All is Lost

What happens when the Prince of the Saiyans meets the Princess of the Moon?

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 11 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 1972

Part 10

Chapter 28

"You're lying!" Mars yelled, stepping forward. "Serenity's father would never have betrayed his wife!"

"You children are so naïve," Nephelina said, smirking to herself, her golden eyes filled with a strange look of glee. "Her father was a player, he had many mistresses, myself included. I don't want to begin to think about how many other siblings Serenity has now." Nephelina continued, smirking to herself.

"Don't listen to her lies," Jupiter said calmly, stepping forward. A small rod rose from her tiara as lightening began to crackle around her.

"Will you shuttup now? I'm trying to watch the fight." Nephelina said, turning away from the Senshi.


Gohan was fighting his heart out, his anger and grief overwhelming as he continued to pummel Cell. A punch to the gut… an uppercut… a kick in the stomach… All of his movements seemed to blend together as his power and speed amazed everyone that was watching.

"I won't let you hurt anyone else…" Gohan said quietly to himself as he sent Cell flying into the ground. Cell slowly climbed out of the hole and looked up at Gohan, a scowl on his face. Gohan didn't waste any time in attacking Cell once again, punching him firmly in the stomach. Cell staggered back a few steps, covering his mouth with one hand, looking as if he were going to puke.

"Looks like Cell's sick." Krillin said to himself as the android keeled over, his cheeks bulging. A moment later they found out why as Android 18 lay on the ground.


"18…" Serenity whispered, finding a larger shard of glass that she gazed into. "She's alive…" She whispered again, her eyes big. Since she had met the blond android, Serenity had been rather fond of her, not only because it was in her programming when she called herself 'Android 21' either. She seemed like there was something good inside of her that was trying to get out. She had seen when 18 had kissed Krillin on the cheek one of the first times they made their appearance. At that time, though, she wasn't thinking as herself so she didn't say anything.

The battle continued as Cell went back to his lesser form, being much weakened from the time he had been merged with 18. Serenity could see clearly he knew he was going to lose. That much was obvious just from the look on his face.

"What are you planning…" Serenity asked, a scowl coming to her face as she saw the look of desperation on his face even before she heard the maniacal laughter come from his mouth.


Everyone on the battlefield watched in shock as Cell began to grow in size, pumping himself up with power. He was ready to pop.

"He's gonna kill us all!" Yamcha shouted seeing that he was ready to blow up and destroy the earth.

"Iie!!" Goku shouted as his eyes widened in shock. He teleported in front of Cell, determination showing on his face. Everyone watched in shock as he placed a hand on Cell, only turning around to look at Gohan who stood in shock. Then… they disappeared…


"Goku!!! IIE!!!" Serenity shrieked, her cries echoing off of the walls around the small confined room. "Goku!!! Brother!!!!" She cried, feeling tears stinging her eyes as she gripped the mirror in her hand, blood dripping down her arm from it's sharp edges. "I won't let it end this way!! I won't let this happen!!!" Serenity shouted as she began to glow a bright white mixed with red. Something inside of Serenity changed as she saw her brother in danger. She was determined to help him in some way… To save his life…

When Serenity reappeared, there was nothing there… She looked to her left and saw the end of Snake Way… no planet… She knew Goku would bring Cell here, this was the only place he could think of and she knew it. Poor King Kai… She had to find Goku.

"Goku!" She cried as her white wings carried her along Snake Way. She came to a part on the road that wrapped around a tree of some sort. She stopped to take a rest and glanced down, seeing Goku and King Kai as well as Gregory and Bubbles [A.N. I dunno their Japanese names… gomen *shrugs*]

"Sis?" Goku asked, hearing a familiar voice. He looked up to see a ball of white and golden blond tackled him to the ground.

"Goku!" She shouted hugging her brother as he sprawled across the ground, Usagi with her tail and arms wrapped around him. She pulled back and looked at him, seeing a golden halo above his head.

"Hey Sere-chan," He said, giving Serenity his normal big goofy grin. "Whatcha doin here?"

"How did I do that?" Serenity asked herself, referring to the fact she had somehow teleported out of that mirror prison of Nephelina's. She still held the mirror in her hand and an idea came into her mind.

"How did you do what?" Goku asked, a genuine look of confusion on his face.

"How did I get here?" Serenity asked again, deep in thought as she tried to figure it out. Goku just shrugged and suggested something that didn't even make sense. "The power of Cosmos…" She heard herself whisper. "It's finally reaching its peak…"

"Whatcha talkin bout Sere-chan?" Goku asked, noticing the serious look on Serenity's face.

"Nothing…" Serenity said quietly.


"Looks like it's my turn now," Nephelina said to herself as she approached the grief-stricken boy on his knees in front of her. "Why are you crying boy?" She asked, not sounding the least bit soothing.

"Leave him alone!" Mars shouted as she ran toward them, followed by the rest of the Senshi. Gohan looked up at the dark-haired woman, his eyes narrowed into slits as he scowled at the woman.

"Go to hell…" He muttered quietly as he raised his hand, sending a huge blast of energy straight at the woman. She merely smirked as the power hit a shield surrounding her.

