All is Lost

What happens when the Prince of the Saiyans meets the Princess of the Moon?

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 11 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 4377

Part 2

Chapter 4

"Good evening," Serenity said politely, smiling at all the familiar faces she saw. Vegeta, who wore his normal scowl that kind of made people look away from him, escorted her. No one would make eye contact with those cold eyes of his. 'If looks could kill' Serenity thought sarcastically. "I really wish you would act a little more pleasant at these parties. That glare of yours could scare someone to death."

"Humph," Was his reply. "It's better than you. You smile way too much." He muttered.

"It's nice to see you again." Serenity said, a young man kissing the back on her hand. Vegeta took a step forward, ready to rip the man's head off. Serenity's tail tightened around Vegeta's waist and she grabbed his wrist holding him back gently.

"Humph." Vegeta said as the man walked away.

"Great, you just scared away one of the members of the Royal Committee. That's the head of the board, Darrik." Serenity said.


"Just lighten up a little," Serenity said. "You know I love you and that that kid means absolutely nothing to me," She looked up into his eyes and they softened, meeting her look. Her blue eyes sparkled with love as she gazed up at her husband. "I love you." Serenity said, kissing her husband lightly on the lips. Serenity glanced at the door when she heard a loud commotion.

"We're here!" A voice called. Serenity turned to see all of her friends. Bulma, ChiChi, Goku, Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, Gohan, Choatzu, Marin, even Piccolo was there, along with Bulma's parents and Master Roshi. She ran towards them, leaving her husbands arms. She hugged her nephew Gohan and her younger brother Goku.

"It's been so long." She said, hugging all of them, including Piccolo whom seemed surprised by this emotional young woman. Yamcha didn't hesitate in flirting with Serenity. Serenity brushed it aside, being so used to his flirtatious ways. She didn't see Vegeta glare at him from the shadows.

"Where's Vegeta?" Bulma asked, seeing that the Saiyan was nowhere in sight.

"Who knows, it's Vegeta. He always disappears on me." Serenity said, being used to it at this point.

-Outer space-

"We're approaching the atmosphere of Earth. We'll arrive there in about an hour." The man with red hair said.

"Very good, I'll greet Queen Serenity myself. Hold off on your plan until I find out a little about her," The woman said, standing. She was surprisingly not very big and her black hair hung on the ground. She had her hair done up the same as Queen Serenity only her odangos curved upward and looked like horns on her head. She had huge red eyes that would start to glow blood red when she became angry. "I'm sure she'll be surprised. She has no clue. We're going to crash her little party and destroy her. The Universe will be mine!" The woman began to laugh, her evil voice filling the air. The man cringed and was grateful that he didn't have to fight her. That would not be good, she was much stronger than anything he had ever encountered in his life.

"Yes, my Queen. You will be the next ruler of the Universe. Everyone will speak the name of 'Chaos'," He said, a huge grin on his face. He watched as the woman in front of him fell to the floor. "Are you all right, my Queen?" He asked, worry streaked across his face.

"Leave me alone," An innocent voice came from her. "Get out of me." A moment later she arose and stood perfectly still.

"Are you all right?" The man asked, taking a step towards her.

"I'm fine. I lost control," She said. 'I need to find a new body, one that won't be able to gain control so easily' She thought, sitting in her throne. "You may leave now."

"Yes, my Queen." He said, leaving the room.

"I have an idea," She said after he left, talking quietly to herself. "She'll never know what hit her," She said, an evil grin spread across her lips, making her look even more evil. "It's the perfect plan!" She shouted, throwing her head back in her evil laugh.

-The Crystal Palace-

"Would you care to dance, your highness?" Darrik asked, taking Queen Serenity's hand. She did not protest as he pulled her out onto the dance floor. "You look very lovely tonight, your highness." Darrik, pulling her close. She pulled away from him somewhat, a nervous smile on her face.

"Thank you." She managed to say very quietly. Again, he pulled her next to him, putting his face in the crevice of her neck.

"You smell divine." Darrik said, breathing her scent in deeply.

"Excuse me sir, but.." She started and was startled when he was gone. She looked around, sensing a familiar power level. "Vegeta!" She yelled, watching as he pinned the man up against the wall.

"I'll kill you for putting your hands on my wife!!" Vegeta shouted, his hair turning blond. He began to gather a great amount of energy in the palm of his hand. Just as he was about to throw it, he went flying into a wall. "What the hell woman!!" He shouted, seeing Serenity step in front of the man.

"You can't just go around killing people, especially at one of the Royal parties!!" She shouted, trying to protect the man.

