All is Lost

What happens when the Prince of the Saiyans meets the Princess of the Moon?

Epic: A Whole New Life Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino, Vegeta Author(s): Pokahydee Last Updated: 03/14/2016 Published: 03/14/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 11 Status: Complete
  • Word Count: 4295

Part 1


Serenity walked outside of the palace holding newborn baby Trunks in her arms. She made cooing noises hearing a giggle in response.

"When will they arrive?" Serenity asked her husband.

"They'll arrive in about two months." Vegeta said, putting his arms comfortingly around his wife's shoulders.

"Is there any way to beat them?" Serenity asked, worry etched into her brow.

"Maybe, I won't let them hurt my family." He muttered, his eyes narrowing.

"I really wish I were able to help. I may still be too weak," Serenity said sadly. "Having Trunks really took a lot out of me. I'm still not completely healed from it."

"You can't fight, you have to stay here and protect your kingdom. Don't let the androids come near here." Vegeta instructed, facing Serenity. He had his hands on her shoulders and was looking at her sad face. Her eyes were sad, so much had happened to them in the past. It was a very difficult journey, but somehow, they had made it through. They were still together and their love was stronger than ever, although Vegeta didn't like to admit it.

"Promise you'll be around to watch our children grow." Serenity said, looking up into Vegeta's arms. Trunks lay sleeping in her warm arms, the blanket wrapped tightly around him.


"Please, promise me." Serenity begged.

"Don't worry, I'll be all right. I'll destroy those androids before they know what hit them." Vegeta muttered. Serenity seemed to be pleased with this and laid her head on his chest, his strong arms wrapping around her frail form.

"Call for Rini to return," Vegeta said, embracing his wife. She looked up and saw a serious expression on his face. "I want to see her before the androids arrive." Serenity shook her head in agreement, heading back into the crystal palace.

-The past-

"Rini.." Serena whispered, watching the small child disappear into a dark hole. She felt a tinge of sorrow tug at her heart as she saw the pink hair disappear.

-The future-

"Rini, my dear." Serenity said, picking the child up in an embrace.

"Mommy!" She cried, hugging her mother. Rini wore a small bag on her back that looked like a dog. The rabbit I made Serenity said touching the fabric of Rini's old dress.

"It's great to see you, my dear." Serenity said, placing the child on the ground.

"Look what I have for you Mommy, I have some cookies from Lita, a book from Ami.." She was saying as she pulled the gifts out of her bunny bag.

"You're father is in the next room," Serenity said, picking up a crying Trunks. "He has a surprise for you."

"Really? I love surprises!" Rini said, running into the next room. She ran to her father, jumping into his arms. He was starting to get used to this whole 'father' thing. It was his first instinct to kill, but somehow he had managed to get passed that instinct. "What is the surprise?" Rini asked, looking around the room.

"It's right here." He said, handing her a small talisman. She looked at it funny and then hugged him.

"It's beautiful!" She said hugging him. "What is it?" She asked, holding it up to the light. The center was silver with a blue edge around the outside with some designs on it.

"It's a talisman my father gave me when I was a young boy," He said. "It has been passed down from generation to generation. My father gave it to me when I was your age and now I think you're old enough to have it." He said, placing it around her neck. She hugged him again and jumped out of his arms.

"It's time Rini." Serenity said.

"Time for what?" Rini asked, looking at her mother.

"For you to go back. They need you in the past, my dear," Serenity said, handing the small time key to Rini. "It was nice of you to pay us a visit." Serenity said, kissing her daughter on the cheek. Vegeta's scowl returned to his face and he gruffed a good-bye to his only daughter.

"Bye Mommy, bye Daddy, bye Trunks!" She called as she disappeared through the hole. After she left, Serenity's eyes fell on Vegeta who seemed to be mad.

"What's wrong dear?" Serenity asked, looking into his eyes. She could see that he was mad at himself for something.

"Nothing," He mumbled. "I'm going to go and train, I need to be ready for those androids." He turned and walked out of the palace, flying off towards Capsule Corp. I hope I get to see that little brat again Vegeta thought, seeing an image of Rini in his mind. He didn't like to admit it, but he really loved that kid and he was mad at himself because deep down, he believed he wouldn't make it. On the outside he wanted to present a picture of himself. He was fearless and knew he wasn't going to die and knew that he was the strongest of all Saiyans. He was mad at himself for believing those lies and now he might not ever see his daughter again.


