A Second Childhood

Usagi is turning into a kid by a youma and sent into another world where she stumbled onto a boy named Gohan. She joins him on his journey while she tries to figure out a way to return to normal and get back home

Rating: T Genre(s): Adventure Series: Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z Character(s): Usagi Tsukino Author(s): Usa-chan Last Updated: 02/25/2016 Published: 02/25/2016 Type: Chaptered Chapters: 9 Status: Hiatus
  • Word Count: 2073

Chapter Three – The Arrival

For three months Gohan and Usagi were pushed to the very brink of their endurance. Usagi giggled as she playfully sparred with Gohan. Piccolo watched the match and pointed out mistakes. Gohan leapt for Usagi and she did a graceful back flip over his head. She laughed then stopped her eyes widening in shock. Gohan’s fist crashed into her stomach and Usagi fell to the ground.

“Don’t you feel it?” she asked her very voice filled with fear as she began to shake. “Piccolo, how are we going to contend with powers like those?” she asked in fear.

Piccolo frowned at her. “Remember your training. I have taught you both everything I know.” Usagi gasped as she felt the evilness of the power level coming closer. “Get ready.” Instructed Piccolo. Usagi and Gohan nodded and waited for their adversaries to appear.

Usagi frowned in annoyance and glanced behind her. Piccolo smiled thinly as he was impressed with how the child had learned to read and feel power levels. “Some one else is heading this way.” He cautioned. A short bald-headed man appeared in the air and landed beside the group. Usagi stared at his apparent lack of a nose.

“You’re my dad’s friend, Krillin, aren’t you?” Gohan asked.

Usagi shivered as she felt the power getting closer and closer. She held her brooch into the air. “Moon Crystal Power Make Up!” she cried as she transformed out of the heavy training clothes. Sailormoon gasped as she realized just how much stronger and faster she had become under Piccolo’s training.

“Krillin, this is my friend Usagi. She trained with me and Piccolo too,” Gohan introduced. Sailormoon smiled faintly.

Two figures appeared in the sky and Sailormoon began to giggle as she noticed the shorter one’s hairstyle. “Look at his hair.” She told Gohan as she giggled again.

The two men ignored her and the short one turned to his tall bald companion. “What are their power levels, Nappa?” he demanded.

Nappa pushed a button on a device over his eye and examined the group. “The girl is 300 the other kid is barely 1,000, the midget is 1,100 and the green guy is 1,400 he dictated.

Sailormoon pouted. “I don’t want to be the weakest one!” she wailed. Nappa took a step forward towards the crying child.

The smaller sayian stopped him. “Don’t waste your strength on these wimps. Let the saibamen take care of them.” Nappa grinned and Sailormoon shivered and the hair on the back of her neck rose in warning. She stared in frozen horror as Nappa planted green beads into the ground. He poured some green liquid on top of the beads and smiled as he waited.

Sailormoon shivered again and prepared herself for a surprise attack. She started to scream as six green creatures erupted from the ground. Her hand reached for her tiara as the saibamen appeared. Gohan stopped her by putting his hand over her own. “Don’t fight yet, we have to stall until my dad gets here.” Gohan whispered.

Sailormoon’s brow furrowed in thought, “Gohan, didn’t you tell me your father was dead?” she whispered back.

“Krillin told us Master Roshi wished him back.” Gohan explained.

“When did he tell you this?” she questioned.

“When you were studying the enemy.” Gohan replied. Sailormoon smiled and nodded.

“Gohan, Usagi, you take the saibamen on the right.” Piccolo instructed. Both children nodded and Sailormoon prepared herself to attack. “Now!” ordered Piccolo as he leapt for the green aliens.

Sailormoon nodded and attacked one of the creatures. She glanced behind her and noticed Gohan standing still. She screamed as one of the green saibamen grabbed her arm and sank its claws into her tender flesh. She pushed the creature away and her crescent moon appeared and began to glow as she gathered her energy. With a cry of fury and pain she concentrated and sent the energy at the saibamen. She frowned as the creature dodged it. Piccolo and Krillin each retreated from their respective opponents.

Sailormoon wiped tears of pain away with the back of her white glove. She closed her eyes and her crescent moon vanished. She fought the urge to sleep and glanced at Gohan who was still frozen in place. ‘Poor kid. I knew he wouldn’t be able to deal with real monsters.’ She dragged her attention away from her young friend and looked up startled as two more people appeared and landed beside Krillin and Piccolo. She stared dumbly at the smaller one of the two. ‘He’s as short as me and he’s pure white!’ she thought in shock. She shook her head as a small smile formed her lips. She then examined the man beside the white creature. “Gohan, that guy has three eyes!” she said in a tone of wonder. Another man appeared and landed beside the first two. He had a orange gi like the one she trained in and a scar on his left cheek. She silently wondered if they were allies or enemies.

“Who are the kids?” asked the one with a scar.

Krillin smiled. “The boy is Goku’s son Gohan. The girl is his friend Usagi. Both of them have been training with Piccolo.”

Sailormoon turned toward the saibamen and glared at them. She ignored the startled looks that had come over everyone’s face when they heard that she and Gohan had trained with Piccolo. Her blue eyes narrowed as she stared at the saibamen that had hurt her arm. She slowly took off her tiara and revolved in a complete circle. “Moon Tiara Action!” she chanted as she threw the small discus. The saibamen had attempted to dodge but Sailormoon just concentrated and changed the path of her tiara. She grinned in triumph when the attack hit and reduced the green being into dust. “Dusted.” She whispered.

“Well, looks like it’s seven against five.” Commented the short sayian. “The kids don’t have to play so how about a little one on one?” he asked. “All of you minus the rug rats against our saibamen. “Who’s first?” he demanded.