"You're protecting this man?!?!" Vegeta demanded, anger taking hold of him. "Is there something going on between you two that I don't know about?!?"

"What?! Yeah right!" Serenity cried. "You can't just go around killing people! We're supposed to be at peace and if I can't even stop my husband from killing people, what kind of a leader would I be?!?"

"I saw the way you were looking at him, you can't tell me there's nothing going on!!" Vegeta shouted, stepping up next to his wife. "I knew it from the start, you little tramp!!" Vegeta shouted in his rage. He pulled back his hand, slapping her across the face. She fell to the floor holding her cheek. His words hurt more than his hand.

"How can you say those things?!?" Serenity shouted, from where she was on the floor. She looked up into his eyes, tears streaming down her face. "After all we've been through, you have no right to talk to me like that!!"

"I have every right to talk like that!!" Vegeta shouted, his power level rising with his anger. "It's been like this from the start!!" He shouted.

"I want you to leave!" Serenity shouted, slowly standing, a welt forming on her cheek.

"Fine!" Vegeta shouted, walking towards the door.

"And don't bother coming back!!" Serenity shouted, watching him leave. She turned and ran from the room, heading for her chambers. She ran through the door, locking it behind her. She flung herself face down on the bed, sobbing into her pillow.

Chapter 5

"There's Queen Serenity now. I think it's time I pay her a little visit." Chaos said, rising from her throne.

"As you wish my Queen, I'll prepare the ship for your departure." The man with blood red hair said.

"Don't bother. I need you to go into the Ballroom and cause a disturbance. Make the scouts appear and make sure they don't find their way to Queen Serenity." Chaos said, an evil smirk appeared on her blood red lips.

"Yes my Queen." The man with blood red hair said, bowing before Chaos.

-The Ball-

"Is Serenity going to be okay?" Queen Rei asked, dancing with her husband Darien.

"She'll be fine, she's strong." Darien said. Rei still couldn't help but worry about her.

"I think I'm going to go check on her anyway." Rei said as the song ended.

"I'm sure she's fine." Darien tried to reassure Rei.

"She's my best friend, I have to at least try." Rei said, pulling away from Darien.

"All right, but I told you she's fine." Darien said. Rei started up the stairs and was surprised when an unfamiliar man appeared in front of her.

"Who are you?" She demanded, seeing blood red hair and a black symbol on his forehead.

"Name's Yoshiki." He said, smirking.

"Well, Yoshiki, you weren't invited so I suggest you leave." Queen Rei said, picking up the front of her long red dress.

"I have my invitation right here!" He yelled, a ball of red energy forming in the palm of his hand. He hurled the energy down on Queen Rei, making her fly back with the impact.

"Rei!!" Darien shouted, running to his fallen wife's side.

"Jupiter Cosmic Power MAKE-UP!"

"Mercury Cosmic Power MAKE-UP!" The two transformed and headed for the man that stood atop the stairs.

"What do you want?!?" Mercury demanded, pulling out her little computer.

"The only thing I want is for you to die!" He shouted, sending another blast of the red energy in Mercury's direction.

"Look out!!" Jupiter cried, pushing Mercury out of the way, taking the full force of the attack.

"Kamehameha!!" A voice shouted. A beam of blue energy headed for Yoshiki, ready to wipe him off the Earth. Everyone watched as the power hit the man and was absorbed into some sort of force field. "What?!? No way!!" Goku shouted, watching as his attack was completely absorbed.

"That was an attack?" The man mocked, sending a blast at Goku whom managed to dodge it easily.

"Is that all you've got?!?" Goku demanded, disappearing. He reappeared behind Yoshiki but his attack had been anticipated and when he appeared again, he was thrown against the wall. He slumped to the ground, barely conscious.

"Goku!!" ChiChi screamed, running to her husband's side. While all of this was happening, a silent figure watched from the shadows.

"This is the perfect opportunity. He has the scouts busy so I'll be able to sneak up on the scouts." The young man said, a smirk on his face. He headed for the Queen's chambers, knocking lightly on the door.

"Go away!" The Queen shouted from inside the room.

"I need to speak with you, my Queen," The man said, tapping harder on the door. "It's about the evil force that's due to arrive on Earth in a week."

"I'll be right there," The Queen said, standing. She wiped her tears and stood, smoothing the wrinkles from her dress. She took her hair down, letting it hang on the marble floor. She walked to the door, opening it. As soon as the lock was taken off, a man forced the door open. Serenity recognized him immediately. "Darrik!" Queen Serenity shouted, seeing the boy walk towards her. He began to unbutton his shirt as he neared her. "What do you think you're doing?!" She demanded.