"What has gotten into him lately?" Serenity asked herself, rocking Trunks gently in her arms. She heard a quiet knock on the door to the babies room. She tiptoed to the door, after laying Trunks into his bed. "Yes?" She said, silently closing the door behind her.

"I have some rather bad news." One of the Royal Guards said, bowing.

"Yes?" Serenity asked, stepping forward away from the door.

"There is an evil force approaching the planet Earth. It's heading for our atmosphere." The Royal Guard said.

"What is the estimated time of arrival?" Serenity asked, concern showing.

"We've estimated that they will arrive in about two weeks." The guard said.

"That doesn't give us much time to prepare. Call the Queens of our Galaxy and tell them to come to Earth. We're going to need their help. The Z Warriors are still training for the arrival of the androids so we cannot risk calling on them for help. If we do that, we may destroy the future." Serenity said, heading for the room the Silver Imperium Crystal was kept.

"As you wish, your Majesty." The Royal Guard said bowing before he made his way to the communications room.

"I really hope I will not need this," Serenity said, looking at the glowing crystal that was under a glass case. "I cannot die now."

Chapter 1

"There's Earth. There is now doubt in my mind that the Queen knows we are on our way. She has called for the other Queen's of the Galaxy to come to Earth so we have been found out." A woman with pitch black hair said.

"Yes, they do know." A man with blood red hair said bowing.

"You had better be quite sure we can defeat her, for your sake." The woman said, taking a sip of a red liquid from a tall glass goblet.

"Yes, it will be easy. She is weak now, weaker than she has ever been before so we'll be able to finish off the Queen and without the help of the Silver Imperium Crystal, the other's will have no chance at all." The man said, an arrogant smirk on his lips.

"Good, do not disturb me until we arrive on Earth." The woman said, waving her hand for him to leave. He bowed and left the room, ready to start planning the attack on Earth.


"I'm glad you all came on such short notice." Serenity said, as the Queens from the different planets stepped off the shuttle.

"It's our duty to protect our Queen." Queen Mina said, walking up next to Serenity. She held onto a man's hand and her stomach was quite large.

"Mina, you didn't tell me you were pregnant!" Serenity exclaimed seeing her long time friend. "You should go home, there's no way you can fight in that condition!"

"I couldn't just stay at home, I had to come to help. Even if there isn't much I can do." Mina said, placing a hand on her stomach.

"Are you all right dear?" Her husband asked, seeing her touch her stomach.

"I'm fine." Mina said, smiling up at the young man.

"Serenity!" A voice called. She turned to see a woman step off the shuttle and run towards her.

"Rei!!" Serenity cried, seeing her best friend running towards her. When they met, they hugged each other tightly.

"It's been too long." Rei said, hugging her tightly.

"I know it has. It's been a long few months." Serenity said. A nanny came out of the palace holding a young baby with lavender hair.

"It that Trunks?" Rei asked, seeing the crying baby.

"Yes, this is Trunks." She said, taking the baby from the nanny.

"He's gotten so big!" Rei cried. "He looks just like his father." She seemed a little mad when she said that phase.

"Come on Rei, there's no way you can still be mad at Vegeta. That was months ago when he did that." Serenity said, remembering a little practical joke Vegeta had played on her.

"I don't care, all my hair was burnt off when he did that." Rei said, anger in her voice. The other girls came up to Serenity and Rei.

"Serenity!" Lita cried, hugging her friend. She took the baby from Serenity's arms and began to make funny faces at the small child. He laughed, seeing the way this weird woman was acting.

"It's great to see you again Serenity." Ami said, hugging the Queen of Earth.

"I've missed you all so much." Serenity said, giving everyone hugs.

"I don't care, it wasn't a bit funny." Rei said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"He wasn't meaning to get you remember? He was trying to get Darien." Serenity said, as she watched Darien step off the shuttle, a bundle in his arms.

"Hello Serenity." He said, walking up to the Queen. He hugged her and she took the bundle from his arms.

"Oh Rei, she's gotten so big," Serenity said. The baby cooed and began to play with Serenity's earrings. Serenity looked down at the child's ebony hair and baby blue eyes. She had her father's eyes Serenity noticed as they sparkled with her laughter. "You should have come to visit more often."

