doing?" 17 asked, feeling shocked as she peeled metal from her body.

"I am not android 21, I am Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo." She said. Blood streaked down her face and slowly, the wound closed up, a yellow crescent moon appearing where the wound had been.


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