This site was first created in December 1999 and was the Sailor Moon Crossover Archive on the Smcrossover.com.  We may have lost that domain, but we're back now hoping to rekindle the love and power of the Sailor Moon Crossover fandom. The founders of this site have posted both their newer work, as well as their older work so everyone can see that no one starts off good, or even decent. 

With every word you write you become a better author, and when you can get real feedback that tells you what works and what doesn't, you get that much better. We're hoping to provide that kind of community here and find, promote, and publish the best authors out there in the fandom, as well as provide articles to help guide new writers and old alike. Not only that, we're going to implement a system where we can help you one-on-one with your fanfiction instead of just the typical review. Stay tuned for more details on that project.