"I know, you know what it's like being a Queen. You're more busy than any of us." Rei said, taking the baby when she began to pout.

"I know, it's so hard. I'm still not used to it. I can't see you guys everyday and I can't even see my daughter. She went back to the past to learn to be a Sailor Scout already." Serenity said, a touch of sadness in her big blue eyes.

"Don't worry about it Serenity. We'll be here for a while to make up for lost times." Lita said, handing Trunks back to his mother.

"I know," She said, the sparkle returning to her blue eyes. "We can't forget why you're all here though."

"We know Serena, we'll send those evil creeps back to where they came from." Rei said, forgetting that she was still mad.

"Where's your husband?" Ami asked, wondering where Vegeta was.

"I really don't know. He said he was going to train for when the androids arrive." Serenity said.

"Androids?" Ami questioned.

"Yeah, three years ago a boy from the future came and told Goku about the future. He told him that there would be these two androids that would kill all of them except for Gohan. He didn't mention Crystal Tokyo so I guess we were killed too. He said that they were very powerful and would take over the world," Serenity said. "So Vegeta went out to train. He thinks if he trains like this, he'll be able to destroy the androids and prevent that future. That's why they can't help us. We're on our own this time."

"Oh great, and we have one Scout down." Rei grumbled.

"She can't help it!" Lita cried. "She didn't know this evil was coming when she became pregnant!"

"I know but I'm just saying it's going to be even more difficult to defeat this thing because we have only us!" Rei snapped.

"Well you make it sound like you're not happy that she's going to be a mother!" Lita barked.

"Please, you two, don't fight. We're going to have to work together so just stop it!" Serenity snapped, silencing both of them. "We still have the Outer Senshi and maybe somehow, we can get a hold of the Starlights."

"Let's start getting a plan for when they arrive all right?" Ami said, stepping in the middle. "You guys all brought your transformation pens right?"

"Of course." They replied in unison.

"Let's get busy then." Ami said, walking towards the palace.

Chapter 2

"Let's see.." Serenity said, flying overhead. "Where is that building?" Serenity was flying with Trunks in her arms towards Capsule Corp. "There it is!" She cried, seeing the huge building loom in front of her. She flew towards the huge house, landing softly on the grass near the entrance to the house. She walked to the door, knocking gently.

"Yes?" Bulma's father answered the door. "Oh Queen Serenity, it's great to see you again. And who is that with you?" He asked, looking at the baby with lavender hair.

"This is my son, Trunks. Is Bulma around?" Serenity asked Dr. Briefs.

"Why yes she is. Come on in and I'll get her." He said, leading Serenity into the living room of the house. Serenity was sitting on the couch with a cup of tea when Bulma entered the room. Dr. Briefs was on the floor playing with the baby.

"Serena! It's great to see you!!" Bulma cried, hugging her friend.

"It's great to see you too Bulma. It's been a long time. I haven't had the time to pay you a visit lately and Goku's been training so hard I haven't been able to see any of them." Serenity said, sitting back down on the couch.

"I can imagine ruling and protecting the universe must take up most of your time." Bulma said, sitting next to Queen Serenity.

"Yes it does. I've only seen Vegeta a few times in the past three years. He's been training so hard because of the androids. He's hardly ever at home. And now Rini is in the past, I miss her so much." Serenity said, setting the cup of tea on the coffee table.

"Is that Trunks?" Bulma asked, looking at the baby that her father was playing with.

"It sure is, he's grown so much." Serenity said.

"Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you since the day you were first born!" Bulma said, picking up the baby. "I was at that ball when your mother went into labor. I was in the waiting room the day you were born and your mother even let me hold you." Bulma talking to the baby.

"Bulma, I wish I could stay longer but I have come to ask of your help." Serenity said very formally. Her old Princess self was back, her manners, her poise, everything.

"What's wrong? Does it have to do with the androids?" Bulma asked, her eyes growing in size.

"No, it's not the androids. An evil force is approaching this planet. I came to ask a small favor." Serenity said.

"Anything." Bulma said, sitting on the couch next to Serenity. She placed Trunks on the floor and her father began to play with him once again.

"Wow, he has a tight grip." Dr. Briefs said, trying to pull his finger away from the baby.