"Something I should have done a long time ago." He mumbled, grabbing her wrists. He threw her down on the bed, lying on top of her. He pressed his lips against hers, forcing her to kiss him. He ripped the front of her dress, exposing her chest. She managed to break the kiss, the crescent moon on her forehead glowing brilliantly.

"That was a mistake," She mumbled menacingly. He watched in horror as she began to change. Her long blond hair turned snow white and white armor wrapped itself around her body. She rose up off the bed, forcing him to stand and white wings spread out behind her. Her long white tail curled around her waist and a sword appeared in her hand. "I suggest that you leave now." She said, her eyes narrowed on him. Darrik, frozen with fear, could do nothing but stare at the woman dressed entirely in white. She raised the sword and began to bring it down on him. He squinted his eyes shut, waiting for the impact. He opened his eyes to see Serenity laying unconscious on the floor, still in the white armor. He saw a woman with long black hair standing above the unconscious Queen. She had her hair done the same as Serenity only the odangos looked more like horns, giving her a sinister look.

"Who are you?" He asked, managing to find his voice.

"You're new master," She said, touching him on the forehead. A black symbol appeared on his forehead and his eyes began to glow red. "Do you obey only me?" She asked her new minion.

"Yes, my Queen." He said, bowing before the woman. The smirk on her face grew and she turned her attention back to Serenity. 'She must be very weak if she couldn't even hold all that power' Chaos thought, looking down at the woman with light blond hair. The woman began to stir, lifting her head up.

"What happened?" She asked, putting her hand on her throbbing head.

"Nothing yet." A voice said. Serenity looked up sharply, seeing a woman with long black hair.

"Who are you?!" Serenity demanded. She glanced over at Darrik, who was kissing the woman's hand. his eyes were glowing the same red as the woman's.

"Only the one that you've tried to hide from for all these years," Chaos said, a hint of pleasure in the voice. "Now I will have the power of the Cosmos, just by taking a little thing that you possess."

"What?!" Serenity demanded. "Chaos!!" She shouted, recognizing the evil laughter.

Chapter 6

"You remember I see," The voice said gleefully. "You really didn't think you beat me did you? Galaxia is gone, I could no longer control her so I moved on, right into this body."

"You let her go!" Serenity growled, holding the sword in front of her.

"Oh please. You're not strong enough to use that thing." Chaos said, a smirk on her lips.


"You know you're not strong enough so you might as well give up now." Chaos said.

"I'll never give up." Serenity growled, swinging the sword, narrowly missing Chaos.

"Then you shall die and I will take all of your power from you." Chaos said, her eyes glowing even more red.


"Mercury Cosmic Aqua Splash!" Mercury cried, sending her attack straight at Yoshiki. It was absorbed into the shield as well.

"Wake up Rei." Darien said, shaking his wife slightly.

"Huh? What happened?" She asked, looking up at her husband.

"No time to explain, transform!" Darien shouted, handing her the transformation pen.

"Mars Cosmic Power MAKE-UP!" She cried, holding it in the air. In a few seconds, Cosmic Sailor Mars feet touched the ground lightly. "Hold it right there!!" She cried, appearing behind him. "How dare you ruin my best friend's party like this! You ruined a pleasant evening and I'll make you pay for ripping my dress! In the name of the planet Mars, I shall punish you!"

"Can't any of you get to the point without a long drawn out speech?" He questioned, getting a little bored.

"Mars Cosmic Flame Burn!" She shouted, sending the flames straight at him. Even Sailor Mars was no match for this monster that wasn't even trying to win.

"I don't know how much more we can take." Sailor Mercury said, struggling to her feet.

"We're not fairing too well." Jupiter said from her place on the floor. Mercury was at her side, Jupiter's head in her lap.

"Deep Submerge!" They heard a voice from behind them. Everyone turned to see four Sailor Scouts, standing ready to fight. The attack hit the man and temporarily took down his shield.

"Damn it! Who are you!?" He demanded, quickly getting the shield back up.

"We're the Sailor Scouts of the outer solar system. Sailor Uranus!" A woman with short tan hair said.

"Sailor Neptune!" A woman with short green hair to her shoulders said.

"Sailor Pluto!" A woman holding what looked like a huge key. Her deep green hair hung down to about her knees.

"Sailor Saturn!" The smallest of the Scouts said, holding some sort of staff that had what looked like a 'G' on the top.