"You can't hurt me little boy… You can help me though." She said, her eyes glowing golden as she stared straight into Gohan's eyes. Gohan's anger seemed to fade as he stared into her eyes, feeling his fury leave and his anger cool.

"As you wish…" He said quietly, not quite sure why those words escaped his throat. His eyes were glowing the same golden color as hers.

A blast streaked from the sky, aimed straight at an unsuspecting Trunks. A beam of blue light pierced through Trunks's chest and he slowly slumped to the ground, his eyes wide in surprise and pain.

"Damnit! Don't you ever die?!?" Nephelina demanded, scowling up as the clouds parted, revealing Cell.

"Trunks…" Vegita murmured, seeing his future son fall. He felt pain grip at his chest that he couldn't quite place. He was just a brat… why should Vegita, the Prince of all Saiyajins be upset? All the while, he just felt like ripping Cell's head off, tear his heart from his chest, and feel it beat its last beat in his hand. "Kisama…" Vegita muttered, his eyes hardening on Cell. He couldn't hold himself back any longer and charged at Cell, giving it everything he had.


"Vegita…" Serenity whispered, feeling Trunks's ki go out and Vegita's flare up. "I have to be there… I have to stop Nephelina…" She said, feeling a sense of duty wash over her. It was her kingdom, she was supposed to protect the Earth and the other planets so that's what she was going to do.

"They need your help Sere-chan." Goku said, seeing Serenity nod in agreement.

"I'll see you soon bro." Serenity said, hugging her brother before she let the power of Cosmos consume her as she transformed into Sailor Cosmos. As quickly as the transformation appeared, Serenity disappeared from there.


"Trunks-chan…" Serenity whispered, dropping to her fallen son's side. He was still alive… just barely… Demo, she didn't have enough power to heal him. She was going to have to focus all of her power on Nephelina. "Gomen Trunks-chan…" She whispered as she rose to her feet and floated over toward Nephelina. She knew there was nothing she could say to Vegita to get him to stop his assault… she knew that he wouldn't be strong enough to defeat Cell but he had to try.

"Serenity? How the hell did you get free?!?!" Nephelina demanded seeing Serenity standing in front of her.

"The power of Cosmos is stronger than your little prison." Sailor Cosmos said quietly. She lifted her hands to the darkening sky. As she moved her hands in a rhythmic pattern, a glowing white light appeared from the object floating high in the sky. Serenity's tail floated around her as the golden orb began to glow brighter.

"Iie… how?" Nephelina demanded as she saw the moon floating high above them. The shards of the mirror that littered the ground began to float toward up to the moon as well as Nephelina and Serenity.

"Your evil cannot outweigh the power of good. You're evil is what weakens you. You are defeated, accept your fate." Cosmos said quietly in a voice that was not her own. Her voice sounded so sad as she floated up toward the moon with Nephelina.

"You'll be trapped with me Cosmos, we'll be stuck together for the rest of time," Nephelina said, smirking to herself. "Therefore, you have lost as well."

"I have not lost… I'm merely accompanying you to make sure you end up in your place. I won't have you terrorizing my people anymore," Cosmos said calmly. She looked at Nephelina to see she still gripped the sword tightly in her fist. "I will take that." Cosmos said as she raised one hand, the sword floated into her hand and the shards of glass, as well as the one that Cosmos still held began to piece themselves back together, forming a beautiful old mirror.

"I'll go back to where I can be forever young and beautiful. I will not grow old and die like you Serenity-hime." Nephelina said smugly.

"If only you knew…" Cosmos said quietly as Nephelina disappeared into the mirror, appearing on the glass.

"Don't dream that you're all grown up… Big dreams are best just for kids…" Nephelina whispered… chanting as the mirror disappeared on the surface of the moon.

"She'll never learn." A voice said beside Cosmos.

"Hai… she'll be trapped in that mirror forever, ojisan." Cosmos said, almost sadly. A boy stood behind her, white hair and a golden horn on his head.

"Don't worry… she won't escape again for a very long time." Helios said quietly before disappearing.


All of the Z Warriors were currently engaged in the final showdown of the battle. Cell was being attacked from all sides but the largest attack came from an injured Gohan. Vegita flew in at the last moment and added his own power and Serenity appeared behind Gohan, covering his hand with her own.

"You can do it Gohan-kun…" Serenity whispered, her sad eyes on Gohan as she clutched the sword in her other hand. A look of determination crossed Gohan's face as he forced more power into his attack, overpowering Cell easily.


Serenity sat on the ground, Gohan's head in her lap as she tried to awaken the boy.

"Gohan-kun, wake up." She said, shaking the boy slightly, careful not to jar the obviously broken arm.

"Obasan?" Gohan asked, looking up at his aunt. "Where's Cell?!" He demanded, forgetting about the last moment of consciousness.

"He's gone Gohan-kun." She said, smiling at the boy.

"Honto?" He asked, wincing in pain as he moved slightly.

"Hai, he's gone for good." Serenity said, hugging Gohan gently. She turned her attention back to her Senshi, who looked grateful for her survival.


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