"Trunks, be nice!" Serenity scolded, prying Trunks hand off Dr. Briefs finger. The babies eyes filled with tears, but Serenity stood her ground. "That didn't hurt so don't give me that look." Serenity said, her eyes narrowed on the baby.

"You were saying?" Bulma broke in, turning Serenity's attention back to the matter at hand.

"Anyway, I wanted to ask if you had anything that could measure how strong this evil is?" Serenity asked. "I'm still too weak from having him to be able to judge how strong they are and the other girls still haven't mastered it."

"Sure, we have lots of things that could do that. The question is, are you going to be strong enough to fight it." Bulma said, worry spread across her face. Serenity's eyes cast to the floor.

"I'm not sure." Serenity said solemnly. "I want to get everyone together for a ball. It will give everyone a small break and I'll be able to see everyone maybe for the last time."

"What do you mean 'for the last time'?" Bulma asked.

"I'm not strong enough to use the crystal and I'm the only one that can," Serenity said. "I'm not even sure I can pull off going Super Saiyan anymore."

"Does Vegeta know about this?" Bulma asked. "Does he know about this thing that's approaching?"

"He doesn't. I told you I haven't seen him in a long time. I've been so lonely without him. My friends have been on their own planet for months now. They haven't even been back since Trunks was born." Serenity said.

"Are all of you going to be strong enough together?" Bulma asked.

"I really don't think so. Mina can't fight." Serenity said.

"Why can't she fight?" Bulma asked.

"She's pregnant. She can't risk losing the baby." Serenity said.

"Mina's gonna have a baby?" Bulma asked, her eyes getting big.

"Yeah, she's seven months pregnant with her baby." Serenity said.

"Well, I'd better go get you that machine. I'll be back in a minute." Bulma said, heading into her lab. She came out a few minutes later with a scouter in her hand. She told Serenity how to read it and then bid them farewell.

"You will come to the ball tonight, right?" Serenity asked.

"Of course, I'll let everyone else know about it too all right?" Bulma said.

"I guess I'll see you tonight then." Serenity said, flashing Bulma her famous V.

"Good bye." Bulma said. Serenity and Trunks went to the front door and Serenity spread her white wings and was lifted gently into the sky.

"Was that Serenity?" Yamcha asked, coming up behind Bulma.

"Yeah, she's having a big ball tonight and we're going. We have to get everyone together. They can stop training for one evening to go see Serenity and the baby and all the rest of our friends." Bulma said, heading to the phone.


ChiChi ran to the phone, picking it up on the fifth ring.

"Hello?" She said, her voice sounding agitated. Upon hearing Bulma's voice, ChiChi lost the agitated tone. "Bulma, it's been so long. What's up?"

"Nothing really, Queen Serenity paid me a visit today." Bulma said.

"Oh, did you see my little nephew?" ChiChi asked.

"Yes, Trunks was there." Bulma said. After the two caught up on things, Bulma told ChiChi that Serenity was throwing a ball that night and that everyone was invited.

"Really? Don't worry, we'll all be there," ChiChi said, hearing Goku walk through the door. "I have to go and prepare dinner for the 'men'," ChiChi said. "I'll see you tonight." ChiChi said, hanging up the phone. "Everyone is going to wash up before they sit at my table." ChiChi said firmly, seeing the Saiyan, half-Saiyan, and Namician trio walk through the door.

"But ChiChi, I'm hungry." Goku complained.

"You're not sitting at my table in those dirty clothes and by the way, you can wash your clothes by hand from now on." ChiChi said, crossing her arms over her chest.

"But ChiChi." Goku began.

"No 'buts' Goku. I told you what would happen if the two of you didn't pass your driving test." ChiChi said firmly.

"Yes dear." Goku said, going back outside to wash up a bit. He took the two people with him and headed for the nearby river.

"By the way," ChiChi called after them. "We're going to attend a great ball this evening at the palace so you'd better find Piccolo something nice to wear."

"Yes dear." Goku called back.

Chapter 3

-The palace-

Serenity was in her room, brushing her flowing blond hair. She saw a familiar figure come in through the window.

"Hello dear." She said absentmindedly.


"How did your training go?" Serenity asked as Vegeta's form approached her from behind.

"As good as can be expected." Vegeta grumbled. He was trying too hard to be stronger and better than Goku. He could taste it he wanted it so badly. He leaned over Serenity, kissing her lightly on the lips.