"More of these pitiful little Sailor's? I don't have time for this." He said, waving his hand. About ten youma appeared and began to attack the four scouts. Queen Mina was off to the side, trying to get the remaining guests out and trying to help out the fallen soldiers. Even the Z Warriors had fallen to this powerful enemy, including Goku.

"You have to get out of here!" Mina shouted, running to a young man hiding under one of the tables.

"Your majesty!" He said, fear in his eyes. "What's going on?!? Where's Queen Serenity? Shouldn't she be stopping this thing?!?" He demanded, his eyes scanning the area for any sign of Queen Serenity.

"She isn't out here?" Mina demanded, looking around the huge room. "I thought I heard her!!" Mina helped the man to the door and turned back in to the palace. She ran into the Ballroom and realized that she was blocked. She couldn't get through to go to Serenity's chambers. "I'll have to find another way." Mina said, turning back. She ran through the palace, trying to remember how to get there. She finally remembered and headed for Serenity's chambers, ignoring the yells and cries of pain from the youma as well as her fellow scouts.

-Serenity's Chambers-

"I won't let you do this, Chaos," Serenity said weakly. "I will not let you take away the future."

"It's too late for that, Queen Serenity. You're not going to be around long enough to see the future." Chaos said. A searing energy ripped through Queen Serenity's body, making her fall to her knees. She fought the urge to cry out and painfully lifted her head to meet the eyes of Chaos.

"Those eyes.." Chaos said, looking deep into Serenity's eyes. "I know those eyes.. I can't hurt her!" A different voice screamed from deep within Chaos's throat. The energy lifted up and Chaos fell to her knees.

"What?" Serenity said, quietly. She rose and walked over to the trembling girl. "Are you all right?"

"I can't hold her for long. Please, you have to destroy me now!" The girl urged, looking into Serenity's caring blue eyes.

"I cannot do that. As the Queen, I cannot sacrifice any life but my own," Serenity said. She placed her hands on the shoulder of the girl, looking into the girl's dark eyes. "I just cannot. I will fight for you, Miyana." Serenity said.

"Huh? How do you know my name?" The girl asked. She looked as if she couldn't be any older than 15.

"I am Queen Serenity, I know a lot more than you would believe." Queen Serenity said.

"Please, you must try to escape right now. You're not strong enough to fight Chaos, I can barely hold it back. You need to leave, hide somewhere away from this evil." Miyana said. Serenity shook her head, standing.

"You must leave now. Go some place far away to give me a little time. I have a baby now so I have to take him too." Serenity said. Miyana nodded her head, standing. She floated off the ground, going out off the balcony. She flew off into the distant horizon, getting as far away from the palace as she could. Serenity ran to her baby's room as fast as she could, throwing a few things in the diaper bag. She threw the bag over her shoulder and picked up the sleeping baby in her loving arms.

"Serenity!" A voice cried. Serenity turned to see Mina running towards her, her long orange dress was ripped and tattered.

"Mina, what is wrong?" Serenity asked.

"You have to come and help. A man's come to this place, he's attacking the rest of the scouts. Even the Outer Scouts aren't having any luck!" She cried out of breath.

"Take Trunks." Serenity said, placing the baby in Mina's arms. She handed her the bag and headed for the Ballroom, Mina close behind.

Chapter 7

"Even the Outer Scouts can't break the barrier!" Mercury cried, still trying to find a weakness. Her scanners still detected no weaknesses in the energy field that was protecting him. "I just don't understand.. it has absolutely no weakness." Mercury said, typing a few things into her computer. Yoshiki formed a ball of dark energy, preparing to throw it at Sailor Mercury. He let the attack loose and it headed straight for Mercury. She covered her face and waited for the impact.

"Moon Tiara MAGIC!" A voice cried. Mercury opened her eyes just in time to see the discus knock the attack away, deflecting it away from her. "You all right, Mercury?" Sailor Cosmos asked, jumping down in front of Mercury, protecting her from any attack that could be thrown.

"I'm all right. You shouldn't be fighting Cosmos. You're still not strong enough to use the crystal." Mercury protested.

"Well, I won't use the crystal then, I'll use my other powers." She said, giving Mercury her famous V. A long staff appeared in her hand, longer than she was tall. "So, you're the one that started this whole thing. I am Sailor Cosmos! The Sailor Scout of Legend! I'm the strongest of the Pretty Soldiers and stand for love and justice! In the name of all the Cosmos, I shall punish you!" She shouted, pointing at Yoshiki.

"Hmm.. Sailor Cosmos huh? You'll do nicely, my Queen will be very pleased with me." Yoshiki said, scratching his chin.