The man with a scar on his cheek stepped forward. Krillin stepped in his path. “Yamcha, are you sure about this?” asked Krillin. Yamcha nodded and ran at one of the green saibamen.

Sailormoon gasped as she quickly lost sight of the two combatants. “Where did they go?” she asked Gohan in alarm. Gohan looked around and shrugged.

Piccolo explained how to find the two fighters to the duo and Sailormoon concentrated on his directions. “There they are!” she squealed. She began to cheer as Yamcha his the saibamen with an energy blast. She clapped and cheered ignoring Gohan’s looks of concern centered on her. The saibamen plummeted from the air into the ground causing a crater to form. Sailormoon cheered happily oblivious to the odd looks she was receiving from her team. Her eyes widened in alarm as she saw the saibamen jump out of the hold and envelop Yamcha in a bone-crushing hug. She watched in shock as the creature began to glow and Yamcha’s efforts to break free became more frantic. The light became too intense for her and she covered her eyes. A loud explosion sounded and Sailormoon slowly shook her head in denial as she realized Yamcha was gone.

“Kamikaze.” Whispered Piccolo. “No way to defend from it.”

Sailormoon gasped and looked around her blue eyes clouded with tears. She wiped a stray tear from her cheek. “That wasn’t fair!” she screamed at the remaining saibamen. Her head jerked around as she felt a tremendous amount of power coming from an enraged Krillin. Piccolo and Gohan flew out of the way and Sailormoon waited a split-second before following them. She turned around in mid-air and watched in disbelief as Krillin gathered energy for his massive attack. Krillin screamed with rage and unleashed his attack at the sayians, and Sailormoon wondered if it would be strong enough to destroy the evil beings.

She watched in disbelief as the energy flew over the sayians and into the air. The energy then split up into powerful balls of energy and plummeted to the earth destroying the remaining saibamen. Sailormoon cheered and didn’t notice Nappa attacking in a rage. She slowly turned towards the giant sayian. She screamed in fear and was unaware of her brooch opening revealing the Ginzuishou. Piccolo frowned and pulled her out of the path of danger.She glanced at Gohan.

“Are you alright?” he asked in concern.

She nodded shakily. She sniffled then began to wail. “I want to go home!” she screamed.

Piccolo glared at her. “Quit your blubbering. There’s a battle to be won.” He scolded.

Sailormoon flushed and nodded. “Sorry Piccolo.” She said in an apologetic tone.

Sailormoon sniffled one last time then turned towards the sayians anger and hatred glistening in her sapphire blue eyes. She tore her tiara off her head and threw it with all her might. “Moon Tiara Action!” she screamed as she unleashed the slender piece of metal at her enemies. The short sayian laughed and knocked the magical weapon away. Sailormoon flushed with anger.

Gohan put a hand on her shoulder. “Have you seen Chasu?” he asked in alarm.

Sailormoon blinked. “Chasu?” she asked in confusion.

Gohan nodded. “Tien’s friend. You know the one that is white and is our size.” Realization dawned on her features and she looked around for the white midget.

Her eyes widened as she saw the small fighter on Nappa’s back. “What’s he doing?” she asked Gohan.

Sailormoon watched in disbelief as Nappa laughed and began to fly into mountains and hillsides back first. “He’s going to be killed!” she objected.

Piccolo glanced at his charges. “I want both of you to watch.” Sailormoon was about to reply when she noticed Chasu beginning to glow a bluish color. Her eyes mirrored her confusion as the color became more intense and images of what happened to Yamcha assailed her mind.

“Kamikaze?” she asked Piccolo in a tearful whisper.

Piccolo glanced at her from the corner of his eye. “Kamikaze.” He agreed.

Tears sprang to Sailormoon’s eyes. “We have to help him before it is too late,” She whispered to Gohan. She prepared herself to attack and her eyes widened as Chasu vanished in a massive blue explosion. She remained frozen in place as smoke clouds billowed from the spot she had lost seen Nappa. As the clouds dissipated Sailormoon began to cry. Nappa stood in place laughing cruelly at the young girl.

“He’s gone.” She whispered in tears.

“Chasu!” screamed Tien in shock. Anger coursed through the tri-clops system and he attacked Nappa in a blind rage. Sailormoon lowered her head and allowed her tears to fall unchecked down her cheeks. Soft sobs shook her small frame as Nappa sliced off Tien’s lower arm. Her whole body stiffened as she heard Tien’s screams of pain. She slowly looked up and forced herself to watch the battle. Anger quickly replaced the sadness in her features and her crescent moon flared to life. She began to gather her energy to save Tien.

“Not yet.” Instructed Piccolo as he restrained her arms. “We have to wait until Nappa is distracted.” Sailormoon frowned but nodded in agreement.

Gohan placed a hand on her shoulder. She turned towards her small friend startled. “Don’t worry, Usagi, Tien can take care of his self.”

Sailormoon smiled at the young boy. “Alright, Gohan I’ll wait.” She responded.

“Almost time to attack.” Reminded Piccolo. Sailormoon went into a battle ready stance and waited for instructions as her eyes watched the battle in front of her. “Now!” ordered Piccolo.

Sailormoon flew into the air behind Nappa and attacked him with all of her energy. Her crescent moon glowed brightly and she launched attack after attack at the evil warrior. She flew out of the way as Piccolo and Krillin finished on either side of the giant. Nappa fell out of the skies and began to fall unconscious to the ground and towards Gohan.

“Now, Gohan!” ordered Piccolo to the boy that stood frozen in place. Sailormoon noticed Piccolo frown as Gohan cried out in fear and hid behind a rock.

“Gohan…” she whispered as she watched Nappa regained consciousness.


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