"Everyone's coming to the party tonight. Will you be there?" Serenity asked. Vegeta gruffed a 'yes' and walked over to the crib. He looked down at the sleeping baby. Serenity walked up behind him, slipping her arm around his waist. Her long white tail wrapped loosely around his waist and he put his arm around her shoulders.

"Is everything all right?" He asked, genuine concern in his eyes. He saw the worried expression on her face and could tell something was wrong.

"There's nothing wrong." Serenity said, forcing a smile. Seconds later, her smile disappeared and the worry lines etched its way across her brow.

"Quit lying woman," He muttered. "Why else would you be holding this stupid party? Something bad's gonna happen and this is your way to say 'good-bye' isn't it?!?" Vegeta demanded. Her eyes cast to the floor and the worry became more apparent. She looked like she had aged ten years with that expression she wore.

"There is something bad that's about to happen," Serenity said. "Today I was informed that there was an evil force heading for Earth. I'm not sure we can defeat it."

"And why wouldn't you be able to?" Vegeta asked.

"Well, for one, Mina's pregnant so we can't use the 'Sailor Planet Attack'. Another thing is, I'm still not strong enough to use the Silver Imperium Crystal. And none of the Z Warriors can help because they're all preparing for the arrival of the androids." Serenity said, a single tear fell from her eye, hitting the floor.

"You can't just give up, woman," Vegeta said. "I'll stay and protect my Queen." Vegeta said, kissing his wife on the lips. Serenity pulled away and looked up at Vegeta.

"Go get washed up, you're going to look nice for this party." Serenity said.

"Care to join me?" Vegeta asked, a sly look on his face. Serenity returned the look and followed him into the bathroom.


"Are you guys almost ready?!" ChiChi called through the house.

"I'm not wearing this!" Piccolo practically shouted, looking in the mirror. He wore a black suit with a white shirt and a bow tie.

"You look good Piccolo." Goku said, his big dumb grin on his face. Piccolo only glared at him and followed the two Saiyans downstairs.

"Finally, what took you so long?!" ChiChi demanded, looking at the trio. She walked up to Piccolo, straightening his bow tie. He glared down at her. "Don't glare at me, if you want to look bad that's your problem," She walked over to Gohan, smoothing down a piece of hair into place. "I guess it'll work."

*Beep Beep*

"Hello!" A female voice called. The four people stepped out of the house to see Bulma and her family outside waiting for them. Bulma threw a capsule on the ground and a car appeared. Yamcha stepped out of Bulma's car and took the driver's seat (Goku and Piccolo failed the test). Bulma's family was also in the air car and urged them to hurry so they weren't late.

"Let's get out of here." Yamcha said, starting the car. The two cars took off in the direction of Crystal Tokyo.

-The Crystal Palace-

"Are you two almost ready?" A voice called, knocking on Serenity and Vegeta's bedroom door.

"We're coming!" Serenity yelled, followed by a cry and a light thunk.

"I don't want to know what's going on in there." Rei commented as she walked away with her daughter sleeping in her arms.

"They're working on their third child." Darien said, coming up behind Rei. Rei's cheeks reddened.

"Darien, that's not really any of our business." Rei said, blushing furiously.

"I know, but it's only obvious. How many hours have they been in there together?" Darien commented.

"That's their business." Rei said, her cheeks turning even redder.

"Rei, there's still a few minutes left before the party starts." He said, giving her a little smirk. If it was possible, she became even redder and returned the sly smile. She walked into the nursery laying her daughter down and followed Darien into their bedroom.

-In outer space-

"What is the new update?" The woman with pitch black hair asked.

"It looks as if they are preparing for something to attack. We have picked up several power sources that are stronger than most of our forces." A man with blood red hair said.

"Hmm.. How many?" She asked, her voice cold.

"About six or seven," The man said. "We believe they don't know of us yet. The Queen, however, does know that we are on our way. She has called her protectors, once known as the Sailor Scouts to Earth. Judging by the Queen's power level, I do not believe she is strong enough to defeat us. She doesn't seem to be able to use the crystal."

"Is there anything else to report?" She asked.

"Yes, it looks as if they are preparing for some sort of ball tonight." He said.

"Good, that is when we strike." The woman said.


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