"I'll send you back to where ever it was you came from!" Sailor Cosmos cried, holding the staff above her head. "Cosmic Rainbow Dream Attack!" She called, pointing the staff at Yoshiki. Rainbow colored moons flew out of the crystal on the staff, heading straight for Yoshiki. They hit the shield, causing it to shatter. "Everyone, attack with everything you've got!!" Sailor Cosmos yelled, falling to her knees.

"Kamehameha!" Goku shouted, blue energy coming from his hands.

"Mercury Cosmic Aqua SPLASH!!" Mercury.

"Jupiter Cosmic Lightning BOLT!!" Jupiter.

"Mars Cosmic Flame BURN!!" Mars.

"Neptune Deep SUBMERGE!!" Neptune.

"Uranus World SHAKING!!" Uranus.

"Pluto Deadly SCREAM!!" Pluto.

"Silence Glaive SURPRISE!!" Saturn.

Gohan and the rest of them sent strong blasts of energy straight at the man that stood before him.

"Impossible!!" Yoshiki cried as all the attacked headed straight for him. He covered his face, taking the attacks head on. He screamed in pain as they hit, burn his flesh and sending pain shooting throughout his entire body. When the smoke cleared, a man was kneeling on the floor, blood streaking down his burnt face.

"What?!" Goku cried, seeing that the man was still there. 'This new enemy must be stronger than anyone thought possible.' Goku thought, seeing the singed man struggle to his feet.

"This isn't the end, Sailor Cosmos," He said, a wild look in his eyes. "My Queen told me not to hurt you, but I will!" He cried, forming another blast of energy in his hand. Sailor Cosmos struggled to her feet, unable to hold the transformation any longer.

"How could I have underestimated this enemy so much?" She asked herself, balancing herself with the staff that stayed when she lost her transformation.

"Crystal Death!" He shouted, sending a blast of energy at her. She tried to block the attack but everywhere the attack touched her, she was encased in some sort of dark crystal. In a matter of seconds, her body was completely encased in crystal except for her head.

"Let me out of this!!" Serenity cried, struggling with all her remaining strength to break free. A portal opened above her crystallized form, pulling her upward into it. Before she disappeared through the portal, she felt a familiar power and heard a familiar voice.

"Big Bang ATTACK!" The voice shouted. Serenity watched as Yoshiki's body disappeared, disintegrated by the energy.

"Vegeta." Serenity whispered, seeing her love disappear.


"Where am I?" Serenity asked outloud staring into the dark.

"Hmm.. what do we have here?" A voice asked. Serenity turned to see a robot walking towards her.

"Huh? Who are you?!?" She demanded, struggling in her crystal prison.

"I'm Dr. Gero." He said, a smirk on his wrinkled face.

"What am I doing here?!?!" Serenity demanded.

"I brought you here for a purpose." Dr. Gero said, glee in his voice.

"And what might that be?" Serenity asked, her eyes narrowed on Dr. Gero.

"That young man was so gullible." Dr. Gero said, his smirk growing. "He thought that I would help him capture you and then hand you over to his Queen. I took care of him though."

"What do you mean by that?" Serenity asked, confusion apparent on her face.

"What I mean is this. I gave that man power to attack you. I said that all I wanted was for him to weaken Goku so he wouldn't stand a chance against my androids." Dr. Gero said.

"What? That whole attack was to weaken Goku?!?" Serenity demanded, struggling to break free from her crystal prison. "I'll kill you!!" Serenity shouted, fighting with all her might.

"Don't use such hateful words. After all, you are the Queen and stand for peace and tranquillity. That's why you're called 'Serenity'," Dr. Gero said mockingly. "As I was saying. I told him that I would help him capture you and turn you over to someone called Chaos. He never had a thought in his head that I would turn on him and break the barrier that was protecting him."

"You broke the barrier?" Serenity asked, surprise filling her eyes.

"Did you really think you were strong enough to destroy my barrier? The one I've been working on for years that had absolutely no weakness?" Dr. Gero demanded, glee filling his eyes. "You are so naive. I guess that's what you'd expect from a Queen of your caliber."

"What is that supposed to mean?!?" Serenity demanded.

"It means, you'll believe anything you see. If you see that your attack broke the barrier, you don't question it." Dr. Gero said, stepping closer to her.

"My friends will come for me." Serenity said, venom dripping in her voice.

"That's what I'm expecting. I'll deal with them easily enough. If it hadn't been for that guy that showed up at the last minute, Yoshiki may have even survived. I'm not worried about your pitiful little friends." Dr. Gero said arrogantly.


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